9 Best Astrology Dating Apps for Android & iOS

Astrology and all related fields are now gaining popularity among a wide audience. Another in-demand industry is dating services, where many users manage to find love.

If you combine these two areas, you get a perfect tandem. These best astrology dating apps for Android & iOS are prime examples of this. They help to find a couple, using key data about the person, which affects the character and possibly the destiny.

We also recommend you to try these best love test apps for Android & iOS to check the compatibility with your partner.


The NUiT app allows you to get a perfect match based on your date of birth.

If you believe in the power of astrology, this service will be your perfect companion. A convenient search will speed up the whole process.

Select the preferred gender and orientation of your potential partner. Enter your date of birth information to find out everything about your personal chart. You will understand how these indicators affect you and your destiny.

Profiles of the other users will also include this information to help you better understand and get to know them. All the indicators will show you how your friendships and even romantic relationships will develop.

Here you can also find out compatibility with someone who is not registered in this service. Just enter your date of birth and the corresponding information for your partner.

The app will tell you in detail about your compatibility. If any negative aspects are revealed, the service will give you useful tips on how to avoid them. Every day you will receive horoscope predictions for the near future.

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Astrogether is a dating app where you can find a partner for a harmonious relationship. This service calculates your natal chart by itself and provides all the trial information.

You can also compare your data with the information of other users. This will help to check your compatibility. Thus, the app will only offer you the most suitable options.

Moreover, parsing your natal chart will tell you what you are missing in a romantic relationship. Among the users, find someone who can make up for this deficiency. Everyone has a profile with detailed personal information.

The app can be used free of charge by everyone without exception. The design and interface of the program are pleasing, the ease of use makes the whole dating process even more enjoyable.



The Astrodita app saves you from loneliness and helps you find the perfect match. To do this it uses a unique algorithm that calculates input data based on your horoscope.

This approach makes the search for a partner more accurate and effective. So, if you use this serious method, your chances of finding the perfect soulmate increase.

To start selecting options, you need to specify three indicators: date, time, and place of birth. So, the service will calculate the seven basic traits and pick a user with similar data.

Besides, all of these indicators have a rating, which shows their intensity. You can choose the ones that are most important for you.

Browse through the profiles of other users and get to know them better. Choose those who meet your requirements. That way, in just a couple of minutes you can find someone to start communicating with.

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Astro Kiss Match

Astro Kiss Match is an app where you can find your soulmate based on astrology.

This method will help you quickly determine whether you and your mate have common character traits and interests. Find out what you lack and get it in relationships with your new soulmate.

First, fill out your profile information and add a photo. After that, go to the dating section and browse through the registered profiles.

An interesting feature of this service is that you can find a partner here from anywhere in the world. So, having met a new person and made sure of his or her sincerity, you can go on a trip with a new companion.

To find out the exact details of your natal chart, you need to specify the date, time, and place of birth. So, based on your interests and zodiac sign information, the service will suggest you the potential partners.

To show a liking, you need to swipe to the right. If you do not adore the profile, then make a swipe to the left. If you get a backlash, you are to start communicating. In chat, you can share photos, which will allow you to get to know each other better.

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AstroPodMatch is the place where you can find your perfect partner. He or she will perfectly suit your zodiac sign and other astrological data.

This service also provides personal horoscopes that will tell you about your possible future. You will get tips that will help you improve your next day.

Immediately after starting the chat, you can check how compatible you are with your companion. A smart algorithm takes into account the interests of all users of different genders and orientations.

The compatibility will be indicated as a percentage, which is easily understandable. It will clearly show you whether you should build a romantic relationship with your chosen companion.

Here you can find out the levels of different types of compatibility. For example, spiritual, sexual, and psychological ones. You can also find friends here who are interested in the subject of astrology.

You will also understand if your views on power, luck, and happiness coincide. Based on the stars, the app will show you who could be your perfect match.

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Zodiac Matches

Zodiac Matches is a real dating service that offers a whole new way to find a romantic partner.

It differs favorably from typical dating sites because it allows you to find out your astrological compatibility with your companion.

If you are already in this sphere and you need to find a partner, use special tools. They will help you find out the zodiac sign of the users registered here.

The algorithms of the app will find a suitable interlocutor whose parameters perfectly fit yours. All you have to do is to find out whether you like the person and click the appropriate button.

If you like your potential partner, you can mark him or her with an asterisk. That way, he or she will stand out from the rest of the profiles. Time is short for filling in your profile, but this data is crucial.

It will be seen by other users of the service and on their basis make a choice, which may be in your favor. If the sympathy is mutual, you can start communicating in a private chat.

This is a free app with a clear interface and nice design. It’s easy to understand all of its tools and find the right match.



With MetYet, you’ll find out your potential mate’s compatibility based on astrology and your zodiac signs.

You need to enter your birth information, including date, place, and time. The service will analyze your astrological chart and select the best possible soulmates for you.

It suggests forgetting about the basics and focusing on the spiritual aspects of each person. This way, you can take the help of astrology, find your soulmate, and be assured of a perfect future.

To use all the possibilities of the service, you have to register. You can do it with a phone number, email, or social networking profile. Then add information about yourself and your photos so your profile is more complete. For details about your zodiac sign, enter your date of birth.

All of this information is also provided by other members. That way, you can find out everything you need to know about them before you even begin to correspond.



In the ZoMate app, you will find users who are close to your location and suitable for you based on your zodiac.

The service uses special algorithms that suggest possible partners with a high level of compatibility. The app takes into account not only the standard horoscope but also the solar and lunar readings.

They are all based on your exact date of birth. Swipe the screen to view profiles. If you like the person, you can show your sympathy by choosing them.

Before you start your search, you can sort your options using special filters. Specify the preferred age, zodiac sign, height, and distance to your location.

Once you get a mutual liking, you will be given access to a chat room. There you can get to know each other better, exchange your social media profiles and set up a meeting. 

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The ZodiLuv app will tell you which of all the users you are compatible with to further build a romantic relationship.

Based on the zodiac signs, the service analyzes the data of all users and offers you the best options. You need to look through them and choose the ones you find most attractive to you.

The service uses knowledge of numerology, western and eastern astrology. It is a large enough database to help you add accurate results.

Thanks to all of these algorithms, the app has gained wide acceptance among a large number of users.

The basic functionality of this service is available for free. You will be able to meet new people while enjoying the pleasant design and usability of the interface. 

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