11 Free Landscape Design Apps for Android & iOS

Planning your own house is a responsible job. Most often people are involved in planning the interior, internal design of the house, or apartment. You can use the list of 25 Best Home Design Apps for Android & iOS to do this.

The design of the yard of the house is often forgotten and begins only after the basic work inside the house will be completed. But in reality, it is important, because the territory around your home will also create an impression of you.

It is not easy to become a landscape designer – there is not so much information about this direction, and the basic idea of what the yard should look like is taken from pictures on the Internet.

Perhaps you yourself would like to create something unusual – not just to plant a lawn, but to arrange a garden, beautifully plant plants, and so on.

To simplify the task of independent landscape planning, there are excellent applications for smartphones. For you, we have collected 11 Free Landscape Design Apps for Android & iOS.

Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden

Home Design 3D Outdoor GardenHome Design 3D Outdoor/Garden is the most popular and convenient tool for planning your home yard. Here you can easily design and decorate the entire area that is on your property.
Landscaping in the application can be set up on many floors and can be done not only on the street – if you want to make a roof garden, Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden can easily help you in this difficult matter.

However, it is worth noting that an unlimited number of floors are only available in the GOLD version.

Due to the fact that Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden is designed for advanced functionality with full access, you can test it in the free version. Note that in this mode it is impossible to save your projects – you can easily visualize how everything will look like, as well as refine all ideas in just one launch of the application.

However, in Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden you will be able to create not only the appearance of your home and lawns near it but also add an entire playground or even a place for a wedding ceremony. The possibilities of the application are literally limitless!

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FloraMe -Landscaping made easy

FloraMe -Landscaping made easyDecorating your yard seems difficult and even impossible to many people. In fact, landscape design should not seem an obstacle for you – you can easily do something beautiful and to your liking.

FloraMe will help you do it! The application is perfect for garden work, as well as for planning the design of your yard. Here you will work with the camera to immediately see the approximate result of your work and the final appearance of the area.

Do you know what flowers will look like on your lawn? Just run the FloraMe application and it will show you how it will look. To make everything look organic and balanced, you need to know if the flowers you plant will be beautiful, as well as how a rose bush or even an entire tree on your lawn will fit.

FloraMe will help you simulate which type of plant is best suited to the design of your home and which flowers will harmonize in the garden. If your landscape design project does not seem convincing to you or you have doubts about it, you will be able to see in the application the correctness of decisions.

FloraMe -Landscaping made easy1 FloraMe -Landscaping made easy2


PRO Landscape Home

PRO Landscape HomeIf you have already completed the finishing of the house and you are satisfied with its appearance, it is time to start landscaping. PRO Landscape Home invites you to create a lawn near the house of your dreams, as well as fully design how your territory will look like.

Just start with a photo of your home – this is how you get the most accurate idea of how it will look. The application will help you even if you don’t have many ideas to implement your dreams.

PRO Landscape Home requires a photo of your home to work. Then right on it you can place trees, bushes, plants, and complete recreation areas. You can add swimming pools, sculptures, outdoor kitchens, and even barbecue areas to the application – you will be able to design your ideal site near your home.

Each of the items that you will place in the picture, you can scale and change their location, combining everything perfectly. You can even add different tracks from different materials, trying on how they will be combined with the overall look of your house.

PRO Landscape Home1

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Landscape Magazine by Bauer Media

Landscape Magazine by Bauer MediaDespite the fact that Landscape Magazine is a British magazine, people from around the world use it to find interesting ideas.

Each issue of the editor collects different wonders of the British countryside together with photos from different angles – craft exhibitions, cultural attractions, whole gardens decorated with beautiful plants. Reading each issue, you will be able to be regularly inspired and emphasize new ideas for organizing your own landscape.

In the category Gardens in Landscape Magazine you will find photos of the most beautiful gardens, collected from all over the country. They can be thematic decorations for certain holidays, as well as just wonderful decorated yards.

Various handicrafts are also collected here, which you can repeat on your own. The results of your work can also be placed in the garden, and the resulting sculptures or handicrafts will easily fit into the overall design.

With a magazine, you’ll feel as if you are traveling around Britain visiting different people and their homes. Especially since each issue is accompanied by an interesting recipe for your inspiration.

Landscape Magazine by Bauer Media1 Landscape Magazine by Bauer Media2

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PRO Landscape Contractor

PRO Landscape ContractorPRO Landscape Contractor is a tool for professional landscape designers who regularly plan foreign territories. With this application, you will be able to sell much more of your projects, because customers will immediately see how original your ideas are.

You will also be able to place your projects at various sites to find new customers who will be interested in your work – you only need to create your own ideas on your smartphone.

This version of the application is free and trial. It includes some images and details that you can use for your first virtual projects. PRO Landscape Contractor will allow you to try the functionality of the application first and then purchase the full version.

In the extended functionality, you get more than 15 thousand different items that can be placed on the lawn near your client’s house, including sculptures, mulches, water objects, and fountains.

Before you pay for your subscription, PRO Landscape Contractor will allow you to see the full collection of these items – perhaps even get inspired right away.

PRO Landscape Contractor1


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Landscape Design by Vineet Devaiah

Landscape Design by Vineet DevaiahDid you decide that it is time to change something in the appearance of your site? Try the Landscape Design application. The service is excellent for both professionals in the field of landscape design, and for people who want to try their hand at design.

Here you will be able to work exactly with your home, rather than create an abstract project in a virtual environment. Landscape Design offers you to visualize everything in AR-format, so this exciting way of design you certainly have not tried yet.

All your work in the application will immediately get a realistic look. All you have to do is point the camera at your home or the area you want to change and start editing immediately.

Landscape Design is designed so that you will immediately see the final design and thus make purchasing decisions.

The application invites you to save all the progress in the cloud, so you can consult with your family members and together make decisions about landscape design and final changes.

Landscape Design by Vineet Devaiah1 Landscape Design by Vineet Devaiah2


Planter – Garden Planner

Planter - Garden PlannerThose people who live in their own house, often grow different plants in the backyard. Planter will help you set up your own garden, as well as learn how to grow different fruits and vegetables.

Of course, this service is no longer designed to organize the appearance of the garden, but to order all the plants. Note that the neatness and orderliness of your beds with plants will look great and fit perfectly into the appearance of the backyard.

In order to ensure that you can plant everything correctly, Planter calculates the distance and layout of all seeds. The application has information about more than 50 different types of classic fruits and vegetables, which people are used to grow in their garden.

Planter makes the process of growing easier and more beautiful, so it is perfect for both novice gardeners and experienced professionals. Here you can even find out what the plant will look like in the process of its growth and, based on this, make a conclusion about where it is better to plant it.

Planter - Garden Planner1 Planter - Garden Planner2


Landscaper by Acelas

Landscaper by AcelasPlanning landscape design – is not just a visualization of all plants and sculptures on the territory of the house.

In addition, you will have to solve many issues related to the implementation of the project – for example, the purchase price for each of the interior items, the search for suitable plants, as well as analysis of soil suitable for cultivation.

Landscaper helps professionals to cope much faster with the calculations that are necessary for the ideal implementation of the intended project.

Here you can calculate exactly how much mulch, soil, seedlings, and other details you need. So, for example, you can separate areas with stony soil or with plants and other nuances.

You will need to enter the exact parameters of the area from which you will work, as well as the depth at which you plan to plant crops.

Landscaper will calculate the number of purchases related to plants or stones. Here you will find the technical details of the most unusual and complex projects.

Landscaper by Acelas1 Landscaper by Acelas2


Garden Organizer: Manager & Planner

Garden Organizer Manager & PlannerDo you already have a garden or small flowerbeds on your property? In this case, it is time to organize all your plants. Garden Organizer will help you do this, as the application is a great tool to help all gardeners.

With its help, you can bring your garden to an ideal state, as well as watch all the plants that you plant there. You can forget that you used to put different beacons on different areas of beds.

In Garden Organizer you will have to create a figure of the size that is occupied by the plants or where you plan to plant them. You just create a bed, and by clicking on it you can add plants in different places.

To add more information, you’ll also need to click on the plant itself, which opens a window where you can enter information about the date of planting, size, planting details, and much more.

In the Garden Organizer application, you will move your garden to a virtual space, which will help you organize all the plants in your backyard.

Garden Organizer Manager & Planner1 Garden Organizer Manager & Planner2


Landscaping Design Ideas by ZaleBox

Landscaping Design Ideas by ZaleBoxEven if you have seen some interesting ideas for the yard of your home, it is not always complete. Perhaps you want to add just some sculpture – but it will require other details.

Landscaping Design Ideas will help you to complement the whole appearance of the territory of your home and even to be inspired by other people’s projects. As soon as you finish decorating the yard, you can share photos of your work in the application to help other people to do something cool too.

Landscaping Design Ideas contains various types of jewelry – paths, flowers, waterfalls, garden decorations, and much more. In different categories you will be able to get different content – in one will be photos of beautiful pools, and in another, you can already find simple and small design ideas.

Besides inspiration, in Landscaping Design Ideas you can also read useful articles. They tell you about the implementation process and the difficulties you may encounter in the process. If you are unbelievably happy with a picture with an idea, you can easily install the photo as wallpaper on your smartphone.

Landscaping Design Ideas by ZaleBox1 Landscaping Design Ideas by ZaleBox2


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DIY Garden Ideas by kleinderappclothes

DIY Garden Ideas by kleinderappclothesWhen people think about landscape design, they want to do everything by themselves. There is no doubt that someone attracts professionals and shows them their project, and other people are already implementing it.

However, many people want to decorate the territory on their own, and DIY Garden Ideas can already help. In the application, you can find thousands of ideas on how to decorate your backyard without a designer and attracting professionals. The more so that you do not need to pay anyone for the work!

The application gathers a lot of projects, which you could previously see on Pinterest or other sites. Here you can also see a step-by-step implementation. The whole process of creating garden jewelry becomes a craft project, which can be implemented together with your family.

DIY Garden Ideas divides all projects into thematic categories, such as yard landscaping, small ideas, patio ideas, and much more. You will be able not only to transform the territory near the house but also to have fun in the process of project implementation.

DIY Garden Ideas by kleinderappclothes1 DIY Garden Ideas by kleinderappclothes2


When you do such a responsible job, you do not always understand what you will get in the end. For this reason, many families immediately turn to professionals who have been involved in landscape design for a long time.

In fact, many of the applications that we have told you about are also used by professionals to plan and find ideas for the design. What prevents you from trying your hand at planning your own home yard?

If you are still thinking, you can just try – look for beautiful ideas in the applications, design the first version of your yard, and much more. These services give you many opportunities for creativity. We hope that our collection of applications was useful for you and you found something interesting for yourself.

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