11 Best Apps to Add Smile to Photos (Android & iOS)

Photos are a great way to convey the emotions you feel when you take them. Yet, sometimes a photo may be taken by accident or you haven’t had time to prepare for it, and it clearly lacks a smile.

Sometimes you want to bring your photos to life and make them cheerful. You can do this with these best apps to add smile to photos for Android & iOS. Try them all and choose the one that fits all your needs.


A useful and simple app for lovers of beautiful photos. Smiley will make every photo you take successful. It will allow each person in the photo to get a perfect smile at the right time.

Forget about asking strangers to take your picture. With this app, you’ll do great without help and get gorgeous photos.

It is suitable for single and group selfies, without special tools. You will also be able to take a regular photo with everyone smiling. You can use both the front and back cameras for this.

How does Smiley work? The app automatically identifies the number of faces in the lens. It will notify the photographer of the most convenient time to press the button. The number of people in the photo is virtually unlimited.

Smiley gives great results even in low light, bad weather, and dark times of the day. The app supports the necessary work for photos at a distance of up to 12 meters. If you need to be in the frame, just leave your phone in a comfortable place and join the others.

The app will automatically trigger the flash when everyone involved smiles. You’ll know the finished shot by the bright flash. Try out Smiley as soon as possible and share your experience with friends and family.


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Are you looking for a powerful photo editor? Don’t want to spend money on expensive gadgets? Get great shots anytime you want with the Pixl app.

It was developed by the specialists of Selfie Photo Editor & Vintage Filters. It contains the most exciting and necessary special effects. You’ll never have to correct red eyes and pimples again.

With this app, every picture you take will be worthy of a separate post on Instagram and Twitter.

Worried that your hair doesn’t match the event? Want to improve your skin color and condition? Take advantage of a huge set of modern retouching tools. Make your eyes bright and your smile dazzling.

The user-friendly menu and clear interface allow absolutely everyone to work with Pixl. A novice blogger and an experienced photographer will find many useful things to do.

The app is suitable for superficial processing and for creating professional pictures. Change the background and brightness of the lighting, choose the best color scheme, and highlight the key figure.

The app works only on the area that you select. Face identification is turned on automatically, so you’ll forget about red eyes and pimples on your face forever.

Your smile is also correctable. Whiten your teeth with a click, reshape your lips, and add a real smile to your photo. It’s not all that Pixl has to offer. Get to know it today.


YouCam Makeup

Want to find a stylist, a makeup artist, and a photographer in one? YouCam Makeup can help. You will create a complete portfolio with perfect shots absolutely free of charge.

Make a great gift for your friends and family. Easily create exclusive photos of everyday life. Augmented reality mode makes the process as easy as possible.

Collections of fashion accessories, wigs, and decorative cosmetics are available. If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair green, check out the results in YouCam Makeup first.

All you have to do is shoot a video or take a photo in good resolution and export the file to the app. Choose the special effect you want, wait a second, and judge your efforts.

Change the shape and color of your eyebrows, make an original haircut, and correct the shape of your nose. No more circles under the eyes and pimples on the face. Stop worrying about dry and dull hair. Tighten up your facial oval.

Add sparkle and grace to your smile. You can even adjust it. Change the size and shape of your lips, and make your teeth whiter. Draw the perfect smile in one motion or erase it from your face. Choose the shade of lipstick that suits your look.

The most trendy novelties of the beauty industry are already waiting for you. Your appearance in the picture depends only on you.



Add some color to the most ordinary photo. Feel like the queen of the evening with FaceApp. An incredible amount of free features for a great mood. Make every photo feel special.

Upload a retouched photo to social media and share it with friends and followers. Create collages to give as gifts or as surprises. With 60 filters, you’ll find something for every taste.

Here you’ll find realistic effects and tools to change your look dramatically. Experiment with your looks without limits.

Any appearance problem is easy with FaceApp. Your hair is always beautifully styled and lustrously shiny. Your eyes change color based on your mood. Even skin tone with no imperfections. Changing hair color, length, beard, and glasses.

Even your smile lends itself to total correction. Change the size and shape of your smile or make your lips fuller. One click and you’re ready to star in a whitening toothpaste commercial.

What could be nicer than the confidence in every selfie? Say stop to foul shots and bad lighting. Don’t make an issue out of uneven teeth and a long nose.

FaceApp can take care of any imperfections in your appearance in minutes. And you, like billions of users, will get positive emotions and ready shots for Instagram.



Awesome editor for your photos and videos. Feel like a real professional with Facetune.

A versatile app for processing personal photos and video files. Improve, correct, and enjoy great photos.

You won’t have to prepare long for your photo shoot: do bright makeup and complicated hairstyles. Just be yourself and Facetune will help you look perfect in your photos on any day.

You are only a few moments away from a photo masterpiece. Just download the app, upload your photo, and choose the tool you want. Most of the options and special effects can also be applied to video clips.

Now you’re in charge here: adjust the color palette, change the background, and make the picture more spectacular. Use light and shade to distribute the roles in the picture among the participants.

It takes a few seconds to change your appearance for the better. Just select the desired section, specify the parameters, and check the result. Apply makeup, and change your hairstyle and length. You can even remove or add a smile to your face, make your teeth white and straight.

Do you want plump, sensual lips? Don’t like your eye color and freckles? Want to give your skin a subtle tan? Don’t be shy: try Facetune for everything you ever dreamed of. With Facetune, every selfie will be truly special.



The most user-friendly photo editor you can use on the go. Not happy with the quality of your selfies? Want to increase your popularity on social networks?

The AirBrush app can help you achieve those goals quickly, and most importantly, for free. One app replaces an entire photo studio. Take awesome selfies every day.

No complicated operation: the app is simple and perfect for users with no experience in this field. Unphotogenic is not about you anymore.

Apply special effects, combine different options, change your daily image, and try something extravagant. The result looks so realistic and natural that compliments and likes will literally overwhelm you.

From now on, your skin will be admired: not a single blemish in the form of spots, acne, or wrinkles. No more sleep deprivation or fatigue. Unhappy with the whiteness and smoothness of your smile? Fix it with AirBrush. Shift your smile and show off your perfect teeth.

The size and shape of your eyes are also subject to correction. Remove the hump from your nose, and make it smaller and shorter. Make an accent on your hair: give it volume and a healthy shine.

You don’t need to spend hours for a complete retouch: all the effects are applied automatically. You can retouch as many photos as you want. Enhance your stories with AirBrush and capture the attention of millions of users worldwide.


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Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

Scoompa’s Photo Editor makes millions of people believe in themselves and their attractiveness. All it takes is a little change to turn a photo into a favorite shot.

Share emotions and memories with family and friends without worrying about photogenicity. Any facial feature can be corrected.

Correct the shape of your nose, enlarge your eyes, and change their color. Recolor your hair in the most incredible shade and surprise your friends with your experiments.

Want lush hair? Or perfect skin? Or maybe you don’t like your smile? Then don’t leave your work for later: download the Photo Editor and make your dreams come true. You can even reduce your real weight and increase your height.

The app works not only with objects but also with backgrounds. Bad lighting, dark times of day, fog, and rain are no longer an obstacle to a good photo. You can always correct your hair and makeup in the photo editor.

Besides, it’s up to you if you want to put a smile on your face. Just mark the mouth area of the photo and choose the desired option. Change the size of your lips and smile, make it perfect. Don’t forget to whiten your teeth and remove the bruises under your eyes.

The result will exceed your expectations because, with the Photo Editor, you can always do more.



Want to know what your face will look like in old age? Always wondered what you would look like in a guy or girl’s body? FaceLab can help you get the answers to those questions.

A huge selection of the most unusual possibilities: make your face age 50, see yourself as young again, and create a cartoon character from your photo.

Besides, FaceLab offers all the standard photo editor options. Easily create realistic zombies and fun characters. Add yourself 30 extra pounds. These options will help you create an unusual photo that is sure not to go unnoticed.

All these options are available thanks to filters. Aging, youth, cartoon characters, and zombies are at your disposal in one click. You can change your gender and see yourself in a different body. Upload a photo or take a new selfie to start the creative process.

Even if you don’t have an initial idea, you can find the right one here. Don’t forget about retouching your photos. The face editor is designed to boost your self-esteem and attention to your persona. Groom your eyebrows, lips, and face in a chic way.

Give your smile a seductive shape: raise or lower the corners of your lips. Apply makeup that suits the situation. Rate the resulting photo with the before/after option and save it to your gallery. Add FaceLab to your phone and use it anytime and as many times as you want.


Smile Photo Editor

Discover a new, bright world. No one else will be bored looking through your Instagram or Twitter stories. Smile Photo Editor will give a festive atmosphere and attract even more followers.

This photo editor allows you to add different stickers to add originality to your photo. Use fun emojis to lift your spirits, invite your friends, or just a simple greeting.

This unusual editor is designed to lift your spirits. Here is a collection of more than 300 different stickers. Take a picture of your company, choose a tool, and make funny faces.

You can change absolutely everything: stretch your smile, lower the corners of your lips, and use bright wigs and lenses. Whiten your teeth, and give yourself an unusual appearance.

This is the funniest photo you’ve ever had. The Smile Photo Editor app can be used by everyone. There are no complicated instructions. For example, you can stretch your smile with a single tap on the screen. Do you have something to say? Then add a speech bubble to your photo.

The app has a bright and creative design that keeps you in a great mood even while you’re working. All features are freely accessible. The app is suitable for any electronic device with Android 4.4 and later versions. Add a little laughter and fun to the ordinary with Smile Photo Editor.


Smiley Face Photo Editor

Retouch your selfies based on the Smiley Face Photo Editor app. Inside you’ll find original effects, a large selection of filters, and beauty features. Make an unusual background, add light, and create a sincere smile on each person’s face.

Let every photo bring only positive emotions and pleasant memories. Give yourself an 18th-century chic look with paraphernalia. Try on a wig and dress of a court lady or appear as a courageous knight.

A huge collection of cosmetics and hairstyles are waiting for the lovely ladies. Use bright lipstick, make black eyebrows, and grow eyelashes. All effects are incredibly realistic and hide all the signs of montage.

Choose unusual glasses and hats. Decorate your photo with cute stickers and funny inscriptions. You have over 150 different stickers at your disposal with which you can easily reflect your mood.

If your friend doesn’t want to smile, just draw a smile up to his or her ears and share the finished photo. Choose your lip color and make your cheeks blush.

The intuitive interface doesn’t require a lot of wasted time. You can choose one effect or combine several suitable options. The app works for free and has no in-app purchases. Are you ready for unbridled fun with Smiley Face Photo Editor?


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Expression Change: Face Editor

Ask your friends to frown, then send them a photo with the biggest smiles possible. This effect is easy to create thanks to Expression Change: Face Editor.

The mobile editor is capable of changing your face beyond recognition. Now your shenanigans will become more unpredictable and interesting.

Take selfies and add the most unexpected features to your appearance. Make your boss’s face blur into a perfect smile and send this photo to your colleagues.

You can draw a smile with a single touch in a few seconds. In the same way, you can turn a cheerful face into a sad or boring one. Make your friend’s lips plump and sensual and then share this photo.

Raise your eyebrows in mute surprise. There are many more interesting options in the Expression Change: Face Editor arsenal. Create real animations based on photos. They’ll look so lifelike.

Have your company compete for the funniest grimace. The app works simply and allows you to edit your photos really quickly. You can correct up to 4 photos at a time. To come up with a new prank, just open the Expression Change: Face Editor and select the appropriate photo.

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