9 Anonymous Chat Apps that Don’t Require Phone Number

Today’s app market is filled with all types of messengers. Therewith, there are not so many apps that don’t ask you to reveal your mobile number. So let’s talk about those, shall we?

There are lots of anonymous chat apps that don’t require a phone number. These apps empower you to interact with guys without relieving your mobile number which can be very useful in some situations. From now on, if you don’t want to share a number with people but still need to text them, you will be able to do that!

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Here’s the list of 9 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends

DiscordLet’s start with an app called Discord. This is a well-known chatting app that doesn’t require your mobile number while registration.

This app was originally made for gamers but lots of things have changed from then. The app is now widely-used and loved by millions of people for its texting and video chat abilities. Therewith, you can log in with your email, Facebook, or Google account and your mobile number can be left unsaid.

It needs to be said, the app does charge you to pick a name but it shouldn’t necessarily be your real one (obviously). You can literally type a couple of random letters and it will count as a username. Plus you can change the name any time if you’ll lever want to. Besides, you can set a profile pic but it’s not necessary as well.

As was already mentioned. The app has lots of amazing chatting options. You can make gathering conversations with hundreds of guys and set the rules for all the members. You can also make private rooms for you and your mates only or create open thematic communities. Plus, the app supports video chats with various members and the ability of screen sharing.

Discord 1 Discord 2


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Facebook Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free


Facebook Messenger is another texting app that doesn’t ask for your mobile number.

This app is also quite popular — it has more than a billion users and thousands of dialogues and chatrooms. As you can probably guess, this app relates to your Facebook account. The mobile number can elevate the protection of your account there but it’s not necessary to mention it.

Due to this, you don’t need a mobile number to interact with people via this messenger. The same thing goes for your username — no one tells you to write your actual name here, just come up with something you like. Plus, you don’t to be friends with someone on Facebook to be able to converse with him via the app.

Besides, the app covers various chatting types. The first and the most obvious one is 1-to-1 dialogues — there are plenty of those. Then comes group chats — the member limit is 50 people for those. The app also has thousands of thematic community chats dedicated to fandoms. As for group chats, you can make it open or private (the private ones can only be accessed via links).

Messenger 1 Messenger 2




Kik is an app that enables you to interact with guys without revealing your mobile number.

This app was on the market for a while and went through a lot of stages since then. At first, it has got huge negative reviews from the press, claiming it’s not safe and it doesn’t protect your data. Nevertheless, it was a long time ago and the app has improved its safety policy since it happened.

Today, the app has a strict privacy policy that makes sure that all your personal info remains private. The coolest thing about this app is that it literally throws you to convert part without asking for a mobile number. Along with its sister apps, this one supports both individual and gathering chatrooms.

Beyond that, the app has multiple bots you can chat with if life gets boring. Plus, you can set the rules for group rooms and make it hidden if needed. Private chatrooms can not be found via searching engines and you can only get there if you have an invitation link. However, the app doesn’t have a desktop version so you can’t reach it anywhere but on your mobile.

Kik 1 Kik 2



HangoutsHangouts is another app that empowers you to stay in association with people without asking for your mobile number. When it comes to this app, you need an email address to log in, not a mobile number. Needless to say, it’s not that hard to make new email address nobody knows about if you’re seeking absolute anonymity.

You can also pick any username that comes to your mind -not necessarily your real one. Above all that, Hangouts is an average chatting app. It covers individual chats and gathering conversations along with the multiple and 1-to-1 calls, and video calls. It needs to be said, the app serves great for connecting with business partners and clients as it empowers you to translate video conferences.

Besides, the group chats empower you to add up to 150 guys. As for the video calls, the limit is 10 people at once. Plus, you can text to your contacts even if they are offline. Just like all the other chat apps, this supports all the stickers, GIFs, pics, and all that. You can also tune on dark modes to rest your eyes a bit. The app is fully free with no ads or sub packs.

Hangouts 1 Hangouts 2


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Moco: Chat & Meet New People

MocoMoco is an app that empowers you to chat and meet new guys while keeping your mobile number anonymous.

As for the registration process, it’s pretty fast and you can log in with your Facebook or Google account. In case you’re seeking absolute anonymity, you can log in with your email. Then, you get to make your user account — you can pick any user name and add pics if you want. Once it’s done you can search for people near you and chat with them.

On top of that, the app has public and private chatrooms dedicated to multiple topics. You can find public ones through the searching engine, but if you’ll want to enter the private one you will need an invitation link.

Let’s go back to the profiles — you can find guys based on your location, view their accs, and talks to them. Besides, you can filter people for gender, age, interests, and all that. And if you’ll see the profile you like you can send a friend request and chat. There are also multiple in-chat games you can play with guys you chat with.

Moco 1 Moco 2


MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

MeetMeMeetMe is an app that empowers you to find new guys and text them without mentioning your mobile number anywhere.

It needs to be said, the concept of his app is actually close to the dating services. But don’t you hurry to get scared and switch t the next one — the atmosphere in this app is very friendly and positive. The app has more than 100 million users so you can always find someone to talk to.

As it was already mentioned, you can log in without entering your number — you can use an email instead. Then, you will need to make your account. You can actually name it as you want, it’s not necessary to use your real one. You will also need to add some pics and write a short description. Then, you will be able to see the number of views your profile has gotten.

Plus, other users can give you virtual gifts and you can give something in return. Of course, the app has a built-in chat you can use to talk to both users. Besides, you can search for people by their hobbies to find the ones who share yours. There are also lots of in-chat games you can play with your interlocutors.

MeetMe 1 MeetMe 2


Element Messenger (was Riot)

Element Messenger

Element Messenger is an app made specifically for exchanging anonymous messages in chats.

This app is an updated version of the app Riot that was very popular some time ago. The app is based on the Matrix system and it does everything to take care of your anonymity. Due to this, the app doesn’t ask for your mobile number while registration. What is more, the app doesn’t even ask you for an email — all you need to do is to pick the nickname and come up with the password.

Beyond that, the app run s on fully encrypted messages that fit perfectly for business conversations that should remain private. Plus, you can also exchange multiple files lice pics, GiFs, and so on. Besides, the app supports video chats that even empower you to share your screen.

The app also empowers you to send voice messages and it even has thematic stickers. There are also group chatrooms that can fill for up to 100 people. Plus, you can try dark modes to rest your eyes and even set it to turn on automatically at a particular time.

Element Messenger 1 Element Messenger 2


TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App

TextNowTextNow is another texting app that doesn’t ask for your number. Well, there’s a thing that makes his app stand out. Not only it doesn’t charge you for a mobile number it actually empowers you to get a virtual number of US or Canada. This tool is free and once you get a number you can freely chat with people from Canada and the US.

The coolest thing is that the app can run offline now so you can use it wherever you are. Along with texts, you can also use the app to make calls (even international ones). It needs to be said, the interface of the app is quite sleek and user-friendly. The chat itself supports all types of files and voice messages. The app even empowers you to make video calls and record short vids to share within the chatroom.

Besides, the app supports voicemails that people can leave if they can’t reach you. You can also add pics to all of your contacts and even set different sounds for their calls and reports. Furthermore, you can use the same number on multiple devices and even on the desktop version of the app.

TextNow 1 TextNow 2


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LINE: Free Calls & Messages


And lastly, LINE is an app that empowers you o cat without revealing your mobile number.

Frankly speaking, this app is very similar to Telegram and you need to follow some steps to use it without a number. First, you need to go to the settings and enter the profile page. Next, you need to click on the user ID switch.

Once it will be done no one in your contacts will be able to discover you in the list of app’s users, and they will be incapable to reach you. Therewith, the app support 1-to-1 along with gathering chats, and you can rather make them private or open to the audience. It needs to be said, group chatrooms can fill for up to 200 people which is quite a lot.

Besides, the app supports video calls, voice messages, and all types of files you can think of. There are even some in-chat games you can play with your mates. Plus, the app runs on several platforms including PCs.



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