11 Best Book Value Apps in 2024

Today, the world of books is brimming with options, but for the savvy reader, value reigns supreme.

In addition, you can also try Best E-Book Reader Apps if you are passionate about reading. Here’s a curated list of apps that go beyond just buying books – they’ll help you find hidden gems, unearth deals, and maximize your literary adventures.

Libby, by OverDrive

Libby is the undisputed champion of value in the book app arena. Here’s why:

  • Completely Free: Forget spending a dime! With just your library card, you unlock a massive selection of ebooks and audiobooks, eliminating the cost barrier entirely.
  • Extensive Collections: Partnering with your local library grants you access to their entire digital catalog, often boasting thousands of titles across genres.
  • Wait Times vs. Trips: Borrowing a book digitally can be far faster than a physical library visit. Check availability and download instantly, saving you valuable time.
  • Beyond Bestsellers: While wait times might exist for popular titles, libraries offer a wealth of hidden gems and classics readily available for download.

While there are limitations (like wait times and borrowing limits), Libby delivers unbeatable value for book lovers on a budget. This is perfect for:

  • Trying New Genres: Experiment with new genres or authors without financial risk. Discover your next favorite read for free!
  • Reading on a Budget: Stretch your literary budget to the max. No need to choose between groceries and that new book release.
  • Supplementing Purchases: Use Libby and Hoopla alongside occasional book purchases to broaden your reading horizons.

Overall, Libby is essential app for value-conscious readers. It offers a universe of free books, perfect for budget-minded bookworms and anyone seeking to expand their literary horizons.

Libby, by OverDrive1
Libby, by OverDrive1

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BookBub isn’t just about finding ebooks – it’s about finding them at rock-bottom prices. Here’s what makes it a champion in the book value app arena:

  • Deep Discounts, Daily: BookBub scours the ebook landscape, unearthing limited-time deals on a vast array of titles. Snag bestsellers, hidden gems, and independent press releases at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Personalized Recommendations: No more wading through endless lists. BookBub tailors daily deals to your reading preferences, ensuring you see discounts on books you’ll actually love.
  • Genre-Specific Newsletters: Dive deeper with genre-specific newsletters. Target your favorite categories, from mysteries to romance, and receive alerts whenever a discounted gem pops up.
  • Free App, Big Savings: The app itself is free, letting you leverage BookBub’s deal-finding power without any upfront cost. Simply download, personalize your preferences, and start saving!

BookBub is ideal for:

  • Bargain Hunters: Thrill at the prospect of scoring your next favorite read at a fraction of the cover price.
  • Series Readers: Snag discounted sequels or discover new series entries without breaking the bank.
  • Impulse Buyers with a Budget: BookBub caters to the thrill of the find, but with curated recommendations, you won’t be tempted by deals outside your interests.

Audible: Audio Entertainment

Audible, the behemoth of audiobooks, presents a more complex case in the book value discussion. Here’s a breakdown of its value proposition:


  • Vast Audiobook Library: Audible boasts a massive collection of audiobooks, encompassing bestsellers, classics, and niche titles.
  • Subscription Model: The subscription plan grants access to a certain number of credits per month, allowing you to “purchase” audiobooks without individual costs. This can be cost-effective for frequent listeners.
  • Exclusive Content: Audible Originals offers exclusive audiobooks and productions not found elsewhere, adding value for the dedicated listener.
  • High Production Quality: Audible is known for its professional narration and high-quality production values, enhancing the listening experience.


  • Subscription Cost: The monthly subscription fee can be a barrier to entry, especially for those who only listen occasionally.
  • Credit System: Credits can expire if not used within a specific timeframe, potentially leading to wasted value.
  • Ownership vs. Access: With a subscription, you don’t actually own the audiobooks you “purchase” with credits. You lose access if you cancel your subscription.


While Goodreads might be known for its social features, it also holds a surprising amount of value for budget-minded readers. Here’s how Goodreads can be your secret weapon for scoring free and discounted books:

  • Free Book Giveaways: The “Giveaways” section is a goldmine for free books! Publishers and authors frequently host contests, offering readers a chance to win a free copy of their latest release. All it takes is a few clicks to enter and potentially score a brand new book.
  • Community Book Swaps: Goodreads isn’t just about virtual connections. Utilize the “Completed Books” shelf to see what your friends are reading and giving away. This fosters a community of bookworms where you can snag used copies for free or at a discount, directly from people you know.
  • Price Tracking & Reviews: Goodreads allows you to track the price of a book you’re interested in. Set an alert and get notified when the price drops, ensuring you grab it at the best possible price.
  • Reading Challenges & Recommendations: While not directly related to value, Goodreads’ reading challenges and recommendation features can help you discover hidden gems and free classics you might have otherwise missed. Expand your reading horizons without breaking the bank!

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hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital stands out as a champion in the book value app arena, offering a treasure trove of ebooks and audiobooks for absolutely no cost. Here’s why it shines:

  • Completely Free: Gone are the days of worrying about ebook or audiobook prices. With just your library card, Hoopla unlocks a vast library, making it perfect for budget-conscious readers.
  • Extensive Collections, Though Curated: While not as limitless as some paid services, Hoopla boasts a well-curated selection of ebooks and audiobooks across various genres. You’ll find popular titles, hidden gems, and classics, all readily available for borrowing.
  • Instant Gratification: Unlike library wait times for physical books, Hoopla allows you to borrow and start reading or listening instantly. No waiting for holds or trips to the library – just download and dive in.

However, there are a few limitations to consider:

  • Library Dependence: Hoopla’s value hinges on your local library’s subscription. Not all libraries participate, and those that do might have limitations on the number of titles you can borrow per month.
  • Borrowing Limits & Waitlists: While some titles might be readily available, popular releases can have wait times similar to physical libraries. Be prepared to plan your reading/listening in advance for highly anticipated releases.
hoopla Digital5
hoopla Digital5

Wattpad – Read & Write Stories

Wattpad carves a unique niche in the book value app world. Here’s why it’s worth considering for budget-conscious readers:

  • Free Stories Galore: Wattpad’s lifeblood is free, user-generated content. Millions of stories span countless genres, offering a treasure trove of fiction to explore without spending a dime.
  • Discover New Voices: Wattpad is a launching pad for aspiring authors. You might be the first to discover the next literary sensation, all for free.
  • Interactive Community: Wattpad fosters a vibrant community of readers and writers. Engage in discussions, get feedback on your own writing, and connect with fellow bookworms who share your interests.

However, there are some value considerations to keep in mind:

  • Quality Variability: Since anyone can publish on Wattpad, story quality can vary wildly. Be prepared to sift through some rough diamonds to find polished gems.
  • Incompleteness & Abandonment: Many Wattpad stories are ongoing works or abandoned projects. You might get invested in a story that never reaches a conclusion.
  • Limited Curation: Finding high-quality content can be time-consuming. Wattpad offers some curation tools and recommendations, but ultimately, success relies on exploration and trial-and-error.
Wattpad - Read & Write Stories6
Wattpad - Read & Write Stories6

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BookScouter – sell & buy books

BookScouter isn’t your typical book value app – it focuses on maximizing the value you get when selling your used books. Here’s how it can be a valuable tool:

  • Price Comparison Powerhouse: BookScouter shines in its ability to compare buyback offers from over 30 different vendors. In a few clicks, you can see who’s offering the most cash for your used textbooks or unwanted paperbacks.
  • Convenience & Efficiency: No need to visit multiple websites or bookstores. BookScouter gathers quotes in one place, saving you time and effort.
  • Maximizes Resale Value: By comparing offers, you ensure you’re getting the best possible price for your used books, avoiding the pitfall of selling to a lowball buyer.

However, BookScouter isn’t a magic solution. Here are some things to consider:

  • Effort Required: You’ll need to input the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each book you want to sell. This can be time-consuming, especially for large collections.
  • Selling Process Not Integrated: Once you choose a vendor, BookScouter redirects you to their website to finalize the sale. Shipping costs, return policies, and minimum order requirements can vary between vendors.
  • Focus on Resale, Not Purchase: BookScouter is primarily for selling, not buying used books. While you can see buyback prices, you won’t necessarily find the cheapest place to purchase used titles.
BookScouter - sell & buy books7
BookScouter - sell & buy books7

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a powerhouse in the ebook reader market, but its value proposition for bookworms depends on their reading habits and budget. Here’s a closer look at its strengths and weaknesses as a book value app:


  • Vast Ebook Library: Dive into a seemingly endless ocean of ebooks, encompassing bestsellers, classics, and indie gems. You’ll likely find almost anything you desire in digital format.
  • Deal Hunter’s Paradise: Amazon frequently throws Kindle users a lifeline with deals and discounts. Daily Deals, Countdown Deals, and genre-specific sales can help you snag books at a fraction of the cover price.
  • Whispersync: Your Reading Journey Seamlessly Connected: This fantastic feature synchronizes your reading progress, bookmarks, and highlights across all your Kindle devices and apps. Start reading on your phone and seamlessly pick up where you left off on your Kindle e-reader – a game-changer for convenience.
  • Subscription Options: For voracious readers, Kindle Unlimited offers a monthly subscription unlocking a vast library of ebooks and audiobooks. It’s a cost-effective way to constantly have a new book at your fingertips.


  • Ebooks Can Be Costly: While deals exist, ebooks can still be pricier than used physical books, especially for new releases. Factor in the potential cost of a Kindle device if you don’t already own one.
  • Vendor Lock-In: Ebooks purchased on the Kindle Store are locked into Amazon’s ecosystem. You can’t easily transfer them to other e-readers or reading apps, limiting your flexibility.
  • Library Borrowing Hurdles: Borrowing ebooks from libraries through Kindle apps can be a cumbersome experience compared to dedicated library apps. You might need to download additional library-specific apps to access their digital collections.
Amazon Kindle8
Amazon Kindle8

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Everand: Ebooks and audiobooks

Everand presents a bit of an enigma in the book value app landscape. While it advertises ebooks and audiobooks, there’s limited publicly available information to definitively assess its value proposition. Here’s what we can glean and some pointers to navigate the uncertainty:

Limited Transparency: Everand focuses heavily on promoting a free 30-day trial, without disclosing specific details about pricing, ebook and audiobook selection, or unique features. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to gauge its value compared to other options.

Potential Paths to Value:

  • Subscription Model: Everand might operate on a subscription basis, similar to Kindle Unlimited or Scribd. This could be a good deal for heavy readers or audiobook listeners, but the exact cost and value proposition remain unclear.
  • Freemium Model: Perhaps Everand offers a limited free selection of ebooks and audiobooks, with a premium tier unlocking a wider library for a fee. Again, without concrete details, it’s impossible to say if this free tier provides significant value.
Everand Ebooks and audiobooks9
Everand Ebooks and audiobooks9

MyBook: books and audiobooks

MyBook: Books and Audiobooks presents itself as a one-stop shop for ebooks and audiobooks, but its value proposition as a book value app is unclear. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Limited Public Information: There’s a scarcity of reliable information readily available about MyBook. Official sources often focus on features rather than pricing or the depth of their ebook and audiobook selection. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to assess its value compared to other apps.

Potential Value Avenues:

  • Ecommerce Platform: MyBook might function primarily as an ebook and audiobook retailer. This could be useful for purchasing individual titles, but without knowledge of their pricing strategy or sales, it’s hard to determine if they offer competitive rates.
  • Subscription Service (Uncertain): There’s a possibility MyBook offers a subscription model for access to a wider library of ebooks and audiobooks. However, details regarding subscription costs and the extent of the included library are unavailable.
MyBook books and audiobooks10
MyBook books and audiobooks10

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PocketBook reader – any books

PocketBook Reader isn’t exactly a book value app in the traditional sense. It functions primarily as an e-reading app designed for reading ebooks and audiobooks in various formats.

While it doesn’t directly offer features to help you find free or discounted books, it can still be a valuable tool for readers who already own a large collection of ebooks. Here’s a breakdown of its potential value:

Strengths for E-reader Enthusiasts:

  • Wide Format Support: PocketBook Reader boasts compatibility with a vast array of ebook and audiobook formats, including popular ones like EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and MP3. This eliminates the need for multiple apps for different formats, consolidating your reading experience.
  • Focus on Reading Experience: The app prioritizes a comfortable and customizable reading experience. Features like adjustable font sizes, night mode, and text-to-speech functionality cater to reader preferences and enhance accessibility.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: PocketBook Reader integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. This allows you to easily access your ebook library across various devices, ensuring your reading progress is always synced.
  • Audiobook Functionality: For those who enjoy audiobooks, PocketBook Reader lets you listen to audiobooks alongside ebooks. This flexibility caters to different reading styles and situations.
PocketBook reader - any books11
PocketBook reader - any books11
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