11 Best scrapbook apps for Android & iOS 2020

Needlework, embroidery, and handicrafts have always been a fun hobby. People all over the world are fond of needlework and other such things, as it is a great way to make something beautiful with your hands.

If you don’t know what scrapbooking is yet, it’s the whole art of creating photo albums, collages. The design is usually beautiful and unusual – it is created with the help of ribbons, newspaper clippings, cardboard, and many other things.

In the modern world, it is quite easy to find quality materials for needlework. But not all people would like to get dirty in glue, and handle with small details.

In this case, you can create digital albums – and special applications will help you.
We found the 11 best scrapbooking apps for you right on your phone.

Lifecake Family & Baby Photos

lifecakeChildren are an important moment in every parent’s life. More often than not, parents want to capture all the moments of their baby’s growth and create whole photo albums that reflect all these stages.

Lifecake will simplify this task and help you create a beautiful and original album with photos of your baby so that it will reflect all his first triumphs, memories and even achievements.

You can start using Lifecake from the moment you’re pregnant: record all the moments in your songs and pictures, and the app will help you design them beautifully.

All the magical moments spent with your family and your baby can be saved not only in your memory but also in a beautiful album.
Scrapbooking in this situation will only help to complement your pictures with cute details. All your family photos will be in one place and safe.

Lifecake is not a very complex application. It is very simple: the time bar displays the pictures you took. Right in the app, you can order a printout of that album or a specific moment from there.

Do you want to remember everything about your baby? Then we suggest you start an album using scrapbooking, so you can add something unique to this collection of memories.

lifecake1 lifecake2


PostLab: Design Collages

postlabPostLab is an application designed for users who want to do something professional and attractive. That’s why the application designers developed incredibly beautiful templates that are designed to make your social networks more beautiful.
Are you ready to try a whole new style of posts?

You can find more than a hundred great layouts of different themes in the application. You can use them to create a collage of messages, group your travel documents or make a poster as a gift for a friend.

All the photos you use in the process are easy to edit inside the application. PostLab is a full-featured photo editor that can not only group photos or apply a filter, but also add a mask or picture.

When it comes to text, you can customize fonts and other writing characteristics. Instead of trivial snapshots from your journey, you can now present a whole story that will tell your subscribers about your experiences.

Your style will be conveyed even in photos with food: PostLab will make your photos more delicious – in ways, you wouldn’t be able to imagine in a real scrapbooking album. Use ready-made posters that give you the opportunity to get creative.

postlab1 postlab2


Photo Collage Background Maker

photo collage background makerCollages are the basis of all photo albums and photobooks. They consist of several pictures at once, combining them into one story or period of time.

In Photo Collage Background Maker you can create a creative collage that combines the most unexpected photos. Want to impress your friends and followers on social media? Then it’s time to get into digital scrapbooking.

When creating memories, you can use all the tools available in the app.
Patterns, changing backgrounds, changing pages in your digital book, and even editing your original photos – you can use them all to create collages and patterns from your photos.

With over a hundred patterns that you can use as a background and the intensity adjustment of all the tools, you’ll get the perfect result.

When you purchase a Premium subscription, you get templates and special fonts that are not available in the free version. Of course, advertisements will disappear right away.

By the way, you can create your own stickers and additional photos even in the free version – just highlight the desired area, and Photo Collage Background Maker will do everything as you planned.

photo collage background maker2 photo collage background maker1


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Digital Scrapbooking – Scrapbook Layouts & Ideas

digital scrapbookingWant to create a unique and memorable card? Or do you just like to create an unusual design of photos and e-cards? Digital Scrapbooking is what you need.

Here you can not only decorate the finished photo but also choose special elements for the holiday.
Digital Scrapbooking is a convenient solution for those people who are tired of cutting out details on their own or just want to spend time as a hobby even when they are away.

If you have created a greeting card, you can send the result immediately to the recipient. The person who will receive it will be happy because you made the greeting card yourself.

The entire greeting card is created manually, by dragging, rotating, zooming and more. You choose the elements that will make your work unique.

For people who are used to making everything by hand, digital scrapbooking will be something new and unusual. But the application will make you feel comfortable using it.

Your creative adventure can start like this – maybe you’ll like creating virtual cards and want to do the same thing again in reality?

digital scrapbooking1


Journi Print

journi printIf you’ve always wanted a helper while you’re doing your creative work, then Journi Print will be great for this role. It will be your personal designer who will take into account all your wishes in style, format and photo book layouts.

You no longer have to shop for needlework, buy materials or print your own photos – just download Journi Print and create your own book in a short amount of time.

The application algorithm is designed in such a way that you will find the best photo book layouts. If you don’t like something, you can make changes to the template yourself or even create it from scratch yourself.

The most important thing is that when you add pictures to an album, none of them will be cropped, so you won’t lose your head or any other part of your body.

The photos are printed in the best quality – you just have to choose the source of the content. Your personal photos and data will not fall into the hands of scammers – it is protected.

Saving on the purchase of ready-made photo books with Journi Print is easy: you can recommend the app to your friends and order albums at a lower price.

If you’re not at home, but still want to make a new album right now – even when you’re traveling, you can get a ready-made result from Journi Print. And its quality will be great as well!

journi print1 journi print2


Groovebook: Book of Prints

groovebookThe events in everyday life happen all the time. It can be a movie with a loved one, a walk with friends or buying a dog – everything that happens is memorable.

If you want to see all the important events that have happened to you in recent times every month, Groovebook is the perfect solution. This app allows you to create a virtual photo book that you can print out. Most importantly, it is cheap enough and requires no effort.

Groovebook offers users a monthly subscription to the service. By the way, you will get a small trial period with the promotional code MEMORIES. At the end of each month, you get a stylish individual book that looks like it was made by a scrapbooking professional!

You can set its design yourself, as well as choose whether it will be presented in a photo album, magnets or something else.
Photos are a great gift for friends who have a lot of shared memories, so with Groovebook, you can choose something unusual and cute as a gift.

Free up your gallery without having to scrapbook yourself – Groovebook will do it for you.

groovebook1 groovebook2


Over: Design/Flyer/Story Maker

overAlbum creation and scrapbooking, in general, is a kind of process of creating your own brand. Each result is unique and cannot be repeated by different people – simply because the idea belongs to one person.

Over will help you become a real specialist in creating your own brand and unique content – so your albums will not repeat other people’s ideas, and you can feel like a creator and an artist.

Over offers templates for video and photo editing that you can customize to suit your tastes. Your brand will be truly unique and application tools will only make it easier.

In addition to the usual filters and overlay effects, here you can create something unique – like a professional graphics add-on or even your own design innovation.

Like any other similar application, you can find great templates in Over that will help beginners to create something very quickly, literally just by choosing the right photos.

Creating vivid photo books and collections is the main result of scrapbooking, and digitally you can share them even on social networks. Do you want your content to be unique? Then you should use this application.

over1 over2


ScrapBook by InfyOm Technologies

scrapbookSave all your memorable moments with your friends with the ScrapBook app. It helps you edit your photos with great effects and tools.

Each photo can be accompanied by a story and a short description, and the app includes a good text editor to create them. Keep a diary of events in your photos, so nothing gets out of your memory.

Each photo can be combined with others – you can create entire photo collages or even group photos. Each collage is accompanied by stickers, text, frames, and filters; if you create just a sheet of photos, you can choose an interesting background.

All content is bound together using creative frames and unusual stickers. ScrapBook has a simple interface that is easy to understand even for ordinary users. In total, the application presents about 50 different backgrounds and more than 200 stickers on different topics.

In order to tell a long story, now you can simply run ScrapBook and visualize it in images. Your album will acquire a special style and charm, making you the main character of all the stories inside it.

scrapbook1 scrapbook2


Rhonna Designs

rhonna designsCreative potential is sometimes hard to express in any way. It can take a huge amount of time – selecting the style of photography, frame, background and much more.

In such cases, special applications come to help that will inspire you to be creative or create something unusual. At Rhonna Designs, there are many tools available to help you implement your ideas – the main thing is that you do it all for personal use only.

With the app, you can add a little bit of personality to your photos and even print them out after processing – Rhonna Designs is designed to work at higher resolutions.

Users note that despite its simplicity, the app is still creative and enjoyable to use. You won’t get confused – it’s incredibly simple and intuitive.

If you like the font and want to use it later on in your work, you can buy it directly from the website. Feel like a real artist working with layers and different fragments of applications.

rhonna designs1 rhonna designs2


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Project Life

project lifeWith Project Life, you no longer need rulers, scissors and a huge amount of glue and tools. You won’t even have to print materials and photos – everything will be provided to you in advance.

Project Life makes the creative process as easy and as accessible as possible for all people and takes your handicrafts to the next level.

The app has built-in templates that collect all your photos together in just a few minutes. When you get an entire album, you can still edit and modify it by adding new photos from your cloud storage or phone memory.

In addition to albums, Project Life also includes postcard templates that are constantly updated according to events.

All Project Life photos can be edited, zoomed-in, added to, or even grouped with other photos in specific combinations. All pages are automatically saved, so you don’t lose your project while working.
Building a family album? Then you can share your project with your relatives and create it together!

project life1 project life2


SimplePrints Books & Canvas

simpleprintsWant to put all your family vacation photos together in one photo book? Or do you just have a lot of moments that make you smile?

In that case, SimplePrints Books & Canvas will do its best so that you can celebrate your best memories or bring your best projects to life. With just a few simple steps, you get the result you want.

The app is designed so that you can create a whole photo book on your smartphone, which will be printed in excellent quality in the United States.

Even if you don’t live in America, the company would still send it to you – the SimplePrints Books & Canvas team is always there for you, even from a distance. Photobooks are printed on canvas and with metal inserts, which extends their life expectancy.

You take all the photos directly from your smartphone gallery, Facebook or Instagram – the main thing is that their size fits the size of the book you choose.

It’s worth noting that SimplePrints Books & Canvas gives you a free digital version of the book you’ve created – in case you want to save both versions. By making the cover yourself, you will only improve the look of your album – so it will look professional as well.

simpleprints2 simpleprints1


Scrapbooking is a very interesting and exciting hobby that you can do anytime you want. Now you can do it even with your smartphone!

Beautiful family photo albums, digital memories and even a collection of cute photos – all this can be made right in your smartphone.
If you don’t want to store albums at home, scrapbooking in your smartphone will be a great way to save money and space.

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