7 Best Anonymous Texting Apps in 2022 for Android & iOS

There are plenty of reasons why you may need anonymous messaging — from business purposes to online dating. Whatever your reason is — this article has you covered.

There are lots of anonymous texting apps in 2022 for Android & iOS that provide you with private communication. These apps give you a secret virtual number that works the same as your regular one. Thus, your recipients won’t notice the difference and you’ll get a bit more privacy.

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Here’s the list of the 7 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Text Me

Text Me

Let’s start with the TextMe app. This is an anonymous chatting service that lets you send an unlimited amount of texts.

The concept of this app is simple — it gives you an extra phone number for texting and calling. It’s a legit phone number that lets you contact anyone you normally would. Herewith, the people you gonna contact don’t need this app so everything is as simple as it can be.

As you may guess, you can get any number anonymously in a couple of secs. Plus, you can use a burning tool to get rid of the number and get another one just as easily. You may even get several numbers at the same time if needed. The app supports international calls and SMS with low rates as well.

The app even supports voicemail in case needed. The app also covers a group chat that supports pics, vids, and audio messages. It also has various emoji packs and lets you share your GPS. Besides, you get to set individual ringtones for different people. You may also adjust the notifications and make some chats private.

Text Me 2 Text Me 1

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Second Phone Number

Second Phone Number

This is a secret texting app that lets you send and receive calls and SMS.

The mechanics of this app is the same as the previous one — you get a virtual number that can be used as a real one. Once you’ve got the number you can send texts, call someone, share pics, vids, and audios.

As it was mentioned, the number functions just as the real one so you can contact anyone whose number has. Herewith, you can get instant replies from people you’ve contacted, and they don’t need to use any extra apps for that.

Plus, you have the ability to get an extra number any sec with just a few taps. The number also supports voicemail if needed. The app covers free unlimited calls for the US and Canada so keep that in mind. The app also supports group chats and even video calls with HQ.

Second Phone Number 2 Second Phone Number 1

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

Free Tone

This is another app that gives you access to anonymous texting.

What this app does is ti gives you an actual phone number with voicemail and all that. The number is entirely free so you don’t even need to pay for calling credits or earn them any other way. Furthermore, the number is 100% private as you don’t need to share any personal info to get it.

The signing up process is quite simple here — you can sign in with your email, FB, or Google acc. Plus, you can freely send SMS and MMS as you would with an actual number. The best thing is the person you’re gonna contact doesn’t need to install the app so there are no limits here.

The app covers free calls across the US and Canada so keep that in mind. You can even pick the area code for your virtual number if needed. The app also covers group chats and even HQ video calls. Besides, you’ll have the ability to send pics, exchange audio messages, and all that. In case you’ll ever wanna get an extra number you can do it in secs.

Free Tone 2 Free Tone 1

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Next, we have a private texting app with a simple user interface and all the features you may need.

The main goal of this app is to let you send anonymous texts to whoever you need. This is getting done by giving you a private virtual number that works the same as the real one. In other words, you have the ability to contact anyone, and they don’t even need to have this app installed for that.

Herewith, the number you get is completely private as you don’t have to enter any of your personal info. The app also has international support so you can contact people from over the world effortlessly. Once the text will be delivered you’ll get the notification receipt.

Another cool feature is that you get to set scheduled SMS with the timer which is a great tip for keeping things organized. In case you’ll ever run out of text ideas the app covers multiple templates that you can freely use. You can also add your own templates and sort them as you need.

ImNot.Me 2 ImNot.Me 1



This is a second number app that lets you contact your mates anonymously.

You can use this app for any occasion — from online dating to business purposes or international contacts. In other words, you can reach this app whenever you need a different phone number. This app covers both texts and calls which is nice. Plus, you may get local numbers from the US, UK, or Canada. There are over 300 area codes covered for now and more are on the way.

It needs to be said, the app runs on paid sub packs but there’s a 3-day free trial you can use before paying. Herewith, the app is completely private and simple to use which is nice. You don’t need to sign any contracts or enter any personal data during the registration process. At this point, the registration doesn’t even require verification so you can keep your identity secret.

Plus, you can easily get rid of the numbers you don’t need anymore — just use a burning tool. You can also get multiple numbers at the same time if needed. The app also lets you pick an area code from over 300 options. There are also lots of tariff plans available and you can customize them according to your needs.

Hushed 2 Hushed 1

Private Text Messaging

Private Text Messaging

If you were looking for a simple app for private texting — this is your cup of tea.

Apart from all the previous apps, this one has a slightly different concept. Thus, it does give you a virtual private number but there other fun features as well. This app is actually a private messenger that lets you chat with people anonymously. And that’s cause you don’t need to enter any personal info while signing in so you can keep your identity a secret.

The whole registration process takes literal secs which is nice. As for the messenger, it covers disappearing messages, secret chats, and all that. There are no limits for the number of chats as well. Plus, the app runs on smart encryption techs so no worries about your privacy.

You can also hide some texts, pics, or vids so you’d be the only one to see them. Besides, you can also use this app for private phone calls if needed. The app covers Wi-Fi calls across the US, China, and Canada. Herewith, the quality of the calls seems to be higher than a regular one.

Private Text Messaging 2 Private Text Messaging 1

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Private Line

Private Line

And lastly, Private Line is an app that provides you with an anonymous virtual phone number.

First of all, the number you get doesn’t interact with your actual number in any way. In other words, when you’re making a call or sending an SMS it will be sent right from the app. Herewith, the recipient won’t notice any difference, and he doesn’t need to have this app installed.

In case you’re seeking absolute privacy, you can burn the number once the convo has ended. Then, you can get yourself another number right away. You may also use several numbers at the same time if needed. The app supports all kinds of communication — texts, calls, and even MMS.

Plus, you get to pick a local area code if needed — there are over 200 options covered for now. You also get to set a personal voicemail for each number and there are no limits for that. The same goes for the SMS replies — you can set an ultimate reply or the individual ones. You can also adjust the ringtone for all the numbers separately.

Private Line2 Private Line1

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