12 Best Apps for Calculating Sunrise and Sunset Times (Android & iOS)

There are many services on the Internet, and programs that allow you to accurately calculate the time of sunrise and sunset. In this article, we’ll look at the best applications for calculating the time of sunrise and sunset for your gadget:

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LunaSolCal Mobile

LunaSolCal Mobile is one of the most popular applications to calculate sunrise and sunset times. It shows the information in details: the time of sunrise and sunset, length of the day, moonrise and moonset, age/visibility, phase. View twilight (start/end): astronomical, nautical, civil.

You can find a location by GPS receiver. There are more than 30 thousand cities available. You can choose any date from 01/01/1901 to 01/31/2099.

Everything is simple and understandable. The app is made in dark colors. It is available both for Android and iPhone users. You can share the data with others via Twitter or Facebook.

LunaSolCal Mobile app LunaSolCal Mobile

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Sun Surveyor Lite

Sun Surveyor Lite was created for photographers and filmmakers to help them calculate sunrise, sunset times, and plan for golden and blue hours. It also will be helpful for architects and gardeners.

The application has a built-in 3D Compass and detailed  Ephemeris. It shows twilight times: Astronomical, Nautical, and Civil.

The Sun Surveyor Lite application is free but has a full paid version with wider functionality: Live Camera View, Interactive Map View, Street View Panoramas and much more.

Sun Surveyor Lite app Sun Surveyor Lite

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Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset Demo

You would probably think that apps like these are not really able to surprise anyone. This app will change your mind for sure – it works like the augmented reality, being able to measure the sun position right when you are taking a picture, along with calculating the time of sunset/sunrise position in the next few hours at the same time.

What is more, here you can even see the scheme of the sun rays projection on the map. A very detailed schedule of all the sun movements, including astrological sunrise/sunsets, civil twilight, and many more are available in the special section of this app for Android.



Sunrise Sunset Times

Sunrise Sunset Times is a free application available on the iOS operating system. It is made in an elegant style and has a clear interface. With its help, you will know about the sunrise and sunset times. You will see the accurate results according to your current location.

It also counts down the length of daylight. You can view information for today or any other day chosen. In general, the app is easy to use. It is completely free. The only drawback is advertising.

Sunrise times

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Sunrise Sunset Lite

Sunrise Sunset Lite is a smart tool that helps you to view important times: sunrise and sunset, civil twilight start and end, the time of daylight. You can search for any date. Choose the city manually or use GPS. The list of cities is huge.

No Internet connection is needed to use the Sunrise Sunset Lite. You can also use already saved locations.

Take this app wherever you go, no internet is necessary for the app to work.

Sunrise Sunset Lite

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Sunrise Sunset Calculator

Sunrise Sunset Calculator is a simple and fast tool giving you the info you need. The app uses GPS to find your current location or you can find the city needed from the offered list. It is possible to create a Favorite List of locations.

The application can work without an Internet connection. Customize widgets and you will no longer have to open the application to see sunrise and sunset times. Set all the details: show/hide seconds, AM/PM, and so on. The Sunrise Sunset Calculator will be useful for fishermen, hunters, photographers, pilots.

Sunrise Sunset Calculator Sunrise Sunset Calculator app

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The Sun Ephemeris

This app with a beautiful unusual name will allow you to detect the sun and moon position in any part of the world. The Sun Ephemeris is ideal for landscape, nature, travel, and outdoor photographers. The app works on the map-based approach – you can just type in any locations in the world and see the position of the sun or the moon there.

If you want, you can also get the elevation graph of the sun or the moon during the day. There is also a compass in The Sun Ephemeris which you can use whenever you need it.


Sunrise Companion

Sunrise Companion is a perfect tool when you want to know sunrise, sunset, and golden hour times for your current location or any other place in the world. You can search for any date.

The application offers to use the home screen widget which will show sunrise and sunset times. There is a GPS function to find your location fast. Or you can search for any other location. The locations that were already used are saved in the history of recently accessed locations.

You can choose a theme: dark or light. Everything is simple and minimalistic.

Sunrise Companion app Sunrise Companion

Sunrise Sunset

The Sunrise Sunset application helps you to know sunset and sunrise times for any point in the world for any date. You can choose a location manually or in automatic mode. Thousands of cities are available. It shows the Astronomical, Nautical, Civil and Official sunrise and sunsets.

The visualization is on a high level. You will enjoy how it shows the path of the sun. You can also track other planets rise and set times.

The app can be successfully used by photographers to know about golden hours and plan photoshoots. Astronomists can use it as well for planning out Solar Observations.

Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset app

sunrise sunset times widget

Sunrise sunset times widget is a smart digital clock and weather widget. You will get a daily forecast with accurate temperature information!

The features of the application include displaying the current temperature, date and location, daily and hourly weather forecasts, sunrise, and sunset times.

This is one of the best programs that determine the local weather forecast, it warns of wind and precipitation. You can easily check the current conditions on the street from the main screen.

sunrise sunset times widget sunrise sunset times widget app

Sunrise Sunset Calculator

This free application will allow you to find the sunrise and sunset times for your location or any other point on the map. The Sunrise Sunset Calculator has a simple interface and functionality.

To make the calculation you must enter Latitude and Longitude, date and location. You can choose a location from already saved ones. There is a function for customizing alarms for sunrise and sunset times.

In general, the app is simple in use and performs well in its function. The only drawback is some advertising during use.

Sunrise Sunset Calculator Sunrise Sunset Calculator app

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Golden Hour

Surely you will agree that the best time for photography is sunset and sunrise. It is at this time that you can get the most spectacular and beautiful pictures. Find out about the time of sunrise and sunset is not difficult enough, but there is no limit to perfection. The Golden Hour application will not only show you how much the sun will rise and set, but also remind you in a convenient way.

Geolocation is used to determine the time of sunrise and sunset. You can trust to automatically determine your geo position or select a location manually by searching. Now you can always be aware of the time of the beginning of sunrise and sunset.

In order not to open the application at all, you can configure push notifications about sunrise and sunset. To do this, it is enough to enable the corresponding toggle switches in the settings. For a more “fine” setting, you can choose to have notifications only on weekdays and/or weekends. Conveniently.

A fairly simple utility, but it will help mobile (and not only) photographers to simplify preparation for shooting. After all, now you will know the exact time of sunset and dawn, and to accurately forget about anything, you can use the appropriate reminders.

Golden Hour app Golden Hour

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