10 Best Anti-Spy Apps for Android & iOS

Perhaps you’ve ever noticed that your smartphone is starting to behave strangely. It can be a slowdown, a fast battery drain, or applications that are constantly running in the background. For the last group of applications, you may check these best auto kill apps.

Sometimes your smartphone’s security system alerts you to such incidents, but more often than not, users simply swipe the alert and forget about it. But what if you really started to suspect that someone was stealing your data?

Different applications may use very different ways and methods to collect your personal information. It could be access to a gallery, a location, or a smartphone camera.

In order to stop this kind of monitoring, different software tools have been developed. To ensure that your privacy is protected and your smartphone is not compromised, we suggest that you check this. We found and reviewed the best anti-spy apps for Android & iOS.

Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner

Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular programs for the protection of smartphones and computers, which has been on the market for a long time. The application protects your device from various spyware, viruses, dangerous files, and other threats.

As soon as something appears on your smartphone that could potentially be a threat to your data, Avast Antivirus sends you a notification immediately. You can also use it to scan your device for such programs.

The application has a separate web protection feature that scans all the links you visit for Trojans or unwanted programs. You can accidentally download spyware or adware from the site, which in the future will work continuously on your smartphone.

Your connection is also protected. Avast Antivirus prescans the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to so that hackers cannot access your accounts via the public network. After this analysis, you can even save battery life on your smartphone.


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Privacy Scanner (AntiSpy) Free

Despite its very simple user interface, Privacy Scanner is an effective tool in the fight against spyware applications. Surveillance can be done with completely different applications.

It can be easy to track your location, or it can be theft of bank card or account data. The Privacy Scanner was created so that you can check your smartphone at any time and make sure it’s okay.

The application detects all the services that use GPS-track technology or send your personal data. Privacy Scanner will help you calculate and disable all such services. It may be a secret parental control application or others.

Each application found is described in detail – along with the reason why it seemed suspicious. You can add some services to the whitelist yourself so that Privacy Scanner will not take them into account when further scanning (of course, if you are sure about them).


Anti spy: Camera & Microphone block

Tracking with a camera is one of the most modern ways to use a user’s device. Usually, a person doesn’t even know that their smartphone camera can turn on itself – not just when they are taking pictures.

You’ve heard the jokes about webcam surveillance with your laptop, right? Anti spy prevents this kind of surveillance on your smartphone, ensuring total security.

You may have noticed that some applications require access to your camera. Now you can block your device’s camera or microphone so that spy apps can’t turn it on themselves. Anti spy will be sure to inform you if any service tries to turn them on.

The service also allows you to create a fake location to ensure complete security. If you really use an application with a camera and a microphone – for example, Instagram – you can mark it in Anti spy.


Incognito Spyware Detector – Anti Spy Privacy Scanner

Confidentiality is one of the fundamental rights of every person and must not be violated. If you want to check if your rights are indeed not being violated, you can do so with the Incognito Spyware Detector app.

This application is designed to protect users who may accidentally install a tracking program on their smartphone. It can also be done even without your knowledge – then you should know for sure.

Incognito Spyware Detector was developed by cybersecurity experts who have been working with various threats for a long time. The application works precisely with spyware and does not detect viruses or other malicious files – simply because they do not steal your data.

You can’t know for sure that there isn’t any spyware currently installed on your smartphone because it doesn’t show you the whole process. All you have to do is install the Incognito Spyware Detector and scan your device. All threats can be removed and eliminated right in the application.


iVerify. – Secure your Phone!

If you’re using an iOS device, you can install iVerify as your security tool. Even though you’re always holding your smartphone in your hand, some applications can install and monitor you by themselves.

iVerify helps prevent this and makes it easier to manage the security of your accounts. All you need to do is install iVerify on your smartphone and start using it – you’ll get all the instructions right in the app.

Most iPhone users use the Safari browser to search the web. iVerify lets you block dangerous pages or unwanted content from the browser, which can then steal your data or create unwanted ads.

Once the application finishes scanning your smartphone, you will see what security vulnerabilities are in your system. It’s worth noting that iVerify has limited access to your iPhone, so even when your device is marked as secure, you should take precautions online.


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Zero Password Manager

ID Guard Offline is estimated to be the best password manager because the development company uses an excellent encryption model for the app, which brings a high level of security to user data.

Moreover, experts are constantly working to develop more verifiable security technologies as well as introduce more innovative features to make ID Guard Offline further superior to other password managers.

The app is characterized by options such as:

  • a local password storage vault that does not have the right to upload your data to the company’s cloud server
  • using the security chip on your phone to encrypt the stored data and prevent clone attacks
  • providing account templates for storing passwords, OTPs, recovery codes, security questions and answers, etc.
  • auto-entering logins and passwords on various sites or apps at the request of the user

The app is loved by many users from all over the world and has got a high rating on the App Store and Google Play. Due to detailed study and constant improvements in new options, by downloading this app, you will get an indispensable assistant in the field of saving your data.


Anti Spy Detector – Spyware by Protectstar Inc.

Your electronic device is reliably protected with Anti Spy Detector. This powerful program with state-of-the-art software helps prevent malicious programs from being installed on your phone or tablet. With its help, you can be sure that no virus or spyware will be downloaded to your phone without the owner’s knowledge.

With this app, you will make confidential data inaccessible to third parties. All passwords, credit card data, and correspondence will remain only at your disposal. To avoid leaks of important information, your phone must have reliable protection at all times.

Anti Spy Detector meets modern requirements for anti-spyware programs. The app is based on the unique Deep Detective system. It works offline and does not affect the routine options of your electronic device. Run a scan that detects the presence of GPS trackers, viruses, and spyware.


Anti Spy Detector & Scanner CB by cb innovations

This app will ensure that your device functions optimally without malware. Download this app if you want to keep your personal information safe. You can safely use any apps and visit websites. You will receive an instant notification if there is a high probability of a threat.

No spyware can escape from this app. Created by the German company CB Innovations, it is the standard of excellence in digital security.

The program requires no special skills and works automatically. You do not need to check the operation of this app constantly. All folders on your device are scanned at regular intervals. Just enjoy a comfortable and safe use of the Internet.

Keep important documents, personal information, and bank card details in the digital space. This service has over 19 million malware signatures, allowing you to protect your privacy in a professional manner.


ClevGuard-Anti Spy Scanner App

ClevGuard will be an excellent solution to protect your privacy. Every session of using the Internet will be protected from snooping and downloading unnecessary programs. If your phone does not have modern protection, you will not even know about the encroachment on your privacy.

This app will be a digital assistant that can easily deal with malicious software. No more viruses and GPS tracking. No one can find out your personal data without your permission. You can visit any website without the risk of being tracked.

All calls and messages are stored securely, allowing you to have dialogs and correspondence without fear of data leakage. ClevGuard is suitable for all internet users, regardless of age or location.

The app is downloaded with basic settings, so you don’t have to deal with manual installation. Your assistant will block the download of suspicious programs, and find and remove spyware from your electronic device.

Besides, access to the camera and microphone is also under 24/7 control. You will be notified about every suspicious program instantly.


Anti Spyware Detector & Finder by Own effect

With Anti Spyware Detector & Finder you can easily trust the most secret information. Rest assured that its use guarantees you a virus-free and malware-free Internet.

This detector will be a real salvation for everyone who wants a high level of security in cyberspace. Any hackers’ tricks will fail and your data will remain untouched.

This app thoroughly scans your device and allows you to control all aspects. You will know for sure if there are any side programs on your phone if your online activities are being tracked. You will also get information about which apps have access to your microphone and camera.

Use Anti Spyware Detector & Finder to optimize your phone’s performance. Increase its power and improve performance by removing unnecessary files. You can create backups of other apps based on it.

The app will help you make the right choice if you are buying a used phone. In minutes you will get comprehensive information about the condition of the battery, display, speakers, and other systems.


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Bonus: Sticky Password

In order to always have your passwords, and, therefore, your privacy protected in the best way, you might want to use this password manager apps which is considered to be the leader in this niche.

This app is a real exception to the rules, because it gives the quality that other programs of this type often lack – reliability. The utility uses AES – 256, an algorithm recognized as the best encryptor in the world.

Password Manager Sticky Password offers the user a number of the following options:

  • password manager, which includes two-factor identification, password-ID for entering the app, as well as access to the data store without an Internet connection
  • a smart password generator capable of generating unique ciphers for each user
  • digital wallet, which is able to safely store all your data from bank cards and other documents
  • secure communication with other users

It is important to say that the program has the function of secure synchronization, which allows you not to worry about data loss or leakage. Try this app and make sure you need it with your own eyes.

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