11 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

Scheduling your appointments can help you save a lot of time and make more of your plans. Classic schedulers are quite cumbersome and make it difficult to find the right appointment. These best appointment scheduling apps in 2023 for Android & iOS will help you have your plans at your fingertips.

If you consider yourself a visual thinker, then try these best visual schedule apps.


A great planner for every day. The Goldie mobile app will easily replace your personal secretary. Now you don’t have to keep in your head all the important things you have planned for the day.

A convenient schedule for each family member is always on your phone, without thick notebooks. Mark the time for doctor’s appointments, important meetings at work and gatherings with friends, and scheduled visits to the veterinarian.

The app isn’t just for personal use. Your business is secure. Schedule an appointment with a client, or a bank teller.

Goldie will help you stay informed and take personal control of the situation. Notify friends and colleagues about appointments. Get reminders to show up on time and plan your day clearly.

The planner is suitable for any profession: preceptor, businessman, or doctor. For convenience, familiarize your clients, suppliers, and colleagues with the online booking page. They will be able to book their own convenient session or meeting.

Send SMS reminders to clients you haven’t seen for a long time. You can get acquainted with the work of the app using the Starter plan. You will save time and optimize your work time by getting the app working automatically. Access your data from any device. With Goldie, you’ll always be on top of your game.


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Calendly Mobile

You just need Calendly Mobile if you need to optimize your personal and work time. No layering and complicated scheduling: just enter all the necessary information into the app and let it create an up-to-date schedule.

A convenient menu, useful options, and many extra features will make the mobile planner a personal assistant. All information can be sent to other interested parties in the form of direct links.

With online booking, customers can choose their own convenient dates without your involvement. Minimum personal contact and more productive use of time.

The app works perfectly with other scheduling programs: Google Calendar, 365 Office, and cloud storage. You’ll be notified in advance. Don’t worry about meetings and sessions confirmed minutes in advance.

You can easily avoid conflicts and unpleasant stories. Create a convenient schedule for more than just yourself. Calendly Mobile lets you adjust and sync appointments for many users at the same time. Everything happens automatically, so scheduling errors are kept to a minimum.

Even if your guests and clients are in another country, the app is sure to account for time differences. Constant updates make the app even better and more efficient.


When I Work

What does it take to have the perfect meeting? How to create a unique work schedule? How can you get everything done in time without overlap or delay? When I Work is exactly what you need.

It will allow you to structure the work of entire departments without affecting production. Every employee will know in advance where he or she should be at a certain time.

The distribution of duties and optimization of working time has a positive effect on the interaction of the whole team. You will always be in touch with your subordinates, colleagues, and partners. Convenient chat is offered for personal or group conversations.

All relevant information will be in one place. You’ll instantly know when a certain employee’s vacation begins when a request for time off is received, and what is to be done today. You can keep track of replacements and sick leaves.

If someone worked overtime, the app can help you properly divide your budget. You won’t have to manually send a huge number of emails or messages to alert workers of a change of plans or an emergency situation.

Receive a notification when your message has been delivered to the recipient and they’ve read it. The handy and useful When I Work app will be ideal for all employers who value their time and money.


Business Calendar 2 Planner

Business Calendar 2 is an improved version of the first app. It allows you to sort out your work schedule and spend every minute to your advantage.

The app functions as an ordinary calendar with notes, but it greatly simplifies the life of business people. A versatile program for creating plans and bringing them to life without unforeseen situations.

Here you will find a perpetual calendar, an organizer with notes, and a diary for personal notes and messages. To be able to see the tasks for today, use the pop-up feature.

You won’t have to close other programs and websites to check your plan. Decorate your work schedule with unusual themes and bright colors.

Business Calendar 2 works in conjunction with other similar apps. It can synchronize data with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and others. Plans for the month, week, and today are available to you at any time.

The day planner displays changes in the original schedule. It can be postponements of meetings or extra meetings. To make sure you don’t forget an important event, set up a notification feature. Invite your vendors, clients, and colleagues to collaborate.

Don’t forget about your family and friends. Congratulate them on anniversaries and buy gifts in advance.


Schedulista Appointments

Keep all areas of your business under control. Every client needs to have confidence in your professionalism. Change the way you work with your customers with Schedulista.

The app on your phone will take care of all the routine, thus giving you some free time for more important things.

The app allows you to record clients online without your personal presence. All changes in the original version are also done without involving the user. Online booking is available 24 hours a day.

You get accurate information about the number of clients signed up, the time selected, and adjustments made. All attendees will be notified in advance so they can arrive at the exact time.

You can book a date and time online or through popular social media. If the client isn’t sure, they can close multiple suggested dates at once. Confirm your presence with one click without annoying calls.

The app is suitable for any business. It can be used by clients of real estate agents, patients, and guests of restaurants.

On the home page, you can change the color scheme, look and feel, and functionality. Add your logo, and customize an unusual greeting. Use free emails or push notifications to stay in touch with customers.



The universal organizer for every day. With Any.do you can get more done. The tight schedule is designed to avoid repetition and layering. You won’t have to worry about being in two places at once.

You’ll find the most up-to-date options here, including a calendar, a day planner, and a planner with notes. Save to-do lists, copy them, and mark completed ones.

Set up access to your notes from multiple electronic devices. This will help you stay on top of your plans at all times. Set reminders in a convenient format. No more need to keep small details in mind and worry about possible delays.

Any.do allow you to create a full-fledged schedule for the whole family. Make sure the kids will attend their classes and you won’t miss their daily appointments with friends.

You’ll have no trouble making the app as comfortable for you as possible by adjusting the settings you want. You can even use voice dialing to change your pre-made to-do list.

Any.do lets you add to-do lists right from your email. Output your daily plan to a printer so you can distribute copies to every family member. Send your plans and notes to contacts in your address book. With an electronic planner, you can do more.


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Acuity Scheduling Admin

If you’re a fan of making plans and to-do lists, Acuity Scheduling Admin will be your helper. Now your meetings, contacts, and sessions will be clearly planned in advance.

Its user-friendly format and free features have made this app popular with more than 100,000 users. It’s a great choice for businessmen and self-employed people.

Your entire schedule is designed to ensure that every day goes well. You can remove an unnecessary item from the list or add a new appointment at any time.

You will be notified if new plans interfere with other things. Create a schedule while in traffic or in line. No more client journals: the electronic format will make working with your clients much easier.

Your clients will be able to choose their own convenient time in your schedule. You’ll get up-to-date information about your appointments or sessions. This way, you will save time on personal contact with each client.

Remove lunchtime from your schedule, and adjust it if you need to leave work early. You won’t have to explain to each client separately what the reason for your absence is. Notify the customer that the appointment was successful.



To make working with client lists easier, install the Time Tune app. It will help you learn basic time-management skills and streamline your professional activities.

The app will be useful for all professionals: tutors, teachers, managers, engineers, and doctors.

The program automatically structures the data entered and offers you the most relevant schedule. Time is money, and you will soon see that. By helping you optimize your client intake, the app contributes to higher earnings.

Use templates in Time Tune to simplify your work. Lists appointments, work shifts, and up-to-date schedules.

This app will be a real boon for students and learners who combine multiple majors. Make note of your study time and work shifts. This way you can combine several activities without compromising.

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. You will not be caught unawares by the next one. Be the first to congratulate your loved ones.

This planner is designed to get the information you need in seconds. You can adjust lists on the fly. Set up notifications to eliminate human error. With Time Tune, you’ll have an exceptional schedule that helps you combine all areas of your life in harmony.



Want clear tips for planning your day? Not enough time to do all the important things? Optimize your day with DigiCal.

The app works as a smart calendar. It syncs with programs like Google Calendar, Exchange, and Outlook. All your data can be copied so you don’t waste time typing it in again.

Choose the mode that best suits your purposes. Open plans for one day, next week, month, or year. Familiarize yourself with your schedule. Your calendar should be unique: use one of the suggested themes to change its appearance.

Check the calendar of holidays for each day, and stay up to date on the latest world sports events. Find out the program of popular television programs. Bad weather won’t catch you unawares. Get the latest information that’s updated all the time.

All your plans and appointments are displayed here. You can reply to an invitation or politely decline a meeting. The platform works in 27 languages, which is great for communicating with foreign clients and colleagues. Join the 5 million happy DigiCal users.



With the Setmore app, you will make your daily schedule as comfortable and convenient as possible.

This program allows you to create new lists and make notes anywhere. This feature is relevant for those who have a lot of trips and meetings scheduled for a small period of time.

It is simple, so a few taps are enough to edit the notes. So that clients, suppliers, and colleagues can choose the best time for both parties, send them a link to the online recording. They’ll be able to book any available date, and you’ll know almost immediately.

Your in-app account is accessible from any device. This makes it much easier to work on travel and business trips. You can even bill and make payments without leaving Setmore.

You’ll get a push notification in advance if your schedule changes. All your past appointments, agreements, and transactions can be found here. Just open the necessary section and refresh your own records.

You can contact support with any questions you might have when using the app. Add a modern planner to your phone and make your job easier.


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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendars. Over a billion downloads, and hundreds of millions of positive reviews. The perfect combination of functionality and simplicity.

The electronic calendar will easily offer you the most up-to-date schedule for any day. It can be used for personal purposes for the whole family. Or you can enhance your work environment with it.

The app’s handy format: open the mode of the day, month, or whole year. Get complete information about scheduled meetings and things to do, and make adjustments on the go. The calendar is free of charge and available for residents of all countries.

Synchronization with your email eliminates the chance of error. Booked train, circus, or restaurant reservations are automatically transferred to the calendar. After this process, you will be notified and show up to the event on time.

All tasks and to-do lists are displayed in the Calendar. Add, change, and delete lists at your convenience. Other calendar apps will automatically sync with this app. No important events will be forgotten or lost.

If another user gives you access to their account, you can schedule meetings together based on both parties’ workloads. Notifications will be sent instantly after approval.

Share links to your schedule so that the client appointment process happens in the online space. Google Calendar is a modern and improved version of the basic calendar and day planner.

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