8 Best Free Apps for Movies and TV Shows on Apple TV

We love watching movies and TV shows, don’t we? And we love them so much more if they are free.  On the other hand, Apple products are famous for their prices and free streaming is exactly what you need after you paid for the hardware.

Tubi TV


Tubi TV is a straight-up app. I mean it does not simulate any TV channels, so you just scroll. Before scrolling, you choose a category first. And the app creators have come up with some real smart categories here like “Not On Netflix” and “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes”.

It is actually endearing when streaming services do not pretend not to know of Netflix. You can get some recent Lionsgate and MGM content here. Still, content variety is quite behind paid services. Where Tubi does not feel limited in categories such as “Cult Favorites”, documentaries, foreign and indie films.

You cheer up once you get to the actual movie as there is almost no buffering or loading. The content does not always have the highest resolution but never too low. One thing that disturbs a nice user experience is the commercials you cannot skip.

+ no crashes

+ enough content with sufficient quality


– da*n ads are not skippable (DARNS)


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Public Domain Movies

domain1Considering the diversity of movies, this app includes not so many of them – there are around 100 movies at the moment. When you affect the search, you can sort them by a director, actor, writer, and year, as well as by genre.

Classic movies include those with Cary Grant, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello, and Kirk Douglas. By the way, this app used to work for the iPhone as well, but now the TV version is the only one left. The app has a quite convenient menu, where you can overview different categories of movies.

Besides, users can leave their ratings for the movies. In general, it is a simple, but useful app.

+ simple and lightweight

+ easy to search by a category

– not so many movies





Easy navigation here, browse for whatever you want. Crackle supports streaming to screens of any size. It can run for days without any issues at all. This collection of advertising-supported movies is more likely to have movies from recent decades. More recent  movies are typically available for a set period and then expire. You have to check to Crackle quite often if you do not want to miss those. Crackle also has original shows and films, including Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. TV shows include SeinfeldMarried with ChildrenDilbertAll in the Family, and The Larry Sanders Show. There are regular commercial breaks during the movies, which is the tradeoff for free content. But trains of ads are shorter than you see on network TV.

+ fresh content

+ subtitle settings

– DARNS (but viagra commercials are so fun!)




Popcornflix is another app without buffering for you. Also, all the categories, like Comedy, Action, Thriller, Drama, Rockstars, Before They Were Famous, Family/Kids, TV Series, Horror, Wild West, and Documentaries are available here.

The New Arrivals category keeps users hopeful for recent movies to come. The video quality is mostly the same as you find on DVD, but sometimes it is better and it is definitely enough because modern TVs got upscaling options. The full-screen button makes all the distractions go away. It is easier to deal with advertisements here because they are usually movie trailers shown before your movie as it would happen in a real-life movie theater.

+ movies in Spanish

– mostly DVD quality resolution


Show Box & TV Movie Hub Cinema


Another great free platform for watching the movies on Apple TV. One of its best features is that all the movies are presented in the original language as well – so it can be used not only by English speakers. The variety of movies is more than decent, starting from Hollywood blockbusters ending with classical movies.

Apart from that, Show Box includes not movies only, but also the most popular TV shows. Another interesting feature of it is that it includes trailers of upcoming movies. Each movie has a detailed description.

– Not found




If you are obsessed with Korean dramas  this is the wat to go. Viki offers a variety of TV shows and movies from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand.

Some popular shows are translated into up to 150 languages, you can also just change the subs. TV series from the U.S. include classics such as The Lucy ShowThe Beverly HillbilliesOzzie and HarrietPopeyeFelix the CatCasper the Friendly GhostThe Lone Ranger, and The Adventures of Robin Hood.

+ comment feature is fun.


Pluto TV


This app simulates a cable TV service. In other words, it has a viewing guide with channels, with specific programs streaming at specific times. The viewing guide is still organized into categories, though. Just as good an app as any else.



Vudu – Movies & TV


The last app on our list which is trending right now. In total, here you will find more than 100000 movies of the most various genres – so you can be sure you will always have something to watch for every evening! Moreover, most of the movies are presented in excellent quality.

Moreover, if you decide to get this app not only for your Apple TV but also on your iPhone, you will be able to download them on your smartphone and then watch it even when you don’t have an internet connection. For better convenience, it is recommended to create your own account in this app.

+ huge library of movies

+ excellent quality

+ you can download movies

– you need to create your own account


Between all these apps you can find enough entertainment to pass a long dark Siberian winter. If you want more + some Android options check out more of our articles, like this one 13 Best Free Movie Apps for Android & IOS in 2016.

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