11 Best apps for finding happy hours (Android & iOS)

Do you like to go to restaurants and bars? Or are you a frequent visitor to nightclubs? Then you will definitely need a unique opportunity to save money, for example, on drinks or dishes.

Use these best apps for finding “happy hours” to know about current discounts and promotions. Also in these apps, you can learn about interesting events that take place in your city.

Call your friends and go out and have a good time with them, while spending the least money!


HOOCHThe HOOCH app will allow you to find places where you can find the best offers.

Find out about the lucky hours and the biggest discounts. Here you’ll find a new favorite place with a stunning atmosphere. Save with this app.

You can become a member of the HOOCH Club. This way you can add your favorite places to your favorite ones and get higher discounts.

To do this, you need to register in the application. Enter your e-mail or login with your account in any social network.

Besides, the app HOOCH has a convenient map, where all the best institutions in your city are located. With each update, new cities are added to the application. Now you can find your lucky hours anywhere.

New establishments are added to the app either by users or by the owners of the restaurants. Owners can also show detailed information about the restaurant and current offers.


It is recommended that you allow the app to access your location to make it easier to use. With this feature, you can quickly and easily find the necessary facilities near you.


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Appy Hour

Appy HourDo you know where to find a happy watch? Use the Appy Hour app. Here you will find out about the most helpful offers. Save on your weekend by paying less for entertainment services.

In this app, you will find a catalog of the best and biggest discounts. This catalog is constantly updated. Here you can find discounts on products and beverages. As well as information about interesting events in your city.

Holidays in good facilities are often very expensive. But, this application will help you to save a lot of money.

Also in this application, you can view the menu of the club or restaurant. You can add your favorite place to the “Favorites” section.

So you will always be aware of their events and current discounts. You can also use the convenient search to find where you can find the lucky hours.

In search, you can adjust special filters. So, specify the specifics of the institution, the necessary hours of work and the number of people. Having chosen an institution, you can book a table right away.

Appy Hour Appy Hour

Share your best offers with your friends. To do this, log in to the application Appy Hour using any social network or enter your e-mail.


Hooked Deals

Hooked DealsThe Hooked Deals app will make it easy for you to select and visit different places.

It will help you to find out where to find the most helpful offers in advance. Also here is information about various events that take place in your city.

This app receives information from the best clubs, restaurants and event organizers. Here is a huge number of different registered institutions.

Also in this application, you can book a ticket to the desired event and view the lists of guests.

Booking a table in the institution is organized very conveniently. You need to specify your name, phone number, and the number of people. Also here you can add the lists of guests of the event free of charge.

The application Hooked Deals is also used by experts who will answer any questions you may have. For example, they can help you find useful and meaningful events or choose a place for a fun holiday.

Hooked Deals Hooked Deals

Facility profiles are filled with detailed information. For example, reviews, ratings, photos, menus, descriptions, and more. You can search for the institution you need in special sections. For example, the location on the map or the concept of the institution.



LoopleThe Loople app contains all the most helpful offers from clubs and restaurants. Here you will find out when you can get to the happy hours and save a lot of money.

For convenient use, it is recommended to allow the app access to your geolocation. This way, it will be able to find helpful offers and interesting events near you.

You no longer need to waste time searching manually. Simply allow notifications and find out about the best offers right away.

Also, a nice feature of this application is the presence of the owners of the establishments here.

This significantly reduces the gap between visitors and venue owners. You can ask them all your questions. They also add information about helpful offers themselves.

The developers of this application actively invite institutions from different cities. This is beneficial for everyone.

For restaurants, placing information about discounts on this app is good advertising. For users, it is an opportunity to get to happy hours and get acquainted with new institutions.

Loople Loople

This free app works without restrictions. It is distributed in a large number of cities around the world.


BottlesTonight – Bottle Service, VIP, Tickets

BottlesTonight - Bottle Service, VIP, TicketsThe BottlesTonight – Bottle Service, VIP, Tickets app is an experience gathered by developers in attending interesting events. Here you will find the most actual offers from clubs and restaurants about happy hours.

In this app, there are 4 main sections. The first “Happy Hour” will tell you about favorable offers for alcoholic beverages. Some establishments even offer free welcome-drink.

In the section “Food promotions” you will learn about discounts from the nearest shops. To do this, by the way, you need to specify your e-mail or link an account from any social network.

Besides, there are also discounts for various dishes in restaurants.

The next section is called “Live Music”. This section differs from others in its concept. Here you find the information about the concerts of popular and local musicians. The app BottlesTonight – Bottle Service, VIP, Tickets also uses your geolocation to find concerts nearby.

BottlesTonight - Bottle Service, VIP, Tickets BottlesTonight - Bottle Service, VIP, Tickets

Last but not least, the section is “Events”. Here you will find all the most interesting events in your city. For those who want to save money, here you can choose the filter “Free only”. View events where you do not have to pay entrance fees.


HungryHour – The Happy Hour App

HungryHour - The Happy Hour AppThe HungryHour – The Happy Hour App will help you save your money.

Thanks to it, you will learn about the most helpful offers of your pride. Follow the happy hours in the best places and visit them at a convenient time for you.

Sometimes it becomes expensive to visit your favorite places. The cost of cocktails and delicious dishes becomes quite high.

In this situation, various promotions and discounts come to your aid. Thus, in happy hours in various restaurants, there are favorable offers and low prices.

Take advantage of the convenient search in the app HungryHour – The Happy Hour to find the best bar or club nearby. Learn about the current promotions of this institution.

You’ll see a map with the markers of all the establishments available and registered in the app. When you click on a marker, you will see information about the selected club, bar or restaurant.

There are photos, menus, hours of operation and a brief description. In the Happy Hour section, you will find information about discounts available today.

HungryHour - The Happy Hour App HungryHour - The Happy Hour App

You can also share your favorite places with your friends. Do this with any social network or messenger.


Schlouk Map – La Carte des Bars & des Happy Hours

Schlouk Map - La Carte des Bars & des Happy HoursThe Schlouk Map – La Carte des Bars & des Happy Hours application will allow you to search for restaurants and profitable offers.

Here you can find a pleasant place for your lunch or dinner. Spend fun evenings with your friends. Save your money through promotions and a happy hour.

Browse through photos, menus, and descriptions of the establishments. Also here you can check the rating of the place and read true reviews about it.

This will help you decide where to go to rest alone or with your friends.

Also in this app, there is a map. On it, you can see where the selected institution is located. You can also lay a route to avoid getting lost.

Besides, this application has all the available food delivery. They also often give you news about great offers, discounts and lucky hours.

On the map, you can see the marker of each institution in your city. If you want to look at the facilities nearby, then you need to allow access to your geolocation.

This way, the app Schlouk Map – La Carte des Bars & des Happy Hours will show you what good offers can be found near you.

Schlouk Map - La Carte des Bars & des Happy Hours Schlouk Map - La Carte des Bars & des Happy Hours

In search, you can apply various filters. For example, the presence of promotions, interesting events and much more.


The Happy Hours App

The Happy Hours AppThe The Happy Hours App will help you find a happy watch in your city today. You will also be able to organize your free vacation with friends. Save always and everywhere with this wonderful application.

You can also make new friends. Attend various events that are regularly added to this app. Here is a huge number of interesting and positive people who want to find a company.

So, you can find a person who will gladly visit any institution with you in happy hours.

Besides, in this application registered owners of establishments. They add photos and information about their establishments themselves.

You can ask them questions in person. Just wait for an answer to get all the information you need.

Be the first to find out about great offers and promotions. To do this, you need to specify your location and allow the app The Happy Hours to send you notifications.

The Happy Hours App The Happy Hours App

This is a free application for all users. At the same time, it is an excellent platform for advertising of restaurants. The more often they post promotions and discounts, the more visitors they get.


Manly Happy Hour

Manly Happy HourWant to know where you can get a free drink soon? Then use the Manly Happy Hour app. This is a completely free application, so it is available to all users. Both for owners and visitors.

Find the most helpful offers. To do this, you can use the parameter change in the search. So, you can choose the day of the week, time of day, promotional goods and the area.

The search in this application works very quickly. You will instantly get quality results.

A nice feature of this application is the ability to work in an offline mode. The first time you use it, you need to download the data about the lucky hours in your city.

Then, even if you do not have the Internet, you will be able to view the location and offers of institutions.

Manly Happy Hour Manly Happy Hour

You can add your favorite places to your favorites and share them with your friends. You can do this with social networks or messengers. Invite your friends and relax with them.


HappyBill – All Day Happy Hours

HappyBill - All Day Happy HoursThe HappyBill – All Day Happy Hours app will help you to save your money and have a good rest.

You can use the lucky hours to find interesting events and good places to stay in. The best restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and much more are available here.

Owners of restaurants can also register in this application completely free of charge. It will help to expand the audience and increase the number of visitors.

Expand the coverage of your institution with helpful promotions and offers. If you are a visitor, you can subscribe to your favorite places.

It is also recommended to allow this application to send notifications. Then you will always know about interesting events and profitable promotions.

Besides, here you can find detailed information about the selected institution. View photos, ratings, and reviews. All reviews here are absolutely honest and written by real visitors.

HappyBill - All Day Happy Hours HappyBill - All Day Happy Hours

Choose where you want to rest tonight. Call your friends and have a good time. By the way, you can share your favorite places with your friends. You can do this with your account on any social network.


Drink Happy

Drink HappyThe Drink Happy app is a useful source of stock and happy hours.

Specify your location. This way, the app Drink Happy can show you what good offers you can find in your area. Also, by clicking on the selected bar or restaurant, you can view all the information about it.

For example, description, photos, ratings, reviews and much more. Description and photos are added personally by the owners of the restaurant.

But, users can add photos of the establishments themselves to the “Advanced” section. All reviews and ratings are made by visitors to the restaurants that are registered in this app.

Besides, you can add honest reviews about the institutions. To do this, open the page of the restaurant, bar or club where you were recent. Publish your honest feedback. Sometimes institutions encourage such users and provide various discounts.

Drink Happy Drink Happy

All offers can be opened and viewed in more detail. Here you will find a description of the lucky drinks and dishes and the terms and conditions of this offer. You can also view the main menu. But, remember that sometimes discounts only apply to individual positions.


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