11 Best Apps for Inmates (Android & iOS)

In the following post we review best apps for inmates. These apps mainly help you to send money, photos, and even try dating to stay connected to the outside world.

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Pelipost – Photos to Prison

This is one of the most popular apps in this category. As you already understood from its name, Pelipost allows sending photos and messages to incarcerated loved ones. The app was designed to help inmates stay connected with their friends and family members.

Main features:

  • upload and send photos
  • add captions
  • include a message with the photo
  • schedule photo deliveries
  • customization options (choose the size and format of the photo, and add stickers and other decorations to the image)

And to avoid any further controversy, I can definitely say that the main purpose of Pelipost is to reduce feelings of isolation for those who are in jail and make their life just a little bit easier – as well as for their families.

This app also is a simple and accessible way to send photos and messages. Inmates can do that without the need for stamps, envelopes, and so on.

Inmates can download and install it on their devices, create an account, and start sending photos and messages. The app also offers a bunch of tutorials and resources to help users get started.

But keep in mind that Pelipost may not be legal in all jurisdictions. Users are advised to check with their local correctional facility before using the app to ensure that it is allowed. Moreover, the cost of using the app is prohibitive, as there are fees associated with each photo sent.

Despite all of that, I would say that Pelipost is an innovative app that can help to improve the lives of inmates. It’s not the most reliable messenger, but it’s something.

Pelipost - Photos to Prison1

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JPayis quite a known and multifunctional app that allows to make money transfers, send emails, and photos to inmates in correctional facilities across the United States.

Main features:

Inmates can send money to inmates

  • Allows to purchase stamps for sending emails
  • Allows to send photos and attachments
  • Users can schedule video visits with their loved ones, which can be conducted through the app or using a JPay kiosk located in the correctional facility.

Moreover, JPay offers a range of educational and entertainment options. There you will find games, music, and podcasts.

As you can see, this app has a number of services for inmates. By allowing users to manage their finances and stay connected with their loved ones, JPay can make their life a little easier.

The app requires creating an account. To send money, users simply need to enter the inmate’s ID number and select the amount they wish to send. To send an email or photo, users can purchase stamps using the app and then compose and send the message.

But JPay charges fees for many of its services, including sending money and purchasing stamps. These fees can be significant and may make the app prohibitively expensive for some users. And there is also lack of transparency about the pricing policy of the app.


GTL | GettingOut

GTL GettingOut app is a communication tool created to help prisoners maintain contact with their family and friends while they’re behind bars.

The app’s capability to enable users to make phone conversations and video visits with their contacts outside of prison is one of its primary advantages.

Main features:

  • Can be used as a messenger
  • Helps to make money transfers
  • Law authorized

Additionally, it enables message, photo, and video sharing, as well as the transfer of money into an inmate’s account for use within the jail. The app’s user-friendly layout makes it simple and quick to access these functions.

Inmates can use the app to stay in touch with their loved ones and preserve the relationships that are vital to their well-being.

The app is authorized and conforms to all applicable laws and rules governing correspondence with prisoners. Inmates must have access to a Telmate account, which they can create through their prison, in order to use the program.

One more option for connecting with loved ones inside the prison is to create an account for family and friends who live outside.

The GTLGettingOut app provides a few fascinating features in addition to its basic functionality, such as the ability to send eCards and upload YouTube movies. Yet, some customers have complained about sporadic issues and poor response times, which can be annoying.

GTL | GettingOut1

TextBehind Inmate Texting App

This app called TextBehind enables prisoners to keep in touch with their loved ones outside of prison gates. It enables loved ones who are behind bars to get images, messages, and even e-cards from family and friends, keeping them informed about what’s going on in the outside world.

Main features:

  • Ability to send inmates text messages, images, and e-cards that are printed and shipped to the prison
  • Using the Talk-to-Me feature, inmates can receive phone calls on their tablet computers without paying for pricey collect calls.
  • TextBehind assists prisoners in keeping open lines of communication with their loved ones, which is known to lower the likelihood of recidivism.

Users must register for an account and link it to the inmate’s information. Then it is possible to start sending messages and images to the prisoner as soon as their account is created. Also, the app provides prepaid phone call services that may be purchased directly through the app.

As TextBehind is a legitimate service, the prison must approve all letters and pictures before they are delivered to an inmate. The software is now offered in the United States and works with the majority of prisons.

In conclusion, TextBehind is an effective tool that lowers the likelihood of recidivism while assisting prisoners in maintaining contact with their loved ones. It is a must-have software for everyone who has a loved one who is incarcerated because to its cutting-edge features, simplicity, and legal standing.

TextBehind Inmate Texting App1

Ameelio Mail: Photos to Prison

Ameelio Letters is developed to send free letters to loved ones who are confined. The program removes obstacles that frequently limit communication between those behind bars and their loved ones by making it simple for users to transmit letters, images, and even legal documents to inmates.

Main features:

  • Send prison inmates letters and pictures.
  • Keep track of the letters’ delivery progress
  • Use the app’s digital mailbox to receive responses from prisoners.
  • Users of the legal mail service can safely and for no cost send legal documents to prisoners.

The app also lessens the financial strain on the friends and family of detained people, who frequently must pay expensive fees to contact their loved ones.

Users must register an account and input information about their loved ones who are in prison in order to utilize the program. Then, through the app’s UI, users can write and send letters, attach images, and even check the status of their delivery.

Users of the app can instantly receive responses from prisoners using the app thanks to its digital mailbox feature. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has authorized Ameelio Letters as a legitimate service.

Apart from its main characteristics, Ameelio Letters is cool because of its social significance. The app is a nonprofit endeavor designed to remove obstacles to communication between people who are incarcerated and their loved ones.

Ameelio Mail: Photos to Prison1

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Inmate Photos, Send Photo

This app will help users to look up and examine pictures of people who are detained all throughout the country. Users of the app may search for and access pictures of loved ones who are behind bars, and they can even buy hard copies of the pictures.

Main features:

  • The ability to look up prisoners using their name, state, and prison
  • See the prisoner’s photos and buy prints of the images
  • Users can save and readily access the pictures of their loved ones using the favorites function

Users must register for the app and search for the convict by their name, state, and prison when they want to use the app. Also, they can view and save the inmate’s photo after it has been located, or they can buy a physical copy of the image through the app.

And don’t worry, the app abides by all applicable rules and privacy laws. It doesn’t have a relationship with any prison or law enforcement organization and obtains the images from public databases.

Even at trying circumstances, the app’s emphasis on allowing access to images of prisoners helps support relationships between prisoners and their families.

Inmate Photos, Send Photo`

The Inmate Search

As you have already understood from its name, this app makes the search for inmates in the united states easy as possible. While the interface design of the app is quite simple, it brings a nice functionality, that

Main features:

  • A list of the prisons and jails
  • Tools for searching inmates and a commissary order element
  • Messaging system
  • Programs for education, legal aid, and employment

Inmates are assisted through the Inmate Search app by giving them access to crucial information and services that can enhance their well-being and get them ready for readmission into society.

In order to use the app, users can use its directory or search capabilities to look for a prison or an inmate. The functionalities of the app can then be used by users to send messages, place orders for the commissary, or access information and services.

The Inmate Search app is a legitimate service that abides by all applicable laws and privacy ordinances. The app does not gather or keep any personal information and is not connected to any prison or law enforcement organization.

In conclusion, the Inmate Search app is a practical tool that offers jailed people a variety of tools and services. It is a useful tool for individuals navigating life behind bars because of its list of correctional facilities, inmate search tools, chat service, and resource library.

Notable is the app’s emphasis on offering educational and job-training programs, which can assist increase offenders’ prospects of success after release.

The Inmate Search1

Inmate Communication Services

A mobile app called TIS – Inmate Messaging was created with inmates and their loved ones in mind. Inmates can use the app to stay in touch with their loved ones without having to make pricey phone calls or pay for in-person visits.

Main features:

  • Text, picture, and video messaging services that users can utilize to send and receive messages
  • Ability to locate and communicate with prisoners who have been detained at various facilities

Users must first sign up for an account and validate their identity before they can use the app. After creating an account, users can search for the prisoner with whom they want to communicate before using the app to exchange messages and pictures.

Credits, which can be bought through the app and used to send messages and media files, are another alternative. Inmate Messaging has an additional function where it alerts users in real-time when a new message arrives.

The app uses a secure messaging mechanism for communication in order to safeguard user privacy and messages. Users can only communicate with approved contacts, and all communications and media assets are encrypted and securely stored on the app’s servers.

In conclusion, the TIS – Inmate Messaging software helps inmates keep in touch and converse with one another. For those navigating life behind bars, its messaging service, list of correctional facilities, and real-time notifications are quite helpful.

Inmate Communication Services

Prison Video

Probably, the name of the app speaks for itself. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have any ranking in digital stores, it is an extremely helpful video-calling app that will allow inmates to stay connected with the outer world.

Main features:

  • Video visitation with family and friends
  • Visit scheduling and management
  • Straightforward and user-friendly layout

The app also has functions that let users pay for virtual visitation sessions and view visitation rules and regulations.

Users must first sign up for an account and validate their identity before they can use the app. Once their account is set up, they can choose a time that is convenient for both sides to book a video visitation session.

The app combines cutting-edge encryption and security measures to protect user video calls’ privacy and security and make sure they can’t be overheard or recorded.

In general, this is a convenient and effective video messaging app so the inmates can at least have any means of communication with the outer world and their families.

Prison Video1

Connect Inmate

Another app for inmates to communicate with the outer world. In fact, it is a safe and simple communication platform, enabling prisoners to keep in touch with the outside world.

Main features:

  • Messaging, photo, and video messaging capabilities
  • Access to a number of practical tools like job listings, legal counsel, and re-entry programs
  • User-friendly UI

Inmates must first sign up for an account and validate their identity before using the app. Once their account is set up, they can communicate with others via text, photo, and video communications as well as gain access to services that will benefit them once their term is over.

The Connect Inmate app is known for the fact that it provides a secure environment for communication. The software makes use of cutting-edge security techniques to safeguard the protection and privacy of both prisoners and their families, guaranteeing that every communication is kept private and secure.

Connect Inmate1

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Inmate – Dating App

This is a not-so-known app for inmate dating that involves a very basic functionality. All you have to do is to create a profile in the app and then inmates can use it.

The app is available for access both to prisoners and people from the outside world, so it is a chance for those who are looking for a couple to get a look inside a prisoner’s world.

The app shows you people in close proximity. You can give others likes and text them. But of course, the Inmate – Dating App still has its flaws and it is full of bugs, not speaking about the freezes and crashes. What is more, the information about the users’ accounts isn’t verified in any way.

Inmate - Dating App1
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