5 Best apps to help you to gain weight

Today it is highly important to be a good-looking person. Keeping fit is one of the ways to improve your image. A lot of people are fighting obesity and dream about losing pounds. Gaining weight, however, can also be a rather challenging task.

Are you tired of being extremely slim? Do you want to normalize your weight and build muscles without spending days and nights in a gym with an expensive fitness instructor? Do you want to know which diet you should stick to in order to achieve your goal and not to spoil your health?

These 5 apps for Android and iOS will transform your smartphone into your personal dietitian, fitness instructor, and motivator. Here we go!

High Protein Diet Foods Guide

high protein guide

Proteins are indispensable for our bodies. Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, you must consume enough proteins to stay healthy and keep fit. If you want to gain weight and build muscles, you need to increase protein consumption.

High Protein Diet Foods Guide provides you with weekly meal plans with foods rich in proteins and recommends recipes with high protein foods.

With High Protein Diet Foods Guide, you can search for a necessary product in Food Groups or Food Names. You can add details in the description of this or that food item to adjust the app to your needs. If you often forget to buy something in a supermarket, you can use a grocery list. 

Different calculators (Nutrients Calculator, Protein Calculator, Body Mass Index calculator) are available for you to keep track of your protein consumption.

The list of protein-rich food is compiled according to data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Foods in this list are displayed according to the number of proteins they contain in 100 g.

By downloading High Protein Diet Foods Guide, you take the first step towards your ideal body!

high protein diet




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Weight gain, Diet tracker

Weight gain, Diet tracker

It goes without saying that proper nutrition is important for our health. To gain weight, you need to change your habits. Set a goal and achieve it step by step by combining an appropriate diet, regular workouts, and a positive mindset.

First, “Weight gain, Diet tracker” asks you about your gender, age, your current weight, your weight goal, and height. Based on this information, the app automatically calculates how much weight you need to gain and tells you how much kilocalories you have to consume in order to achieve your weight goal as soon as possible without causing harm to your body.

On your way to your ideal weight, you may want to change your data and track your progress. You can review improvements in your body in weeks, months and years.

To achieve your ideal weight, you must adjust your daily nutrition habits. Choose food with more calories to increase your calories intake. Remember that your diet should be healthy; abstain from fast food.

The app has a special database which provides you with the possibility to add a wide variety of meals to your daily menu, update and enlarge the list of meals to make your diary more adjusted to your real eating habits.

Weight Gain, Diet Tracker also gives recommendations on the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, fats, fiber, and cholesterol that you need to consume daily. Body Mass Index and the percentage of Body Fat are calculated based on your current weight, height, gender, and age.

What’s also necessary apart from modifying a diet is regular training. The Diary you have in this app lets you record the food you eat and the exercises you do in order to count how many calories you consume and burn on a daily basis. In the recommendations section, you can find different types of exercises.

Weight gain, Diet Tracker also gives you useful tips on how to gain weight. The examples of the tips are ‘train your body every day’, ‘don’t drink water before eating and while eating your meal’, etc.

This app will help you to elaborate your personal strategy for an optimal weight that will include both modifying your daily eating habits and doing sport regularly. It will recommend you a perfect diet and encourage you to do sports activities regularly to achieve the weight of your dreams without causing any harm to your body. Start using this app and change your lifestyle beyond recognition!

Weight gain, diet tracker



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FitCal – Fitness Calculator

FitCal - Fitness Calculator

FitCal is a Fitness Calculator, which is ranked the first one by Fitness Professionals. The app is easy to use – it can be used by anyone willing to improve their body, gain weight and, build muscles.

On iOS Fit Cal costs USD 1.99. On Android, there are two versions available – free and paid. The paid version has no advertisement and provides you with more functions.

FilCal — Fitness Calculator has a wide variety of tools, with the help of which you can calculate:

  • daily calories intake;
  • body mass index that shows whether your body is underweight or obese;
  • the risk of developing diet-related diseases;
  • your ideal weight that corresponds to your body type and height;
  • the highest heart rate recommended while doing sports exercises;
  • waist to hip ratio;
  • how much water you need to drink every day;
  • fat and lean mass that your body possesses.

Fitness calculators included in FitCal let you find out:

  • the maximum weight a person can lift;
  • the ability of a body to consume oxygen while exercising;
  • how strong and endurable your abdomen is;
  • how strong and endurable your upper body is.

Finally, Information Tabs of FitCal inform you about:

  • what vitamins are included in this or that food;
  • the amount of vitamins your body needs per day;
  • what minerals are included in this or that food;
  • the amount of minerals your body needs per day;
  • different herbs and roots that are useful for your body.

FitCal - Fitness Calculator screen



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Diets to gain muscle

diets to gain weightDiets to gain muscle is an app for Android so you can download it only on Google Play. The app has lots of great recipes that are suitable for those who want to gain muscles. There are 20 diet plans that you can use to build a perfect body.

The interface of the app is rather simple – there are no irritating frills, only the information that you really need. You can adjust the settings in whatever way you like. You can make up your personal plan and track how you progress on your way of gaining weight.

By the way, the application has its own BMI calculator so you can go through system checks from time to time to make sure everything’s within the norm. Enter your body weight, your height, and some other parameters to see the changes over time. There are some basic notions present in the app, certain theories on how you can build muscles – you can use them as a guide to achieving your goal.

diets gain weight

All in all, this is an excellent app for body-builders who understand that diet is a part and parcel of gaining weight.


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Gain Weight!

Gain Weight!

Gain Weight! is an app only for iOS. Do you want to gain weight fast? Gain Weight! will help you to learn how to build muscles quickly and easily. A special diet elaborated by professional fitness instructors, everyday tips and motivators will accompany you on your way to your dream weight!

Download Gain Weight for iOS and start changing your life now!

Gain Weight!

We hope with the help of this article you have found an app that you were looking for. We wish you luck in your way towards a perfect body!