4 Best Apps To Rate Online Teachers & Professors

Long ago, it was a big problem to find out if a particular teacher or a professor is great, and if his classes are worth to take. However, it’s not that complicated anymore!

Nowadays, there are great apps to rate online teachers and professors. Those apps enable you to read other people’s experiences with a particular teacher and avoid bad teachers or professors. The reviews will tell you how difficult and interactive the classes were, how the teacher behaved with students. You can also see the school’s overall rating and compare it with similar schools.

Here’s the list of 4 best apps that category that fully worth your time. Have a look!

Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors

Let’s start with an app called Rate My Professors. As its name supposed this app contains the rating of almost two million teachers. For now, the app includes about twenty million ratings from students.

As for the geography of this app, it covers more than seven thousand schools in the US, Canada, England, and Scotland. The searching engine in this app is quite great and you can search with the name of your school or the professor you want to read reviews about.

When you open the schools’ page you can immediately see the rating of its best professors. Plus, you can see the average rating of this school and find out how good it is in comparison with similar schools. The professor’s page itself includes his overall rating and also the student’s comments on whether they’d want to attend his classes again and how difficult the classes were.

Along with that, you can scroll the professor’s page down to the comment section to read detailed reviews one by one. Furthermore, the app has a matching feature that works like any dating app but with teachers. In other words, this feature pairs you with the professors that meet your requirements.
In the long run, Rate My Professors is a helpful app for all the students who want to choose the best professor or school. Try it now!

Rate My Professors 1 Rate My Professors 2


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uloopUloop is an app version of a well-known website powered by US students. This app is a platform where students from US schools rate their professors and leave comments about them.

The main purpose of this app is to help students to avoid bad professors in their school life. This app has very detailed rating factors that should be included in every professor’s review so you will be able to see the full picture. Those factors are the helpfulness of the teacher’s classes, its difficulty level, and the info about how easy it was to understand what the professor wants from you.

Plus, the reviews contain the overall rating that the impression left by the professor. Along with that, each professor page includes a comment section full of former student reviews and all that. Those comments usually describe to you what it’s like to take the classes of the particular professor and how he behaves with students. Once you’ll read all of it you will fully understand if this teacher meets your preferences.

Apart from that, the Uloop app has lots of other features like a bulletin board that tells you about the roommate, campus jobs, a textbook exchange, and much more. It is a great way to interact with students from your school or college and make new acquaintances.

To crown it all, if you want to choose your professors wisely, be sure to give the Uloop app a try.

uloop1 uloop12


Teacher Mark – Rate your professors

Teacher Mark

The next one is the Teacher Mark – Rate your professors app. This is a teacher rating app that empowers you to learn more about your professor and read people’s experiences with him.

Apart from other apps form our list, this one is more of an anonymous social network for rating teachers. At that, all the users are anonymous and most of the time they not use real teacher’s names so it’s kind of a quest to guess who is who. However, you can filter the professors to only see the ones from your school.

As you can see, you will need to guess which reviews might be written about your teacher and what users are your classmates. Thus, the app is funny and useful at the same time. The app also empowers you to leave your own opinion about the teacher and like or dislike other people’s comments.

Despite the fact that this app might seem unprofessional and look like something made only for student’s fun there are actually lots of teachers who try to identify the reviews about themselves even if they are unable to recognize the student who wrote it. Plus, the school’s directors often use the app to read honest reviews about their employees.

In the long run, if you’re looking for a place to anonymously express your opinion about any teacher, you should try the Teacher Mark – Rate your professor’s app.

Teacher Mark1 Teacher Mark2




And last but not least MyEdu is a fully-featured app that enables teacher parents and students to communicate.

The main goal of this app is to be a multi-purpouce easy to use education-related platform. Apart from teacher rating feature, this app can also be used for real-time video and audio communication so your child will always have access to education. The interface is user friendly so the parents won’t have problems to understand how everything works here.

The app also sends you notifications with the upcoming activities and the child’s current progress. Plus, there’s a timetable section, the exam schedule and results, transport details, and more. As for the rating part, the school’s main page contains the info about its top-rated teachers and its average rating.

In case you’re planning to switch a school there’s an ability to compare different ones and see which one meets your requirements the best. Each professor’s page shoes you his overall rating and has a comments section with detailed reviews about him. Those comments usually include the info about the difficulty level of the professor’s classes, the way he communicates with students, and would the student like to take his classes again.

To crown it all, if you want an app to stay in touch with school life and be able to read the reviews about the particular teacher, be sure to try the MyEdu app.

MyEdu1 MyEdu2


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