7 Best Apps to Stop Overeating (Android & iOS)

Overeating can be a difficult habit to break, and it can cause a bunch of problems as well. It can negatively affect your health, make you gain weight, and turn into a full-on eating disorder too.

Luckily, we’ve picked up the best apps to stop overeating (Android & iOS) you could try. These apps will help you fight cravings and make smarter choices when it comes to food.

These apps will make sure you can easily track what you eat, control food-related habits, and stay on track. Whether you want to get into mindful eating or need help getting through an ED, these apps got you covered. Let’s get into it!

RR Eating Disorder Management

This is a smart companion app that will help you recover from an eating disorder. It is helpful for multiple kinds of eating issues from anorexia to obsessive eating, so if your goal is to learn how to avert overeating, this app is a must. It’s rich in features, yet it’s very simple to use, so no worries here.

The thing is, getting through any kind of eating issue requires work and constant mental monitoring. And even if you know that it’s right for you, doing all this stuff may often feel like homework and even punishing in a way. Well, the main goal of this app is to change that.

It lets you keep a record of meals easily, without spending much time on it. Herewith, there’s a motivational game aspect that will bring you rewards for filling in the eating journal on a regular basis. You’ll get to make a full-on meal plan, set reminders for eating, and schedule your eating in precise detail. There’s also an entire section of affirmations and encouragement from the community.


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Rise Up

If you have problems with body image, dieting, or food in general, don’t get past this app. It’s pretty similar to the previous one in concept, and the main goal is to make the recovery easier for you. It’s made to help you with all kinds of ED and is based on self-monitoring and CBT.

As for the features, there’s a tool that lets you log your meal, mood, behavioral patterns, and even emotions. It takes literal secs to log smth new, so you can easily include it in your routine. Plus, you can easily export your check-ins as a PDF file and share it with your treatment assistant, dietitian, or whoever else is needed.

The app also lets you set notifications to courage you to move forward. There are multiple pre-made options, but you can make your own ones if needed. You can also dive into the entire educational section and access multiple resources to help you understand your eating patterns. Plus, you can protect the app with a password to make sure you’re the only one with access.


Brighter Bite

This app will become your pocket caring buddy that helps you get through the eating disorder. It’s all about understanding your eating patterns, learning how to cope with them, and giving you the ultimate support for a motivation boost. There are over 20 therapeutic techniques for you to study and incorporate into your life here.

The app lets you easily track meals and food-related behavior. The process of logging the info is beyond simple, and you can do it within secs. You can use it as a full-on diary and track your mood and thoughts too. There’s also a built-in testing disorder test you can take for free if needed.

More to that, the app lets you organize your logs and import them in PDF files in just a few taps. The app will also analyze your logs and generate insightful reports to help you see all the patterns and problems. You’ll also get daily affirmations and motivational quotes. The app actually runs as a community, so you can interact with other users with similar problems.


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It’s a nutrition companion that will help you to avoid overeating and other food-related issues. It helps to solve problems with your body image, dating, and all that without putting you under too much pressure. The main goal of this one is to help you understand your eating patterns and learn to feel comfortable around food.

Speaking of the features, you’ll get to log your meals without any effort. It takes literal secs to add a new log, but if you’re not feeling like doing that, you can easily snap a pic instead. The tracking tool lets you monitor stress, sleep, hunger, and other things that affect your mental health. You can also use the app to build a meal plan. There are multiple templates for you to use, and you can also start from scratch if needed.

Besides, you can set up notifications to meditate, get time for yourself, or simply for motivation. And if you’re someone who likes to get competitive, you’ll enjoy weekly missions and skills offered by the apps. You can totally ignore these if you’re not in the mood, they are just here to add a little more entertainment.



This app is here to help you improve your habits with food. It will help you get into conscious eating that helps to control overeating and other food-related issues. The app is not about calories coming at all, no worries. It simplifies the process of tracking the things you eat by letting you do it by only taking a picture.

The app comes with a full-on food journal that you can use to log your food-related behavior and emotions in general. The journal includes multiple scales for hunger, fullness, cravings, and more. It even lets you set a meal timer if needed. The app will analyze your logs and point out eating patterns you have and should work on.

You’ll get to see how your habits change over time and learn how to deal with these in a healthy way. Herewith, you get to personalize your tracking experience and focus on the aspects that matter to you individually. You can also set custom goals and mark the progress on the go. The app is fully free, so no worries there.


Eating Buddy

As its name suggests, this is the app that will assist you through the journey to healthy eating. The central goal of this app is to change the way you think about food. It will be incredibly helpful if you tend to have multiple cravings and overeat for no solid reason. The app can teach you how to figure out if you’re starving and need more food, or if it’s just a craving.

Herewith, the app won’t put you under pressure, cause it never ends up well. It’s not about strict diets and calorie counting. Instead, it will help you get and maintain a balanced diet and stick to the meal plan with no effort. Of course, it will take some work to get there, but these things never happen easily.

The app lets you log the meals you it throughout the day quickly and easily. Then, it will analyze the data to point out your eating patterns and hunger cues of yours. All the logs get saved automatically, and you’ll get to view the entire timeline of your eating journey to understand how what behavioral patterns you have and how to cope with them.


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And lastly, we have a food tracker that will help you gain healthy eating habits. The app is all about simple journaling and customization, so you can easily adapt it to your needs. Unlike other similar apps, this one won’t ask you to track calories and set water reminders. It will introduce you to the concept of conscious eating and lead you through the journey.

With this app, you’ll spend minimal time logging your meals and tracking the food. You can customize your entry form and as many tracing scales as needed. There are over 30 options to monitor hunger, fullness, cravings, and more.

You can also connect your food logs with mood, health, activity, and all that. And if you tend to forget about journaling, set up notifications to remind you to do it after each meal. The app will use your logs to generate reports with helpful insights on your eating patterns. Thus, you’ll be able to track cravings and health symptoms related to eating.

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