7 Best Apps to Convert Voice Messages to MP3 on Android & iOS

All of us use various messengers to communicate with each other. Typing messages is one way to talk. However, many people prefer to send voice messages.

We won’t talk about what’s better. But sometimes you need to work with voice messages, converting them to other types of files, such as MP3.

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That’s why we decided to make a list of good voice messages to MP3 converter applications. We tried to find the best options that are available for Android, as well as iOS users.

Most of them are free of charge or have a trial period.

The Audio Converter

This is a minimalist application with a little number of functions. But it does the main thing – converting voice messages to MP3 and vice versa.

The interface of the app is pretty simple, it is probably the simplest application you can ever find. There are just two buttons when you first open the app.

One button serves for the file input. Tap on this place on the screen and the app will open your file manager. Drag the file you would like to convert and wait for the process to be finished. Then tap the second button and download the converted file on your phone. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Let’s look at the best features of The Audio Converter:

  1. It has a wide range of output formats. You can choose from AAC, MP3, MOV, WEBM, and many others. So you are free to choose practically any format, there are no limitations. 
  2. The speed of conversion is pretty fast. Even if you want to convert a huge voice message, the process won’t take more than 15 seconds, which is not a big period of time. 
  3. There is no need to sign up or create a profile. The app won’t ask for any personal information, such as your real name, email address, or any other details. 
  4. The app doesn’t store your conversions. This is why don’t forget to download the file once you converted it. If you spik this step, you will have to convert it once again. 
  5. The service is battery-friendly. It won’t reduce the energy of your phone too much so feel free to convert as many files as you need without worrying about your battery usage. 
  6. The app supports up to 25 various languages, including Spanish, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, and many others.

However, you can’t convert files all the time at no cost. If you need to convert various types of files very often, we recommend that you try the Premium Pass. The smartest way is to buy a lifetime subscription, it will cost you 6.99$. There will be only one payment. 

Unfortunately, the Audio Converter is available for iOS users only. Get it now and convert voice messages with no limitations. 

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Audio Converter – Extract MP3

This application, created by Huamei Xi, is one of the best decisions you can possibly make to convert a voice message to an MP3 format. 

This is a truly universal service, it works with all the formats, including pictures, photos, audio files, videos. So you can make all the types of conversions at the click of a button. 

How to use the service efficiently? 

  1. Download the app and give it all the permissions it will ask for. You must give the permission to use your gallery if you want to convert photos and videos or to your audio files. 
  2. The converter won’t ask for your personal information, Once you downloaded the app, you can open and start using it. You don’t have to sign up or create a profile and add your real name and email address. 
  3. The process of convertion won’t take too long, its average time is 15 seconds. Once the process is completed, you need to download the file on your smartphone or tablet. 
  4. The app isn’t too big, its size is about 70 MB only. 

Audio Converter is free of charge with its basic functions. To remove the ads and add more options, such as converting multiple files at a time, go premium. One month will cost you 1.99$.

You can get the converter now on the App Store. 

MP3 Converter – Audio Extractor

Let’s look at the MP3 Converter that is available for iOS users. It is very unique and simple. Its interface is truly intuitive. 

Why this app is so popular and used by thousands of users from all over the world. 

Here are the best functions provided by MP3 Converter for free:

  1. Download the app and give it all the permissions it will ask for. It is crucial to allow it so that the converter can have access to your video and audio files. 
  2. You can extract MP3 from video and voice messages at the click of a button. Don’t forget to download it on your device or send it via social networks or email. 
  3. The app isn’t too big, it’s size is 78 MB. 
  4. The converter supports up to 30 various languages, including Arabic, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and many others. 

One important thing is that the developer gives no information about its privacy policy. So we can’t guarantee that your data will be safe. 

You can download MP3 Converter on the App Store for free. 

Opus to MP3 Converter

Here comes another good converter that can be a great option if you often work with voice messages. This is an Android application only.

The app isn’t too popular but it worth trying because it’s developing pretty fast. What is more, they often update the app to fix bugs and other problems. If you manage to find any kind of technical fault, feel free to contact the support.

Why you should try this very converter? 

  1. It has a wide range of output formats, such as wav, mp3, ogg, and many others. The developers work hard to add as many formats as possible. 
  2. Convert as you want. You can convert a single file, a folder, or even a batch. Even if you choose to convert a huge file, the process won’t take long, it never takes more than 20 seconds. 
  3. The app supports a great number of foreign languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, Italian, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and many others. 

The app has a pretty high rating on Google Play, 4.4 out of 5. There are some comments that can prove the converter is a must-try.

There are ads that keep the content free for you. Should you need to remove them, don’t hesitate to go premium. 

You can get the converter on Google Play at no cost and finally start the process of conversion. 


Audio Converter

This is another good Android application aimed at converting voice messages to MP3 and other types of audio formats. You can also use this service to cut audio files, no matter which format it belongs to. So in, fact, it’s a good editor too.

Why the app is so popular among many Android users? It’s all about the wide range of options provided by the app.

Here are the best functions of the Audio Converter:

  1. You can use the app right out of the box. Once you download the converter, you can just open the app and start the process of conversion. Don’t forget to give the app permission to use tour files. 
  2. There are many output formats, such as MP3, OGG, OPUS, WAV, and many others. There is a big number of upcoming types of formats to be added later. 
  3. The process of converting won’t take long, it will last for about 15 seconds even when the audio file is big. 
  4. Once you finished the converting, you can download the new file on your smartphone or share it via social networks and messengers, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and others. You can send it by email as well. 

The application contains ads that keep all the range of functions free for you. There is no duration limitation, meaning you can make as many conversions as you need and whenever you want. 

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The only disadvantage is that the ads are very frequent. What is even worse, they are full-screen. 

You can get the converter on Google Play for free. There is no iOS version so you will have to find another converter if you are a user of the iOS device. 


Convert to MP3

Here is another great application to convert audio files on Android. It allows you to work with audio files of various formats. 

There are many reasons why you should try Convert to MP3. The main thing is that it gives you many functions and requires practically no data about you, which is great for those who are worried about their safety and anonymity online. 

Let’s look at the best features of this converter: 

  • The app will need a few permissions, which will be used only when the app is open so it’s safe
  • There are many input formats available for you, such as WAV, OGG, AIFF, and many others. The output format is always MP3. 
  • You can convert one file at a time, it will be the fastest way to convert a file. However, if you need to save time, you can convert a few files or even a folder full of voice files. In this case, the process will last a bit longer. 

The app is rated 4 out of 5 on Google Play. The users love the converter for its simple and clear interface. However, they often criticize the service for bugs that sometimes appear. Still, the developers try to fix the bugs with every single update.

Unfortunately, the app is available for Android users only. You can get it now on Google Play. 


Audio Converter – All Formats

Here is a super simple converter that you can use to work with audio files of all formats. The app is widely respected and loved for its simple interface that is intuitive and even primitive. 

There is one button only. When you press it, you will be shown your files. Choose the audio file you would like to convert and then drag it to the center of the screen. That’s it!

Here are the best functions of this universal audio converter: 

  1. You can work with all the existing audio formats, meaning input and output formats can be anything. This is a great thing about the app as you won’t need to think about limitations. The MP3 format is also available.
  2. The app won’t waste your time. The process of converting won’t take too long, it will take about 20 seconds, even if the audio file is quite big. 
  3. All the functions are free of charge. The number of conversions isn’t limited by the developer. So enjoy full freedom. However, you will have to put up with the ads that are quite frequent.

The only disadvantage is that the size of the application. It’s 141 MB, which is a lot. 

You can get the converter on Google Play at no cost. 


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