15 Best apps to quit smoking for Android & iOS

Those who gave up smoking know well that the main problem is not to smoke again. Why, even after a considerable time, do many return to the former? The thing is that under the influence of nicotine, depending on him, the whole organism turns out, and it is he who, in need of a nicotine nipple, resists the deliberately taken decision to refuse to smoke.

In the App Store and Google Play Store, there is a whole class of applications designed to help get rid of addiction and start living a healthy full life. We have prepared a review of 15 applications for iPhone and Android, which will help to finally quit smoking.

Quit It Lite – stop smoking today

Quit it lite app will be your assistant in your quitting mission. Using the software, you are able to get statistics on how much you have saved throughout your way on becoming a better and healthier person.

The primary reason why this app works for so many people is an incentive. Quit it lite distinguishes achievements, where you are able to see how many cigarettes you skipped and even challenge your friend – a hilarious approach to quitting smoking.

It also has goals tab that aids you to trace how much you saved and even lets you enter your own objectives so you may score things you wanted by saving so much money.

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The most feature-packed application. Initially, you will be asked to enter the period of the smoker’s experience, the cost of the pack (in dollars), age, upload the photo, indicate the reason why you started smoking, the motive that encouraged you to give up cigarettes, etc. All this information will be used to compile a personal “anti-tobacco” plan, motivation cards, and awards.

The throwing schedule is calculated and adjusted individually: the budget, possible disruptions, and other factors are taken into account. If you are feeling a strong pull, press the button Having a craving, and if you still broke on – I smoked. Most importantly, try not to surpass the daily limit and not smoke more than it should. You may get psychological support on the Community tab. On the “wall”, you are able to read the records of other users about their exploits and leave comments.

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Kwit – quit smoking for good – smoking cessation

Kwit app aids you abandon smoking by using different gaming techniques. There are lots of interesting mini-games you may play that will assist you to progress through your bad habit. It includes twenty-eight levels you would require to go through while completing eighty-four exciting achievements.

Kwit also features such characteristics as motivation cards, quick dashboard, power tab. Motivation cards are quotes and clip arts that will aid you to get disciplined and leave off smoking.

Check the most significant stats such as how many days you haven’t smoked, how much have you saved thru this time, how many cigarettes, how many days you now got for yourself (health is getting better so you make your life longer), and other things you may manually add. Power tab shows you a graph of how good you finalize your levels, what have you already accomplished, and other interesting things.

Strengthen your power, monitor your progress, abandon smoking for good!


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[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.kwit.android” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]

Quit smoking – QuitNow!

Quit Now this application will aid you to leave off smoking. Get started now! The application is totally free and should be downloaded by every smoker who wants to quit but he needs support and assistance.

Abandoning smoking is easier when you understand why, how, and for what to do. Even better, when the motivations can be visualized, to make them obvious with the help of:

  1. Calendar – watch how long you no longer smoke.
  2. Savings graphs – keep a real-time account of the money you have already saved, and finance that you will save in the future on cigarettes and insurance for 30 days; 6 months; 1 year.
  3. Motivation – write a list of arguments that you will be encouraged and constrained. For example, returning friends, wife, and beloved cat. Reduce the price of health insurance, or win a dispute with a best friend.
  4. Daily prompts – you will receive recommendations every day on a given topic how to give up smoking, if you have not already do it, or how not to start again.

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quit-smoking-quitnow/id483994930?mt=8″ icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]iOS version[/wpsm_button]

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EAGINsoftware.dejaloYa” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]


You can quit smoking differently: once or for all, giving up tobacco or gradually reducing the daily dose. If you chose the first path, the most important thing is to last the first two or three days, until nicotine is excreted from the body, it will be easier further. However, to overcome the absurdity syndrome (a feeling of emotional devastation that occurs after the abolition of a long-term use of a psychoactive substance) is not so simple.

If you cannot endure the strength, iSmoke will aid you to overpass the “breaking”. This program allows you to smoke arbitrarily any virtual cigarettes without harm to health, breathing into the conversational speaker of the smartphone. Animation and sound are very realistic: the cigarette burns like real, you can even shake the ashes, double tapping on the iPhone screen.

ISmoke is free (link in the App Store) but inside it, there are built-in purchases.

Get Rich or Die Smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking – this application will assist you to abandon smoking and become rich otherwise you will die with a cigarette in your yellow teeth! Do you read the prices on packs of cigarettes? Or do you smoke any cheap packs? If you may read, then why do you spend money on what kills you? Why do not you spend money on something more enjoyable and rational? The task of this application is to count together with you how much money you will save if you give up smoking.

Get Rich or Die Smoking features:

  1. The application contains a well-thought-out system of restraints and rewards.
  2. Participants in this program form a community around the world – share all your own observations.
  3. In the case of failure – click the relapse button, this will reset all your achievements.
  4. Two widgets on the desktop of the device will inform you about your progress: days without cigarettes; the number of non-skirted cigarettes; savings money;
  5. In the settings, set the value of the currency in which you buy death, that is, cigarettes; the cost of cigarettes, and the cost of the time you spend on smoking.
  6. Keep track of the statistics and changes that will occur in your body: after 20 minutes the pressure will normalize, and the temperature of the legs and hands will increase; after 8 hours the carbon monoxide content will decrease to normal values; in 24 hours the risk of dying from heart failure will decrease; in another 3 days the sensitivity of the receptors of taste and smell will be restored.
  7. Changes in health are displayed as a percentage – a few risks of getting sick.
  8. Achievements – share with friends in the community of the program, on social networks or via SMS.

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GetRichOrDieSmoking&hl=us” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]

Quit smoking slowly

Quit smoking slowly is not the ideal solution to the problem of quitting smoking but if you have the desire, and most importantly, motivation  – the app will help a little. Abruptly abandon smoking can not be in any case, otherwise, the syndrome will overtake you in a couple of days and is still quite bad. You need to throw smoothly, increasing the time between each smoked cigarette and reducing the number of cigarettes.

The initial setup is already there but you can change the number of cigarettes per day and number of days that you will need to throw. After that, click Save and get to the main screen. Once you smoke the first cigarette, open the app, hold your finger on the screen and start a timer that will show how much time is left before you can smoke another cigarette. If you really want, you can again hold your finger on the screen and choose the desired action, in this pre-thinking because you can try and hold out for the 40 minutes to smoke the next one. Every 6 hours you will receive motivational advice.

Through the settings, you can change the notifications and the gesture for the action on your home screen – long press or a simple. Quit smoking slowly is quite able to be your assistant and if you really have the desire, then you can all. Good luck!

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motivebite.smokefree.free” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]


Smokebeat automatically collects data on the number of smoked cigarettes with the help of wearable devices. The user can find out how many cigarettes he smoked today, how many cigarettes his friends and acquaintances smoked, track overall smoking statistics, establish short-term or long-term goals. The program synchronizes the data with the smartphone. Now the application only works with smartwatches on Android Wear.

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.somatix.smokebeat&hl=en” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]

Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

Practicing physician Andrew Johnson is well known in the West. His technique helped people get rid of all sorts of addictions. This application is designed to help smokers. The main idea is that it is hard for people to get rid of smoking not only because of nicotine craving but only because of habit.

The application is sharpened to change your habits, and also to learn to relax in stressful situations, without resorting to the help of cigarettes.

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quit-smoking-with-andrew-johnson/id301068353?mt=8″ icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]iOS version[/wpsm_button]

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hivebrain.andrewjohnson.smoking” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]

Craving to Quit

An application that allows quitting smoking after 21 days using a special method of concentration. The program was prepared and tested by Yale University, it was twice as effective as the existing standard. The principle of the company reads: “Train your mind, train your brain.” The creator is Judson Brewer, a Yale psychiatrist specializing in addiction. The application contains more than 50 videos, audio, and pictures, which must be accessed daily for 21 days. The application will tell in detail (in the audio version) and show you what the smoking leads to. The program also calculates how many days you already hold without cigarettes, and sends you motivating messages. The base version can be used for free.

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.claritasmindsciences.CravingToQuit” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]

Stop Smoking In 2 Hours


Jason Vale is a famous coach that will aid you to abandon in two hours by a great technique used in expensive paid courses that will manage you through the procedure of starting a new and healthy life style. It is basically a big video course made for you by Jason Vale, the app involves a few hours of daily audio and video series you will watch and remember to live your life better.

About the author: Jason Vale smoked til ’95 when he just stopped by using this amazing technique included in this video and audio course. Before, he smoked from forty to sixty cigarettes a day. That is depressing but with a help from this free app you will reach a balance in your life and get better at keeping your health. So why does it work? Is it magic? No, just patience and discipline.

Now, audio course involves “Relaxation & hypnotherapy audio recommended each night for 21 days to aid to maintain your freedom”, daily motivation vids that will retain you on track with the adjustment. It even has an emergency button where you may watch a video that will instantly get you off the idea of putting a cigarette in your mouth.

The best feature of the app it is completely free! Absolutely no ads or irritating donations. Just try and see for yourself.

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stop-smoking-in-2-hours/id493242639?mt=8″ icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]iOS version[/wpsm_button]

[wpsm_button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.juicemaster.stopSmokingIn2Hours&hl=en” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]Android version[/wpsm_button]

My Last Cigarette

Convinces on the numbers that smoking is bad. It is enough to enter the date of rejection of cigarettes and observe the indicators reflecting the changes that begin to occur in the body: improving blood circulation and lung function, reducing traction, nicotine, and carbon monoxide levels in the blood, the expected increase in life expectancy, etc. There are even such frightening statistics (taken from the World Health Organization), as the number of smoking-related deaths that have occurred in the world since you gave up cigarettes.

The data is updated every second, right before our eyes. In addition, MLC daily gives one or another medical fact about the dangers of smoking (they, however, are not very informative, in the spirit of “Smoking slow death”) and shows a terrible picture.

The interface of “My Last Cigarette” is unclear, almost the entire screen is occupied with information about the cleansing of the body. In addition, a very annoying built-in advertising (you can turn off for payment), obscuring the statistics. The application is available for free in the App Store.

Gotta Smoke?

Any smoker periodically thinks about parting with his addiction but any steps towards a healthy lifestyle are not accepted by everyone due to lack of time or laziness. However, there are several proven ways to aid you to abandon smoking. One of them is to take into account the number of cigarettes and slowly decrease their consumption. The Gotta Smoke software will assist you to monitor cigarettes. How does Gotta Smoke work? Simple enough. The whole point is that it is necessary to consider the count of cigarettes you smoke, and for this, you should press a single button in the application each time you light a cigarette. In doing so, you may touch the next cigarette only after Gotta Smoke Will finish the countdown.

How does Gotta Smoke work? Simple enough. The whole point is that it is necessary to consider the count of cigarettes you smoke, and for this, you should press a single button in the application each time you light a cigarette. In doing so, you may touch the next cigarette only after Gotta Smoke Will finish the countdown.

Initially, you almost do not have to wait, you can use nicotine just like you did before Gotta Smoke but then you have to enhance the period between cigarettes by increasing the time count in the application. Thanks to this approach, you will be able to progressively decrease the addiction for nicotine, and consequently, to leave off smoking. Try it!

Just Quit Smoking Hyperactive

At the core of this application is the impact on human logic. To achieve the ultimate goal, it clearly demonstrates the benefits of living without smoking. When you first start the application, you need to configure it for yourself by entering the number of cigarettes that you smoke on approximately per day, the cost of one pack. Finally, you will need to specify a date when you took a step toward abandoning cigarettes.

The program will generate a time during which you refrain from smoking, the amount of non-smoked cigarettes, money and time that you managed to save. It is known that achieving any goal is much easier when you are not alone. For better motivation, the application developers have a chat room in which you can communicate with other people who decide to follow your path. Also, a system of rewards is implemented.

Subliminal Lifestyle

The dream of any smoker is to quit, doing nothing. This application is designed to fulfill this dream. It operates according to the principle of 25 frames. On the screen of the smartphone, various phrases start to flash: “I’m determined,” “I can,” and so on.

You can set the frequency of their occurrence yourself. It is understood that the brain, having mastered them, will be able to give up smoking. At least, the creators of the application assure us. This method is akin to hypnosis, and its effectiveness is not fully proved. However, you can check for yourself. By the way, with the help of the application, you can not only quit smoking but also lose weight or give up. The goal can be set almost any.

Everyone is free to choose which method to quit is most suitable for him. It is important to be aware that the mobile application is not a panacea. It can support the person who decided to give up cigarettes but to shift responsibility to it, they say that he or she downloaded it, but it does not work, – it will not work. Only the person can refuse this harmful habit, the rest – excuses.

And what methods of fighting smoking did you use?

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