9 Best Sewing Apps for Android & iOS

If you plan to get into sewing or want to elevate your skills in general, don’t get past this article!

We’ve gathered the best sewing apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps let you manage your sewing stash and learn new techniques, designs, and all that. Some of these let you create and match designs of your own. Let’s dive in!

Simply Sewing Magazine

As you may guess by the name, this app is basically a sewing magazine in an app form. It offers a bunch of tips and tricks for sewing lovers along with designs for every skill level. All the projects are marked with difficulty labels, so you’d know which ones are too hard for you.

Plus, the projects come with step-by-step guides that are easy to follow. These also come with illustrations for extra help, which is handy. The new projects get added regularly, so you’ll get to keep up with all the trendy designs.

There are also tons of fun seasonal projects such as a cup wrapper design if needed. The app has a special section dedicated to tips and tricks on how to make sewing more effective, which supplies to get, and all that.


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Dress Measurement

If you have been sewing for a long time, Dress Measurement will be a perfect option for you. The main principle of its work is that it keeps all the data about your measurements. For example, if sewing is your job, you can use it as a database. Measurements of hips, bust, and other parts will be safely kept in this app.

This app will never mix or forget anything, so you can fully concentrate on your work. There is an option for converting your measurements into PDF. After doing this you can share it or print it.

Basic Dress Measurement is free. But if you want to customize it so that it meets your needs, you can get an advanced version. In this app you can get exclusive designs, an unlimited number of measurements, and many other features and functions, which are vitally important for tailoring.

Sew Awesome 2 

It’s a sewing tracker app that helps you manage all your supplies with ease. It works for tracking all kinds of inventory such as fabric, machines, machine feet, patterns, measurements, buttons, needles, and much more.

The app will be quite helpful for people who sew to order and have some clients to make the designs for. You’ll get to create individual measurement listings for all your projects, and keep them all organized in one place.

Plus, you’ll get to load pics of machine diagrams, charts, and all that. The app also has a needle sizing converter, which is handy. The data gets stored in the cloud, and it syncs across multiple devices.


Sewing Log

It’s an app to assist you with your sewing journey. It’s a pretty simple app, but you can find lots of use in it, actually. The main goal of this one is to let you manage all the things you may need for your next project.

You’ll get to gather all the pattern references, design inspo, measurements, and more. Thus, you’ll get to see if the material and pattern go together, and what else you may need to buy.

The app has an autofill tool that will log public patterns info automatically, so you won’t have to spend time looking for it. You’ll get to add as many images as needed and monitor the progress of each project with ease.

Stash Hub

Next, we have an app that serves as your digital sewing stash. It lets you arrange all the supplies you have on hand and quickly point out what you may need to buy.

With this app, you’ll get a clear view of your stash at your fingertips, at any time needed. You can use it to track your fabric, buttons, needles, patterns, measurements, and all that. You can even make a quick shopping list right away.

Each item you add comes with a description card you can fill with all the essential info and images. You may also mark the cards with tags for easy navigation if needed. The search bar with filters lets you find out any info in literal secs.


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Sew Organized

The name of this app pretty much speaks for itself. It’s all about organizing your sewing stash and supplies and keeping everything in order. It can be used to log measurements, designs, fabric, patterns, and more.

You’ll get to easily go through your entire stash and point out which items need to be bought. And you can also use it to create a simple shopping list right away. You’ll be able to mark items with tags for easy navigation as well.

More than that, the app has an entire section focused on tricks and tips. And there’s also a pack of tutorials on all kinds of projects, and these are pretty easy to follow even for beginners.


Sewing Patterns Lite

If you are simply looking for patterns, try this app. It has plenty of them, from the basic ones to the most complicated ones.

But you have to remember that it is a lite version of the app. You don’t have to pay for it, but the functions are limited. In this very app, you are limited by ten patterns, but the time of your trial is not limited.

This is why it would be logical to try the app in order to make a decision if you like it or not. By the way, this app is one of the smallest – its size is 10 MB only.



If you wanna get into sewing or thinking of upgrading your skills a bit, don’t get past this app. It offers a bunch of video tutorials that will guide you into sewing step by step.

There are dozens of tutorials for all kinds of projects from skirts to dresses and pans. You’ll also get to move through all the basics to fully understand what is going on in a video.

And the best thing is, the app offers multiple educational articles with little tricks and recommendations on supplies, fabric, quality, and all that. There’s also a full-on guide for a beginner-friendly sewing supply pack.


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Sewing With Cinnamon & Friends

This app is a full-on sewing club in your pocket. It covers over 50 tutorials and courses on various projects and sewing techniques. It’s actually a full-on sewing guide you can use to elevate your skills.

The lib of courses gets regular updates, so you won’t run out of content here. There are courses on pattern hacks, sewing resources, organization tips, and more. Most videos are hosted by professional sewers and experts.

Plus, the courses and vids are usually pretty short, so you won’t need to spend too much time here. The UI is simple, and you’ll get to bookmark the courses you’re interested in for further use.

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