7 Best sewing apps for Android & iOS

Are you fond of sewing? Or maybe you have always wanted to take up this hobby? If yes, then this article will be extremely useful for you.

Did you know that sewing is one of the most healthy and relaxing activities? First of all, it contributes to the development of creativity, activating most of the brain zones. Then, sewing helps to build up a strong character: you grow patient and smart.

Sewing is especially good for children – it keeps them busy for a long time and teaches them that time and hard work are necessary for getting a result.

These sewing apps are the best – they have a high rating and it is possible for Android, as well as iOS users to get them. Most of the apps are free of charge.

Sewing step by step

If you want to start sewing and you have no idea how to do it, you will like this app. It contains various courses on sewing.

The courses have detailed descriptions to help you understand all the aspects. The videos are also attached. There are materials and advice on how to do tailoring of all types of clothing.

At first, the app will teach you basic skills. You will be able to repair some clothes. Then, if you keep learning, your skills are going to grow and enhance.

Still, you have to keep in mind that this app was initially created for the beginners. If you have advanced skills, you may find the courses too easy.

Feel free to get it from Google Play.


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Dress Measurement

If you have been doing sewing for a long time, Dress Measurement will be a perfect option for you. The main principle of its work is that it keeps all the data about your measurements.

For example, if sewing is your job, you can use it as a database. Measurements of hips, bust and other parts will be safely kept in this app.

Dress Measurement will never mix or forget anything, so you can fully concentrate on your work.

There is an option of converting your measurements into PDF. After doing this you can share it or print it.

Basic Dress Measurement is free. But if you want to customize it so that it meets your needs, you can get an advanced version. The cost of the subscription to the pro-level “Tailor Shop” costs 5 dollars.

In Tailor Shop you can get exclusive designs, an unlimited number of measurements and many other features and functions, which are vitally important for tailoring.

Get it now, it’s available in the App Store.

Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker

This app works as a tracker, which is clear from its name. Here you can track all the things connected to your sewing activity – fabrics used, various projects, plans, friends and etc.

The app is smart – it divides the information into categories, making it easier to find.

It also has a section of theory. You can learn about sewing terminology, the work of sewing machine and other important details.

There are also many life hacks, which will be good for beginners.

The ruler, which is installed in the app, can help you to be more accurate and precise.

The app is available in Google Play.



This app was created for those who work on various sewing projects. You can create, edit, save and share your projects with others. This is a good option for students.

Still, if you are a professional tailor, you can also make use of this app. You can create various works for art competitions and send them, converting into PDF.

iSewMe can be used for working with clients. You create a project and send it to your client or friend – an easy and fast way to find the best solution.

The app is free. You can get it right now in the App Store.

Sew Buddy

This app also works as a tracker. But it is not its only option.

Sew Buddy can help you to create designs and projects as well. It will make sure that the colors look good and the structure of fabric suits the aim of your project.

Sew Buddy can also analyze photos. Imagine that you saw somebody at a party and you really liked the clothes. You can make the same if you manage to take a photo of this person.

The Sew Buddy algorithms will easily analyze the image and give you some advice.

The app is available in the App Store.

Sewing and Patterns

This app is a perfect solution for those who want to collaborate with others. For instance, if you are a part of a designing & tailoring group or you work on the same project, Sewing and Patterns is a must for you.

The main feature is you can collectively work on the same thing. All the members of the group can edit, save and share the project with friends.

This app is very smart. It understands that some samples and details you use more often than others. Having this in mind, it will suggest you the best options for your sewing.

Fortunately, this app can be used if you have Android, as well as iOS system.


Sewing Patterns Lite

If you are simply looking for patterns, try this app. It has plenty of them, from the basic ones to the most complicated.

But you have to remember that it is a lite version of the app. You don’t have to pay for it, but the functions are limited. In this very app, you are limited by ten patterns, but the time of your trial is not limited.

This is why it would be logical to try the app in order to make a decision if you like it or not.

By the way, this app is one of the smallest – its size is 10 MB only.

You can get it right now for free in the App Store.

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