9 Free apps to slow down music (Android & iOS)

Programs for slowing down music can be divided into those that are full-fledged audio editors, allowing you to make different changes to the song and even compose music, and those that are only intended to slow the song. Read the following article and you will learn about the best programs for slowing down the music.


AudipoAudipo is an application for changing the real-time playback speed of an audio file. This means that you can increase or decrease the speed of its playback while listening to a song (or any other audio file).

Audipo will be an interesting application if you need to make some modifications to audio files. In addition, you can get really funny effects when lowing down any audio file.

It is available for both iPhone and Android users for free. The interface of the app is clear and user-friendly.

Audipo app

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Audio Speed Changer Lite

Music Speed Changer LiteAudio Speed Changer Lite is one of those programs that are designed primarily for slowing down the music. With this program, you can change the tempo of the music without hurting the track’s pitch.

The program also has a number of additional features: frequency filter, pitch change, removal of voice from a musical composition, etc.

The main advantage of the program is its simplicity. You can understand how to work with it almost immediately.

Music Speed Changer Lite app

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Music Speed Changer

Music Speed ChangerMusic Speed Changer is one of the most popular applications for slowing down the music.

It allows you to change the speed of sound files on your device in real time without changing the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the speed. In addition, the speed and pitch can be adjusted together. The application also allows you to play music cycles – you can slow down the playback speed and play sound files cyclically. Another feature is the ability to reverse the audio (playback in the opposite direction).

You can also save changed audio in MP3 files for sharing with friends or listening in another player.

Music Speed Changer is great for musicians who master the instrument and need slow playback, speed up audio books for quick listening, create Nightcore, or simply enjoy your favorite song in a 130% tempo.

Music Speed Changer app

Riff Studio

Riff StudioRiff Studio app is a professional studio for the production of music. Its capabilities allow you to compose music, remix the songs and just change the music files. In Riff Studio, you will be able to use various instruments to change audio files.

One of the functions of the program is to change the tempo of the music. This does not affect the sound of the song.

For a beginner, it will be quite a difficult task to understand the interface of Riff Studio, since the program is designed for professionals. But even a beginner can easily change ready music. The program is absolutely free for iOS and Android users.

Riff Studio app

Music Speed Changer by Hipxel

Music Speed ChangerIf you need a program for editing music, then try Music Speed Changer by Hipxel. Cropping songs, removing noise, recording sound – all this is available in this convenient and simple program. With the help of Music Speed Changer, you can also slow down the music.

Features of the Music Speed Changer app:

  • Possibility to change the sound tempo ( 4x slower to 4x faster)
  • Availability of such audio formats as wav, mp3, flac, ogg
  • You can change tempo/pitch at any time
  • There are two modes of changing tempo and pitch: slider and pad

The main advantages of the program are a simple interface and a large number of possibilities for converting music. In addition, the program is absolutely free.

Music Speed Changer app


TimePitchTimePitch is another program for creating and sharing music. It was included on our top list as it has many positive reviews.Using TimePitch, you can also change the tempo of an already-ready audio file.

The app is simple in use and even the beginners will like it. TimePitch is free for downloading and use. You can try it right now!

TimePitch app

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Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer

Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer is a program for changing music. It is similar in many respects to the previous ones and also allows you to edit audio files. Slowing or speeding up the music are the main functions of the application.

You can save the recordings for later use. Also, it is possible to share the compositions via Email, Messenger, and other social networks.

The program has a user-friendly interface.

Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer app

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Music Practice

Music PracticeMusic Practice is probably the most simple of professional programs for creating music. Even a beginner can work with it, but at the same time, its capabilities are not inferior to other similar applications.

Like other similar programs, Music Practice has various functions for editing audio files. They are all available for free.

Slow down the song is also not a problem for Music Practice. It is enough to add an audio file to the program and select the desired playback tempo. The modified file can be saved in one of the popular formats.
Music Practice app

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SpeedPitch is an excellent professional music editing software. Slowing down music is one of the many useful features of the program.

It is easy to start using the app. You need just load a song from your phone’s library. And then you can start!

SpeedPitch is a free app with a simple interface. Test it yourself!

SpeedPitch app

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The need to slow down the song can arise in different situations. Perhaps you want to add a slowed-down song into the video, and you need it to fill the whole video. Maybe you need a slowed-down version of the music for some event.

In any case, you need to use the program to slow down the music. It is important that the program can change the playback speed without changing the pitch of the song.

With the help of the listed programs, you can easily and quickly slow down any audio file.