12 Best Apps to Watch Sports Highlights (Android & iOS)

Do you like sports? Do you want to know all the news and the latest events about the world of sports? Then you need to download the app to watch sports highlights. They will send you notifications about all the important events. You will also be aware of the scores of all sports games.

These apps have information on the events of all sports. You no longer need to go to stadiums and watch games. You will know all the information without leaving home.

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Some apps will also allow you to watch videos and live broadcasts. This is an excellent opportunity to be aware of all sporting events. You will be one of the first to know all the news.

There is a list of the best apps to watch sports highlights for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

theScore: Live Sports Scores, News, Stats & Videos

Do you like sports and you can’t live without information about sports? Download this app. It has tons of sports articles and highlights. You will get quick access to all the latest news. The navigation of the app is very simple. Add your favorite teams to your favorites list. You will receive news about them.

The app will notify you of all the important events. You can bet on sports. Predict the victory of your favorite team. You can watch the changes in the score in real-time. Select a game and follow it. The app has a chat for communication between users. You can ask any questions.

Discuss games in the chats. You can find new friends. Discover new sporting events. The app has information about a lot of kinds of sport such as football, hockey, basketball, and others.

The app is very popular. It has been downloaded over 10 million times. Join this huge sports community to be aware about all sports events.


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Footylight – Football Highligths & Livescore

This app will entertain you. It will provide you with detailed information about your favorite teams. You can watch sports events online. This app is on the list of top 20 in 10 countries. It tracks information about more than 200 leagues. The app has interesting facts about your favorite teams.

You will be one of the first to learn about the latest sporting events. You can see the statistics of any sports event. The app has a huge database of sports games. You can see the top players, top referees, top goalkeepers, and other top lists. If you missed a game, you can watch it on this app. You can watch certain important parts of the game.

It is easy to watch sports highlights there.

The app has sports articles and podcasts. If you like sports then this app is right for you. The app has a modern design that will allow you to get quick access to all information. All your sports teams are in one app. The app has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. Try it and you will be aware of all the latest sports events.

Footylight - beyond 90 Min
Footylight - beyond 90 Min

FOX Sports: Watch Live

This app allows you to watch all sports events right on your smartphone. You will be notified of all sports highlights. You will get access to exclusive sports content. Watch live broadcasts of all your favorite sports events. Do you like football or hockey? The app has information and broadcasts of almost all sports.

You can also watch the biggest sports events in this app. Keep up to date with personalized sports news. The app will notify you of changes in the sports score. You won’t miss a single sports moment. Watch the sports highlights one of the first. You can watch live broadcasts of your favorite games without leaving your home.

You can see highlights of the greatest sports events. The app has sports collections. You can read articles and watch videos in these collections. You can listen to professional commentators that describe sports events. You will find information about all the popular US sports teams. The app will remind you of sports events.

FOX Sports1
FOX Sports2


FloSports mobile app will be a real savior for those, who have already despaired of finding the desired sports reportage or broadcast in good quality and for free. Choose one of the offered programs or search for the broadcast you are interested in with a powerful search engine.

The digital app has access to broadcasts of more than 25 kinds of sports. Everyone will find a sporting event of interest here. You can watch competitions in real-time, view match recordings, and click on replay as many times as you want. 

FloSports is easy to sync with Chromecast and AirPlay platforms to enjoy your favorite team’s game on the big screen. In addition to video files, you’ll find current reviews, interviews, and programs with news reports.

Create quick access to your favorite programs so you spend minimal time searching for them. Stay on top of the major events in the world of big sports: get the latest ratings and competition calendar.

No more wasting time looking for the game or tournament you want. Everything you need is right here on your cell phone. Don’t miss an event in the world of sports – download FloSports and enjoy a pleasant viewing experience.


Yahoo Sports – Live NFL games, scores, & news

Download this app and you can watch the latest sports highlights. Set your favorite teams and the app will send you the latest information about them. You will find out the changes in the score, as well as the schedule of sports games. You will receive a personalized news feed. All news in this app is written by professional writers.

You will be aware of the scores and league teams to which you are subscribed. Watch live streams of the games. The app has several broadcasts at once. Keep track of teams in different parts of the USA. Read exclusive stories and sporting events. You can find out the most important information.

The app also has a prediction game. Predict the score of the game and get points. The app will notify you of the games of your favorite teams. You will receive a notification of the start of the game. The app has information about almost all sports events in the country. You need to register in the app to watch sports highlights.

Yahoo Sports1
Yahoo Sports2

CBS Sports App

Great news for all big sports fans – the top news and important reviews are now all in one app. CBS Sports App gives you access to information such as results of important games, team rankings, and the competition calendar for the near future. Get all the information you need in a clear and convenient format. 

The app allows you to watch sports broadcasts both recorded and live. If you wish, you can always use the replay function.

The app offers performances of athletes in the NFL, SEC Football, UEFA, and European League and a huge number of other competitions. Spend time with your favorite team in comfort and enjoyment.

Create quick access to the programs and broadcasts you are interested in. Now you’ll always be aware of what’s happening. Get statistics and analysis of performances in the shortest possible time.

All data is seriously verified so users can be sure of the quality of the information received. Gambling fans will find here a lot of tips from experts and insiders. Increase your chances of winning with FloSports. More than 10 million users have already praised this app, try it out for yourself.

CBS Sports App1
CBS Sports App2

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ESPN: Sports News & Highlights

This app is designed to keep you updated with all the latest sports events. If you love sports, this app is for you. Download it and you will never miss any sports game again.

You will get access to the per-minute game score. The app will show you the latest breaking news. It has a huge content base. Register and personalize the app.

You can watch sports highlights without ads. You will get quick access to any sports game. Watch videos of your favorite sports teams. Read interesting stories and facts about your favorite players. You will be aware of everything that happens with your favorite teams. Just select your favorite leagues and the app will send you the news.

The app has a convenient and intuitive design. You won’t get confused. Receive real-time notifications of score updates. Developers continue to fix bugs and optimize the app. Download it as quickly as possible and you can watch your favorite sports games. It is easy to be aware of all the sports news with this app.


Bleacher Report: sports news, scores, & highlights

This app has gathered all the sports news in one place. It sends notifications of recent events. Personalize the news feed to see what you like. You will receive only the latest and most interesting information. Remember to allow push notifications. Be the first to know sports news. Choose the teams that you like the most.

The app will track the latest news and send them to you. Read blogs and tweets of your favorite players. The app collects only the most interesting news. You won’t be bored. You can share sports news with your friends via social networks. The app has live streams in high quality.

It helps more than 5 million people to keep aware of all sports events. Join this huge community. You can follow the local teams. You can be subscribed to several teams at once. You will receive news before they are published on local news sites. Download the app and you can watch sports highlights anytime.

Bleacher Report1
Bleacher Report2


DAZN allows users to keep track of all the worldwide sports events.

Once you have downloaded the app, you should pick the teams you would like to follow. After that, you will gain access to the homepage containing several sections on the bottom of the screen.

The first section shows you an extended list of sports highlights based on your interests. Just scroll down the screen to monitor all the content. Tap on the most interesting one and you will be transferred to the official news website.

Apart from news, users can also find such data as scores, schedules, or standings of various kinds of sports. For this, just click on the last section. On the top of the screen, choose a preferred league and the required day.

There is no need to worry that you can miss something, as the app provides you with daily notifications. You will receive fresh and topical news as they appear. Moreover, there is a special Alerts section where you can check the entire list of these notifications.

Users can also tap the bookmark icons to save the stories and read them later.



This app offers a comprehensive platform to keep you up-to-date with your favorite sports and teams.

365Scores doesn’t just focus on one sport; it covers a multitude of them. Whether you’re a football, basketball, tennis, or cricket fan, this app has something for you. You can watch highlights from various matches, making sure you never miss those jaw-dropping moments.

While highlights are a major attraction, 365Scores goes the extra mile. You’ll find live scores, fixtures, and results for a wide range of sports events and leagues worldwide. It also allows you to personalize your sports feed.

Choose your favorite teams, leagues, and sports, and 365Scores will deliver tailored content directly to you. It’s like having a sports news channel customized just for you.

All in all, I believe this app can be very useful for you as it allows you to stay connected to your favorite teams and players with this user-friendly and feature-rich app.

app store logo


This app is your ultimate companion for everything related to the beautiful game, offering a wealth of features and information to keep you in the loop.

OneFootball is primarily focused on football. With this app, you can watch highlights, stay updated on live scores, fixtures, and results from various leagues and tournaments around the world. Whether it’s the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or international competitions like the World Cup, OneFootball has you covered.

This platform tailors your experience to your preferences. Select your favorite teams and players, and the app will curate content based on your choices. It’s like having a personal football newsfeed right at your fingertips.

Never miss a beat with push notifications that keep you informed about goals, red cards, and other key moments during matches.

To sum up, I would say that this is one of the best apps in this category on this list and you can be calm about all the sports news – you will stay updated.


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Sports Illustrated

Are you a sports enthusiast looking for a one-stop destination for all your sports needs? Look no further than the Sports Illustrated app, your ultimate sports companion. With this app, you can stay updated on a wide range of sports and access an array of features to enhance your sports experience.

Sports Illustrated covers a broad spectrum of sports, ensuring that no matter your favorite, you’ll find highlights, news, and analysis here. From the NFL and NBA to MLB, NHL, soccer, and more, you can watch highlights and keep up with your beloved teams and athletes.

While sports highlights are a major attraction, the Sports Illustrated app offers more. Dive into in-depth articles, analysis, and exclusive content to gain a deeper understanding of your favorite sports and teams. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures you can navigate seamlessly through all its offerings.

The app is designed to cater to your sports preferences. Personalize your experience by selecting your favorite teams and sports, ensuring that you receive updates and highlights that matter most to you.

In general, with the help of this app, it is possible for you to stay in the know with real-time scores, breaking news, and expert insights.

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