9 Astrology Apps To Read Your Birth Chart on Android & iOS

Believe in astrology? Want to get a little motivation and look into a possible future? Or do you need to understand your character traits or understand yourself?

If you really believe in horoscopes, then the most accurate for you will be a horoscope based on your birth. To do this, you only need the date, time, and place of your birth. If you want to receive new predictions and tips daily, about use the applications from this list.

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Chaturanga Astrology Advice & Daily Horoscope

The Chaturanga Astrology Advice & Daily Horoscope application allows you to get a calculation of the natal chart by date of birth with decryption. The individual decryption includes:

  • ascending sign
  • planets in homes
  • planets in zodiac signs
  • aspects of the planets

The graphic image of your cosmogram captures all astrological planets at the time of your birth. When filling out the form, pay attention to the time of the birth item.

If the time is unknown, leave 12.00, it is specially reserved for an unknown time. If you were born exactly at 12.00, set to 12.01. Also in the place of birth, you need to choose the nearest settlement of your birth. If there is no such item in the list, then enter in the search bar.

For a complete and accurate horoscope, knowledge of your birth time is required. When choosing a settlement, these data are filled in automatically.

To determine the exact time of birth, you can use the search for a seasonal time change. The calculation module of the natal chart contains a similar algorithm. It allows you to calculate astrological data for the entered date of birth. Use the interpretation of the horoscope.

Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope1

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iHoroscope – Daily Horoscope & Astrology

iHoroscope – 2019 Daily Horoscope & Astrology is your individual astrological portrait. It is created on the basis of the analysis of astrological phenomena. They describe your character, abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. An individual horoscope shows the main trends and predispositions.

It will manifest themselves in the process of life. A personal horoscope shows your abilities and tools. With them, you can become more successful, happy, and harmonious.

The app iHoroscope – 2019 Daily Horoscope & Astrology is a demonstration of how astrology can become a tool for self-knowledge. An individual horoscope is the determination of the position of the Sun, Moon, and 8 planets. The coordinates are used to determine the horoscope house for each celestial body.

You will also find out the position of the planets relative to each other. These factors influence your character, abilities, and destiny. You will find an explanation of these effects in the results. The whole process is based on the work of famous astrologers.

To receive a personal horoscope of personality, you must first enter your date of birth. If known, enter the time and place of birth. Enter a city (or the nearest city), then click “Find coordinates.”

The city coordinates and the time change for the corresponding time zone will be filled. Entering all the data increases the accuracy of the analysis of your horoscope. If the time is unknown, then uncheck the box.

The calculation will be made without taking into account the time of birth and other factors. Then you can “Calculate the horoscope.” This horoscope is free.

iHoroscope 2023 DailyHoroscope1

Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope app will tell you about your horoscope based on the date and place of your birth. You will recognize your natural qualities and characteristics. They are inherent in your nature from the moment of birth.

This is determined by the position of the planets in the zodiac signs. The first important aspect is the balance of the elements. It determines the temperament. You will also learn your basic psychological characteristics.

The next item is the balance of the crosses. This determines your type of behavior. The main cross will show you your action strategy. The dominant sign in the position of the planets will show you that it occupies a dominant position. It can be a solar or moon sign.

After analyzing these data, you will find how your qualities will manifest themselves in real life. For this, the position of the planets in the houses of your horoscope is also used.

Besides, you will learn about your inclinations in the field of socialization. Hemisphere balance will state your tendency to depend on your environment or independence.

Get detailed information about the needs that motivate you to take various actions. The dominant house will tell you about your main areas of interest. For an accurate analysis, you need to specify the exact date and time of birth.

Daily Horoscope1

Sun Signs: Horoscopes

The Sun Signs: Horoscopes app will calculate your personal natal chart. It is based on the moment you are born. For the exact horoscope, state the place and date of birth.

You can specify the location. Select it from the list or by filling in the latitude and longitude fields. The time of birth must be entered in the world time scale.

This horoscope is implemented in a convenient graphical form. It shows the location of the “planets” in the signs of the zodiac and the houses of the horoscope. By “planets” here are meant the Sun, Moon, planets and other points of the horoscope.

The inner circle of the natal chart is divided into 12 houses, each of them is indicated by its number. The beginning of the first house coincides with the Ascendant of the Natal Katra. Another important point on the map is Mid-Sky. Lines represent the main axis of the natal chart. They are very important in their interpretation.

Inside the circle of houses are the symbols of the “planets” of the natal chart. The position of each “planet” is marked with markers on the circle of zodiac signs and on the circle of houses. Thanks to this, it is clear in what sign of the zodiac or in what house the “planet” falls.

Besides, the large Greek letter “omega” on the map shows the position of the lunar nodes. The symbol “R” marks “planets” moving in the opposite direction. Such planets are also called retrograde. The lines within the natal chart represent the interactions between the “planets.”

Sun Signs1

Horoscopes & Tarot

Get a detailed horoscope using the Horoscopes & Tarot app. To build this horoscope, not only the date of birth is used, but also the exact time and place of birth. The natal horoscope is a diagram of the celestial sphere.

The diagram reflects the position of all the planets of the solar system. The moon and celestial bodies in a given geographical location and time. There are also borders of astrological houses.

The natal horoscope is under construction for its further interpretation. According to the natal horoscope, you can determine the nature, temperament, and abilities.

The horoscope contains complete decoding. For example, you will learn the basic indicators of the essence, soul, and body that are given to you from birth. Among such indicators is not only decoding of the position of the planets.

There are also planetary periods from birth and one hundred and twenty years in advance. These are the period under the control of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. As well as the planetary periods of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu.

To compose and view the horoscope, you need to specify your data in the input field. After that, in the tables of Rasi and Navamsa, the positions of the planets will be displayed. Below you will see the value of this or that planet in your natal chart.

Horoscopes & Tarot1

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Horos – Natal Chart

The Horos – Natal Chart application allows you to build your personal horoscope. Here you will learn about the position of all the planets and the main aspects of the horoscope. In the process of creating a horoscope, data on the time and place of birth are used.

If you do not know the exact time of birth, then state 12:00. If your city is not on the list, state the nearest settlement, or enter data manually.

You can also get the horoscope of your friend or partner. To do this, state his personal data on the date and place of birth. Besides, you can get not only a general horoscope but also a forecast for the coming week.

Application Horos – Natal Chart features:

  • Horoscope for today, tomorrow, and week
  • Check for compatibility on the sign of the zodiac
  • Types of horoscopes: general, love, health, career
  • Numerology

Here you can also get information about your numerology. This will help you plan your activities for the current or future days. This is a pleasant hint when solving various issues and making important decisions. Determine your character and life goal with the help of this horoscope.

You can also check compatibility with your partner. For this, the application has a special section. It will show you the level of communication of your zodiac signs.

Horos - Natal Chart1

Venus: Horoscope and Natal Chart

The Venus: Horoscope and Natal Chart application allows you to get a personal horoscope based on your birth card. Horoscope by date of birth will help to better know your character. Get a specific characteristic of your personality. Horoscope by date of birth will help you understand the intricacies of your nature.

You will learn a lot about yourself, as well as family and friends. Discover the features of the nature of others, start to better understand people. Learn to understand your own actions, thanks to this horoscope.

Your date of birth is the key to reading the future and predicting fate. Based on the date of birth, you can better understand and reveal the unknown sides of your character. Choose your own karmic path. Here you can achieve the largest realization of your creative and intellectual abilities.

To get your individual astrological forecast:

  • Enter your name (specify the correct name – it will be indicated in the text of the forecast).
  • Remember to enter the date and time of birth. If the time is unknown, enter 12:00.
  • Select the time zone of your birthplace from the list. Time zone is the difference between local and world time.

The astrological forecast for the week indicates favorable and negative periods. You will also find out the probable events. Knowing the astrological forecast for the week, you can avoid many conflict situations. Use your capabilities more efficiently.

Venus: Horoscope & Natal Chart1

AstroMatrix Birth Chart Synastry Horoscopes

In the AstroMatrix Birth Chart Synastry Horoscopes application, you will receive a personal lunar horoscope based on your birth. What is unusual to learn from the lunar horoscope? You will recognize the side of your personality that you do not recognize. How the moon affects your feelings depends on its location on the birth map.

To get an accurate horoscope you need to state the date and time of your birth. It is advisable to state the exact time to get all the details of your horoscope.

The nature and capabilities of people with the same zodiac signs can vary. It depends on the dependence of the zodiac sign. For example, it can be solar or lunar.

The information about your lunar sign will help to get your accurate characteristics. But, your solar and lunar signs may coincide. So all the characteristics will manifest themselves more vividly.

It also contributes to the collaboration of signs. Such people are easier to find a way out of difficult situations and achieve their goals. Incompatibility of the lunar and solar signs state a tendency to internal disagreement. Having received this horoscope, you will learn how to cope with these difficulties.

For a more accurate horoscope, you need to know the specific date, time and place of your birth. so you get all the characteristics and details of your horoscope.

AstroMatrix Birth Horoscopes1

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Jatkm ~ Vedic Natal Chart

In the Jatkm ~ Vedic Natal Chart application, you will receive your personal horoscope. Besides, you can learn about compatibility with your partner and aspects that affect your life.

This horoscope is based on data on the location of the planets. This item is especially important. As the disposition of the planets can change every minute or even second.

Thus, state the exact time of birth, if you know it. You will receive a complete transcript of all aspects of your natal chart. The application Jatkm ~ Vedic Natal Chart takes into account the location of Venus, Mars, the Moon, and the Sun.

The natal chart contains only the necessary information. Enter the specific time of your birth. If you do not know the exact date, you can specify the time at 12:00. But, the horoscope may contain some inaccuracies.

The horoscope describes the ratio of all the planets to each other. A particularly important point is the relation of the Sun to other planets. This planet is a key aspect and an important indicator of your horoscope. It shapes your personality, self-awareness, and personality.

The location of the Sun in your zodiac sign determines your fate and further actions. Then click on the “Finish” button, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Besides, you can find out the compatibility of the zodiac signs. To do this, enter the same data of your partner. So, you will learn more information about the nature and behavior of a person. Check if you fit together.

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