5 Best Battery Drainer Apps for Android

Sometimes you need to completely drain your smartphone’s battery. Maybe you want to do it for fun. Itis possible that you don’t start charging the battery until it’s drained.

However, you might be looking for an app that will help you battery last as long as possible, this is why we recommend you 15 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS.

Anyway, you can not drain the battery at once, just using your device. If you want to do it rapidly, you will need a good application.

This is why we have created this list. Here we have collected the best battery drainer apps.

Most of them are available for Android or iOS users. All of the apps are free.

Generic Battery Drainer

This app will drain your battery as fast as possible! It will make your smartphone or tablet lose its power fast.

Generic Battery Drainer activates all the services that exist on your phone. 

These services may be the following: 

  • Super intensive and fast CPU work
  • Maximum screen brightness
  • Wi-Fi scanning that is turned on automatically
  • The constant work of the smartphone’s torch

Note that some functions require permissions. For example, you need to let the app use your camera or give it access to the screen settings.

Once you press ‘start’, the draining will begin. You can stop it at any time by clicking on the same button.

 For the fastest draining, choose all the possible services by hitting the checkbox.

Warning: if you want to use some of your applications while draining, you can face some difficulties as the speed of your smartphone’s work will plummet. 

Even though the app is packed with various functions, its size is 3.5 MB.

The app is completely free with ads. There are no in-app purchases, all the stuff is already there, in the application.


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Battery Drainer

This app will easily drain your battery. Less than 10 minutes are needed to get 0% of the power.

What does this app do to drain the battery? In general, it accumulates all the activities: Wi-Fi, various apps, Bluetooth, and many other things.

What can Battery Drainer do?

  • You can start and stop the draining process anytime. 
  • The app gives you full control: you can see the graph that illustrates draining. It will tell you what is going on in your smartphone and for how long it will last.
  • The app is small – its size is 2.7 MB only. 

There is one disadvantage is that you will have to reboot the device after the battery has been drained. We can not explain the reason for this, just keep this detail in mind.

Unfortunately, the app can be downloaded from Google Play only. It is free with ads. 

Still, if you find the ads too irritating you can remove them. To do it, you will have to download another version of the app, the premium one.

It will cost you less than 1$.  


Juicer (battery drainer)

This app was created to drain your battery quickly. It activates all the possible services and options of your smartphone or tablet to waste the device’s power as soon as possible.

Juicer uses the following services:

  1. Wi-Fi Hotspot (however, it doesn’t work for some devices).
  2. GPS navigator and maps.
  3. Camera flash and video shooting. 
  4. Turns off the screen timeout and sets maximum brightness.

By the way, if you are worried about charging your smartphone or tablet effectively, make sure you check 8 Best Fast Charging Apps for Android.

There is a significant downside though. The developer does not guarantee that your device won’t be damaged as a result of misuse.

This sounds quite disturbing, meaning that the app can cause danger. So actually you are downloading at your own risk.

Still, no one has ever reported any type of damage. 

There are no ads, even though Juicer is free of charge. You can get the application on Google Play.


Intensor Battery Drainer

This is one of the best battery drainer apps. It will be a great solution if you try to discharge your smartphone’s battery for some reason.

The principle of its work is more or less the same as in the other applications. 

What does the application do?

  • Performs safe and fast discharge. 
  • It can start and stop at any time, you can give it an exact period.
  • If you want to discharge the battery and set the level, at which the draining should stop. It will stop automatically if you do it.
  • You can monitor the draining of the application, just to have some fun.

The app might require some permissions but if you give them once, it won’t ask you to do this again. 

Intensor Battery Drainer is 100% safe. You can be completely sure it won’t cause any damage to your device.

The app contains no ads, even though it is free of charge.


Fast Discharge

This is one of the most reliable apps in this category. It was created by a group of skilled developers.

It was downloaded more than 200 000 times. The app is constantly receiving positive feedback from the users.

You can set your own speed of discharging, the range of services, and the level of battery power.

The application is being updated all the time. The developers are working on the app. Even though they don’t add any new functions (the only function is draining the battery), they try to catch glitches and fix bugs.

If you want to have some energy level left, you can set notifications and you will be alarmed. You can set the frequency and the time of notifications in the app’s settings.

The app supports the Chinese and English languages.

This app is famous for its simple and friendly interface. Fast Discharge is available for free with no ads. You can get it now on Google Play.


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