9 Free Vector Converter Apps for Android & iOS

Vector graphics software allows users to design and manipulate computer images using geometric and mathematical commands, rather than clicks and strokes as used in drawing software.

Vector images created using these programs can be scaled indefinitely without losing quality. Vector graphics tools are often used to create high-definition illustrations for use on the web, in games, and in other multimedia.

Given all the advantages of this format, we decided to collect for you the best free vector converter apps, with which you can perform all the necessary actions even on your phone.

The Vector Converter

The Vector Converter logoWith this application, you can convert a vector image to almost any vector format.

For example SVG, EPS, ICO, PNG, PDF, JPG, EMF, WMF, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, or DXF. Using this application is very easy.

Select the source file and then choose the format you want to convert it to. The conversion process will only take a few seconds.

Then you can save it or share it via various messengers or email. You can also add it to any editor for further changes and adjustments.

The image conversion is done on a secure server. To use all the features, an internet connection is recommended.

The Vector Converter screen 2 The Vector Converter screen 1

After conversion, the files are instantly deleted from the server. This means that no one but you can access them.

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Free Vector Converter

Free Vector Converter logoIn this application, you will be able to convert files of different formats to vector images. This is a raster image tracing tool.

This means that here you will be able to transform an ordinary image into a smoother and more scalable one.

For example, creating vector files from scanned data such as company or university logos, handwritten notes, and more.

This application can work with most materials offered, even low-quality images or sketches. It can work and convert to vector most raster image files such as jpeg, bitmap, gif, png, and others.

Free Vector Converter screen 1 Free Vector Converter screen 2

Once the conversion is complete, you can view the file and easily open it in another application, such as the document editor of your choice.

SVG Converter

SVG Converter logoThis application is a tool for converting files to vector formats.

Here you will be able to open and convert to jpeg many images with *.HEIC file extension at the same time. These are images in HEIF format.

Images in this format take up half the space on your device without losing image quality. Using this format will help you save up to 50% of your image storage space.

There is also an SVG image converter. Convert SVG to PNG, JPEG, and vice versa PNG, JPEG to SVG format. There is also a scale factor for image rendering and many file conversions are available.

Vector Converter can convert bitmap images such as JPEG and PNG to scalable vector graphics (EPS, SVG). Vector graphics can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

SVG Converter screen 1 SVG Converter screen 2

Vector graphics are best suited for logos, page layout, type, line drawing, or illustrations.

Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture logoThis app turns your smartphone into a real creative tool. Here you can instantly create vector files using special shapes.

Turn images into smooth, detailed, scalable vectors with colors from 1 to 32 for use in logos, illustrations, animations, and more.

Select and activate your drawing or upload a photo and watch them magically transform into clean, crisp lines.

Find your perfect font with Adobe Capture. Take a picture of a font you like (in a magazine, on a label, on a sign) and watch as a list of similar Adobe Fonts magically appears.

Can’t find the right drawing brush? Take a snapshot or use an image to create digital brushes that match your creative vision. Use your brushes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fresco to create rich pictorial effects.

Capture inspiring images and create patterns with Capture’s preset geometric options. Easily create beautiful, colorful patterns to match your creative projects using your own vector shapes.

Create realistic PBR materials for use in your 3D project right from the camera. Change your materials to get more expressive texture, or blend edges to seamlessly replicate mosaics in 3D objects.

Adobe Capture screen 2 Adobe Capture screen 1

Save resources to Adobe Creative Cloud libraries. Immediately access digital elements from your Creative Cloud account in all compatible applications.

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Vector Asset Creator

Vector Asset Creator logoIn this application, you can easily convert images to scalable vector graphics. This is a great utility for creating icons and logos from ready-made images.

You can also draw point and professional sketches. Create linear, radial, or sweeping gradients of any shape and size.

To get a vector image, upload the desired file. Then you can add the necessary lines.

You can export the finished result as an .svg, .xml, .png, or jpg file.

Vector Asset Creator screen 1 Vector Asset Creator screen 2

If you are designing icons for Android, you can export the file as a .xml file. The created tool can be used later directly from the rendered folder of your project.

Free Image Converter

Free Image Converter logoWith this application, you can convert almost any graphic image.

At the moment, a record number of image formats are supported. You can get images such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, PDF, PSD, PNG, TIFF, and others.

Using this program is quite simple. First, add the files to the list for conversion. Then choose the format you want.

Some formats support settings that you can use to get the best results. Then click on the “Convert” button and get the result.

Free Image Converter screen 1 Free Image Converter screen 2

The finished file can also be edited. For example, you will be able to resize it.

Vectorize images

Vectorize images logoThis application will help you turn images into a vector format.

The whole process takes quite a little time and effort. You can use logos, sketches, and more as a source format.

In this application, you will be able to convert logos, edit PDF files, use graphic design tools and convert images to cartoon format.

Also in this app, image editing is available, such as removing backgrounds or digitizing.

This application converts your raster image or jpeg image into a vector image. Once the process is complete, the new image can be scaled to any size you want without loss of quality.

Vectorize images screen 2 Vectorize images screen 1

All blurs and edge irregularities will be eliminated during the vectorization process, offering you in turn a crisp and clear vector image.

Vector Graphics Creator

Vector Graphics Creator logoThis application contains a large collection of vector graphics.

With its help, you will be able to create vector icons for applications, wallpaper, various pictures, and much more.

You will be able to use the finished result as wallpaper on your phone. The application will save the finished file to a private folder.

If you delete the application, this folder will also be deleted. Thus, the developers recommend creating a backup copy of these files.

Vector Graphics Creator screen 2 Vector Graphics Creator screen 1

Each finished image can be edited. You can choose the colors, location and adjust the size yourself.

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Image Converter

Image Converter logoIn this application, you will be able to convert files from one format to another. It will allow you to open files that are not supported by your smartphone.

This application supports the following formats: TIFF, GIF, JPG, PSD, PNG, PDF, SVG, BMP, EPS, HDR, ICO, TGA, WBMP, WEBP, ODD, PS.

Using the application is very easy. Select the images you want to convert from the web archive in your gallery.

Save the converted images directly in the gallery. Easily select the type of image output format. Edit the name of the finished image file.

The app provides image conversion without loss of quality or resolution. You will get all your files converted in just a few seconds.

You can share them directly from the viewed image in the converted gallery as well as from the converted gallery.

Image Converter screen 1 Image Converter screen 2

Manage all your converted images directly from the gallery. You can later share or delete the converted images.

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