5 Best Fake Text Conversation Apps for Android & iOS

Do you enjoy pranking your friends and want to take your jokes to a whole new level? This article has you covered!

There are lots of fake text conversation apps for Android and iOS that empower you to simulate text messages. These apps generate realistic dialogues that you can use to joke over your mates or to get yourself out of uncomfortable situations. The apps are fully customizable, and some of them even simulate the dialogues in popular messengers.

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Here’s the list of the 5 best apps in that category that worth your time. Check it out!

TextingStory Chat Story Maker


Let’s start with a chat simulator app that empowers you to create plausible fake text messages.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned, this app is made for entertainment purposes only so that you could prank your mates and relatives. From the first look, this app looks like a usual messenger, but the difference is you can switch between characters by tapping on their names. You can create full-on profiles of the characters with the images and descriptions.

Into the bargain, the app has a share screen tool that you can use to share the screenshots with the people you want to prank. You can even record screen videos, so the whole conversation will look even more realistic. Plus, the vid you record will automatically be quickened to look more stable and believable. You can also automatically share the vid or post it on social media.

Therewith, the app doesn’t add a watermark on the screenshots and vids so no worries about that. The vid is getting done quite fast as well — no longer than a minute. You can customize the look of your dialogue by changing the background and the color scheme of the conversation.

TextingStory1 TextingStory2


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Fake Message Free 2022


Next, we have an app that is also made for creating fake chat dialogues.

Along with the previous app, this one looks like a stand-alone messenger. And once again, the main goal of this app is to simulate the most believable chats possible. Thus, every little detail in this app can be modified. You can change the color scheme of the dialogue and switch the backgrounds. Plus, you can fake the chats list page by adding as many fake dialogues as you want.

The app works the same as its sister apps, so you can switch the characters and create a full-on conversation with imaginary (or not) people. There are two options for sending and receiving messages you can fake — SMS and MMS. Thereby, you can not only write text messages but also send pics and vids to yourself.

By the same token, the app empowers you to change the timetable for as long as you want, so you can use the same teat layout over and over again. The app has a built-in screenshot tool that can send the pics directly to the person you want to prank. You can also screen record the conversation for it to look even more realistic. There’s even the ability to speed up the vid if needed.

Fake1 Fake2


Fake All

Fake AllAs you can see by the name, it’s an app for ultimate text pranking.

With this app on your phone, you get a wide range of pranking options. It lets you fake dialogues, calls, notifications, and more. As for the messengers, you’ll get to imitate chats in FB Messenger and WhatsApp. The UI of this app imitates the original messengers quite well, so no one would guess it’s not real.

Herewith, you’ll get to modify the way chats look by writing themes and background images. As always, you’ll get to write for both actors in the dialogues. The app also supports media files and emojis, which is pleasant. You’ll also get to alter the profile of a guy you’re testing with by modifying the username and an avatar.

Besides, you may set timers for SMS to imitate real-life chatting. Speaking of call imitation, the call screen looks just like the default iPhone one, so no worries. The same goes for notifications from different apps and messengers. You also get to adjust the ringtone and the contact pics if needed.

Fake All 1 Fake All 2

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Fake Chat Conversations


As its name supposes, it is a chat simulator app that you can use to send fake messages to yourself.

Apart from other apps from our list, this one doesn’t allow you to fake dialogues in some random messages. This app is made specifically to fake WhatsApp conversations. Otherwise, it has all the same features as its sister apps. You can switch between characters and send both SMS and MMS messages. Furthermore, you can send fake voice messages to yourself and even fake calls!

Into the bargain, you can create a full-on profile for your imaginary (or not) character. You can add a profile image and give him/her a name or leave it as a phone number. All the details in the app can be customized – from the color scheme to the background image and the dark mode. You can even change the timetable for all the messages over and over again.

The app supports all the emojis that the original messages do, so no worries about that. As for the fake calls, you can also modify the number of missed ones if needed. You can even adjust the chats list page and add as many fake dialogues as you want. Once you are done with your fake conversation, you can take a screenshot and send it directly to the person you want to prank.

Chat 1 Chat 2


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pranksta2This is quite a popular app for faking conversations on (you guessed it) Instagram. With this app, you will be able to prank your friends and family with screenshots of chats that look so realistically.

When you first open the app, you need to sign the agreement with terms and conditions so that the developer won’t carry the responsibility for incorrect usage. You will also have to sign an agreement to watch ads.

And that’s actually for a reason – as soon as you open a new project for faking the messages, the ads will pop up, and you will have to wait at least 8 seconds to continue using Pranksta.

But despite that fact, the editor for fake messages here is extremely simple and user-friendly. You will get a short instructions on how to use the app, but overall, you don’t need it. Everything is clear in the interface. And you type in the message in the bar and choose whether you want it to be – sent or received.

At the upper part of the screen, you can pick the name of the profile with whom you’re having a fake conversation – choose a name, a photo, everything, and status.



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