9 Best Megaphone Apps for Android & iOS

Modern mobile devices with all their characteristics imply an individual usage model. However, sometimes there are times when the skills of your phone will be needed at once by the whole company. For example, if you want to make a speech. In this case, the megaphone application will be useful to you.

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Bluetooth Loudspeaker

To make it easier to hold various small events, training lessons, and just fun, this app is perfect. It helps you turn your device or cell phone into a microphone.

With it, you can make your speeches more understandable and clear, even for a large audience. With this app, you can connect your Android gadget to a special conduit to speak loudly to any audience.

Now you will be able to sing karaoke without a microphone and other special equipment. Do your personal concerts, events, and other activities that require voice accompaniment.

The quality of the reproduced sound will be as good as possible, so you will be heard from all parts of the hall or street.

Make your life easier with this app and become the perfect host for any show. Now you can easily become a speaker, presenter, or just a broadcaster of public events.

Bluetooth Loudspeaker
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Easy Microphone – Your Microphone and Megaphone

Easy Microphone is an interesting application that allows you to use a microphone on your smartphone.

The principle of operation of the Easy Microphone is quite simple: you can use the microphone of your smartphone or even a microphone connected via Bluetooth. You will need to activate the microphone by pressing the microphone button, and then begin speaking. You will immediately hear your voice getting louder.

The only problem with Easy Microphone is that besides voice amplification, the application continues to record voice when you use the application, and stops recording by itself. Because of this, the result is often so distorted that it is almost impossible to distinguish sounds.

However, if you just want to experiment, recording distorted and unique sounds, then Easy Microphone would be an excellent choice. The application is very easy to use, and it offers some really interesting effects. Strengthen and distort your voice with Easy Microphone.

Wireless Microphone
Wireless Microphone


Now you can become a great speaker and presenter of public events even without a microphone. With this service, your device perfectly replaces a loudspeaker.

It gives you access to live audio streaming from one gadget to another through a quick connection. Your voice can now be heard in all corners of the room, the classroom, and even the great hall.

Outdoors, your speaker will be just as good. You’ll also be able to speak to a large audience and they’ll hear you from all the speakers connected to the system.

To make your speech clearer and crisper, you can additionally include special effects. They’ll make your voice messages to your audience even clearer, crispier, and more understandable.

Now any message will be delivered to the masses. You will not need to constantly hold the microphone, to check its working order. Everything will be broadcast at an instantaneous speed through your device.

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Microphone Live

If you want simply to amplify your voice through a speaker in real-time, download Microphone Live for iPhone. It is free and easy to use.

Now, you have the possibility to use your smartphone as a live microphone! Here, you can change volume swiping up or down. Do you want to get everyone’s attention? Are you going to make an announcement? In this case, you need to download this particular application.

Microphone Live1
Microphone Live2
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Megaphone Free

Megaphone Free is not as popular as other applications but still worth being on our list. It will simply transform your gadget into a megaphone.

How does it work? You need to plug-in regular speakers and speak through the microphone of your device.

If you are going to make a public speech, open the application, and press the button on the microphone. So, everything is ready, you can start talking. To turn off the megaphone, press the center button again.

Megaphone - Voice Amplifier1
Megaphone - Voice Amplifier3
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Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone is primarily known for its megaphone feature, it offers much more than just a simple voice amplification tool. The app leverages your device’s microphone and turns it into a wireless microphone, providing a range of functionalities for various use cases.

Apart from serving as a megaphone for amplifying your voice in real-time, Wireless Microphone allows users to record audio, making it useful for capturing lectures, speeches, or any other audio content with ease.

The app’s recording capability can come in handy in educational settings, meetings, or even for personal voice notes.

Another key feature of the app is its ability to transmit audio wirelessly to other devices through a local network connection. Users can use their smartphones as a wireless microphone and broadcast their voice to speakers or other devices connected to the same network.

All in all, this app is not an ideal variant but it is quite useful to make your voice louder.


Megaphone – Voice Amplifier

Megaphone – Voice Amplifier is an iOS app designed to transform your iPhone or iPad into a powerful voice amplification tool, essentially turning your device into a portable megaphone.

The app has an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that enable users to amplify their voice in real time. This makes it ideal for situations where projecting one’s voice is necessary.

One notable feature is the ability to record audio, enabling users to capture speeches, presentations, or any important audio content conveniently. This recording capability makes Megaphone a handy tool for students, teachers, public speakers, and anyone needing an on-the-go voice recording solution.

Another benefit of the app is its compatibility with external audio devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or headphones. This allows users to amplify their voice wirelessly, expanding the range and versatility of the megaphone feature.

To sum up, I can say that Megaphone – Voice Amplifier is an effective way to become louder, just do not pay so much attention on the ald-fasioned interface design.


One Button Megaphone

If you work for a large audience or lecture in the classroom, then you’ll definitely enjoy this service. It will turn your device or any gadget into a real high-quality microphone in seconds.

Such a loudspeaker will allow you to broadcast any speech to a wide audience, wherever it is located. You will be able to organize events of any scale even without using a real microphone.

The app will help you quickly connect any gadget to the speakers, which will broadcast everything exactly with your voice accompaniment.

The connection is available for every user, so you can do your event together with your friends and acquaintances. That way you can attract even more people to it.

One Button Megaphone
One Button Megaphone

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Megaphone: Voice Amplifier

Megaphone: Voice Amplifier is a unique application that you must download on your iPhone! It will transform your phone into a megaphone with one click!

After you open the app, you will easily understand how to work with it. There is nothing complicated. If you are at a party and playing music from your iPhone on the stereo, you can just launch Megaphone, and use your iPhone as a Microphone as you make a speech! You will never need to hire a microphone again.

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