15 Best Android RTS games 2017

Strategy in real time is not a frequent genre on mobile platforms. However, these games are usually very exciting with a gripping storyline. Therefore, there will always be a game that will please even the most demanding fans. So, for your attention there are 15 best android rts games 2017.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM

total-war-battles-kingdomGame Description: in this game you will come to be in the medieval England, where you have to create your kingdom, to build new cities, to train strong and powerful army and fight with powerful enemies.

Game Objectives: find the necessary resources for the expansion and improvement of the city and its army, completes quests in which you have to use the best strategy to achieve victory over the enemy and to invade new territories.

Graphics: the graphics will delight incredible medieval realism, detailed cities, buildings and objects, as well as high-quality animations.

Gameplay: the game has a huge number of buildings available for construction and the various options for creating the army. It is also distinguished by its multiplatform, which allows you to continue this game on other devices, as well as fight with players from around the world.


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Tropical Stormfront


Stop chasing the lone opponent, it’s time to start massive offensive! The military strategy “Tropical Stormfront” offers you a great opportunity – to remake the map of the world in such a way that the leading positions will be for the country, whose interests you defend!

In the game “Tropical Stormfront” you have to fight on the side of the United Democratic Alliance, for which it is necessary to cleanse the world from cruel invaders. Think over your strategy so that the victory is yours, not only on land but also in the sky and on the water. And a small but very important detail: if you capture the island, where there are the military bases of the enemy, they will automatically begin to work for you. As you know, any even the smallest detail can be decisive on the path to success.


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Game Description: a challenging strategy game, where your task is to create a civilization from the Stone Age and reaching the space age.

Game Objectives: you must to build an outstanding building, to improve your army and engage the experienced generals on the service, to attack other countries, to conquer them and make their state the most powerful.

Graphics: stunning graphics with high resolution and sophisticated details associated with the era in which there is your state.

Gameplay: in the game from the outset and throughout the game there are trainings which explain in detail all game moments. In addition, the game has the ability to create alliances with other civilizations, thereby making your own even stronger.


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Machines at War 3 RTS


This is a full-scale multiplayer strategy for Android by Isotope 244. After starting the new part of the Machines At War, the impression of temporary fault is occurred clearly because at first glance, it is quite difficult to focus on the difference between the new and previous versions. From the first part the game has got a standard strategy and tactics for building your own database, from the second – a huge number of an army. The gameplay adds new elements that are rarely found in such projects. For example, changing weather conditions while conducting battles.

Gameplay includes 21 missions, which you can go for about 10-11 hours in uninterrupted passaging. Game events unfold in the vast virtual world, with different locations, databases, maps. The choice of the game is represented by the fighting mode against the computer or online battles with other players. Creating a team of four people can be done in any format: 3/1, 2/2, full deathmatch.

machines-at-war-3As in many strategies, there are two indirect-convertible resources – the creation and improvement of its own base and technology development. For the development of the territory and conducting the battles there are 130 types of units available, which are opened after the construction of the main strategic targets. The army of units is represented by different departments. These are: land, marines, artillery, artisans, amphibious, warriors melee, portable media boards.

Each type of unit is designed to perform specific functions and tasks. In addition to the main types, the game has a special mega units, which can be obtained after the construction or capture special resources identified on maps. Grab one of the crystalline deposits you can start building super units – floating plants, submarines, nuclear installations.

Machines At War 3 is a full RTS project, which provides a great place for imagination and variations of fighting techniques, tactical actions in the multiplayer mode. The game will appreciate the fans of the good old strategy in which you need to spend the time building a strong base, and for the solution of all problems a huge army of units is responsible. The gameplay offers players many options, some of which is not always possible to implement. Simple controls, good graphics, well-drawn locations, spectacular sound design are pleasantly pleased.


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Rusted Warfare

rusted-warfare-rts-strategyRusted Warfare is a classic military real-time strategy for Android. Though this game cannot boast of advanced graphics, but the gameplay is one of the best representatives of its genre on mobile platforms. The developers of this game inspired by the most famous projects RTS genre – series of Command and Conquer and Dune 2. Indeed, after the first run of Rusted Warfare, it is impossible not to notice the features of the legendary strategies.

In this project there are all that are so fond of fans of the genre – big cards, the possibility of building bases and the whole three types of units. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game has the ground forces, navy and air force. Such a wide range of units opens up great opportunities for the application of different strategies. For example, with the help of a powerful fleet, you can easily block large enemy forces or impede the enemy by the constant bombardment to develop its economy.

But fans of brute force can always create dozen of cheap ground units and send this column to the assault. While troops are going to the base of the enemy, it is possible to stamp the same column again to send it to attack, if the first will be broken.


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auralux-iconAuralux for Android is a fascinating application, made in the style of puzzle game in which you can play forever. In this game, users will be able to enjoy the beautiful minimalist graphics, designed in beautiful rich colors. The essence of the gameplay is to absorb planets. Everything is simple and clear.

A feature of the game is the abstract of the gameplay. You have to control the points of light and capture the stars. Once the sun is captured, it changes color and begins producing luminous spots.

The main objective of all levels is to destroy the enemy stars. In each level, three players of different colors take part. Opponents can be different colors, but you can always play for the Blues. At the start of the level all have one star, with the same number of points. Each star produces one point per second, so you need to grab as many stars to generate a large number of points and devour opponents. But not everything is so simple, you should pay attention to the details.

Do not think that everything will be so easy. Artificial intelligence of your opponents is on the top. Once you send all of your points to capture the star of one of the enemy, the opponent immediately sends his points to capture your star. But, if you’ve sent a huge number of points on your opponent, he begins to retreat and gather its forces in one place. In addition, two enemies on two fronts act directly against you, so you have a little string up your gyros. At first, even the training takes place with difficulty.

At the end of each level you will show interesting graph with statistics of the last level, which displays the capture or loss of the stars and the total number of points of each player.

In terms of management, it is simple enough. To select the points you need to swipe your finger across the screen, thereby drawing a circle. Selected points are white. To send a selected point, you just need to tap on the desired location on the screen.

The whole process of the game is accompanied by pleasant and relaxing music, and the points are moving quite slowly and clumsily. Like in all modern games, Auralux has awards that are given for certain achievements.

Initially, in the game only four levels are available , but if you want, you can buy many more different cards, including the acceleration mode.


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World War II: Real Strategy

This is the classic war game in real time, which is set in the fields of World War II. It will be a fierce fight against terrorism and chaos, in which you can become a famous marshal.

Additional information:

  • a large arsenal of weapons and military equipment;
  • upgrades;
  • availability of multiplayer.

Start execution of its tasks to create its own military base, gather soldiers, train them and begin to attack the enemies which are located in different parts of the world. To become a conqueror of the world will not be easy, it is necessary not just to lead your soldiers, but also to develop your own military strategy, to participate in the dynamic military campaigns on the ground and in the air, to destroy the enemy, to collect bonuses and move on to the first line in the table of world leaders.


Heroes of Order & Chaos

heroes-of-orderIn an interesting application Heroes of Order & Chaos, you can choose one of 30 offered heroes and start the game. Your goal is to capture the enemy base. And it can be done in many different ways. You can set traps and ambushes, actively use your own tactical skills.

At the very beginning of the game you will be given a base, which, of course, you will develop and defend by all the forces against the attacks of the enemies. Do not forget to improve the characteristics of your character, increase its strength, so it will be easier for him to win in the bloody battles. You can win only if you can collect a huge army, train own character and show the most courage.

You are waiting for the exciting world of stunning victories and battles. By the way, the battle can be not only against artificial intelligence, but also against real opponents from all over the world. This epic battle you’ll never forget!

You will be pleased with a variety of maps, which provide the opportunity to participate in the grand collective battles 3×3 or a 5×5. Nobody prevents you to use a powerful attack, cunning ambushes and even betrayal and lies. Make all efforts to win. Evaluate good graphics, good sound, addictive gameplay, the ability to create your team, the opportunity to play in real time. In other words, you will like a terrific app Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Also appreciate easy management, which does not have problems. There is no doubt that here you will spend a lot of free time. Connect to the gameplay of your friends and enjoy!


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Throne Rush

bitva-za-tronDo you want to feel yourself in the role of a good knight, then install the application Throne Rush. The aim of the game is to build the village and to attack on the neighbor’s land and their enslavement. The player is free to choose what to build from his village, that is a military camp, a thriving city or a rural and developed industrial center. The uniqueness of this game for Android gadgets is the fact that by using it, you can simultaneously develop the makings of an architect and strategist.


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Fairy Kingdom HD


Help to build the kingdom and find love, to reveal the great mystery of the past, as well as to expel the dark evil that has descended on the day when it was their wedding. The game has 250 unique quests and 20 magical tasks, 7 unique characters who will need your help, a large map containing 100 mysterious buildings, clever charms and mysterious strangers, more than one hundred awards, items, and achievements! In the game there are great graphics and sound design. Good luck!


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Galaxy Empire: Evolved


In the distant future, when the Earth will no longer be suitable for people and resources have run out, mankind will have no other choice but to look for new places to live in the Universe. After a billion light-years on a ship, you will finally arrive at a suitable planet!

This is a chance for you to build your Galactic Empire!

You’ll have to collect natural resources, develop technologies, build a fleet, as well as unite! You have to defeat your enemies! You have to show the strength of our Empire!

Would you prefer a peaceful diplomacy or select the path of blood and weapons? Everything depends on you!

galaxy-empire-2 evolved

Rome: Total war



The game will send your mind in ancient Rome, where you will send a huge army in battles. Your job is to collect and maintain many thousands of the legion in the fight for the land of the Roman province. Your main goal is to occupy all the territory of the Roman Empire and become its lord and to keep the power as long as possible.

Make a choice among multiple factions, create a victorious strategy and lead it to glory. During the game you can watch stunning graphics, change camera location, zoom out and zoom in. A variety of climatic conditions, day and night, a large virtual world are also presented!

Fans of RTS strategies await the release of the game on the Android platform in 2017.


Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear


Try your abilities as a child of God against the Shining Lady – the princess, followed by a huge army of fierce warriors. This army destroys villages and takes people into slavery. So, you are the hope for the rest of the wild people. Become a powerful warrior with Baldur’s Gate. The game is expected in 2017.


Tropical Wars – Pirate Battles


This is a very interesting and entertaining strategy in which you will create your own pirate island. To do this you need a good team and your own ship. Gather everything you need and go to the sea, where you will be waited for the battles, loot treasure and a lot of positive emotions. Collect money, improve your ship and you can easily become a full-fledged master of the surrounding seas.

Just you will need to improve and build up your island, in the event of loss you have a safe place to shelter. In the Tropical Wars app you play with a lot of real people around the world. Call your friends and the game will become much more interesting. In addition to the application there is a very good and colorful graphics, which gives even more pleasure from the gameplay.

Download Tropical Wars and start to build your own pirate empire.


The Incorruptibles


It is an interesting game in the Android platform, which will immerse you into the fascinating world of adventure. Users will explore the vast expanses of the virtual space, constantly fight with their enemies, and pump the hero to the maximum level. This development has a wonderful gameplay and a very interesting story line, from which the gameplay becomes even more exciting.

Developers have realized their idea greatly, she definitely liked the owners of Android devices, it can be seen on the good ratings and number of downloads and positive reviews on the Play Market.

You will encounter a great strategy, where you need not only to fight constantly, and still pay much attention to the production of the necessary resources for survival. Of course, you will fight for a cause, you must banish all monsters from your territory, because they have no place here. All fights will take place in real time, so have patience, because all processes will occur in real time.

Do not forget to search for rare artifacts, which have their unusual abilities and will help you with the dangerous tasks. Be sure to seize new territory, because it will strengthen the defenses of your kingdom. Create new items, improve your character’s talents and constantly modify its equipment, because every time the enemy is becoming more dangerous and stronger. Call to the aid of your friends and other allies in the game. Soak the siege of the enemy and immediately make a retaliatory strike. Collect in-game currency and get cool weapons.

Successful visualization and a good part of the graphic interactive environment will please the users. Sound is impressive, and the gameplay itself does not cease to amaze with its cool effects throughout the game. The interface. Download The Incorruptibles on your android phone or tablet and spend a fun free time with this entertaining RPG.



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