10 Best Atomic Clock Apps for Android

In the modern world, you need to constantly monitor the exact time, because a matter of seconds can play a decisive role in any business. It is in order to insure yourself in this matter that there are special atomic clocks which are very helpful. This article will feature the best atomic clock apps for Android.

And more various clock widgets for your Android device you will find in this article.

Atomic Clock & Watch Accuracy

This app can be called one of the most reliable and optimized of its kind due to the clarity of the developed options. This program has literally everything so that you can not only find out the exact time but also configure it on all your devices. In short, everything you need for an organized person.

We can select the following options for this utility:

  • detection, followed by showing the exact time and the ability to synchronize it with all the user’s devices for a more accurate daily routine
  • unique ability to track the accuracy of your existing watches, which will not only recognize it but also improve it in the nearest watch workshop
  • an abundance of different time synchronization protocols, including government, limited, layered, and even individual
  • one of the practical options called “picture in picture,” which consists in creating a small widget on top of other apps and allows you to customize the time much more conveniently

Thus, we can say that the utility can be worthy of your attention due to the fact that it was created practically. It is thanks to its unique features, as well as a solid interface, that the app has been holding leadership in this area for more than one year.

Atomic Clock & Watch Accuracy1
Atomic Clock & Watch Accuracy2

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AtomicClock: NTP Time

If you ever wanted to know the exact time in order not to miss any meaningful event, this is your app rescue. This tool guarantees you that you can get accurate time with well-developed protocols. The utility can be called a good analog of an atomic clock.

The app is famous for the following features:

  • the ability to select one from different lists of temporary servers or add your own with the subsequent promotion in the utility
  • the presence of clock ticking sound, as well as a running second hand, allowing you to more accurately track the time at a particular moment
  • variability in the choice of hour format, be it twelve, twenty-four-hour or taking into account the local time hour period
  • the ability to install the widget on the main screen of your device in order to change the time to a more accurate one was much easier and more convenient

So, to summarize, we can say that the app is very good for those people who want to organize themselves at a decent level. The program has a number of very well-developed functions in which the user can quickly understand the tool.

AtomicClock: NTP Time1
AtomicClock: NTP Time2

Atomic Time – NTP Clock Sync

Thanks to Atomic Time, you can find out the most accurate time at any time when you need it. This app has numerous well-designed functions, coupled with a simple control interface and design. Try downloading this utility to make sure for yourself.

The most interesting features of the program:

  • the presence of light and dark themes, depending on the user’s preferences, to save eye strain and the practicality of the background
  • a huge number of different temporary servers, the list of which is constantly replenished, as well as existing protocols are improved
  • the ability to synchronize time on a specific server with any of your devices, as well as a link to any of the accounts for simplified login
  • simple controls and minimalist designs that create comfort and visual tranquility

Summing up, this app can be the best option for those who want to improve their self-organization and start appreciating their time. Due to the fact that the utility is constantly improving, it can be called one of the most reliable at the moment.

Atomic Time – NTP Clock Sync1
Atomic Time – NTP Clock Sync2

Atomic Clock – US NIST Time

US NIST Time is a simple utility so that you can find out the time with an accuracy of milliseconds. With it, you will definitely not miss such important events as your best friend’s birthday or Christmas. The app combines literally everything you need into one.

Some of the most important features of the program:

  • variability in choosing the mode of operation of the app, for example, auto-synchronization with an atomic clock or displaying a snapshot of the current time on atoms
  • a unique program option that allows you to count the number of seconds, minutes, and hours left before the New Year
  • different time synchronization protocols that were constructed by NIST and accessed through Internet login
  • the ability to select the background color or pictures, as well as add the author’s images in various formats to create comfort

To summarize, we can say that this app will be an excellent assistant for those people who really value their time. The program constantly expands its functionality, so download faster in order to take the first step towards the organization.

Atomic Clock – US NIST Time1
Atomic Clock – US NIST Time2

Atomic Clock

This app was created to show the most accurate time at the time the user started the utility. It can be called a pretty good choice for those people who want to build themselves good time management. The utility shows the exact time regardless of the situation or holiday.

Several features of this app are emphasized by the developers themselves:

  • the presence of landscape-portrait mode, which allows you to display the app on top of other programs on your device
  • the presence of various hour formats (twelve and twenty-four hours), as well as the ability to divide the day into morning and evening intervals
  • the ability to select the mode of the lowest display brightness, which significantly saves battery power on your device, as well as your vision
  • the presence of smart synchronization, which allows you to set perfectly accurate time exactly at the moment when you need it

Thus, we can say that the app will be a way out of the situation for all people who know the price of time. The utility has been operating for the seventh year, which indicates a good quality standard.

Atomic Clock1
Atomic Clock2

Atomic Wall Clock

With this utility, you can turn all your devices into the most accurate time viewer with the largest font. It is worth noting that this app is one of the easiest among programs of this kind. However, this fact does not detract from its merits.

Several characteristics of the utility that are worth attention:

  • constant receipt of up-to-date information through communication with time-lapse protocols literally every five minutes
  • the easiest control of all apps of this kind, as well as a simple interface and practical design that saves your vision and nerves
  • a unique utility option showing the difference between conventional and atomic clocks with all their advantages and disadvantages
  • a small weight of the program, saving space on your device, as well as a relatively small widget of the app

Thus, we can safely declare that Atomic Wall Clock is the easiest option for showing the exact time at the moment. The program has been operating for six years, which means that the developers know their business.

Atomic Wall Clock1

Smart Time Sync

Using this utility, you can check if you have the right time on your tablet or phone. Like all apps of this type, the utility receives new information thanks to the constant scanning of data received from NTP.
This allows her to remain the most accurate in the readings of her data.

Several of the most significant features of the app:

  • the ability to synchronize and check the correct time on your device by accessing the Internet or by location
  • a small amount of the app itself that can save you your cloud storage space, as well as automatic protocol changes if necessary
  • the unique ability of the program to use the location function on the device only at the moment when any other app uses it
  • the ability to determine time gaps based on the location of your device, as well as simplified navigation in the app

As a result, this program has already existed for quite a long time and is constantly being improved in certain aspects of the work. Try downloading this app and making sure for yourself.

Smart Time Sync1
Smart Time Sync2

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Smart GPS Time

Have you ever asked yourself the question: how accurate is my watch? If so, this app can help you find the exact answer to it. With this program, you can not only check the accuracy but also improve it or even sync it with your device.

The most interesting characteristics of the app:

  • smart project of the program in the form of security, namely, the user’s tracking of all actions performed by the program in his absence
  • smart control of the GPS on and off function, tied to the condition of high charge of your device
  • the ability to see the difference between your watch and an atomic clock, and to do a number of things to increase the accuracy of your watch

Thus, this app is a good way out so that you can look on time with the highest accuracy.

Smart GPS Time1
Smart GPS Time2

Time Calibrator

The main goal of this app is to show the most accurate time for people from all over the world. The utility works using quantum technology that allows you to move this information as quickly and accurately as possible. It is worth noting that the design of the program is simple as possible.

Time Calibrator works mainly using the Swiss time interval protocol however it can connect to others. In addition, with one of the most important options of the utility – calibration, you can improve the accuracy of time on your watch.

Time Calibrator1
Time Calibrator2

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Radio Watch Sync

Radio Watch Sync is a program designed to improve the accuracy of time both on your device and on your watch as a device. Using a simple method described directly in the app, you can easily calibrate your time directly to almost perfect accuracy.

This app allows you not only to find out the most accurate time in specific intervals but also to generally operate with the technical data of the phone. The utility is equipped with numerous options, ranging from elaborate animations to viewing the state of the mobile battery.

In addition, within the framework of privacy, you can put a pass into the utility using only your face. The program contains both a twelve-hour and twenty-four-hour format, the ability to show time up to milliseconds, and even show the weather. In short, all that is necessary for an organized person.

It is worth saying that the program supports different types of radio waves, which makes it possible to choose from several regions at once. You can also change the format of the displayed time almost immediately in order to make it convenient for you to view it.

Radio Watch Sync1
Radio Watch Sync2
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