9 Free Internet Lock Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever noticed that you have trouble concentrating on something or doing some tasks without being distracted by your phone? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Luckily, there are free internet lock apps for Android & iOS that can help you level up your productivity. These apps empower you to view your screen time stats and create custom locker lists according to them. Therewith, you’ll be able to lock specific apps, websites, and even web access in general.

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Here’s the list of the best free apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

Freedom – Block Distractions


Let’s start with an app called Freedom. This is an app that aims to help you stay focused on your daily tasks.

This app is dedicated to locking the apps and sites that may distract you from work or whatever else. As you may guess this app covers multiple helpful tools apart from net blocking.

The app can track your daily activity and point out the apps and sites that consume your time the most. Once it’s done you’ll have the ability to block them.

Plus, you may enter the sites and apps you want to restrict your access to by yourself. The number of websites is unlimited and you can pick the time you want them to be locked.

Plus, this is a multi-platform app and you can use it on your PC with the same acc as well. In case you don’t want to bother yourself with details you can limit the whole internet access in general.

Plus, you get to set personal goals and mark points on your way to gaining them. It’s also possible to set reminders to tell you to have a break from SM if you’ll spend a particular amount of time in it. You can also use the app to form your daily schedule with all the tasks and meetings that need to be done.


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Stay Focused

Stay Focused

As you may guess by the name, Stay Focused is an app that will help you not get distracted from important tasks.

This is a self-control app that empowers you to track your app and Internet usage and keep it under control.

To do so, the app lets you define the usage of particular apps and platforms for as long as you need. Herewith, the number of platforms and apps you can add to your personal blocklist is unlimited.

Additionally, the app can track the time you spend on SM and other sources to give you a usage-ready block list (you can rather stick within or make your own).

You may even block specific keywords if needed. In case you want nothing to distract you from daily tasks, you can use a web blocker that will limit your internet access in general.

Furthermore, you may put a daily limit on the usage of apps and SM. And if you don’t want something that radical you can set notifications that will remind you to stop scrolling through your IG feed. Plus, you can set time schedule to block the addictive apps before going to sleep and all that.


RescueTime Management


RescueTime is another app that helps you maintain digital wellness.

The main goal of this app is to help you stay productive and not get distracted by the web. To cope with that, the app tracks your app and web usage and points out all the troubles in your digital life.

The app tells you which applications you spend your time most, what websites do you visit regularly, and all that.

Once it’s done the app gives you personal recs on how to level up your productivity. Therewith, you may not only use these recs by also set your own goals for reducing screen use.

For instance, you can turn on notifications that will tell you that you’ve already spent the available amount of time on the web or in a particular app.

In case you want to go bigger, you can set the schedule that will automatically turn off the mobile data on your phone. You may also auto-block some apps and sites individually if needed. Plus, you can view how productive you can be if you’re not scrolling through SM by logging offline tasks you have done.


Lock Me Out

Lock me out

Lock Me Out is an app that will assist you in getting over your smartphone addiction.

Frankly speaking, the main feature of this app is to lock you out f the internet when you need to be doing something else.

Along with its sister apps, the first step this app does after being installed on your device is it traces your screen time activity. Once it’s done, you’ll get a report on the apps you use the most, the sites you visit most often, and more.

The reports help you to understand your weak points and give you recs on how to become more productive. Therewith, the app gives you lots of locker options and all of them may be customized. For instance, you may block specific apps, SMs, or the whole web with just one button.

Plus, you get to set the schedule for the lockouts and plan them weeks ahead. You may also set the app to turn off the web or lock apps according to your GPS location.

You may even use the modes that ask you to pay some pennies if you’ll stop the lockout too early. Besides, you get to adjust the emergency access rules and all that.




BlockSite is an app that will level up your productivity by locking your web entrance.

The main goal of this app is to point out the apps and SMs you may be addicted to and to help you defeat the addiction.

Therewith, this is not the app that will limit your access to particular sites and apps if you use them too much — it should be your own decision. Therefore, the app empowers you to make your own locker lists.

It needs to be said, you may rather add the sites and apps by your will or use the app’s stats on your screen time. The amount of apps and sites you may lock is unlimited so feel free to add as many as you need. Plus, you can adjust the list and time and lock extra sites whenever you want.

You may also make a locking schedule that will turn on automatically by the timer. The amount of time the site will stay locked is also adjustable. Besides, you can attack the locker to your GPS and lock some sites while you’re at work or in school. You can also use the app to set daily tasks and some bigger goals.


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AppBlock – Stay Focused


And lastly, AppBlock is an app that will teach you to not get distracted on the web while doing your daily tasks.

The main purpose of this app is to reduce your screen time and help you to defeat the dependence on some sites and apps.

Thus, the app traces the time you spend on the web and points out specific apps and sites you’ve been visiting. Next, the app gives you recs on what apps and sites you’d better lock.

Therewith, you can adjust the locker list any time and you can add as many apps and sites as you need. You can also regulate the time the apps will be locked.

Plus, you get to make locking calendars and plan the weeks ahead if needed. You may also set the app to automatically turn on the “do not disturb” mode when you lock the apps.

You can also attach the locker to your GPS. In case you would like to start small, you may set notifications to tell you that you’re spending too much time on SM. Herewith, you can pick the time you’re allowed to use some apps and sites and adjust the breaks in between them as well.


NetGuard – no-root firewall

With this app, every user of modern gadgets will be able to optimize and improve their performance. To do this, it contains functions that allow you to configure spending and energy savings, access to certain tools in your smartphone and so on.

You can choose restrictions for their installation on certain apps and services of your smartphone. The app allows you to lock your smartphone whenever you need to.

Through it, you can even set a wallpaper on the screen to make it even more attractive and unusual.

There are also paid features that are available only after you pay for a subscription. These include blocking app access to certain addresses and servers, analytics, graphs, and notifications.

Also, when activating a paid subscription, users are offered a wider range of themes and wallpaper designs.


Net Blocker – Firewall per app

The app is a service for blocking certain services and apps on your smartphone and setting restrictions on their access to the Internet. Such actions allow you to speed up and optimize the work of your device.

The app does not require access to personal data, so its use is absolutely safe for gadget owners. Also with this service you can significantly reduce the energy consumption, thereby prolonging the work of your smartphone.

The service is supported on Android operating system gadgets starting from version 5 update. All these features of the optimization service are available absolutely free of charge. It also does not provide advertising, so the functionality is quite convenient and easy to use.

The app allows you to change the access to different functions of the apps and the device itself in an unlimited way.


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Net Blocker: Block Internet

In this app you can improve the performance of your gadget by optimizing the energy consumption and setting restrictions for certain apps.

It is possible to put a ban on selected services and apps that are installed on the smartphone to go online. This will help to reduce energy consumption.

Also in the program you can see the amount of energy that is spent by certain apps on the smartphone. The app does not require access to personal data, which makes its use as safe as possible.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to find out who is calling from unknown numbers. The service will automatically provide all the information about the person making an incoming call, even offline.

After using the service, the efficiency of using your smartphone and the apps installed on it will increase significantly.

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