11 Best Calisthenics Apps for Android & iOS

The best calisthenics app can serve to be highly beneficial for both advanced practitioners and beginners in exercising.

One of the best things about these fitness-related apps is they do not require the users to bring in a lot of equipment for working out. Going for a simple doorway pull up bar can turn things up for the users.

However, for the ones who are on the lookout for more versatility, pull up stations can be the right option. These stations allow individuals to exercise more.

The best calisthenics apps mentioned below are available for free, and a few of them even feature in-app purchases.


Madbarz logoWith Madbarz you will get daily workout routines highly adjustable to your needs.

Choose workout duration and the targeted muscles (abs, legs, back,…), adapt it to your fitness level and goals, and create your own workouts.

The provided video guidance will help you execute the exercises perfectly.

Work out at home or at the gym, with your fitness program always in your pocket. Stick with our workouts and notice a change in just a few weeks.

Madbarz is ideal for beginners – it has detailed descriptions of each exercise, followed by a high-quality video so that performing the exercise correctly no longer poses a problem.

If you are at an intermediate level, Madbarz will help you take your skills to a higher level.

Advanced level athletes will be challenged to become better and stronger, with exercises developed by professionals.

Madbarz screen 1 Madbarz screen 2

The app has a premium version that you can try out for a 7-day free trial if you wish to. Although you do not need the premium version to really enjoy the app, having allows you to obtain access to detailed nutrition guides on weight loss or muscle gain, loads of recipes, and more.

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Calisthenics mastery

Calisthenics mastery logoThis app is the perfect Calisthenics Companion for Tracking,

Motivation, and Education from Beginner to Advanced levels.

Download and set up a plan with a few taps, or set up your personal plan with routines that you can easily and effectively add to the workouts that you schedule.

The Free Version contains 50 exercises in 5 categories, with full functionality.

Calisthenics mastery screen 2 Calisthenics mastery screen 1

You can explore and use the full potential of Calisthenics Mastery through the free content, and unlock Advanced Exercises, Easy-to-use Workout Plans, and Motivating Workout Modes as you progress in Calisthenics.


Calisteniapp logoThis app has been specifically designed for meeting the fitness and health requirements of active men and women. The latest version of this app was introduced in August 2016, and it is v3.0.236.

This app is available for free and requires Android 4.0.3 to run. You can use it on your Android device to enhance your fitness and health.

This top-quality workout application will help you train your body in a better way.

It is probably one of the best workout apps on Android for building muscles.

Calisteniapp screen 1 Calisteniapp screen 2

The successful workout plans available on this software and the workout schedule trackers will help you lose a considerable amount of fat, no matter whether you are training at the gym or home.

We’re workout out – Al kavadlo

We’re workout out – Al kavadlo logoWork out alongside an animated Al as he takes you through more than 40+ unique workouts and over 90 different progressive bodyweight exercises.

Al Kavadlo is one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight strength training and calisthenics.

The author of several books, including Get Strong, Street Workout, Zen Mind, Strong Body, and Pushing The Limits!, Kavadlo is also known for his appearance in the popular Convict Conditioning book series.

You can choose between a monthly subscription or a single one-time purchase. Level up your fitness and strength, gain flexibility, and learn more about calisthenics.

Make a healthy change in your life by becoming more active, aware, and motivated. Exercises are presented in an easy and simple way to understand.

We’re workout out – Al kavadlo screen 1 We’re workout out – Al kavadlo screen 2

Choose exercises relevant to your fitness level in the given sections. You can choose progression difficulty for some exercises.


ThenX logoThenx is designed to teach anyone the secret techniques and knowledge of bodyweight training.

These programs have been tested and developed over many years by professional instructors and athletes to provide the most direct and simplistic format to excel in calisthenics fitness and ability.

In these programs, you will face challenges, but the skills and abilities that you will develop through proper guided progression are obtainable by anyone from any age or any fitness level.

ThenX screen 2 ThenX screen 1

The content provided is designed in short video format with the purpose to convey the techniques and exercises at your own pace, ensuring proper form to be easily repeated, personalizing your workout experience.


MyFitnessPal logoMyFitnessPal will be the right calisthenics app for you if you are looking to lose bodyweight; get healthy, tone up.

Start a brand new diet or change your lifestyle habits.

The app allows users to track the food they are consuming with their massive database.

The app even tells the users how much food they need to have regularly to stay healthy and fit.

MyFitnessPal screen 1 MyFitnessPal screen 2

Everything is tailored to the objectives and requirements of the users.

Calisthenics Workout Routines

Calisthenics Workout Routines logo

Another bodyweight workout app that will allow you to find the right exercises and create your own workout routine, whilst tracking your progress and statistics.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, this app will serve you right.

Choose from a wide range of pre-made workouts or create your own workout.

Calisthenics Workout Routines screen 1 Calisthenics Workout Routines screen 2

Know which muscles will be activated and the intensity level of cardio and strength in each workout.


BodBot logoTechnically, BodBot does include exercises that use the equipment. However, during setup, you can restrict the app to bodyweight-only exercises.

BodBot stands out thanks to its high level of personalization and fitness assessments.

It means that the app identifies which body parts you need to focus on, tailors your workouts to your schedule and needs, and takes into account how your body reacts to particular exercises.

While many apps boast that they provide tailor-made programs, few take into account specific factors such as hip mobility and shoulder mobility.

When BodBot says it’s suitable for all fitness levels, it means it—including people who may struggle significantly with certain exercises due to injury or weakness.

Most of the app’s features are available for free, however, a subscription is available if you want to take the personalization to a heightened level.

BodBot screen. 1 BodBot screen 2

The subscription unlocks features such as recovery tracking and food tracking within the app.


8fit logoThough it’s free, 8fit contains a range of quality programs and exercises that put some paid exercise apps to shame.

The app contains timed workouts with exercise previews and descriptions that make sure you get the best out of your training.

There’s also a great level of customization since you can specify your fitness level and goals.

This includes replacing exercises in your workouts if they don’t suit you.

8fit screen 1 8fit screen 2

These workouts are all available for free, but if you want to view specific classes, such as surf-style training or yoga, you need the premium version of the app.


Seven logoIf you’re strapped for time, Seven is a great option for bodyweight training and workouts.

The app offers seven-minute workouts that don’t require any equipment, making it easy to dedicate time to your fitness in small sessions.

The free version of the app gives access to a free daily workout, along with an introductory 12-exercise workout.

The app includes a timer for each exercise and animations to show you how to do them.

Every two months, a new workout will permanently unlock for free users However, the vast majority of the app’s exercises are available through the subscription plan.

Seven screen 1 Seven screen 2

This grants instant access to 200 exercises, along with the app’s coaching functions. This makes the free version of the app quite limited, even more so than many other apps that offer both a free and subscription version.

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Keep logoKeep was named among the best self-improvement apps of 2018 in the Google Play Awards, thanks to its great selection of exercises and social features.

Many of the routines and exercises in Keep are available for free. However, it also holds premium workouts, available through a subscription.

What makes Keep stand out are its unique workout collections aimed at specific goals.

For example, it has stretches and exercises available in collections dedicated to rehabilitative goals, such as posture correction and pain relief.

Keep screen 1 Keep screen 2

You can also save your favorite workouts to your home page and follow friends’ workouts and achievements in the app.

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