11 Free Macro Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

Looking forward to losing weight or building muscles? It’s time to start counting macros, then.

That’s why we’ve picked up the best free macro tracing apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps help to improve your nutrition and understand what food your body actually needs. All these apps simplify food logging, so it’s easier to stick to it. Plus, these work as calorie calculators and even cover some meal plans if required. Have a look!

Carb Manager

If you wanna hold your macro intake accountable, this app is one of the best to use. It will become your pocket food manager, controlling what you eat throughout the day. The app will be extremely helpful if you wanna maintain a low-carb diet and achieve healthy eating goals in general. You can use it for any diet as well: from paleo to keto, and all.

The app makes macro monitoring as simple as it can be. All you need here is to scan a barcode of a product you’re about to eat, and it’s done. Along with a regular calorie counter, the app will show how much carbs, fats, and protein you consume. And if you need extra motivation, feel free to join monthly challenges for a boost of competitive spirit.

More to that, there’s a full-on fasting tracker, so you won’t need an extra app for that. As for the other features, there’s a database of recipes with over 5K options to choose from. You can use filters to find recipes that fit your lifestyle, diet, and nutritional needs.


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That’s a calorie tracker that lets you control what you eat and get a better understanding of it. It covers a wide lib of verified foods, so logging your meals and snacks take literal secs. All the foods logged by the users get checked by staff for accuracy, so no worries here. For now, the lib contains over 1M foods, and it keeps growing daily. Fair to say, the chances to find a meal not covered by the app are extremely low.

As you log the meal, you’ll get to view all the macros in it, and there are over 82 options here. You’ll get to save all the info on your daily consumption to see progress over time. By the way, you can simply scan a barcode to log the food. Herewith, the app lets you adjust the dashboard to see all the important metrics right away.

There’s also a water tracker if needed. And if you use any fitness trackers, we have good news: the app integrates with a bunch of them. Thus, you’ll get to view your improvement and nutrition consumption at the same time.



It’s a user-friendly app to track calories and control the way you eat. This app is all about simplicity, so if you find similar apps too complicated and overloaded with features, this one is for you. It covers a lib of verified foods, so you’ll just need to find one from the list. And if you’re eating something from a packager (or smth that has a barcode), just scan it, and you’re ready to go.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll get to create custom meals and reuse them as needed. The app saves a history of your logs, and you’ll get to view the progress at any time. Plus, the app lets you set a calorie goal according to your diet and other needs.

Beyond that, you can form goals for carbs, fat, fiber, sugar, and other macros individually. The app also covers a water tracker if needed. And if you tend to forget to eat or during, set alerts to stay on course no matter what. You may also explore the community section for motivation and support.


Lose It!

This app is here to help you maintain a healthy diet. it covers all the instruments that help you stay on course. The app covers millions of meals and foods you can search for and log into your diary within secs. All your data gets saved automatically, and you’ll get to view reports at any time.

It also has a built-in scanner to log foods you get from grocery shops. All it takes is one pic, and the info gets logged into the app. And if you practice intermittent fasting, there’s a special tool for it as well.

Herewith, the app shows the macros of each food item individually, and there are over 25 macros to pick from. You can adjust the diary for any diet or goal in general, even though it was originally made for weight loss. And if you don’t know how to calc calories exactly, you can answer a couple of questions and the app will calculate the calorie budget for you.



Would be nice to have a personal nutrition coach for free, right? Well, that’s exactly what this app is. This app lets you count more than just calories. It helps you calculate macros, and view all of them individually.

You can log foods by searching for them within the app’s library. It covers millions of meals already, and more get added regularly, At the same time, you can use a scanner for all the packed foods or drinks. The app also covers a water monitor, and you can set up alerts to not forget about hydration.

Along with that, you can use this app to make diet plans for whatever goal is needed. The plan is fully adjustable, and you can make one for weight loss or body composition as well. There are even plans for intermittent fasting. All plans come with pre-made grocery lists as well.



The name of this app fully reflects its features. It lets you handle nutrition and reach your dietary objectives with minimal effort. You can use this app even if you’re not familiar with the concept at all. It uses a smart algorithm to individualize your program.

The plan will adjust according to your needs and goals, and it will change with time as you’ll get better with the way you eat. The app covers a unique tool that detects shifts in your metabolism and alters the plans automatically.

As for the tracker, you’ll be able to log foods via a scanner. It will only work for items you buy at the store, and for all the other ones you’ll need to use a built-in food lib. The app covers thousands of meals, so all you need to do is to find the right one.


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Next, there’s an app to use for calorie counting. This app may not be as versatile when it comes to features, but it gets the job done well. It’s a smart yet simple tool that lets you register food and calculate macros with just a few steps.

As for the features, you’ve got a classic calorie calc to register all the foods you eat in a day. Herewith, there’s a macros calc that lets you view all the macros individually. All this data gets saved in a history and you can import it right away.

And if you follow any diet in general, you can set goals and limits to handle your food intake. For instance, you can set forth muscle mass, weight loss, and whatever else is needed. The app covers nutritive info for tons of foods, and you’ll get to add custom meals as well. The barcode scanner is included as well, so logging packaged items is easier than ever.


Nutritionix Track

That’s a fitness tracker you can use to manage the way you eat. The app makes logging fast and intuitive, so it’s easier for you to stick to it. It claims it only takes 60 secs to log a food item, so no matter how busy you are, you’ll be able to do it.

A nice thing is, the app comes with a predictive search bar that figures out what meal you’re about to log in before you actually do that. Sounds unnecessary, but it actually saves a bunch of time. Of course, let’s not forget about the built-in scanner that lets you log items within secs. The apps lib covers over 95% of groceries in the US, including restaurant menus.

Speaking of things you’re allowed to tack here, you can do food intake, macros, exercise, and water. There’s a special scale or weight progress as well, which is handy. Plus, the app has a base of food recipes made by dietitians.



If you’re searching for a way to lose weight while staying healthy, this app will come in handy. The main goal of this one is to help you stick to your meal plan in detail. You’ll get to monitor the calories and macros. The app will split the macros into fats, proteins, and carbs, so you’ll get everything sorted out right away.

Beyond that, the app will help to balance your diet. It will make sure you won’t skip recording your foods, as it can get done with just a few taps. You may rather use a search bar or a code scanner for packaged items. The app saves all the info automatically, so you could review it at any time.

The app covers a massive food database, so even if you’re not using a scanner, logging a meal should be easy. It also features nutritional facts and info on minerals and vitamins as well. You can even make a full-on diet plan regardless of your goals and needs.



This app helps you calc the foods you take in a day. It will be useful for weight loss, mass gain, and any other goal you may have. You can use it to manage your meals, water, fasting, and all that with minimal effort.

However, this is not a regular restrictive diet tool. It’s all about comprehending what you eat and making clever choices day by day. The app helps you detect your eating habits and pick up the plan to make it work better. You’ll get to log foods via a search bar or scanner, and it won’t take much time either way.

The app lets you set goals and record the activities and workouts to get the full picture. The goals are fully adjustable, so you can take one for weight loss, gain, or maintenance if needed. The app also offers meal plans of all kinds, and you’ll get to adjust your nutrition needs as well. And if you need some help to stay inspired, there’s a community section and over 500 recipes to try.


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To wrap up, we have a food logger to calc your macros. It’s made for all the people who want to practice flexible dieting. It’s not about restrictions originally, but you can adjust it for diets if needed. The app helps to understand what macros do for your body and how much of them you actually need.

It covers a wide base with over 5M foods to search from. You just need to type the name or use a scanner for packaged items. You’ll also get to add custom meals, and the number of these is unlimited. All the customs get saved automatically, so you’ll be able to reuse them right away.

You’ll also get to count up the size of every meal. It can be altered according to your macro goal as well. There’s a macro cacl to set goals with, and you can schedule them according to your plans. The app runs offline, so you can access it at any time. The paid pack gives access to customer support, but you can totally do without it.

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