15 Best Contacts Apps for Android 2023

Modern phones on the Android platform are no longer just devices for making calls. But the telephone functions are still their main purpose. The capabilities of this feature depend on the installed application for contacts.

In the modern world, telephones are an integral part of our lives. As a result, we have a huge number of phone numbers that need to be stored somewhere. The standard Android application is inconvenient for managing a large number of contacts.

That is why in GooglePlay we can find unique applications for storing your contacts. They have more extensive functionality. They give you the ability to more conveniently manage your contact list. Now you can easily find the necessary contact in a large list. This will help save your time to spend on communication.

There are a huge number of Android applications for storing contacts. But how to choose the best ones? This list will help you with your search.

Contacts Plus

Many people have a very large number of contacts on their phone. The application Contacts Plus will help you ease the search for the desired number.

In terms of design, the program has modest and stylish minimalism. In terms of capabilities, this application combines everything you need to communicate.

There are features such as calls, messages and contact lists. Everything can be sorted by a list or grid. You can delete or change contacts.

The program has a smart algorithm that detects the same contacts. This will help you to remove duplicate numbers. To do this, this application will send you a notification.

The main features of the application:

  • list of recent calls
  • list of recent posts
  • categories for contacts
  • simple and convenient interface
  • quick import from contact book
  • access to the functions of sending messages, calls and view profile
  • notifications of missed calls and unread messages

For more convenient typing, the keyboard provides access to letters of different languages. Besides, there is a very convenient search. You need to enter a number or name, and the program will show you the appropriate results.

A unique feature of the application is the ability to send free messages. To use this feature, you need to register. Enter your phone number and your friends’ data. Then you can send free messages using the Internet.

The application Contacts Plus is suitable for people who have a lot of telephone numbers. If you want to ease your work and save time, then download this application.

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Google Contacts

Recently, the application of Google Contacts has become available for any device based on Android. If you do not like the standard application for your contacts, then this application is ideal for you.

Do you have several accounts on Google? Then you will like this application. Here you can easily switch between profiles. The interface of the mobile version is like the browser equivalent.

Simplicity will not let you get confused in this utility. Here you will also find a function for quickly merging identical contacts.

Main functions:

  • storage of backup copies of your contacts
  • access to contacts from any device
  • sort your contacts by groups
  • just add, edit and delete contacts, email addresses, and photos
  • regular suggestions for adding new contacts or deleting duplicate

Your account on Google will help you. With it, you can store backup copies of contacts added to your account. Access them from any device. View contacts only in the desired account. For example, personal or work contacts. Easily add and edit contact information.

You can change the phone number, photo or email address. You can also receive useful offers from this program. For example, you may receive a notification with a suggestion to add a new contact or delete a duplicate.

The application has a nice interface and simple functionality. Download Google Contacts and enjoy using it.

Drupe – Contacts & Phone

The application Drupe – Contacts & Phone combines the contact book and all known messengers.

With this application, you can forget about the standard phone book. All your contacts will be collected in this program, which will ease your use. Want to call a friend or write a message? For this, there is one unique feature.

For convenience, the functionality of the program includes gesture management. You need to move the necessary contact to the messenger icon. Then you can easily start chatting. Just one application will always help you to be connected in all social networks.

Benefits of Drupe – Contacts & Phone:

  • a new way to interact with your contacts
  • support of two sim cards
  • reminders
  • missed calls
  • a log of recent actions (calls, messages and much more)
  • list of favorite contacts
  • integration with the most popular messengers
  • the ability to select the design and settings of the application
  • simple and convenient search for the desired contact

Besides, this application works without any problems. Sort your contacts to clean up your phone book. Delete duplicate numbers. You can create groups of existing phone numbers. This is a handy feature if you need to send important news or information to several people at once.

You can also create group events and calendar invitations. Track your calls in a special tab. All your actions from different instant messengers are collected in this application. You can set a reminder to call or send a message. Do not forget about the missed calls. You can return to them with a single click.

Simple Contacts

Simple Contacts is an application that consists of three utilities. Contacts, phone, and favorites. All these parts interact together and complement each other. So you can easily go from one window to another.

The application blocks spam and unwanted contacts through the caller ID.

It also combines recurring calls in the call history. If you want, you can customize the search for contact by number or name. Simple Contacts has an ID number. The application will always tell you from which region or country they are calling you.

The program fits all types of displays. You can use it on your tablet or phone. The design of this application is as simple as possible. You can change the theme of the utility to one of the 8 proposed.

It supports gesture control and two sim cards. The utility is able to analyze the most requested contacts. To do this, it takes into account the number of calls to a specific number and scheduled events.

Program features:

  • block calls and messages
  • backup contacts
  • large selection of themes and wallpapers
  • quick search
  • Sort contacts by your preference or automatically
  • display numbers as a list
  • reminders of important events
  • merging identical contacts

The application has a protection list of your contacts and messages. It integrated the backup service calls, contacts, and messages.

Besides, you can use the function of automatically adding photos to your contacts. The application also sorts your favorite instant messengers for quick and easy access.

Simple Contacts was created for modern users who use various means of communication.

True Contacts

True Contacts is one of the most adapted and beautiful applications for storing contacts. In the program, you will find more than 8 color themes and an infinite number of wallpapers. The display of phone numbers can be configured as a list or grid.

Select the desired contact, call or send a message. You can also go directly to your favorite instant messenger for quick communication.

This application includes a huge number of functions. For example, managing calls, messages and contacts. It facilitates communication with friends and blocks unfamiliar numbers.

Identification and blocking affect all types of communication. It does not matter, it calls or messages. You will not get annoying spam.

Another advantage of this utility is an integrated backup service for calls. If you lose or break your phone, all the important information will remain in your cloud.

Here you can also set any photo in the profile of the selected contact. This is to turn your contact book into a colorful album. The technology of the program studies your preferences during use. The more often you call a contact, the higher is his number on the list.

You can also send a call request to a friend. This will help you to understand if your friend is busy with important matters or he can talk at the moment.

After a conversation with a person who is not in your contact list, the application will save this number. To connect to this utility, you need to enter only the number and nothing else. The program does not need access to your personal data. Privacy rules are strictly adhered to.

True Contacts is a completely new approach to the organization of contacts and communication. You can set this as the main utility.

My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App

The application My Contacts – Phonebook Backup & Transfer App invites you to escape from the usual way of managing contacts. There are special gestures, which simplify the operation of the application. There are a lot of different functions.

You can block the contact. To do this, the application has a special function. It also blocks spam and unwanted phone numbers.

Main functions:

  • clear interface
  • convenient access to different types of contacts in one place
  • management of recent contacts
  • quick access to contacts
  • selected phone numbers
  • contact groups
  • quick identification of the phone number
  • filtering contacts according to your preferences
  • the ability to select many contacts at once

When viewing contact information, you can call this number or send a message. Add your favorite contacts to your favorites or a specific group. Create an event in the calendar and link it with the desired phone number.

Set a suitable photo on any contact. With an outgoing or incoming call, the photo will be displayed in full size and good quality. Here are a lot of different themes for changing the design of the application. This feature is absolutely free.

The application provides the storage of all user contact information in one place. It enhances convenience. It allows you to directly interact with contacts in various ways. For example, calls, text messages or calendar events. You can also create and manage groups.

This program attracts with its simplicity and convenience. You can use this to manage events. There is no annoying advertising. You will definitely love this great app.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts

True Phone Dialer and Contacts makes contact management as simple as possible. This is one of the first applications that can identify the caller’s number and block it in case of spam. View incoming calls and identify unwanted numbers.

This function is supported by the algorithm for determining phone numbers. Do a reverse search and get all the necessary information.

Synchronize contact photos with their profiles in social networks. Find out who called you. Photos are displayed in full size and high quality.

Get access to simple and convenient phone number management. All functions are located in convenient places. This utility is easy to customize to your preferences. You can choose any version of the theme. Make the background of the application color, dark or light.

The developers claim that this application works best in all its analogs. Besides, it offers a completely new way to manage contacts. All your actions take place in one place. You no longer need to open extra tabs and windows. Right on the main page, you can edit the contact information or add a new phone number.

Features of the application True Phone Dialer and Contacts:

  • a quick search among contacts by phone number or name
  • import and export of contacts
  • call history collected in groups
  • communicate with friends via instant messengers and social networks
  • simple interface
  • automatic search for similar contacts and their optimization
  • modern design that you can customize to your liking
  • view and edit contacts in one place
  • various themes
  • support dual sim
  • create and edit groups of contacts
  • selected phone numbers
  • quick access to all important parameters of the application

The application is free for Android platform though it has in-app purchases.

My Contacts

My Contacts is a powerful application that will replace the standard utility on your phone.

The application stores the history of your calls. You can clear it or add notes. Set for some contacts a certain time at which they can call you. For example, they will not be able to call you if you are working or sleeping.

During an incoming call, the program will show you all the information about the person. You can view call statistics. It contains information about the duration and frequency of calls.

Features of the My Contacts app:

  • Various functions of sending messages. You can do a delayed send. To do this, you must create a message, select the desired date and confirm the decision. Set the automatic sending of congratulations for various holidays. Create a mass mailing of messages with important information.
  • Simple and convenient search. You can find the desired contact by photo, date added, name or phone number.
  • You can merge contacts into groups. Sort out by your preference. For example, it can be personal or work contacts. Contact groups are much easier to manage than to do it separately.
  • The application will notify you of a missed call or unread message. You can also create a deferred call. The program will remind you of this when the time comes.
  • Share your contacts. Send contacts using your account on social networks or via instant messengers.
  • Many choices. Combine different contact filtering methods. For the selected group of phone numbers, you can set up a mailing list.
  • View the contact list. You can customize it as a grid or a list. You can also customize the information that will be displayed. For example, name, number, company, position and more.
  • You can view all the data about the selected contact. For example, personal data, recent calls, messages, and more.

Change the design and design of the application. To do this, you can customize the color and font size.

Contacts Optimizer

Contacts Optimizer is one of the fastest dialing applications. It has features such as determining the number, blocking annoying spam, a clear search for contacts and call history.

You will always know who is calling you. The application algorithm will show you the data of the incoming call. It also detects spam and blocks it. There is a quick search for a contact by name and number.

The application saves the most popular contacts. It chooses from those that you most often call. This program has a stylish and unique design. More than 40 themes are available for utility design.

Here you will find a set of widgets with which you can contact one person with one touch. It is also a handy tool for creating your own application design.

Application features:

  • adaptation for all types of devices
  • single and group widgets
  • separation of contacts into folders and relevant categories
  • list of recent messages and calls
  • support dual SIM
  • select action by pressing
  • view unread messages and missed calls
  • contact editor
  • integration with various social networks and instant messengers
  • quick access to all functions (calls, messages, profile view, social networks)
  • quick import and export from the contact list
  • information block
  • use of third-party applications for calls and messages
  • the smallest charge of the phone

Update, change and store phone numbers and user data on your phone. You can store your contacts on all cloud services. Also available is the function of printing contacts directly from your phone. Delete a group of contacts or all with a single click.


The application PureContact will help you to synchronize contacts from various accounts. Now you always and everywhere have access to all your contacts.

You can create a backup of all your contacts on any cloud service. Sometimes you need to back up. It will help you to restore them in case of loss or breakdown of your phone.

Functions and features of this utility:

  • auto account detection
  • adding accounts to the contact book
  • selective synchronization of telephone numbers in any combination (one-way and two-way synchronization)
  • useful tips on working in the application
  • automatic search for identical contacts and intelligent combination algorithm
  • online viewing of contacts
  • synchronization of available information (name, notes, birthday, number, email, events, messages, websites)
  • filter by groups
  • backup of contacts
  • reminders and notifications about the need to synchronize or back up contacts

Besides, you can delete several contacts at once. Search for your desired contacts by phone number or name. Filter contacts by account type. The application also sorts contacts by the presence of a name or phone number.

If you have any problems with the application PureContact, you can contact the support team. The answer takes from several minutes to one day.

Contacts+ Pro

The program Contacts+ Pro will replace your standard contact book. It has a more pleasant design and has many different functions.

The application has two sections. The first allows you to call in your usual mode. The second section includes a standard contact list.

So what makes this app different from all the others? In the second, fat contacts are not on the list, but in the form of a grid. In the first place are the most popular phone numbers. Then the rest of the contacts are arranged in alphabetical order.

The utility works with various social networks. You will see all the latest user updates right in this application.

This is a complete replacement for the standard Android application. Although it works well, it still lacks some functions. But they are presented in the program Contacts+ Pro. Besides, it looks much more aesthetic.

Every day we get various important information that needs to be kept. This utility will help you. You do not need to enter data. Take a photo of the necessary information and the program will transfer it to your contact book. All contacts are saved automatically.

Application features:

  • section of temporary storage of contacts that need to be deleted after some time
  • all contact information is collected in one section
  • merge contacts into one section according to your preferences
  • reminders of important deferred calls or messages
  • delete contact groups with one click
  • group mailing
  • convenient and clear search for contacts by the specified parameters
  • call log
  • section of selected contacts

This is a convenient tool for people who need to store important contacts. Everything is stored on your phone.

Sync.ME – Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts

Sync.ME – Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts is a simple and convenient contact manager for your phone. features such as favorites and call history are also available here. This utility supports dual sim.

The program contains three modes of operation: call history, contacts, favorites. Customize the filtering and structuring of contacts according to your preferences. You can also set the required fields of the displayed items for quick search.

Use quick navigation through the groups displayed in the application. This includes structuring by date added, alphabetical, and so on. The application has an intelligent search using voice and phone numbers.

You can add detailed information for any contact and view call history.

The app Sync.ME – Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts will inform you about current events of people from your contact lists. For example, birthday, anniversary and more.

You can encrypt notes or contact events. Also, the application contains standard themes and a wide variety of color designs. You can customize your preferred font, color, size, and many other interface options. Customize built-in gestures for more convenient use.

The application is translated into many languages. This feature makes it convenient for any user. Also, all kinds of devices support this application. Besides, the application creates a backup of contacts. Also, it synchronizes them with other devices.

You can customize all the parameters of the application to your liking. Your personal information is stored only on your phone. Choose different options and themes that you like.

Simpler Caller ID – Contacts and Dialer

Simpler Caller ID – Contacts and Dialer is one of the fastest applications for calling and storing contacts. There are great themes and features. For example, spam blocking, call history, intelligent contact search and much more.

You will always be aware of who is calling you. The smart algorithm of this utility in real time determines the data of an unknown number. It also detects spam and blocks spam calls.

Fast intelligent search. You need to enter the first digits of the phone number or name. You can also add contacts to your favorites and call them using speed dialing. The program has a stylish and modern design. Available over 40 beautiful themes.

The application Simpler Caller ID – Contacts and Dialer will determine who is calling you. You can also enter an unknown number and get the necessary information about it.

The application backs up your contacts to the cloud service in which you have an account. It also combines the same numbers in one contact. You can add a photo to the selected contact. It is displayed in full size and excellent quality.

If the number is unknown, the application automatically adds a standard picture. The application has a unique feature that distinguishes it from other similar applications. You can set a previously recorded video on the call. The flash also works when calling.

The application Simpler Caller ID – Contacts and Dialer is available in 15 languages. It is absolutely free and has no annoying ads.

Cloze Relationship Management

Using the application Cloze Relationship Management you can store phone numbers and information in one place. Also available here is a backup of contacts. Transfer them from your old phone to a new one with the help of a special function.

Access your contacts from any convenient place using this application. In the app Cloze Relationship Management, you can merge or delete duplicate contacts or create a new list of phone numbers.

The application has a unique and smart algorithm that allows all functions to work. If you lost or broke your phone, all the information will be automatically saved.

You can disable this feature in the settings. This program is safe and reliable. No one will be able to access your personal data.

Application features:

  • backs up important information and contacts
  • automatic synchronization
  • work offline
  • manual synchronization
  • saving phone charge
  • if necessary, you can transfer important contacts from the old phone to the new
  • lack of advertising

You can not worry about saving contacts. The application Cloze Relationship Management permanently stores all data associated with specific phone numbers. telephone numbers.

To make a backup of your contacts, you will need a few simple steps. To get started, download the app and register for it. Then the application will automatically create a backup.

To transfer contacts from one phone to another, you need to download this application. Register in it. Then you need to select the function of copying contacts on the old phone and transfer them to a new one. Use a common account.

You can also edit the list of phone numbers and contacts. Based on your own preferences. Set photos in contact profiles or add other important information.

Contact Manager: Manage contacts, deals & tasks

Contact Manager: Manage contacts, deals & tasks is an application where you can store all your contacts. Also available to recover deleted contacts. Combine data from all your devices in one place.

Add new contacts. The application automatically merges identical contacts. You can create separate groups of contacts. Sort them by different criteria. For any contact, you can add geolocation.

Import and export your contacts. You will always and everywhere have access to them. If you enable the automatic synchronization feature, the application will do it automatically.

Exchange contacts with friends using a QR code. To do this, you need to scan this code. After, the data is automatically transferred to the contact book.

Sign up in this application using email or account from any social network. All your contacts will remain, even if you break or lose your phone. You just need to log into your account.

Besides, you can view contacts separately in work or personal accounts. Easily add extra contact information. You can edit information such as an email address, photo, or phone number. The program regularly offers helpful add-ons. You can merge similar contacts or delete unnecessary ones.

All your data is strictly confidential. They are stored in the application and are not sent to other services. You can share your contacts if you want.

The application Contact Manager: Manage contacts, deals & tasks is completely free and is supported on all types of devices. It includes a huge number of different possibilities.

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