9 Best Doppelganger Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

There probably wouldn’t be a person who didn’t have a favorite celebrity. Everyone follows celebrities, whether they love them or not, but they’re still interested. Or maybe you could be like one of them. This selection of the best doppelganger apps down below will allow you to do that!

Another way to try to look like a celebrity on camera is to use masks. For these purposes, you can select one from our collection of free face mask apps.

Star by Face

A lightweight, minimalist app that doesn’t have anything unnecessary. Just your photo and the face recognition system. Star by face promises to recognize your face and create a face drawing. The app says it can identify key components of the face, including eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and position.

On the main screen at the top is the name of the app, just below the buttons to upload a photo and take a photo. In the middle are five photos of very popular people to test how the app works.

After you load a photo, three tabs pop up on the results screen:

  • Man
  • Female
  • Best couple

The male and female similarity tabs each have 12 photos of celebrities. Each photo is labeled with the first and last name of the celebrity, and the scale at the bottom of each photo shows the level of similarity with that celebrity.

The “best couple” tab selects the man and woman with the best resemblance to the person in the photo. The result can be shared directly from the app.

The result itself is designed as a banner with the logo of the application with the caption “you look like…”. The result can be sent to all your social networks or copied as a link, which is very convenient.


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This app gets right to the point. The main screen has just the Y-Star logo and a start button.

The design of the app is very grammatically and beautifully done. The colors don’t cut the eye and the phyllotactic black palette with pink gradients is kept in every button.

When you press the button, you are given a choice of either taking a photo now or selecting a photo from the gallery.

To be honest, the celebrity photos are chosen in a very mediocre way. Not only are the photos of men often of women, but they have the exact opposite facial features.

If you repeat the result, you’ll see a different celebrity. It looks like a random selection.

Nevertheless, the final results screen is very nicely designed. The result is shown with a gradient of four photos and an inscription under the photo “You look like a star…” and the name of the star in the final photo.

There are also four buttons just below:

  • Share
  • Download
  • Update result
  • Get another photo

If you want to share the result, the banner is very nicely done: four photos with a transition from your photo to the celebrity photo, and it’s all done on a purple-pink background. Also underneath the photo will be a white font that says what celebrity you look like.


Celebs like me

After a short animated download with celebrity faces, we are thrown to the main screen with a choice of photos or with a button to make a comparison photo.

At the same time, the program writes at the bottom that it does not use our photo anywhere else than for comparison, which is a unique and timely observation compared to other similar applications.

The design is done in red and white. All of the buttons are neatly done and relocated, but the man on the home screen is not carefully cut from the white background.

What is noteworthy, is when you choose to take pictures yourself you will not open your camera, but the camera of this application, which is very advantageous to stand out this application among others.

After selecting a photo, a small download appears. This brings up a list of fifteen celebrities to choose from. You can’t say they are very similar, but the system tries and it shows.

On the banner in addition to the name and surname of the celebrity, as well as the photo there is a percentage of similarity. The application offers to save or send the result. And the first and second are done without problems.



This app can not only find the star most similar to you, but it can also put a cartoon, anime, or pencil filter on you.

There are four tabs on the main screen with these actions and a photo of the result from clicking on the filter.

When you select a photo, you are invariably presented with an advertisement, and afterward, you have access to three celebrities. In the list of results, there are no beautiful banners only a list of two photos – on the left is the celebrity and on the right is your photo.

Under each photo is written the pseudonym of the star and through type\re the percentage of similarity. The result can be shared, downloaded or the program offers to do a test with another photo. Only two photos a day are available in each mode, and ads will follow you everywhere.


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I look alike

On the main screen, we are prompted to choose a presumed similar celebrity from bloggers or musicians, as well as the gender of the similar celebrity.

Only after that, we can click on the button to select a photo or take our own photo.

What’s remarkable, it’s one of the few apps in this category that passed the provocation with a photo without a face and didn’t run the results. This confirms that the system of this app certainly tries to recognize a face and find a similar one.

In the results of the free version of this app, only one resemblance is unlocked, but on the results page, there are as many as five such resemblances.

Under each comparison, there is the actor’s name or alias and a similarity scale as a percentage. In the bottom right corner, there is a button that allows you to know immediately what kind of celebrity this is.

In the remaining sets of results, there are only the names of celebrities or the first part of the nickname, which allows those who know to easily identify similar celebrities.

An animated button in the upper right corner allows you to forward the results to social networks or a link.

The app itself is very harmoniously designed in purple with an orange gradient, and the buttons are white. The interface is clear and there are no lags or blank buttons.



The app’s main screen welcomes us with a gallery where you can choose your photo right away. If the gallery on the main screen is not enough, in the upper right corner there is a button to select your main gallery or the cloud with the photo.

Below there is a button that opens the camera to take a picture of your face and then determine the likeness from the photo.

After selecting a photo, the app crops all the photos to the face and offers to confirm the selection, which is especially useful for photos with multiple faces.

The results show the top five similar celebrity photos according to the gender of the person in the photo. You can change the gender of a celebrity, and then you will see a ranking of famous women.

Under each celebrity’s photo, there is a first and last name, and a similarity rating is written at the top. In the center of the results screen, the similarity percentage is written.

The most similar celebrity in the first place is blocked and is only opened after viewing the ads. This is a good compromise between showing ads everywhere and not getting paid for your app.

The result can be shared or downloaded with no problem.


Celebrity look alike

During the first launch of the application, the system in four screens explains the essence and the principle of work.

Then we appear on the main screen with a button to select a function out of two. The free version is only available to find celebrities like you.

To find similar celebrities here you have to first select the gender among which celebrities you will search, and then select a category of celebrities from which you will search for similar celebrities.

There are six available categories:

  • Popular
  • actors
  • Models
  • Musicians

The camera has a silhouette to pick out the most convenient face placement, and after an intriguing download, it shows the most similar celebrity according to the app.

The app doesn’t show a photo of the celebrity but there is a magnifying glass icon next to the alias that will find the celebrity in your browser.

There are five results in total, but only one result is available in the free version. The result can be shared, but you can’t download it. In addition to share, there is a choice to just go to the home page.



The app with the lowest ratings in the store. And that’s because users think there are too many ads.

This abundance of ads is sensibly compensated for by the design. The interface is not jarring and the functionality is simple and to the point.

There are two buttons – to select a photo or to open the camera. After a short download in a white window against a background of purple gradient, you are given a percentage of compatibility and photo celebrity.

The result can be shared on social networks or you can download it.


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The app consists of the main screen with a cat for inserting photos.

Lookaliker offers to compare your photo with a man a woman or both.

The photo can be taken by yourself or selected from a gallery.

The results show the pseudonym of the celebrity, his photo, and a scale of how similar the celebrity is to the photo. There are ten such photos.

The similarity bar in the bottom right corner of the app shows in percentages and icons how similar you are to that celebrity.

The app is a bit buggy, but I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem with it, especially if you’re interested in knowing what you look like. You won’t find anything else, but the app does an excellent job of finding a similar face.

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