7 Best Dual Camera Apps for Android

Sometimes we want to capture everything that happens around. How can we do this? You can take a picture of yourself and what is happening around you. This is a great way to share events and emotions that you feel. Programmers are developing apps that immediately activate 2 cameras.

These apps are great for bloggers and photographers. Share dual photos with your friends. You will amaze them with a detailed description of a situation or event. These apps use front and back cameras. This will allow you to capture the moment as much as possible.

There is a list of the best dual camera apps for Android. Try them all or choose only one.

Dual Camera

This app will allow you to take a simultaneous photo with two cameras. A dual photo will look much more beautiful than a single photo. The app is very easy to use. Press the start button to open the dual camera. You will see that your screen is divided into two parts. You can take a simultaneous or alternate photo.

Dual CameraDual Camera Dual Camera

You can take 2 pictures with the front camera as well as 2 pictures with the back camera. You can save the photo in the gallery. Share the dual photo with your friends. This app does not take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 3.7MB. This app has helped to make dual photos more than 100 thousand people.


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The DelfieArt app is one of the most outstanding apps for creating unusual photos. It perfectly copes with the task at hand, namely taking pictures on the main and front camera of the mobile device. And all this can be done instantly in real-time.

There are three modes available, and each of them allows combining photos in any way that suits you. It’s easy to switch between these modes with a special button.

When taking selfies, there are also editing elements available while you take them. So, what seemed impossible before, is now available to any user of this service. And it is worth noting that all the tools can be used absolutely free of charge.


Dual Camera-Smart View

Dual Camera-Smart View is a great app that does a great job of its primary function – taking pictures on the main camera and front camera at the same time.

The finished images can be instantly edited into a single photo using a variety of methods. For example, vertically, horizontally, or with picture-in-picture mode.

The first time you start the program, you have to choose the default camera. You can change all the parameters later on in the settings. The result can be shared with friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or sent via WhatsApp.


Smart Front Back Dual Camera

You can take 2 photos at the same time. The app allows you to take a photo with one camera, then you can select a frame and take a photo with another camera. You will receive a dual photo. Use frames. The app has many frames for every taste and event. All the events around you can be in your photos.

 Smart Front Back Dual Camera  Smart Front Back Dual Camera

Use the zoom and rotation. Your photos will be the most beautiful. If you are a photographer, you can capture yourself in your photos. Everyone will know that you took these pictures. You can take audio photos. Click on the sound button to record it. The app supports a selfie stick. The app has been installed more than 100 thousand times.


DuoVision Camera

The DuoVision Camera app lets you take pictures in picture-in-picture mode. A basic camera does not provide such a mode, so this app should definitely be installed on your phone.

Among the interesting modes of the service is the panoramic mode. So, shooting yourself on the front camera, you can add a panoramic view as a background shot on the main camera of your smartphone.

This free app also offers other options, which you can familiarize yourself with. The interest and design of the app are praised by other users, which is also a clear advantage.


Dual Camera Photo Shooter

The Dual Camera Photo Shooter app will be the perfect companion for creating unique photos. For this, you will be able to shoot simultaneously on two cameras of your smartphone – the main camera and the front one. Both images can be combined into one picture and surprise your friends and followers.

Various modes are available for blending, including picture-in-picture. In this mode, you can choose from which camera the resulting image will be the background and which part will be the main object in the photo.

Each part can be edited to your liking, rotated, and cropped. You can share the finished image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or send a personal message on WhatsApp.


Dual Camera Front Back Camera

This app is designed to integrate your picture from the front camera into an image that is photographed with the main camera. Both photos can be taken at the same time. You can combine them in any way that suits you. For example, vertically, horizontally, or even using the blending tool.

There’s also basic editing functionality available for the final image. Take advantage of unusual effects, apply fun stickers, and more.

Share the result on any of the available social networks. So, there are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, and other ways to share. To use all the features of the app you do not need a permanent connection to the Internet. At the same time, you can use all the features for free.


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