25 Best RTS games 2018 for iPhone & iPad

It is impossible to count the number of strategies which have been released under iOS-devices over the years. It is hard to imagine their number, in different variations, with different gameplay, graphics, and characters. Step by step, in real time, economic, Tower Defense and many other favorite games.

Real-time Strategy (RTS) is one of the most popular genres of computer games, which did not spread to the iOS, for many reasons, but the main is small screen sizes. Such strategies have a massive interface that is difficult to be minimized, as well as a significant duration of one game.

Let us try to figure out 25 Best RTS games 2018 for iPhone & iPad.

Clash of Clans

 Clash of Clans appstore
One of the best strategies, which is in the top category in the App Store and Google Play. The whole story of the game is based on battles between users from all over the world – your clans confront each other, defending their village.

The game is free, but with the possibility of an optional donation. I am glad that you can continue to play without investing money – of course, the development will go slower.

The main currency in the game is gold. Mining is done from the mines, and it is necessary to improve the defensive buildings. Speaking of buildings: in your village you place the purchased buildings yourself – consider that their location is incredibly important for further defense and battles.

You have to build new defensive structures, keep them ready, and use them in combat. The main building of the village is the town hall, where you can track your progress.

Clash of Clans is a strategy, and you need to think ahead during an attack or defense. To practice them, you can fight in friendly battles – contact your friends online or contact players from all over the world. Earn currency, improve and develop your village and clan – prove that you are the best strategist in the Clash of Clans!

 Clash of Clans appstore

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First Strike


This is a unique case where arcade gameplay perfectly combined with a serious strategic component. At the same time, there are no unnecessary elements or anything that could seriously distract from the gameplay.

The developers were able to realize the perfect dream of gamer, here everything is done for the player. And only the player decides how to achieve world domination. And all this without liters of blood, burning appliances, destroyed houses, etc. Only the planet, just you and your opponent. Did you always want to establish the order in the world? Then this game is for you!

You need to capture and defend the region of the map until the enemy will lose the strategic advantages. That is not necessarily totally to destroy and assign the wrong area of the map. It is enough to develop your territories and to maximize the possibility of the effective attack of your opponent to secure his surrender.

The sound in the game is perfectly worked out. Sounds of starting, interception, a direct hit – all of these is simply breathtaking! The music dynamically responds to what is happening in the game. Download the game and enjoy it!


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Land Air Sea Warfare


This is a real-time strategy game made in the spirit of old games. The plot tells the story of a protracted global conflict happening in the near future. The new technologies came in the army which significantly changes the appearance of warfare.

The interface is built on the classic layout – a list of units and groups, mini-map, the window construction, and production. Also, there is the technological development of the menu of your faction.

More than 100 kinds of types of machinery and buildings will create an incredibly strong army with an impregnable citadel in the rear. High walls, turret towers, bunkers and other fortifications and obstacles will stop any enemy attack. Mechanized forces – from small buggies to the giant assault robots destroyers (among the ground units there is the sea, and of course aviation), which will sweep away most defenses.

Nice graphics and an isometric camera will allow you to consider any event to the smallest detail.


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BattleLore: Command

BattleLore: Command appstoreOften, usual board games are transferred to a computer or mobile format. These games have a lot of fans, and the electronic version of the game is much more convenient for traveling and playing with people in different parts of the world.

Great graphics in BattleLore: Command will be appreciated by the fans of the desktop version – the drawing of characters and locations at the highest level. Most of the rules are completely transferred from the desktop version – that is, the usual principles will not be radically changed.

You lead an army and defend yourself against enemies – or, on the contrary, you attack them in a clever way. You need to think ahead – count on a certain reaction of the enemy, prepare resources and weapons for further action.

The power of WIELD ARCANE POWERS gives each army its own advantages and special powers that you can use in battles. Battlefield spectacle provides a 360-degree view of the battlefield: watch from any angle and take note of everything that happens to each of your warriors.

Invite your friends into the game – so you can compete with them in your mental abilities strategically – multiplayer mode will not let you relax!

BattleLore: Command appstore

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Warlords RTS


The fantastic world Oldfarn is restless – dense, impenetrable clouds are gathering over the city, some villages are burning in the fire, the others are destroyed and gnawed by unknown soldiers of the army. It seems that soon the royal castle will be the end, it was time to decide the fate of the whole world and lead an uprising against the forces of darkness in the Warlords RTS strategy game!

On the way of the brave heroes and the players (who have decided to play a cruel joke with the armed goblins) there will be enormous bosses and traps, prepared outposts and strong army, and to make mistakes in the struggle for peaceful coexistence is unacceptable, because in the case of losing one battle, you can lose the war!

Act strategically calibrated, use cunning plans and unexpected tactics, create invincible squads of soldiers and defeat the darkness! Warlords RTS strategy game offers a decent list of different characters with different abilities, the amount of health, armor, and damage, moreover, into the hands of the players will get powerful spells, items, and equipment, which are subservient for improvement in the best forges of Oldfarna!

Participate in combat missions, build machinations for your enemies for the joy of the Allies, hone your own skills of warlord and return peace and grace to your native land! It is enough to download Warlords RTS strategy games for your device, as the bloody war atmosphere overwhelm players with their head!


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Machines at War 3


It is a very interesting strategy game for IOS gadgets, which you will lead a huge powerful army. With this army, you will be able to carry out all your plans. Your main task in the game is the declassification of all the secrets of the enemy, techniques, and then the complete destruction of the enemy. The game has a lot of tasks that are aimed at a variety of actions. There is a campaign mode missions. The gameplay is dynamic. Developers have worked well over the graphics, make a colorful scene. There are maps with their bright landscapes.

In the game, you need to travel through the virtual world in search of enemy bases. Each database has its own weapons, secrets, technology and so on. You need to learn all their secrets, and also to destroy the base. The developers have added to the game-changing weather conditions and changing the time of day. That is, you can play, both by day and night alike. And at night the level of difficulty is much higher than during the day. Campaign mode consists of 21 missions. In addition to the campaign, you can play through the multiplayer mode with your friends and other players.

After completing missions you will get experience, awards, bonuses. Do not forget about your base, because your fortress will also be attacked.


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It is very easy to play this game – you choose a map that is going to play, and further develop your location. The game is suitable for all age categories, as there is no init – build, develop, do not let the peasants go on strike (i.e., to maintain the level of their satisfaction with your board by controlling the stiffness of the tax and by the construction of various places of entertainment for them, which give you a plus and the joy of the peasants).

The game itself is free, but you can buy some more features for real money such as prestige points (for the prestige of the unit, you can quickly build a building, to open the new ones, etc.), unlimited rewind mode to speed up the time of the game), etc.

The game has a successful and addictive gameplay, and it is interesting for playing. It also develops the logic and tactics and is free.

There are even season modes: summer, spring, winter, autumn, which are available for a variety of food resources (for example, for the winter, the mill is not working, as the wheat does not grow, so you will have to obtain the food in any other way).


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Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 appstoreProbably one of the most famous strategies of all sexes and generations! Thousands of people are playing Civilization all over the world – both desktop and mobile. The mobile version is more simplified compared to the real version, but it does not become less interesting or different. Civilization Revolution 2 has all the key features of the game that attract players.

Excellent graphics and drawing of the playing field, animated characters – the animation does not freeze and does not look weird. This version of the game is designed exclusively for mobile phones. Unlike computer games in the series, the sessions here will not last for 3-5 hours but less – and that is very exciting.

Your combat forces can be strengthened with the help of new units with the latest technology – for example, aircraft carriers. The development of weapons has also led to the development of other industries – medicine, information technology and robotics.

Develop processing and resource extraction facilities, nuclear power plants, and much more – your strategy should be focused only on progress! Restore the historical course of events and begin to think about the future that you will like.

Civilization Revolution 2 appstore

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MechCom 2 – 3D RTS

mechcom-2-iconMechCom 2 – 3D RTS is a brilliant representative of the genre of real-time strategy for your device. From the title, it is clear that this is the second part. The plot of novelty continues the original story.

Space exploration allowed to find a planet called Tiberius, in the depths of which the rare mineral is contained. Corporations continue to fight with each other for resources and influence on the planet. To fight in our ranks will be 16 unique combinations of furs. You will attack and defend very often, the AI is very good in the game.

Simple, intuitive operation, stylish 3D-graphics and no ads – all these features you will find in MechCom 2.


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Transformers: Earth Wars


This game is about the favorite characters of almost all men at a young age. In front of us there is a game about Transformers and again we find ourselves drawn into a confrontation between the Autobots and deseptikonomi. But this time, you do not need to destroy entire cities in your epic battle, because the battle moved to a desert location. Moreover, before you go to the opponent to destroy his power and defensive structures, you have to take the construction of what transformers are used to destroy.

We slowly come to the main plot of the game, which can be called a military strategy in which there are famous characters. It does not always give us a great choice, but in the game, you can take any of the opposing parties, and the illusion of choice is very invigorating and gives us hope for a while. But in fact, we have only other textures to existing facilities, and everything else is completely identical.

That’s what in the game is done just amazing – it’s graphics. Every element of the game looks just fine, and smooth animation is mesmerizing eyes. How dialogues and animated characters look like during conversations – it is generally a topic for a whole dissertation!

All is well and everything is fine as long as you do not realize that in front of you there is a familiar in its structure game in which you have repeatedly played. But if you have the need to play the beautiful game with a great stepping stone for the long passage, then, this game is a real find for you.

Transformers: Earth Wars is a very beautiful and high-quality game!


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Total War Battles: KINGDOM


All events in the Total War Battles: KINGDOM take place in a medieval world, which meet the players with a familiar set of attributes era of that time – the battle, military intrigue, the struggle for territory and, of course, the throne.

In the Total War Battles: KINGDOM the main task for the players will be the idea of the creation and development of their kingdom. To do this, it will be necessary to explore and conquer the wild lands, build cities, not forgetting about the development of the infrastructure.

Do not remain without attention and the military side. Hire and train soldiers, gradually forming a powerful army that can be lead into battle and take part in the battle for the throne in the near future.


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Cartoon Wars 3


Throughout the gameplay, you will be creating an army to defend your own castle or attack the enemy. Right from the start, under your leadership will be two kinds of soldiers: knights and spearmen.

Prepare for hard battle!


  1. Gather the necessary troops and destroy the enemy tower.
  2. Shell advancing army of a weapon to shoot arrows.


  1. New levels and strengthening will make your army invincible!
  2. Combine and improve the heroes!


  1. The game adds new modes.
  2. Invite friends to team battle!
  3. Try your hand in the raid!

This is an exciting strategy passing in real time. You are awaited for colorful graphics, a large number of levels, new units to improve the characteristics.


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Autumn Dynasty


The game puts you in a few embellished ancient China, where your character becomes one of the local feudal rulers who struggle for the control of the country. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, its own fighting unit with unique characteristics and an officer, which can be sent on special missions – both military and diplomatic. You have to start with a single province, to build your army, to subdue neutral provinces and to defeat enemies in order to eventually declare yourself as a great ruler of the Celestial Empire.

This game can be considered to be a management simulator, and in it much depends on your choice – you can trade with other provinces or quarrel with them, enter into military alliances and capture spies. The goal of the game is still focused on the field of battle, but players are also waiting for some problems. The interface of the game is simple and intuitive, allowing you to move individual units on the screen, or do it with groups of units, enclosing them in a circle.

Some units have a limit on the number, but there is a strictly limited time on many of your actions. In this game, you will find a lot of missions, but the goal is always the same – to destroy the enemy forces.


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Transformers: Forged to Fight

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight – once again the favorite fantastic characters of the film will fight under your control against the forces of evil. The new part is fundamentally different from its predecessors. First of all, the graphics component of the application is striking, the developers have tried to create not cartoon graphics but to approximate the texture of textures to realistic ones.

The original character will be Optimus Prime, the plot evolves from the fact that he gets on a hostile planet, which is occupied by the Decepticons. The duel carries into the training course, which will teach the initial set of techniques and abilities. Management is responsive, and it will not be difficult to adjust itself. Drawing your finger back, we block attacks, lowering incoming damage, moving forward moves the combo from a series of quick strokes.

When the scale is accumulated under the transformer, a super ability opens, which disrupts the balance of the enemy. For the won sparring points and bonuses are added. Gathering 100 parts of the spark, a crystal is formed, a kind of roulette that opens up new transformers.

It should be noted that the game received not only 3D graphics but a smart model of character behavior. For example, if you run away from the enemy, your Transformer will get a ranged weapon and will wait for you to start shooting. Also, from the shells of opponents, you can dodge, running away from them to the left or to the right. Thanks to this, the gameplay becomes more interesting and believable.

For the game, you need a mobile Internet connection or WiFi. Possible in-game purchases at will.

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Alien Tribe 2

ALIEN TRIBE 2 is called a global strategy, meaning by this that the game combines several genres simultaneously. In particular, in addition to real-time strategy, the project clearly traces elements of “tower defense” and sandboxes. All this diversity was reinforced by the original gameplay, which contributed to getting the game into the tops of the App Store.

The gamer has to play for Fifo – the people of interstellar wanderers who once lived in meta-space but because of the loss of the spaceship, forced to move into the usual space. In our world, these creatures are looking for materials that could help them restore their spaceship. To do this, Fifo needs to master the solar systems, colonize the planets, and produce there the raw materials necessary for their purposes.

Thus, the player will have to explore the galaxies, populate and study the planets, build scientific and research bases there, extract materials and create supply chains to stations located in different parts of the cosmos. In total, the game has 45 quests, which can be divided into four categories: military, economic, reconnaissance, and construction. After passing each of the missions, the gamer is rewarded with points and game currency. Also, the user has to constantly search for details for the spaceship.

As for the graphics in the game, there are no claims to it – it is not perfect but it is not primitive either. The gameplay is implemented at a high level, so it is impossible to come off the ALIEN TRIBE 2 game.

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Warfare Incorporated

Warfare Incorporated is an application for iOS platforms that belongs to the bestsellers, among strategies for mobile devices, in real time. You can download the game without the cost of real money, while it lacks advertising and paid content, which simplifies the game process. Pump up your skills, increase the strength of troops, and control the newly discovered planet “Icarus”. It contains various deposits of minerals, as well as a host of extraterrestrial artifacts.

At the disposal, there is a mass of weapons and various means that will help to become the best. The game process is very simple: you need to land on the planet, start building a base, extract resources, and fight with competitors.

As mentioned earlier, the application has the ability to play with other users in a competitive mode.

The Warfare Incorporated application was created for fans of games, from the series – Starcraft, Age of Empires, etc.

Distinctive features of Warfare Incorporated:

  1. Real-time strategy, optimized for your devices.
  2. The ability to play in single player mode.
  3. 22 heroes and types of structures, 2 extraterrestrial landscapes.
  4. 41 structure in single and multi-user modes.
  5. More than 100 add-ons in gaming missions.
  6. In multiplayer, there are the lobby, game rooms, chat for users, leaderboard, history, and players statistics.
  7. Program for PC, which allows you to create and publish your own quests.

Textures of Warfare Incorporated are reminiscent of the old prefix 8-bit graphics, the smaller the screen, the smaller the visible area of the playing field. In the lower right corner, a mini-map is displayed, which conventionally shows the location of your troops and enemy troops. At the bottom of the screen, there is a counter of money, as well as energy. Using the “Menu” button, we can return to the main menu.

In single-player mode, we will be able to pass various missions from developers. Their number can be replenished as the game is updated. The top part displays the categories of the mission (Story – History, Challenge – “Difficult, but interesting”, Add-on – Additional). At the bottom of the screen, the “Play” button is displayed, click on it after selecting the mission, and the “Back” softkey that will return you to the main menu.

In the game room, you can connect to any other game from users, and create your own room to battle with users from around the world.

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XCOM: Enemy Within

In this game, you have the role of an army commander, who is fighting for saving the Earth from the invasion of the alien race. To successfully accomplish the task, attention should be paid to such important factors as character improvement, armament strengthening and the study of technology.

From the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the addition of Enemy Within is distinguished primarily by the presence of a new resource, which has become a substance that has the form of a plasma, with the name “composition”. This resource is very useful for research and a number of improvements. If the container with the “composition” gets to your eyes during the fight, immediately send for him a soldier, since all the boxes have a self-destruct function and will not give time for reflection.

The game process begins with training, which should not be missed. Despite the linearity, it will help in the development of the gameplay, and will also allow not to lose several fighters during the first task.

Each of the operatives can be improved genetically or at the level of cybernetics. In the first case, the character is endowed with some useful skill, in the second one of his limbs will be replaced by an exoskeleton with unique abilities. Just by equipping a fighter with a flamethrower instead of a hand or jet shoes instead of legs, you automatically deprive him of the ability to hide behind shelters.

The rivals in the form of aliens also underwent changes. There were new types of enemies, similar in their characteristics to the pumped cyborgs. The most important among the representatives of the alien race is the Etteral, whose encounters in confined space should be avoided. He not only knows how to control your fighters on a telepathic level but he can easily return a shell shot into it.

Also, you will meet with representatives of the EXALT faction, who will support the actions of aliens and constantly arrange the sabotage of your operations. This will add the problems since in addition to performing the basic tasks, it will be necessary to calculate the headquarters of traitors for its destruction.

One of the new tactical layers of the game can be called the fact that for the first time in the series you will have the task to fight against people. This is not an easy thing because in a counterbalance will be tactical techniques and cyber implants, identical to yours.

The introduction of new technologies into the game process led to the fact that the money will constantly be catastrophically missing. The possibilities for pumping and character enhancements are truly limitless, so it may well be the time when you will not have the means even to buy an ordinary grenade.

For the next difficult task, your team will be awarded. This can be not only experience points but also medals that you can give to any of your team.

XCOM: Enemy Within will delight with smart graphics and a significant expansion of capabilities. The developers have a fairly large update, which will please fans of the original set of new missions, units, locations and other improvements.

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Throne Rush

The battle for the Throne is a powerful real-time strategy for iOS users. Visual design is excellent and can compete with the coolest projects. Each brick in the wall of your castle, unit or landscape element – everything is perfectly drawn and qualitatively animated. According to the general game atmosphere, the game resembles the latest progs of similar trends and a few classic “Cossacks”.

The gamer will capture the world, conquer all the known lands and brutally deal with the enemies. To its services – powerful characters of different classes, dozens of units, structure, and traps. Any unit can be upgraded and reinforced. A lot of development lines are available to the player. There is no clear binding to classes but many skills are special and cannot interact with others. At the same time, the development of skills is not final – it has no limit either in knowing the new, or “pumping” the old.

Naturally, support for guilds and clans is added. Uniting with allies is easier to equalize with the ground enemy base, but do not forget that the allies also stand in your way to absolute power. The game is socially oriented and allows you to play with your friends. With them, or other players, you can arrange PvP battles. Deletion and transfer of resources are not supported. The mass of crosses makes it possible not to be bored, even playing for hours on end. The user will always find something to do: build a castle, conquer new lands or develop the economy. The battle for Throne is your path to a personal empire.


  1. Wonderful graphics and sound.
  2. Interesting story.
  3. The mass of units, buildings, and resources.
  4. Combat with other players and clans.
  5. Organization of own communities.
  6. Practically infinite upgrade and skill improvement.
  7. The highest playability.
  8. Easy installation.

On devices of medium and high class, the game will simply fly. Frankl, out-of-date devices will have a little worse – graphics require victims – but you can play. The project is an excellent multi-hour time climber that eats dozens of hours of free time. Recommended for download to everyone who loves strategy.

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Iron Marines

Iron Marines – the long-awaited strategy that combines several game genres, developed for us by the guys from the Ironhide Game Studio company known to the mobile world on the popular trilogy Kingdom Rush. If before guys did games only from the genre of Tower Defense, then Iron Marines got several of them at once, so here they combine the above-mentioned Tower Defense, role-playing game, and real-time strategy.

This game will take us directly to the space of unexplored planets, on them the various battles will be held in which you will try to win, but for this, you need to include your strategic and tactical skills. The gameplay in this strategy is exciting and very interesting, the player has his own base on which he can build various objects, hire powerful heroes, train his army and learn different skills, and then organize raids on other territories and destroy enemies.

If in the past games of this developer we could only build defensive bases, and then with their help repulsed the invasion of enemies, here everything is much more interesting. In one mission, we will save the surviving allies, in the other – defend our own positions, in the third – send troops to capture enemy territories and objects and so on. For the game a variety of units will be available, each of them is unique and has its own skills and characteristics, they can be pumped and improved in every possible way, adding strength and endurance.

One of the most pleasant chips can be noted the property of your units to change their specialization at any time you want, so the flamethrowers can drop their weapons and take up grenade launchers, ordinary soldiers at the moment can become snipers and so on. In addition, to fight the most dangerous enemies, including with huge, powerful bosses, nine powerful heroes are available, just like soldiers they are unique in their characteristics.

A single company is divided into numerous missions in two different worlds. You can choose for yourself the difficulty of the game, beginner, fighter or veteran, in addition, you can unlock the mode unthinkable, for the most powerful and fearless players. The graphics turned out to be very high-quality and beautiful, each element is accurately drawn, the game locations also look great, in addition, there is good animation and special effects.

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Total Conquest

To find yourself in ancient Rome, to be imbued with the atmosphere of that time and take part in historical events – what can be more exciting for a fan of games that carry over into the past? Here the footsteps of the Roman soldiers are heard – after Caesar’s death, a real struggle for the right will begin to ascend to his throne. The Roman Empire will soon see a new ruler. He will be born in the battle of players from all over the world!

The Total Conquest game will captivate the creation of the city of your dreams. You will manage one of the Roman provinces. At your disposal will be a strong army, which will be devoted to its commander-in-chief. Your powerful legion will be able to provide protection from enemies who will repeatedly raid your land – but their onslaught will restrain tall walls and towers, and even your enemies will fall into the traps you have set up. Building a majestic policy, take care of improving your units. Then they will be able to achieve even greater success in the battles with the armies of players from around the world.

In order, the play was more interesting – invite friends from social networks (Facebook and Google+). With them or with other players, you can join alliances to act together, defeating enemy legions. Remember that someone who manifests himself as a wise general, will break a big jackpot – will become a powerful ruler and will receive a truly royal award.


Plague Inc.

Plague Inc is a game for iOS, combining in itself such genres as strategy and simulator. It touches on a very serious topic that worries absolutely the whole world – diseases and epidemics. The unique thing is that you do not have to fight with ailments but rather spread the terrible viruses around the globe, trying to hit every corner of our beautiful planet.

To some extent, many have a fear of such an eerie sense, but that’s the whole point and the uniqueness of Plague Inc. For its originality, it received many prestigious awards and was awarded the “Game of the Year” award! And the point here is not that the world has gone mad, but in reality, which is laid in a deep sense. If you do not pay attention to the problems realized in the game, its actions can be repeated in the real world.

Game process

In order to start, you will need to create a terrible virus, then choose a place on the map where you will release a terrible ailment and where it will start its deadly path. Naturally, scientists around the world will create medicines to destroy your virus, so you will have to modernize it and through strategic thinking, choose the chains by which the virus will spread. It’s not unfortunate but the achievements consist in the number of deaths from the disease and the territory of infection. The goal of Plague Inc is to infect the whole world and destroy all life on the planet.


  1. Elegant graphics, built on a specially designed engine, makes the game incredibly realistic and tightens in its network, like a virus.
  2. A detailed, realistic world, built on advanced technologies, for comfortable management of the epidemic.
  3. Help contains all the necessary information, in which you can find comprehensive answers to all questions.
  4. For your insidious plans, 12 terrible viruses are ready, each of which has unique properties and a special distribution strategy.
  5. More than 50 countries where the virus can be spread. Hundreds of varieties of diseases with subsequent development and mutation, as well as world events that affect the disease process.
  6. Realization of full-fledged conservation in any place, with the possibility of subsequent download, will allow you to have several save so that at any time you can “roll back” a little back.
  7. The tournament table allows you to see your result and compare it with the leaders of the table. This is very important if you want to achieve high results.
  8. You can make additions that include such diseases: a zombie virus, a brainworm and other diseases that help to hit the world faster.

Despite all its bloodthirstiness, Plague Inc is an incredibly exciting game, with a unique storyline. The highest ratings and constant development of game features and opportunities attract new players to their networks. Maybe Plague Inc is the virus that hits the players, carrying around the world free copies of this exciting application…

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This game with a hard-to-pronounce name surprises gamers with many – and the very name, and minimalist appearance. In fact, in Rymdkapsel everything happens in its own way: along the corridors of the space station, personnel is scurrying, team members work in hydroponics gardens and in the kitchen, install new units and monitor the operation of the reactor. The buzzer sounds – it’s the attack of an alien ship.

The crew members amicably engaged in repulsing the attack, and then return to their daily duties. Life on the ship boils, and there is nothing surprising in it, except for the fact that the ship itself, all the objects on it and even the crew – all this consists of geometric shapes of different shapes and colors that have nothing to do with our standard representation of the image as a spaceship, hovering somewhere in the depths of the universe, and his staff.

Your team (or minions, as it says in the game itself) will be small white rectangles that are capable of performing various tasks: building new blocks of the ship, growing food, in short, supporting the life support system, and, in addition, fighting with the invading ships that are not far from yours, and look like a handful of dark pink squares. It’s hard to believe that all these bright, colorful squares and rectangles live and act like thinking organisms, or they are components of a ship but, nevertheless, this is so.

Your faithful minions are ready to work for the benefit of your native ship day and night, and your task will be to give them commands and coordinate their actions – not for nothing that Rymdkapsel refers to real-time strategies. The most important thing is to correctly plan the composition of the interior space of the ship, connecting corridors and rooms, each of which has its own color and serves different purposes.

Blocks of different colors and shapes available for construction signed according to the functions to be performed, are located at the top of the screen, from where you can extract them and drag them to where you want to install.

And everything would flow smoothly and calmly in the construction and development of the ship, if not for the enemy attacks, which will have to be repelled with the help of the same minions, building defenses on the ship.

The gameplay of this game is simple and surprisingly original, and its intuitive control can be learned literally in a couple of minutes. At the same time, the element of strategy in Rymdkapsel is very serious and would honor many, much more “heaped” games. Here we see a laconic minimalism, which does not look like an individual graphic style and, at the same time, tightens the gameplay, which is difficult to resist.

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First Strike: Final Hour

First Strike is a global strategy in which it is necessary to use nuclear weapons to capture states and conquer a whole planet. First, the player is asked to choose one of the three sides of the conflict. As in real life, the United States, North Korea, and Eastern Europe (in particular the Russian Federation) have the largest nuclear potential here.

Initially, each country is within its borders, but by the end of the game, it can turn into a large-scale empire. The gameplay is to capture nearby areas and build up military power. It is necessary not only to attack neighboring states but also to defend themselves against encroachments on their own lands. All this is done with the creation of missiles of different range, aviation, and anti-missile defense systems. The captured regions need to be developed.

To this end, the user must distribute responsibilities between the controlled states and continue to occupy enemy territories. One can not stop at what has been achieved because the slightest delay can cost losses of important areas. First Strike – an excellent global strategy, featuring its own style, interesting gameplay and the ability to make a player think about every step.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphical shell of the application is presented at a decent level, everything looks very cool and nice. Users will carry out all actions and observe from the space behind the movement of satellites and many secret objects. Take everything with your hands and begin to act, trying to bypass the other powers for a few steps. Participate in nuclear battles and prove your superiority by defeating all enemies and ousting them from the world arena.

  • a view of the apocalypse from orbit;
  • bright graphics and dynamic gameplay;
  • parties do not take much time;
  • low cost;
  • you can bomb a country where a person lives, offending you on the Internet.

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Battleplans presents a new perception in the world of online gaming entertainment for iOS – a real-time strategy.

History and heroes. The era of internecine battles in the Battleplans strategy is represented by the rules of the parallel Middle Ages, where the planets are kept by turtles and elephants, the earth is flat, and the continents are divided between militant clans that are able to bury their enemies alive. And the truth is – the war is truly cruel, the clans are riotous and attack even in times of conditional truce. Do not believe us? Hurry up to download Battleplans to iOS, start training and take a look at the face of fear!

Battle system. The strategy of Battleplans develops in real time – players give out teams to squads of fighters, capture special control points on the map and strengthen allies with auras. Victory in each mission is possible only with the total use of the terrain – if the enemies will win at least a few control points, then the lock is easier to lose, and the battle is to lose.

Islands and fighters. It is necessary to fight near mystical skulls – huge artifacts, hiding valuable resources and blessing fighters for terrible accomplishments. Battles for the skulls unfold almost around the clock, and the winner is determined only by the mountains of corpses! In order not to perish under the onslaught of the enemy, be sure to watch the constructed buildings in the controlled area and recruited into the army soldiers – all heroes must possess unique abilities and support allies!

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Arma Tactics

Картинки по запросу arma tactics appstoreIn case you have heard about Arma for computers, or even played it, you can assume that all the best that was in the PC strategy is now in your mobile phone. Of course, such beautiful games require good enough mobile resources, but most of today’s smartphones are beautiful in this respect.

The story of the game is that you have a special forces unit of 4 people. Under your leadership, they have to fulfill the missions developed by… by you. Yes, that’s right: game missions can be either storyline or developed by you.

You choose the way in which you will move forward, developing your strategy in parallel. All plans are built for close combat, which you will face constantly. Your goal is to develop tactics for this type of battle.

Your opponent can be different – from scientists with modern weapons to simple militia with old and collapsed machines. For each of your opponents, you must develop your own special defense and attack techniques.

Weapons are constantly updated: you can choose from a huge arsenal. Since you can also develop your own missions, Arma Tactics can become almost endless – but the players spend 3-4 hours in it – because thinking through the strategy and close combat is incredibly time-consuming.

Картинки по запросу arma tactics appstore

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