7 Best EVP Apps for Android & iOS 2023

The paranormal has always been a concern for people of all ages. Terrifying stories, horror stories, stories about witches and sorcerers, folk tales and national myths – in all of this, there is mystical, mysterious and unexplained.

Of course, getting older, we stop perceiving any story as the truth, and we believe in ghosts less and less. But what if you’re interested in the paranormal?

An object that has fallen by chance, the rustling of book pages, radio and TV interference, creaks at night – all this causes goosebumps and makes your heart beat more often. What if ghosts are really near us and your dead loved one is behind you?

To know this will help you to find out what is always near you – your smartphone! We present you with top 7 apps for your phone that allow you to understand what’s next to you!

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator


If some applications explain to the user how they work and calculate the paranormal, Ghost Detector Radar Simulator does not bother with explanations and clarifications at all.

What’s the point of the application: you run the tool at the right time, walk around the area or territory that you would like to explore for paranormal phenomena, and the application magically shows you the direction of the ghosts. How it determines this is not clear to anyone, but the fact remains.


Ghost Detector Radar Simulator is considered “the only application that allows you to communicate with ghosts for free”. Yes, yes, don’t be surprised, it is to communicate. By communication, the developers mean the following: when you discover a ghost, you can print and send him a message.

The ghost will reply to you, so you can chat. Imagine the ghost of a man who died in the 18th century gets a text message! You can assume that the ghost dies again from shock.


Reviews about the application Ghost Detector Radar Simulator are ambiguous: some believe that they are deceived (surprisingly), while others perceive the application with humor and actively communicate with spirits from another world.

I think we can say that Ghost Detector Radar Simulator can become a very peculiar Tinder between the world of living people and ghosts.


Ghost Hunting Tools


Ghost Hunting Tools is a free and available application that combines an EMF meter, EVP analyzer, and word (speech) analyzer.

You can ask a reasonable question: Where does the phone’s electromagnetic field sensor come from? It’s simple – other multiple gadget sensors such as a compass and accelerometer are used to detect them. Traditionally, these sensors are believed to find the right fields and thus “see” the appearance of ghosts or spirits.


Ghost Hunting Tools analyzes the sounds when recording them. The app can capture EVPs, which can be electronic voice and noise, as well as sounds and ghost voices. The widget analyzes the recording of the audio track, capturing and displaying a graph of noise from FM waves, radio, as well as simple microphone interference.


Everything that deviates from these sounds is an anomaly. Ghost Hunting Tools pays special attention and records all foreign and extraneous sounds, anomalies.

The application can correlate EVP-sounds and known to its words, that is, to show what can be hidden behind simple and trivial interference. Maybe someone is trying to contact you and convey something? Ghost Hunting Tools will help you to understand the situation.


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Paranormal EMF Recorder And Scanner


“Detect, record and analyze electromagnetic field (EMF) anomalies.” – is the application slogan. As we all know and have seen, true ghost hunters always use magnetic field sensors to find the other side and the abnormal.

Do you already have a picture of Ghostbusters in your head? Is the main melody of the whole cartoon playing in your head?
In real life, it is becoming more realistic.


Since these sensors measure magnetic fields are very expensive, fans of the paranormal have to look for a solution on their own.

Such a solution can be Paranormal EMF Recorder And Scanner. With the help of a magnetometer built into your device, the application measures electromagnetic fields, revealing anomalies and places where something may be wrong.

The application turns your gadget into an EMF sensor and captures and records anomalies. You can record everything with or without sound – recording just allows you to be distracted by things during your research.

The analysis of the recorded data is presented to the user in the form of dynamic graphs, which can be easily converted into excel and saved.


Many people who use the application once begin to doubt its accuracy. The developers’ answer is simple – it all depends on the quality of your equipment. Any error developers can attribute to the quality of the sensor in the phone.

But even so, it is worthwhile to try the application out of scientific interest – just to feel like a scientist and researcher, a seeker of anomalies.


Ghost Radar


Ghost Radar is the classic application that makes you feel like an explorer and adventurer. The developers claim that their project is able to detect the paranormal and supernatural, but does so in a way that no other such application can guarantee.

Ghost Radar uses motion sensors, magnetic field sensors, vibrations and sounds around it. The developer and “father” of the application say that the widget has no full analogs and is the best of its kind.


But even with this in mind, the application website makes it clear that there is no guarantee of Ghost Radar’s performance or fidelity.

The application itself is designed for entertainment purposes only, and you can use it only if you want to have fun, laugh or make fun of someone.


Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector


Once you run into a ghost, you start to believe in it. But what if the encounter does not happen, and you want to be convinced that they exist?

Here Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector will come to the rescue. The developers promise that the EM4 algorithm is new and progressive, more sensitive and accurate (though they do not give arguments, we will take their word for it, right?).


The widget allows you to determine the nature of the other side by analyzing its current state. This analysis is not affected by the current status of the ghost.

The developers promise to add a camera detector, additional analyzers, and ghost trackers to the application in the future. In the meantime, we can make do with what we already have, frighten friends with the presence of ghosts in their room and amuse ourselves by searching for lost souls.


Ghost Recorder


Ghost Recorder is announced as the application that will analyze all the energy fields around you and identify ghosts, otherworldly and abnormal. All unfamiliar “energies” will be shown on your smartphone screen in the form of histograms and graphs.

The clear interface in a minimalistic style attracts attention, and the ease of use is a bit alarming. How can you find something complicated in such a simple way?


The answer is simple – nobody gives you any guarantees of the application’s correctness! Ghost Recorder shows you the energy bursts found on the screen in the form of bursts, shows you the word sets on the screen and generally looks like a serious widget, but the developers do not take responsibility for the reliability of the information appearing on your smartphone screen!

Since we can’t scientifically verify the accuracy of Ghost Recorder and the honesty of its developers, we just have to entertain ourselves with this application, perhaps frightening our friends for fun.

Ghost EVP Analyzer


Ghost EVP Analyzer is an application that allows you to use the analyzer of sounds that are not audible or perceived by the human ear. The special EVP analyzer does what it does to record and disassemble sounds at frequencies that a person is physically unable to hear.

Ghost EVP Analyzer is considered to be one of the best applications in the spectrum, and it cannot be said to be an undeservedly assigned status.


The graphical interface of the application is designed in such a way that anyone can easily manage the application. The display shows any strange noise or sounds at frequencies not perceived by your hearing system.

The application has 3 main functions: recording, analysis and storage. When recording a soundtrack, you can see a histogram as well as measure the sound level.

You can also change the sensitivity of the sound perception in the recording settings. When analyzing the soundtrack, you can “twist” it the way you want to – play it back, speed up and slow down the recording if necessary.


Other options also allow you to save the desired section as well as access previously recorded audio tracks. You can also record in the background, so when you’re listening again, the app will focus on the moments when something strange happened.

So you won’t miss the slightest detail from all the Ghost EVP Analyzer audio you’ve ever heard!

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