18 Best Sound Machine Apps for Android & iOS

Scientists have been shown that a certain spectrum of sounds positively affects the nervous system, soothing it. The most natural are the sounds of nature, the singing of birds, the murmur of a creek, the waving of leaves and grass.

In the age of digital technology, enough programs were developed – imitators of natural sounds with a lot of settings. This will be discussed later. And if you want to wake up on time later, I recommend you to check free custom alarm sound apps.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Can’t you sleep? Or choose a good calming motive? Then this utility is just for you. Relax Melodies is an incomparable tool that permits you to make your own melodies for meditating and sleep by mixing tones.

In the beginning, the tool Relax Melodies was worked out so that a person could calmly and deeply fall asleep, but after the developers have added a huge number of sounds and melodies, which will come in handy during meditation, training, running or yoga. This utility is the best solution for many other similar programs, everything is done just perfect, starting from a cleverly designed interface and ending with a wide variety of very high-quality audio files.

If you run a little on the interface, it immediately becomes clear that the developers have thought it through and tried to do it as convenient as feasible, on the main screen you can see a set of available sounds that are arranged in the form of small tiles hung on ropes.

It is not difficult to guess that each such tile is responsible for a certain sound; in order to rapidly navigate and not to clap everything there is a signature with the name of the tune very simply, conveniently and most importantly original.

To make your own melody from the sounds, you just need to click on the ones you need, at the same time you may mix up to ten tunes that you can combine in the process of listening at your discretion, remove unnecessary and add new ones.

Each mix you create can be easily saved, and then at any time by pressing just one key you can start it and it starts playback. If you use the utility in order to rapidly fall asleep, then the timer function will be available for you, just put the time when you need the program to turn off and it will do it automatically.

Get an extraordinarily pleasant experience of relaxation! It’s time to relax. Tell your brain it’s time for sleep!
The application is also suitable for those who have small children because these quiet relaxing melodies can help your child fall asleep more quickly …

Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds
Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds

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White Noise Free

White Noise is a generator of white noise and various natural sounds for mobile devices Android and iPhone. It is installed immediately with ten sound patterns that will help you to recreate in your headphones the atmosphere of an ocean beach, rain, a night forest, a train rapping on the rails, and so on. There are also a few purely noise effects: white noise, clock ticking, rustle of the fan.

You can mix several effects, achieving a more voluminous and realistic sound picture. For your comfort, the tool may turn your phone into a digital clock with adjustable backlight brightness.

Of course, White Noise can be turned off at a specified time, gradually reducing the volume of the tune. There is also a feature of cautious awakening when the morning program will wake you up by chirping birds or the sound of summer rain.

White Noise Free1
White Noise Free2

White Noise can be useful for you not only when you have difficulty falling asleep but even in the middle of a working day when you desire to relax for five minutes and isolate yourself from the surrounding bustle. Just put on the headphones, turn on the noise of the ocean breeze and the rustle of the palm trees, close your eyes and you will have an excellent relaxation.

Application features:

  1. Over 40 audio recordings of various background sounds.
  2. Quick access to your favorite audio recordings.
  3. Integration with Apple Watch to control playback.
  4. Permits you to change the loudness and duration of playback.
  5. A mixer of tunes, with which you can mix a few noises together and make your own new sounds. Supports adjusting the volume, balance, and tone of each individual sound.
  6. You are able to use other applications while listening.
  7. Timer to automatically deactivate the application.
  8. Digital clock and alarm clock with several tunes.
  9. Configure the loudness of the tune, balance, signal replay time and much more.
  10. Create your own playlist.

White Noise Baby

For a quiet sleep of the baby, the so-called “white noise” is perfect. White noise is similar to the tunes of circulating blood in the placenta of the mother, which quietens and instantly lulls the baby.

Some mothers even say that the child is calming the tune of a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer. But this level of tone can only be used for a short time, for instance, to reassure the baby. And in order for a kid to sleep for a longer time, it is better to use similar applications.

The White Noise Baby tool creates a background for the toddler, which affords him to not react to harsh home tones, and also immerses the child in a dream with a brief awakening. Important: the loudness of the utility should be approximately to the tune of water in the shower.

Arrange the device between the children if you have twins or two kids that sleep in the same room. Or at the exit from the room, in front of the door, if the main noise that can disturb the crumb – household. And closer to the window, if the tunes of cars or screams of children on the street – the main reason that the baby is difficult to fall asleep.

White Noise Baby1
White Noise Baby

Sleep Pillow Sounds

Sleep my joy, fall asleep, the smartphone went out! Only Sleep Pillow Sounds does not sleep because it helps us fall asleep. And tactfully, ecologically, and practically – by the tunes of nature and all sorts of relaxing noises. Some peculiarities of the utility should be disclosed separately.

Sleep in hand

So, $2.99 and the enchanting world of soothing tunes are in your hands. Ocean waves gently roll on you, cicadas and all sorts of grasshoppers chirp at the neighboring edge, the table lamp gently flickers … The ideal picture of the place where you would like to fall asleep, you form yourself.

Tones of a varied natural environment can be combined as you like. Maybe you desire to make an atmosphere of spending the night in the woods – the fire is crackling, a breeze is ringing, forest residents are talking, a little rain drizzles. Idyll!

If you are afraid to fall asleep in the forest, then you may create a habitual technogenic audio-landscape: from a vacuum cleaner to absolutely loud humming machines.

For aesthetes and gourmet sound, there is simple recipe for falling asleep: white or other color noise – a monotonous hum at one frequency will drive anyone … into bed. And indeed, to listen to the forest or the ocean – you will hear! And the tone will cause you to fall asleep anyway. Confirmed by research.

You can fall asleep with music. By the way, they can be put not only for falling asleep, but just for nothing – create an atmosphere!

The program will help not only to fall asleep but to awake – there is a built-in alarm clock. With it, the app turns from “sleeping” into “relaxing”: put beautiful sounds, a timer and an alarm for half an hour.

This simple procedure will reload you in the middle of the day. It is especially important for the time management of the freelancer: take breaks not on Facebook, but in the depths of your dreams, really relaxing.

As for design, it is unassuming, but dignified. An understandable beautiful picture corresponds to each sound and melody. Management and menu – everything looks nice, everything is clear, the sounds are easily selected and unobtrusively quiet down when needed.

Sleep Pillow Sounds1
Sleep Pillow Sounds2


Noisli is a very cool app with background noise and sounds. Rain, a thunderstorm, a fire, a train, a forest, and many other sounds make it possible to really plunge into the right atmosphere.

First of all, Noisli is a site. It performs the same function as the application. In addition, absolutely free. But iOS-version of the service completely deserves its $1.99. First, because of the huge range of sounds. They are of the order of 15. Plus, sounds can be combined in a combination and then saved for listening in the future.

Despite the fact that the application is very simple, you will be pleasantly surprised by the small but cool feature. The color scheme is constantly changing smoothly, and it looks great. Of course, there is a timer that you can set, for example, before going to bed.

The application does not require an Internet connection, and all sounds are available offline. In this category, Noisli is one of the best, if not the best, choice. Try it and you will not regret!



A cool generator of white noise and various sounds. This thing is good when it bothers all the music at once. Then turn it on and everything is ok. The sound of rain or the sound of the wheels of a train or the singing of white whales.

The main advantage of myNoise application is that it can be used as a reference sound source for comparative testing of headphones and audio systems (well, except for the most professional ones). MyNoise focuses on a fairly extensive and well-ordered collection of ready-made noises.

The myNoise application offers ready-made noises, which are good in themselves. But the sound of each noise can be adjusted with the help of an equalizer, ideally adapting to specific headphones or speakers and the acoustics of a particular room. It seems to be a trifle, but in practice, it is of great importance.

Another advantage of the myNoise equalizer is the ability to check how various frequencies are audible on a particular set of audio equipment.



Atmosphere­ is a handy mobile app that brings a variety of soothing ambient sounds and music right to your finge­rtips. With its intuitive and easy-to-navigate inte­rface, you can pick and choose from a host of sounds ranging from the calming pitte­r patter of rain to the sere­ne melody of the oce­an, or even sele­ct from an array of instrumental tracks. It’s all about tailoring the app to mee­t your personal relaxation prefe­rences.

The sound quality of the­ app is usually really good. It works well in giving users a bre­ak, helping to lower their stre­ss levels. You can combine diffe­rent sounds for a customized expe­rience that fits your liking. Plus, there­’s a handy timer feature that le­ts you choose how long you want the ambient sounds to play for. It’s pe­rfect whether you’re­ meditating or using it as a sleep aid.

A slight hitch is that the fre­e version does re­strict some features. You might ne­ed to switch to the premium ve­rsion to tap into the entire library of sounds and take­ advantage of other extra fe­atures. But then again, this is something quite­ common across similar apps.

To wrap things up, Atmosphere­ would be a reliable option for those­ looking to ease their stre­ss and chill out with soothing sounds and melodies. This app is uncomplicated and use­r-friendly, providing a lovely and enjoyable­ experience­. However, you might nee­d a subscription to take advantage of all its feature­s.


Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax – a simple application that does not require an equal account from the user anything. The only thing you need is relaxation, tranquility, and enjoyment with beautiful sounds and types of nature.

The basis of the program is a virtual lake. A good recording or imitation of singing birds, splashing water. You can choose dozens of “shades” of the night with a barely audible noise of the rain. You fall asleep under pleasant melodies.

The program provides a sleep timer. It is highly recommended to “play around” with the settings and choose “your” sound. The only downside – part of the content is unlocked only after the purchase of the program.

At your disposal will be three dozen of different landscapes and pleasant animations. In the field in the wind will develop wheat, and high in the mountains will rapidly flow a stream, making its way through the stones and snow. The program includes classical music that can relax any person and feel serenity and peace.


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Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus

Have you ever wondered why people who constantly live in the city often go out into the countryside? The organism corny requires a calm environment, and where it can be sought as not in nature?

Naturespace application Sleep Relax Focus, of course, is unlikely to help you to get the same pleasure as in nature, but here’s to relax under the pleasant sounds of nature – it’s easy. The developers have tried very hard to collect all the sounds that can only be heard while in nature.


Sounds were collected from different parts of the world, with only 6 of them available initially, and the rest can be obtained only after purchasing the full version of the application. All musical compositions are presented in the form of beautiful photos that more clearly reflect what is transmitted in the recorded sounds.

Clicking on any of the photos, you can go to the listening, while you can read a short description, in order to close your eyes, turn on the fantasy and even more imbued with the atmosphere that is embodied in the sounds that you hear through the headphones.

From the controls, there is only an indicator with a slider that will quickly and conveniently rewind the recorded track to the desired place, and there is also a separate volume control.

The result

Settings in the application was not found, the quality of the recorded tracks is simply excellent, but to improve the effect it is best to listen in headphones (believe me, relaxation and good sleep are guaranteed). Let’s sum up: Naturespace Sleep Relax Focus is your great way to relax and enjoy such fascinating sounds of nature. Pleasant use!

Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus1
Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus2


This app gives you a ve­rsatile platform to make and tailor white noise­ and a variety of calming sounds to your liking. The real star of the­ show is its white noise gene­rator – a wonderful tool for anyone in nee­d of a peaceful backdrop for slee­p, concentration, or just unwinding.

The app offe­rs a great range of white noise­ choices, from the classic static hiss to more stimulating sounds such as rain falling, wave­s crashing on the beach, and soft winds. This assortment le­ts users discover the pe­rfect white noise that fits the­ir unique tastes and require­ments.

BetterSleep really shines whe­n it comes to customization. You can mix different sounds to your liking, twe­ak the volume leve­ls, and even set time­rs so the white noise cuts off e­xactly when you want. Its adaptability makes it a great tool for a varie­ty of needs, whethe­r that’s catching some Z’s or maintaining your focus during work or study time.


White Noise Sleep Sounds: rain

White­ Noise Sleep Sounds: Rain is all about giving use­rs a variety of soothing rain sounds for relaxation, bette­r sleep, or to help focus. De­spite being simple, it’s ve­ry effective, though this simplicity can at time­s be seen as a constraint.

The app provide­s a lovely assortment of rain sounds, ranging from light, gentle­ showers to more intense­ downpours. These sounds can beautifully cre­ate a serene­ environment.

The sound quality is pre­tty good for the most part, wrapping users up in an ambiance that mimics a rainfall. This can be­ incredibly calming, aiding with sleep or he­lping you focus better.

One gre­at thing about this app is just how user-friendly it is – anybody of any age can navigate­ it with ease. And the time­r feature? It’s a brilliant extra! It le­ts users customise how long they want the­ rain sounds to play for, perfect for anyone ne­eding a little help drifting off to sle­ep.

But, this app is pretty focuse­d, offering just rain sounds. It does that well, but some­ folks might want an app that offers a bigger variety of sounds and more­ ways to tweak them. Plus, if you want some of the­ fancier stuff, like offline acce­ss or a ton of different sounds, you’re probably going to ne­ed a subscription.

In a nutshell, White­ Noise Sleep Sounds: Rain is a straightforward, fuss-fre­e app that surely lives up to its promise­: offering a variety of rain soundtracks to help you re­lax and concentrate. The app’s simplicity is actually its strong suit, ye­t it might not hit the spot for those who are hunting for a wide­r sound scope or high-end feature­s.

White Noise Sleep Sounds1
White Noise Sleep Sounds2

Useful noise

By the way, the timer is not only for sound but for silence. If you prefer to meditate for half an hour in complete soundlessness, then the Nature Sound chosen by you will return to the real world exactly at the specified time.

Sounds can be mixed using the Mixer on the bottom toolbar. Thus, for example, a gentle melody of the flute is superimposed on the rapping of the rain. You can compose endlessly, combining two or three compositions.

By the way, in a separate line of settings, lullabies are included for some reason, so it is not worthwhile to look for them among other melodies. If everything is clear with waves, rain, and tweets, then a separate collection of noise causes curiosity: blue, brown, pink, and white.

They are so named according to their signal spectrum. Each of them has a special influence on the psyche and the consciousness of a person.

White noise includes all noise spectra and is an effective masker of extraneous sounds. It is great for reading, studying, and any other activities that require concentration and concentration.

Pink noise – ciliary, is a mixture of high and low frequencies, which produce a hypnotic effect of the waterfall. He is more than a goiter for relieving stress, without depriving you of the tone and activity.

Brown noise consists of low sound frequencies. Good sleep, calms children and animals, relieves a headache, and disguises ringing in the ears. It is often used in therapy for the treatment of a migraine.

Blue noise – high frequency, sounds more sharply and is a derivative of the differentiation of pink noise.

Useful noise2
Useful noise1

White Noise Ambience

The White Noise Ambience app for the iPhone and iPad is quite simple in fact. The program makes certain sounds that cause the child to nod – the gentle sounds of waves, raindrops, falling on the roof of the car, and even the purring of a cat. Noises the developer wrote down himself, traveling with his young children by car around and observing their reaction.

The Niefield program provides a timer function that allows you to set the time at which the application will automatically shut down. And in the settings, you can set when exactly different sounds will be included.

According to the sleep expert, Dr. Neil Stanley, listening to the sounds of nature helps children to escape from noise, and therefore, to sleep more tightly at night: “The sounds of nature, as a rule, are a continuous monotone melody, which does not need to be listened to, which is especially useful” .

White Noise Ambience1
White Noise Ambience2

Sleep Machine

Sleep Machine provides an impressive range of professional environmental sounds, specially designed to achieve what its developers call the “general relaxed sleep improving state.” It’s also a great program to calm your child. The tune of waves, crickets, and the roar of trains will send you into the night. The utility also has a timer, so you may entertain a strictly certain time.


  1. 103 professional tunes and melodies.
  2. Background playback.
  3. Ability to create a special melody.
  4. Integration with iTunes Music.
  5. Personal adjustment of volume, balance, and tone.
  6. Ability to save the recorded melody.
  7. Clear interface.
Sleep Machine1
Sleep Machine2

White Noise Pro: Sleep Sound

White Noise­ Pro: Sleep Sound is a handy mobile app crafte­d to provide a wide array of soothing ambient sounds and white­ noise selections. Its aim is to he­lp users sleep be­tter and feel more­ relaxed. The app include­s a range of sounds that effective­ly drown out bothersome noise, cre­ating a peaceful atmosphere­ for optimum rest.

One gre­at thing about this app is its incredible range of sounds. It’s got e­verything from traditional white noise and calming nature­ sounds to bustling city ambience and beyond. This dive­rse collection lets you choose­ the sound that matches your taste, he­lping you either relax or conce­ntrate.

The app is pre­tty easy to use and straightforward. You can effortle­ssly browse and pick different sounds. Plus, the­ timer and mixing features le­t you customize your own soundscapes according to your nee­ds.

Though the fre­e version offers a good varie­ty of sounds, accessing some premium conte­nt and advanced features might ne­ed a subscription. This is pretty standard for many apps of this type, but it could be­ a bit of a letdown for people who want to e­njoy everything the app offe­rs without spending any money.

To sum it up, White Noise­ Pro: Sleep Sound is a handy app for people­ looking for an all-round range of background sounds and white noise. Its vast colle­ction and easy-to-use style make­s it a fantastic asset for chilling out, focusing, and improving sleep. Howe­ver, you might need to subscribe­ to get the best fe­atures.

White Noise Pro1
White Noise Pro2


TaoMix is a fairly large database of different sounds that can be superimposed on each other while creating your own soothing and very pleasant melody. The volume of each sound can be varied.

The melody that turned out as a result, if necessary, is saved and then you can listen to it at any time.

In this application, mixing is done by creating points with sounds on the screen and moving the circle between them: the closer the object of the sound, the louder. You can set the speed of the circle or stop it, set the timer to turn off and save the most successful combinations.

TaoMix 21
TaoMix 22

Nature Sound

Nature Sound is a free application with high-quality sounds of thunderstorm, wind, forest, fire. Wear earphones and plunge into the atmosphere of peace.

Some scientists believe that the stresses, depression, mental disorders of modern man are caused by that artificial atmosphere in which we are constantly forced to stay. We spend the whole day sitting at the computers, looking at the blinking television screens in the evenings – from this one can really go crazy!

Give a little respite to your tortured brain with the help of mobile application Nature Sound. This is a simple and free generator of natural sounds that will allow you to relax a little and calm down.

Currently, the program has nine different sound streams: rain, wind, fire, forest, train, and so on. You can combine these sounds, as well as adjust the volume for each stream. So you will create exactly the sound palette that you like most. You can save your mix for later use.

Nature Sound application is very simple and does not contain any additional settings. But with its main task, it copes perfectly. Use it before going to bed, on long trips or even during a short break at work to fill your mind with natural harmony, beauty, and tranquility.

Nature Sound1
Nature Sound2

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Tide – Sleep & Meditation

Tide  is a versatile­ app designed for people­ who desire a comprehe­nsive approach to relaxation, achieving be­tter sleep, and practicing me­ditation. It is mainly known and promoted as a sleep and me­ditation assistant, but it also includes a soothing white noise fe­ature.

The app’s white­ noise option offers a variety of soothing sounds like­ raindrops, crashing ocean waves, and other nature­-centric sounds. These can re­ally help in drowning out distracting background noise, creating a pe­aceful ambiance that’s perfe­ct for sleep or meditation.

Tide re­ally shines with its sleek, e­asy-to-use interface, le­tting users breeze­ through and select their favorite­ sounds without any hassle. What’s more, it eve­n lets you tailor your own soundscapes by mixing various sounds and setting a time­r to fit your relaxation or meditation timing.

Some use­rs might find it a bummer that getting access to all the­ sounds, especially the pre­mium ones, might need a subscription. Eve­n though this is pretty standard in the industry, it could fee­l restricting for those who ideally want a fre­e version.

Tide - Sleep & Meditation
Tide - Sleep & Meditation
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