11 Free Color Apps for Toddlers (Android & iOS)

Coloring is fun and exciting for toddlers, that’s why there is no limit to the diversity of tools for that. One of the best kinds is the color apps. The challenge that the developers of such apps face is to manage to make those apps possible to handle for toddlers – in other words, the buttons should be large enough, the color palette must be easy and accessible, etc.

Developing visual and motor skills is crucial for toddlers and kids – so it’s beneficial to get them involved in activities of this type as often as possible. Thus, we can also offer to explore the article about Free Memory Card Games for Kids (Android & iOS) where they will learn not only to colorize objects but to memorize words using images.

Baby coloring book for kids 2+

Coloring apps is one of the most effective tools for kids to evolve their imagination, reveal creative potential, and build up a memory level. The Baby coloring book is our first coloring application that contains 9 theme packs with 135 pages. All the drawing lessons are aimed at fine motor skills and logic development.

So, when you first open the app, there will be a vivid and colorful wallpaper. Click on the screen to get to the coloring library and select the most favored image to start painting.

On the right side, you will find several painting tools – e.g. pencil, brush, fill, spray colors, etc. Nearby you can pick the most-liked color on the color line. Lastly, tap on the parts you want to paint. Children can decorate their artworks with assorted colors, patterns, and even glitter designs. When everything is ready, click on the checkmark button on the top of the screen. The app will save your painting in the library.

In case you want to change the colors on the picture, tap on the “undo” button to cancel the recent actions. All in all, the Baby coloring book will be an essential tool for both boys and girls from 2 up to 4 years old.




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Kids Coloring Book

Kids Coloring Book is our second application that will help your children to boost their creativity. The app runs as the former one, but it comes with over 190 coloring pages with multiple categories:

  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Alphabets

Kids Coloring Book contains a quite straightforward interface for toddlers, as all the tools are demonstrated next to each other. The app is loaded with over 80 colors to choose from. On the right side, you can pick a required painting tool. Use a Bucket fill to colorize an area just in one click. Moreover, you can even adjust the pencil size.

If you want to start over, click on the “delete” button. Or, you can also employ an eraser to remove only particular parts. Many parents find Kids Coloring Book one of the best color apps for toddlers, therefore you can check lots of rave reviews. In general, this is quite a nice app for all the toddlers.



Pinkfong Coloring Fun

Let your child feel like an artist with Pinkfong Coloring Fun. The app is designed to level up the child’s hand-eye coordination and logic skills. Pinkfong Coloring Fun comprises over 220 coloring pages along with advanced tools and convenient navigation. Plus, the app features diverse 11 themes ranging from animals to vehicles, letters, numbers, etc.

After downloading the application, you will come to the menu page where you can opt for a beloved section for painting. Then, you will have access to an extended number of coloring pictures. Your task is to choose the most charming one! The painting page includes plenty of editing tools – brush, pencil, decorative filling, or you can even add stickers.

Apart from numerous basic colors, you can try glitter colors as well.

As for the unique option, the app allows you to take a picture of your own and add it to the coloring. The application is developed in a fabulous design with a pleasant background soundtrack and colorful animations. Thus, your child will not get bored!

On the right side of the screen, tap on the eraser slider to exclude the superfluous drawings. However, we have noticed a significant drawback there – the painting tool goes beyond the contour. Because of the wide variety of characters and pages to paint on your toddler will never get bored with this app.




Kids coloring book

Do you want to keep your child involved for several hours? In this case, we advise you to try Kids coloring book. This tool will be apt for toddlers and children aged 2-4 years. Kids coloring book is quite similar to our previous app, but it involved more elaborate graphics. But it is developed in a such way that impedes your child to cross the boundaries of the contour.

When you start using this app, it will submit over 120 coloring pages and the list of the following categories: Pets, Wild animals, Vehicles, Dinosaurs, Undersea, People, Creatures, and Food. After selecting the apposite category, you will obtain access to the multiple colorings. The sidebar on the editing page consists of a wide range of painting facilities.

In the middle of the screen, click on the large round button to pick the color. Below, you can also choose the appropriate editing tool – brush, pen, fill, etc. Finally, you can also erase all the drawings.

As in the prior app, the Kids coloring book allows users to import pictures from the library and add them to the paintings. Furthermore, the Kids coloring book features an interactive design, as all the tools are thoughtfully developed.

In the Kids coloring book, all the colors are available, but you can also try splendid backgrounds and sparkling shades.




Drawing Academy

Drawing Academy developed by Bini Bambini is our next full-featured application that allows kids to hone their artistic talents. First of all, we have to mention that Drawing Academy offers 10 thematic collections with over 150 step-by-step drawing tutorials.

All these guides contain various complexity levels. After opening the app, you will come to the colorful menu page. At the top of the screen, there is an assorted set of coloring sheets with multiple themes.

For instance, children can colorize vehicles, animals, flowers, and lots of other objects. When an appropriate coloring is selected, the app will provide your child with interactive guides.

Children will have access to a huge variety of tools, including crayons, stickers, patterns, and paints. The major task here is to trace the lines in line with recommendations. After that, all the paintings will come to life. Tap on the checkmark on the top of the screen to complete the drawing.

By the way, all the integrated tracing exercises will enable your children to acquire writing skills. The app enables children to practice writing letters and numbers, therefore it will be a must-have tool for preschoolers! To conclude, we have to warn you that Drawing Academy comes with a 7-day free trial – however, some users face issues even with this short period as it expires after the first 10 minutes of usage.




Coloring & Learn

Coloring & Learn enables your child to explore the world by getting acquainted with the shapes of various objects. The application is loaded with enhanced tools and more than 250 painting pages. Children will master to write the letters or numbers, investigate multiple geometric figures, distinguish animals, and so many other things!

Like the mentioned above color apps, Coloring & Learn submits a versatile collection for coloring. Now let’s check them below:

  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Vehicles
  • Dinosaurs
  • Geometric figures
  • Alphabet

When your artworks are completed, you can edit and save them in the album. Moreover, you can adorn your artwork with more than 100 stickers. In addition to the aforesaid, the app enables your children to participate in multiple activities. Apart from coloring, they can try themselves at playing the drums, looking into the sea world, flying by plane, or even pop balls.

Or, you can also try a free mode where children can unleash their creative talents and draw everything they want. In total, the app is simple, but entertaining enough for kids – it’s better to use it on tablets.



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Kids Coloring & Kids Drawing – Coloring Book

If you are eager to boost the artistic skills of your child, we advise you to download the Kids Coloring app. This virtual coloring & drawing book is developed for all ages, girls and boys alike. In the Kids Coloring app, you will find around 60 coloring pages. Once you have opened this tool, you will get to the homepage that incorporates the following sections:

  • Coloring pages
  • Blank Picture
  • My Gallery

Select the first segment to start colorizing the pages. After that, you can inspect the bunch of categories: Alphabet, Animals, Characters, Sweets, Universe, etc. After choosing the most favored coloring sheet, you will be transferred to the painting page. So, on the bottom of the screen, there is an expanded colors kit – around 200 colors!

It’s essential to note that among all the tested apps this one has the best combination of diversity of coloring pages and coloring tools. The toddlers can feel freedom when they are choosing not only the character to colorize but the tool, color, imprint, pattern, and so on.

Below the picture, you can fine-tune the slider to achieve the most fitting brush size. Plus, the app comes with diverse editing tools – eraser, brush, pen, etc. They are located above the color set. Moving on, children can also master drawing skills by opening the second section. This page looks the same as the coloring page, but there are no limitations there. Thus, your children can express their painting talents freely!

When your artwork is ready, click on the Save button. Thereafter, all your drawings will be saved in the app gallery. However, we have found several disadvantages – irritating ads and in-app purchases.



Coloring book for kids – Doodle, Color & Draw Game

Coloring book for kids is our next tool that guarantees an engaging learning process. The app is developed by GunjanApps Studios. The menu page demonstrates to users the collection of various options.

Scroll through the screen to monitor all of them and find the most acceptable one. The first section comes with a huge collection of coloring sheets. In the other segments, children can pop colors, guess the picture, colorize the glow images, or even create greeting cards.

When you get down to the coloring page, you will gain access to the broad collection of tools – e.g. pencil, brush, filling, crayon, eraser, etc. Additionally, children can zoom in/out the artworks, or add stickers and frames to them. Plus, there are sound effects added to the app that can be switched on/off according to your desire.

The app also contains basic colors and glittering ones. The app’s interface perfectly suits kids 2-5 years of age, as it features colorful graphics and impressive animations. Plus, all the objects and figures are large enough, so it will considerably sharpen motor skills. One little additional bonus of this app is that it is marked as an “editor’s choice” on Google Play.

The only drawback we have found there – sometimes the loading process can be quite lingering.


Kids Coloring Book: Drawing & Painting for toddler

Kids Coloring Book is another coloring app that is aimed at young children to keep them entertained and busy. More than 75 coloring sheets are provided! One of the most valuable features – there is no demand for a constant internet connection.

After passing a quick installation, you will get to the menu page containing multiple theme packs – Animals, Music, Dolls, Underwater world, etc. Scroll the screen to check them all and pick the necessary one.

Like most coloring applications, Kids Coloring Book supports a wide range of high-quality editing tools. For instance, children can apply a brush, pencil, filling, etc.

In case you want to supersede the colors or undo the actions, tap on the arrow button on the bottom left of the screen. What is more, Kids Coloring Book boasts a pretty intuitive interface for children, as it contains a large colors pack and fabulous special effects. There is nothing excessive, the app runs steadily and fast.

The reason why we didn’t assign this app to a higher position on this list it there is a problem with its in-built purchases. It often happens that the item in the app that you acquired on the previous day can become unavailable again on another. So that’s why we don’t recommend actually buying anything inside this app.

To sum up, the application is not very popular on the market and it has ads and in-app purchases. But it is truly worth downloading!



Animal coloring book & drawing

Do you want your child to explore plenty of marvelous animals and colors? Then, let’s read about the Animal coloring book app developed by bonbongame.com. The application proffers over 70 animal coloring sheets and 4 multiple modes from simple to complex ones. Depending on the skill level and age of the child, you can pick a relevant model.

Furthermore, the app contains a wide range of detailed tutorials to help you and your child to navigate the app with ease. Once you have launched the app, tap on the big red arrow button to start the painting process. After that, you will need to pick the most pertinent option for you. Lastly, you will be transferred to the painting window.

Moving on, the application provides children with step-by-step guides on how to draw pictures properly. Just imagine when their artworks are ready, you can animate them. For this, the only thing you need to do – just click on the joystick button. All your complete drawings will be saved in the built-in gallery section. Thus, you can keep them all together!

The best part there – it does not ask for a regular fee. But tons of ads constantly pop up which can be considered as a disadvantage of the app. Moreover, the app takes up much storage space, that’s why the installation process can be long-lasting. In comparison with the listed above applications, the Animal coloring book supports the coloring pages ONLY with animals.

Advanced color collection, moving animations, sound effects, and spectacular fireworks – all these features are waiting for you in the Animal coloring book!




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Amy’s Coloring Book

And the last application in our rating list is Amy’s Coloring Book. The app offers around 90 splendid pictures and 10 coloring blank sheets. The built-in finger painting system creates the same experience as paper and pencils. Additionally,  you can also customize 40 vibrant backgrounds or decorate your paintings with numerous stickers, jewels, stars, etc.

If you want, you can also purchase additional accessories at a quite reasonable price. Due to the adjustable brush size, users will achieve accurate coloring on the almost inaccessible corners and edges.

Moving on, the interface is feasible enough for a 2-years-old, so your child will instantly get used to this tool. The app does not contain any meaningless functions, so we can surely say that an enjoyable user experience is guaranteed. This also preserves the app from occupying too much memory in your device’s memory.

When you proceed to the painting process, you will hit upon a great variety of editing tools on the bottom of the screen. There is no need to worry if you have accidentally closed the app, as it will automatically save your paintings and later you can continue from the place you left off. However many users complain that this app has lots of ads and a little bit of old-fashioned design.



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