7 Best Marine Traffic Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

The rapid development of mobile apps has greatly improved and expanded the ability to track ships. Advanced satellite services have also had a particular impact.

Ship owners and other interested users use these best marine traffic apps for Android & iOS. They offer excellent functionality and allow you to track the vessels in real-time on interactive maps. 

Get the location of any ship in the chosen ocean with these best vessel finder apps.


MarineTraffic is an app that helps if you want to know where in the world a particular ship is. With its help, anyone, regardless of whether he has his own ship, and where it is located, will be able to track other ships.

You will be able to find out information about the location, time and place of arrival, speed, type, and the number of the ship. Ships are moving right on the map. Information about ships is constantly updated, so it is always reliable.

Also through the app, you can find out what wind speeds are predicted for the near future. Not only ships are displayed on the map, but you can also see the ports and other objects. For each port, you can see information about what time all ships arrive and depart.

You can find information in one click. If you’re wondering what ship is passing you by, just upload a picture of it to the app and it will show you all the information about that ship. You can also get information and see photos of any ships, ports, and marinas in the app.

Add the ships you want to your “My Fleet” folder and track them even easier. You’ll have access to extra features when you subscribe. You’ll be able to view detailed weather forecasts, advanced data, and more. Download now!


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VesselFinder is an app that will help you find out what ship is passing you by. The app has many useful features that are constantly updated. Easily and quickly find all the ships you are interested in by number or name.

Get information about the type of ship, its location, where it’s coming from and going to, the year built, its speed, time of arrival, what cargo it’s carrying, and more. Not only will you be able to track vessels but also ports.

Find out information about all the ships that have entered or left a certain port. View search history as needed. Create a “My Fleet” folder and add all ships of interest to it. View photos of ships and ports.

See the weather forecast that the weather forecasters are promising for the near future. Track your location and see what ships are near you. Measure the distance from you to the ship of interest. If you have any problems with the app, you can always contact support.

Use the program for free and without restrictions.  Install it now, and you will always have a shipping tracker at your fingertips.


Marine Tracker – Maritime traffic – Ship radar

Marine Tracker is an app for people who want to know information about all ships. With this tracker, you can not only track cargo ships but also the most ordinary boats from any place.

An easy-to-use program with a clear interface that is always at your fingertips. You won’t need to understand how the app works, now you can track vessels with just one click.

Beautiful design will make working with the app even more pleasant. The easy-to-use menu will make it easier and more convenient to use the program. With this app, you will be able to determine the exact location of any ship, no matter what part of the world it is located in.

You can also determine the type of the ship, how fast it is moving, what number it has, where it is going, and what time it will arrive at its destination.

The program works in real-time, so the information about the ships is always up-to-date. Whether you own a ship or just love ships, you’ll be able to keep track of all the information you’re interested in. Install it now and see how easy it is. 


Ship Tracker – AIS Marine Radar & Vessel Tracker

Ship Tracker is an app that is a godsend for people who own ships or just those who love ships. With this app, you can see all the information about the ship you want, wherever it is located.

Anytime and anywhere, use the app to find out the route, the points of departure and arrival, the time in which the ship has to deliver its cargo, the speed at which it is moving, the type of this ship, and much more.

You will be given detailed information about everything. You can explore a boat that is nearby, or any cargo ship, yacht, or tugboat that is in another country. Thanks to the simple interface, working with the app will be convenient and easy to understand.

You will not need any special skills to work with the program. Search for the ships you want to track with one click. The app has many handy features that are constantly being updated and improved. It has advantages over other similar apps.

It’s easy to use, and all the information is automatically available to you with a click. The app works around the clock, so you can get information anytime, anywhere.

The app shows you the exact location of any ship. Thanks to the fact that the information is constantly updated, it always stays accurate. Try it now and see for yourself. 


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Marine Radar – Ship tracker

Marine Radar is an app that helps you know where different ships are and where they are sailing. It is a tracker that allows you to find out all the information about the ship you are interested in.

To make your work with the app simple and convenient, it has a clear user interface. The beautiful and attractive design makes working with the app even more pleasant.

To understand what type of ship is in front of you, just pay attention to the color with which it is marked on the map, each type corresponds to a different color. It’s easy to find ships with this position, with the help of a special well-structured menu.

In just one click, find the ship, boat, or yacht you are interested in. Determine the exact location, direction, route, speed, and time of arrival. If you know the shipping number, you can type it in the search bar and the app will find it for you.

In addition to ships, you can see ports and other objects on the map. All ships are moving directly on the map. Download it and let the ship tracker always be at your fingertips.


Ship Tracker – Live Marine Radar

Ship Tracker is an app that you can use to get detailed information about the ship you are interested in.

All you need to do is to download the program, find the ship you want in one click and the app will show you all the information about it.

What type of ship it is, where it’s coming from and where it’s going to, its speed, its time of arrival – all this information will be available to you.

Whether you have your own ship or just want to know what ship is sailing past you, the app will definitely help you. If you are waiting for a parcel to be delivered by ship by sea, you can track the exact location of your item. Thanks to constant updates, it always stays very accurate.

Your pocket radar will always be at your fingertips. You will be able to track ships anytime and anywhere. The app is free and unrestricted, so you can get information about any number of ships. Simple and clear controls will make working with the program a pleasure.

If you went on a cruise and have access to the Internet, you can get information about your boat, and find out where it is and at what speed it is sailing. Download the app and use it with pleasure.


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Vesselink is an app for those who want to know information about various ships. In the app, you can find different kinds of information about ships, ports, marinas, and much more with the help of various functions.

Search for a ship you are interested in by typing its number in the search bar. The advantage of this app over other similar ones is its ease of use, find ships in one click.

Find its location, time and place of departure and arrival, ship type, name of the bosun, and more. In the app, you can find out the weather for the coming days. Information about the cargo on the ship, even information about the seabed.

You can also find information about the port, and find out which ships will enter and leave during the day. Get information about a ship’s speed and anticipated voyage. Get notifications when a ship you need has entered or left port when weather conditions are expected to get worse, and more.

Add the ships you need to a special folder and track them even easier. Ships on the map are displayed in real-time, which means that information about them is always up-to-date. Try it now!

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