10 Free BMX Games for Android & iOS

Looking for a fun game to learn some cool BMX tricks? This article has you covered!

There are plenty of free BMX games for Android & iOS that lets you do crazy stunts in multiple locations. You’ll get to pick and make your perfect bike, learn tricks, evolve as a rider and compete with other users around the globe.

We’ve gathered together the 10 best games in that category you may try. Have a look!

BMX Space

BMX Space

Let’s start with a BMX game that lets you practice biking skills.

This is by far the most played game in the genre. It comes with intuitive controls and smooth gameplay, so no worries about the performance. The first thing you’re gonna do here is to create and alter your hero. Once it’s done, you’re ready to dive into the BMX world.

The game covers multiple BMX parks, you get to freely explore and enjoy for as long as needed. There are practically no rules or limits here, so you can do whatever you want. Plus, you get to make your own tracks with all the training apparatus required. You’ll get to master various tricks and participate in challenges against other players.

To be more precise, the game lets you join group competitions with up to 10 players. The battles are here to find out who does the tricks better, who rides better, and all that. As the game goes, you’ll get to unlock new skills, fashion items, and other supplies that affect your performance.

 BMX Space 1 BMX Space 2 

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Max Air

Max Air

Next, there’s a game to master extreme BMX stunts.

The concept of the game is beyond simple: you need to choose a bike and go have fun on the half pipe. It covers multiple bikes to pick from, but the advanced one will need to be unlocked first. You’ll also get to upgrade your BMX and adjust it as needed.

The game coves multiple locations for you to train and learn new tricks. For instance, there are recreations of real skate parks from all over the world. You’ll get to train in major cities, on the beach, and even in the jungle among wild animals. As the game goes, you’ll learn air tricks, flip spins, and more.

You’ll also train increasing the bike speed and combine the tricks. All tricks you learn and perform will bring you points that can be exchanged for power-ups, skins, and more. You’ll also get to collect up to 5 characters with unique riding styles. It’s a single-player game that runs offline, so you can play wherever you are.

Max Air 1 Max Air 2 

Touchgrind BMX


This game is great to perform some crazy BMX tricks.

If you enjoy going wild with your BMX performance, you’ll fully enjoy this game. It lets you ride in various locations to do insane stunts like jumping off a 50-meter building, riding through narrow trails in the mountains, and flying over gaps. In other words, you get all the digital adrenaline possible.

Beyond that, you’ll get to design a custom BMX by choosing a frame, a handlebar, wheels, sears, and more. You’ll even get to create a custom design if needed. As the game goes, you’ll be able to unlock advanced parts and special bikes for performing more complex stunts.

The game also lets you challenge your pals to find out who does the best tricks. You may rather participate in PvP duels or join major tournaments with worldwide players. Plus, you can complete extra challenges to earn points and rank up your character. The game is free, but you can buy some stuff for real money too.

Touchgrind BMX 1 Touchgrind BMX 2 



There’s a 3D BMX game that lets you do amazing tricks.

This game is all about doing some crazy flips and stunts, so if you’re here for that, you’ll get to enjoy this game. It needs to be said, the graphics is not the best here, but it’s not too bad either. You’ll get to choose between 8 skate parks that were inspired by real ones around the globe.

And if that’s not enough, you can also make your own park to ride in. You’ll be able to pick and modify the BMX, and there are plenty of options to make it unique. As you’ll rank up and develop your skills, you’ll get to unlock more bike parts and advanced bike models to do complex tricks with.

The same goes for your character: feel free to experiment with skins and clothing. Plus, once the tricks are learned, you’ll get to combine them to get more points. There’s an arcade mode where you need to beat your own score, a skate mode to master tricks, and a free one to just ride around and have fun.


King Of Dirt BMX 

King Of Dirt

Here’s an iOS-only game that lets you experience extreme BMX riding.

The graphics here is one of the best out of the entire list, so if you’re an iPhone owner, don’t get past this one. The game covers plenty of cool skate park locations for you to ride and train. Plus, there’s a huge collection of bikes to choose from classic BMX, MTB, and even a mini bike.

Of course, the game lets you customize your bikes by re-painting them, adding new parts, and more. Not all options are available from the beginning, so you’ll need to earn points first. The game comes with multiple missions, each of which helps to master your skills and learn new tricks. Once learned, the tricks can be combined as needed.

You may also complete extra challenges for more bonuses and power-ups. The game comes with an MP mode, so you can compete with friends and random players. Your main goal is to learn as many tricks as you can and rank up on top of the leaderboard.

King Of Dirt 1 King Of Dirt 2 

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Mad Skills BMX

Mad Skills

It’s a fun single-player BMX game that lets you explore multiple locations.

This game is a racing action where you get to contend with characters all over the globe. It comes with realistic physics, which makes the trick performance more complicated and challenging. You’ll get to choose between 7 different bikes that can be customized and upgraded with time (some upgrades can only be exchanged on coins).

Plus, the game lets you personalize a rider by changing his appearance, costume, armor, and more. There are also dozens of tracks for you to ride, and each one is more difficult than the other. More to that, new tracks are added weekly, and all of them are free, so you won’t get bored.

You’ll get to participate in weekly competitions with your friends, users from your region, and worldwide players. And there are even mad bosses for you to defeat, so no worries about the monotony. The graphics are great, and you get smooth performance without any delays.

Mad Skills 1 Mad Skills 2 

Flip Rider

Flip Rider

That’s a BMX game for learning breathtaking tricks.

You’ll get to slide down ramps, ride at high speeds, reach major heights and become the coolest MBX rider of all. The game covers multiple half pipes around the globe, so you’ll get to practice your tracks in plenty of fun environments: from LA to Baikal.

Plus, whatever cool tricks you have in mind – it can be done in this game. You’ll get to do nose grabs, front side airs, and much more. The game covers a wide range of powerful BMX bikes you can switch and upgrade.

As the game goes and your skills get better, you’ll be able to unlock complex tricks and combine the ones you’ve already learned. The more complex tricks you do, the more bonuses you’ll get. You can also unlock new characters with unique riding manners and capabilities.

Flip Rider 1 Flip Rider 2 

Bike Unchained 

Bike Unchained

Bet you didn’t know Red Bull makes mobile games. Well, they actually do, and they’re pretty good at it.

It’s well-known that Red Bull appreciates extreme sports, so having a BMX game from them is not that surprising (it is, though). This game is all about extreme mountain racing against worldwide players. The graphics are beyond great, we’re talking console-level here.

Your goal is simple: to prove you’re the best and most experienced rider of all. To do that, you’ll need to pick a bike, a rider, and train for as long as needed. There are plenty of bikes to choose from, and you’ll get to upgrade them with time. Besides, the game covers 5 different locations with rock gardens, trails, rivers, and more.

The competitions are there to check out your speed, quick thinking, and trick performance. But the best thing is – you’re allowed to cheat (well, kinda). Use forks, rims, and other bike parts that boost up your bike and make you the fastest rider.

Bike Unchained 1 Bike Unchained 2 

Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing

It’s a bike racing game that lets you do crazy BMX tricks.

It covers plenty of treacherous tracks with multiple obstacles on the way. You’ll get to ride through fiery rings, snowy tracks, and much more. Overall, the career mode covers over 60 tracks with increasing difficulty. Thus, you’ll need to become very technical, which can take hours of playing.

You may also participate in extra challenges to gain bonuses and in-game coins to exchange for bike parts and all that. You’ll get to choose between 5 bikes and upgrade them to perfection. Plus, the game comes with realistic physics, so the tracks will actually affect the way you ride.

More to that, you’ll need to overcome all the speed rivals, so it can be quite challenging to keep everything under control. The competitions also consider your trick performance, so don’t forget to show your best.

Bike Racing 1 Bike Racing 2 

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Free World BMX

Free World

And lastly, we have a BMX game with lots of fun locations and cool tricks to learn.

In the first place, the graphics of this game are slightly old-fashioned, so if it matters to you, just pick any other game. The overall performance is pretty smooth but the physics may not be the best of all. The game features several modes: the first one is for you to learn tricks and try to get the best score.

Next, there’s a free ride mode with practically no rules or time limits. This mode is here for you to have fun and ride at your pace. Plus, there are daily events where you can earn bonuses and power-ups. The game will rate all your tricks and the riding speed and give bonuses according to it.

Herewith, the game has a solid collection of bikes and gears to choose from. As always, some items can only be unlocked for in-game money, but it wouldn’t be fun to get everything right away. There are also plenty of skate parks located near the water or even in some third dimension.

Free World 1 Free World 2

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