14 Best Polling Apps For iPhone and Android

Ask the world your secret question and let people vote. How often are you doubt your filtered photo? Vote on it before posting to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and a lot of other social networks.

Or maybe you are a man who is on a date and you doubt the restaurant you’ve chosen for this event? Browse its photos, ask your question and let people share their thoughts about it, it’ s service, prices, atmosphere, and other aspects.

And if you are a woman on a date, post a question about what dress will make him go out of his mind. You will find answers to all your questions.

The world can’t go without polls and surveys. Online polls are the most powerful, cheap and fast ways to analyze thousands of opinions and preferences.

Our gadgets and devices are not used only for entertainment and fun. They are useful companions in a question of business and work in general too.

For example, market research and customer feedback are among the critical factors that determine the success of a company and brand. What should you do to get a better understanding of your customer’s minds? Of course to carry out surveys and polls! Marketing, in turn, can’t survey without some polls.

We prepare for you 14 online survey and polling apps to make your life easier and you will be able to become to people closer. Let’ s go!


insta2Whether you like it or not but the most massive polls are migrated to the social networks. After a short time after the developers of all the most famous social apps like Instagram or Facebook realized the amount of the loyal audience they have, they started inventing more and more interactive features there.

The poll feature was one of them and it became insanely popular. Probably, you don’t know people who didn’t do a poll on their Instagram stories. Well, nowadays, all the media persons do that – starting with your friends ending with politicians and world-famous superstars.

If you want to start a poll among your subscribers you need to go to “stories” and add a new one. Then, you need to add an image or record a video, explaining the idea of the poll (so the people can actually understand what they are voting for). Then you click on the square icon in the upper corner of the screen and the window with many options is getting opened.

And then you need to find an option “poll”. It is not hard to do because it is usually placed someone in the front rows. There are two types of the poll – the one requires only one question with 2 answers (for example “yes” or “no”) and a more advanced version, where you can make something like a guessing game with more variants of answers (up to 4).

Instagram might be not the most effective and functional app for polls, but considering the number of people who use it – it is a must-have to get essential results.




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facebook2It was predictable, and the following best app for conducting a poll is the owner of Instagram – Facebook. The amount of users of this social network is increasing with each year as well, so conducting polls here can make sense only to gain the necessary number of people involved.

Moreover, most people consider Facebook the most “official” social networks adding their information about their careers, latest life updates and all other things connected with public life. Therefore, the polls there are much more formal and precise, then on Instagram, where almost all the content has an informal character.

If you want to create a poll on Facebook, you need to go to an option “add post”. Then you type your question and choose an option “add a poll”. There you can add the variants of answers and then publish it on your page. All of your subscribers will get a notification about your latest publication and will go checking it out.

Of course, Facebook has lost the trust of millions of users after the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018 but twill, the bigger amount of its accounts are still active as always taking part in all the activities.




Doodle: Easy Scheduling

doodle2If you’re a student in a business field or you’re an employee in a big corporation you are probably familiar with this app. For those who don’t know it: it is claimed as a scheduling app, but it is a great app for conducting polls in closed communities.

In order to create a poll here, you need to create an event (the event can just be a question or a statement) and then add several options for an answer. If that’s a poll for a meeting, then the possibilities are even wider – you can mark several dates each with several options of the time when the meeting can take place.

Just let the people know until when the poll is available and then easily collect the answers. The app will do the statistics for you and you will see which variants are the most popular.

Apart from that, the app includes lots of cool office features, allowing to create a mutual schedule for groups, where members can mark their availability and many more.

By the way, Doodle doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly formal. You can use it even if you want to make a poll among your friends – why not?




Poll Everywhere

polleverywhereA perfect app for responding to polls, presenting polls and clicking through PowerPoint presentations. You won’t find it as a simple app as a Poll Everywhere.

It has several main features:

1.) Respond to polls: A target audience can use the app to respond to the presenter’s questions live, using their devices and this app
2.) Poll audience: Presenters can ask the audience questions and display poll responses live.
3.) Navigate in Powerpoint: Presenters can control the flow of Powerpoint presentations using a smartphone as a wireless remote.

Audience members or students. Aside from the app, they can respond via browser, text message, or Twitter.

Professors, teachers or presenters can create and display questions on the fly, including Q&A and multiple-choice polls. Next, they presented their polls directly from the web or embedded in a PowerPoint ( Microsoft office) or Keynote presentation.

In turn, students can easily respond to polls or vote, true/false, agree or disagree, using the app on a smartphone or tablet. All Responses are displayed in real-time. Great for classroom participation, or gathering opinions from the audience.

poll everywhere poll everywhere



Wonder Polls

wonder2Obviously, not every app achieves more than 1 million downloads. It is even more difficult for an app that is not a social network, messenger or any connection software. Nevertheless. it was possible for this Wonder Polls app. Let’s see what it’s good for.

The key to success, as always, simplicity. Here you just create a question and variants of answers. There could be as many answers as you want. Then you just send people a link or give them your phone and ask to choose and thus you got your data completed!

Wonder Polls has a little bit obsolete interface but that’s not a crucial factor in the apps like this. If you need to collect a certain data fast by conducting a poll, for example, in your university, there is nothing more convenient than just create it on this app and send the link to all people via email.




Three Cents- Create Polls, Get Opinions

three centsQuickly create rich polls and receive answers and opinions instantly. Your friends can answer directly from Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or email without downloading the app.

Build polls with powerful content from iTunes, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Rotten Tomatoes, and more

Get opinions about what films are interesting to watch using Rotten Tomatoes Movies

Poll your friends about what are the most distant corners of the world should you visit, what hotel to stay at, or what attraction to visit using TripAdvisor Destination

Collect feedback about which outfit to wear using photos from your Camera or Bing Images

And watch the results roll in!

three cents


Contra — Vote, Debate, Learn

contra2Like in other apps where you can create a poll, adding images, and get feedback from other users instantly. Find the most exciting topics and read questions and its answers, comment it on your way and give advice.

Contra has pretty simple rules.

  • Curious? Pose a two-sided topic. Ready to learn?
  • Browse through people’s opinions (dubbed “contras”).
  • Feel strong? Publish your own contra.
  • Disagree? Partake in a debate with others.

Customize your profile with a profile photo, info, and notifications when somebody replies to you.




vox2This is a good poll app, however, if you are looking for some fancy interface or extraordinary functions it’s not your choice. It only performs its main function – helps people to conduct polls. Moreover, here random people aren’t able to see the polls you started – in order to see it, the user must know the 5-digit PIN code.

After entering this code, the survey will be available. You can add an unlimited number of answers to your poll. The statistics are displayed as a graph immediately, even before the poll is over. VoxVote is best to use for educational purposes, for making tests or regular surveys.

Because it has nothing too special about it, it won’t be distracting students from studying. It is possible to use this app on the tablet as well.




Surveys On The Go

surveyThe feature is that 500 companies worldwide, the entertainment industry and companies around the country need your opinions – and they’ll pay you for them.

There you ask simple questions in some categories like lifestyle, your entertainments, food preferences. Rate TV shows/movies, evaluate products and shopping experiences and others and get money.

It is unlike any other survey application on the market today because it pays in cash, not points. A few times per month the app notify you about paid surveys and you just need to ask questions. It takes only 5-10 minutes of your time.

“Surveys On The Go values and ensures your privacy. We’ll never forward, sell or transfer your personal information. It’s safe and protected – guaranteed” – creators promise.



Questions – Ask and Answer

questionHave you ever imagined being able to hear and see what different people from different countries think about a question or topic you are interested in?

In turn, thousands of people around the world are equally curious about how you see the world. Questions are a compilation of people asking real questions and getting real replies from people all over the world.

It supports the back and front camera. You simply ask a short ten-second video question, and everyone with the app sees it. Instantly, people begin to reply by sending in their answers, also in a form of ten-second video replies. Exciting, isn’t it?

There is an automatic save a copy of your 10-second video question or answer to your iPhone/iPad (camera roll) to review all your video questions.

ask ask



menti2For those who don’t like all those additional functions, pictures and videos in polls and just want to collect statistics, this is the app to go for. Here you don’t find a fancy interface or any extended possibilities, but Mentimeter is for sure easy in usage.

Here you can conduct several types of polls. You can make the multiple-choice questions, open questions, invite the audience to ask you questions, prioritize answers using the 100 point method and many more. You can also make quizzes here.

Here the users can leave comments under the poll as well. This app will work best for lectures or closed community polls. It is even possible to do mini-tests using Mentimeter. On the other hand, remember that it has no connection with any social media.





pop2You know there are is a type of people who like to express their opinion on the most diverse things? Before all the digital revolution happened they must have been really annoying to the people that were surrounding them. However, it doesn’t say these people are bad – they just empathetic.

Moreover, nowadays, they can express their opinion considering everything in the world thanks to an app like this. You can create your own polls and users from all the planet can participate. Sometimes it is very curious to conduct experiments and see what people think about your question.

You can pin images to your polls and even videos. Another distinctive feature of this app is that users can leave comments under your polls. There are lots of trackers that allow getting a better overview of statistics, therefore this app can be easily used for a scientific research poll.





moneky2This software for polls with a funny name is one of the leaders in its industry. Lots of media sources recommend it as the best application for conducting the polls. This app was already downloaded more than 60 million times.

Here you can create any surveys you want with an unlimited number of possible answers. After your poll is done, you will get the detailed statistics, displayed in a variety of graphic shapes. The convenience of it is that this is a complete information file to be attached to any essential report, for example, your bachelor thesis.

Apart from that, you can browse through the app and take part in the random polls. All the data of the polls you have conducted will be protected with HIPPA-compliant features and SSL. Besides, you can start analyzing data and see the statistics even when the poll isn’t over yet.





crowd2For the old school guys who prefer to conduct polls in the offline mode just asking random people on the street the role of technologies can also be significant. This app for created in order to help those who make polls like these on the street, making it easy to perpetuate the data collected.

The app is extremely easy. There are no extra functions – only those which will help you to collect and analyze the data. When you are making a poll, you just write the variants of answers, then ask people about their opinion and then let them tap on the variant they like the most.

After you have collected the necessary amount of answers, the app will process the statistics for you and can display it as a graph which is very convenient. In order to use this function, you will need an Internet connection. But in the modern world that’s not a problem, right?



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There we tried to assemble all friendly-used polling apps. Thank you for attention!

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