25 Best Running Apps for Android & iOS 2017

It’s a well-known fact that running is a very good exercise for the whole body that makes oxygen come to blood and forces blood to run quickly and flawlessly. It trains our heart making us less vulnerable to heart diseases. It makes our brain work fast and efficient giving it the O2 it needs. It brings us the pleasure hormone – dopamine. Some say that runners can sometimes reach a condition that reminds of being under the drugs – a euphoria that is accompanied by visions and who knows what else.

Enough with the science though. Everybody is also very well aware of the fact that running can be quite a drag. You know, you wake up in the morning or come home after a dreadful day at work and you just can’t motivate yourself into actually going out and starting to run. It needs a lot of a willpower sometimes to begin doing things. By the way, if you are a procrastinator, there is a myriad of apps for you to fight this 21st-century plague and boost productivitySweating and heavy breathing, which are indispensable parts of running for beginners, are also making us less willing to put on the trainers. 

The good thing is that, let’s face it, these challenges don’t overweigh all the advantages we get from regular exercising. To make things less tough for you, we have created this list of cool running apps, which will keep you engaged in the process and aware of your progress. We have also included running coach apps in the list, just because you are so wonderful! Can’t wait to start? Then let’s do it!


Runkeeper is the oldest and most popular running app both for Android and iOS. Like many other apps in this category, it has a full package of useful functions. To start with, it tracks the routes you are taking – whether you go running, cycling, hiking, etc., you can be sure that later you’ll be able to see where it is your gut has led you. If you are cautious enough, you won’t probably rely on your gut – in this case, the app has got a number of prepared routes for you, which were cautiously explored by other runners.

Before starting your training, you can set up a plan or choose challenges that you would like to overcome. This will help you to stay motivated and not to give up. While you’re exercising, the app is measuring your pace, time, distance, burnt calories and so on. Afterwards, you will have the possibility to view your progress and history of training.

It is worth mentioning that you can use Apple Watch or Android Wear with this app – almost any well-developed running app has this feature nowadays. All in all, the app is great, which was numerously checked by many runners all around the world. So what are you waiting for? Download Runkeeper, choose your route and ready, steady, go!

runkeeper pic




Endomondo is one more legendary running app. Its functions are similar to Runkeeper – there are even debates, which app is better at performing these functions. The app tracks routes of 40+ different activities. Before starting your exercising, you may wish to set up a goal concerning distance, duration, speed or calories. Every mile or, if you happen to be in Europe, kilometer the app will provide you with audio feedback of how you are doing.

Endomondo is so much more than just a running app. You can log there all the activities that you are doing and then view how much time you are spending on workouts and how much use they bring to you. All the info goes to the official site of the app, where you can find everything that is of interest for you. Pretty amazing, huh? If all that’s been said doesn’t make you want to get this app, I don’t know what will do! Endomondo is definitely worth a try!

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Runtastic Running, Jogging and Walking Tracker is an amazing app with a variety of features. Not only does it measure distance, time and speed of your activities, but it also draws your routes on the map so that you can see where it is you were running, walking, cycling or doing something else.

As you have already noticed, the app is not only for the runners, however it makes a great impetus on running, introducing such features as running coach (provided with audio instructions), shoe tracking and many more. When you’ve finished your run, you can save its peculiarities with a pic of your red face (or not, who knows) or of your surroundings. You can also enter your mood and/or your heartbeat – everything apart from that the app enters automatically.

Runtastic is very user-friendly. You start your exercise by choosing the exact time or distance you are aiming it to last and despite this, no needless buttons or ads are presented on the screen. This one is definitely worth trying!

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Strava Running & Cycling

Strava Running is one more great running app. This one’s peculiarity is that it is very social – at least to a greater extent than the other apps. While almost all the apps (including this one) on this list allow users to share details of pieces of training on social media, Strava goes further and creates an inside community of athletes ready to compete with each other and share exciting moments of running or cycling. There are leaderboards, achievements, challenges – everything to keep you engaged.

The app has such measurements as time, distance, speed, course, calories, and elevation. After a run, you can post a photo or send it to your training buddy to show off a little bit (very useful sometimes). It’s a well-known fact that doing activities with friends keeps a person motivated for much longer! So if you are not sure that you have the guts to reach your goal alone, then get this app, make your friend get this app and have fun together with this app! Real stuff, worth trying.

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Pumatrac is an excellent running app. One of its many advantages is an understandable, minimalistic design, which is quite nice to look at. The app is worth choosing not only because of the clear interface but also because of many other cool features. Besides having the usual running app toolkit for measuring speed, distance, calories, etc, Pumatrac also fixes what is the weather like when you run, the time of day and so on. After analyzing all your parameters, the app shows the quality of your run, which you can compare to the other TRAC users’ results.

And that’s just the beginning! What is really cool about this app is that it provides you with personalized insights. What music choices lead you to a further run? What time of day is preferable for your body to start exercising in? Of course, it may sound like something to have fun with, but that is exactly why the app is so dope! Get Pumatrac now and enjoy your every training session to the fullest!

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Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is another app with a cool modern design. The app is able to measure your pace, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits. No need saying it can be used with Apple Watch or other similar devices. The app represents 3 in 1 – it is a run-tracker, a music player, and a social network. In other words, Nike has done everything to provide users with a top-notch running experience.

Via embedded music player, you can listen not only to music but also to pep talks by your friend and serious encouragements by famous athletes. As for the networking, there are leaderboards, so that you could compare your results to others, and the possibility to share photos with stats and/or stickers. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Start exploring this fantastic app right now!

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Running For Weightloss

The name ‘Running For Weightloss’ speaks for itself – the app is specifically designed for those who crave losing weight. The app got featured by Apple in the category ‘Best apps for runners’. RFW includes both run-tracker and recipe book full of delicious healthy meals to cook. Before you start exercising, you can set up a goal and choose an appropriate plan for reaching it. The plan will concern both the dieting part and the running one.

The app has an audio coach to get you through your running sessions and a music player to keep you entertained. You can choose between interval running called running for weight loss and long-distance one. Either way, the app will help you to get impressive results! Download it now and start getting slimmer every day!

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Pacer is known as an addictive running app that is able to make users reach their goals. Besides giving you motivation, it, of course, serves for more practical purposes – to be more exact, it measures the steps you’ve taken, the calories you’ve burnt, the time you’ve spent being active, the distance you’ve covered and so on. Take that and a beautifully designed interface and you’ve got the perfect app for tracking your run!

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Map My Run

Map My Run is another ‘full package running app’. It includes a variety of useful features running apps are famous for. First of all, it measures all of those parameters you might be interested in – distance, speed, duration, elevation, burnt calories and so on. Then it serves as an excellent tool for finding new running routes. Registering your own ones is welcomed as well. Needless to say that the app saves where it is you’ve been practicing on the map.

Map My Run is going to provide you with audio feedback every mile, so that you can be kept motivated until the next one. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner or an experienced runner, the app will add fun and useful insights to your experience! Get it now and enjoy using it!

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Running Distance Tracker

Running Distance Tracker is one more standardly packaged running app. The app can measure your pace, distance, heart rate, estimate your burnt calories. Before you start, you can set up a desired distance or time and the app will provide you with voice feedback during the run to help you reach your goal.

The app also can be given access to your music player, so that the audio instructions would not mix up with your favorite songs. This variety of useful features and cool design of the interface together create a powerful combination – hopefully good enough to make you want to download the app!

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RunGo is a unique running app that will help you to find new running routes both in your local area and someplace unknown to you. The uniqueness is connected with voice navigation aid that tells you where to go, when to turn, where you are and so on.

You can download from more that 70.000 already registered routes or create one yourself. The possibilities are limitless! All you need is to get the app, put on your trainers and start exploring the new and exciting running roads! All the traditional measurements like speed, pace, distance, etc. are included as well.

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Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker for All Sports is one more great tracker app. It tracks running, skiing, cycling and a lot more other activities you might have acquired a taste for. There is nothing particularly outstanding about this app, but it does what it’s supposed to pretty well and, besides, has a nice-looking design to interact with.

With the help of this app, you may learn such metrics of your training as time, distance, speed, your heart rate, etc; you can also share your results, pics and other cool stuff with your friends or other athletes. Get Sports Tracker now and have fun using it!

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Zombies, Run!

Ok, now to some really cool stuff! Zombies, Run! is an engaging running app that is made not for counting calories or distance or something else from this kind, but for motivating you to run for your life. Well, really, who cares about burning calories, when there are zombies all over the place and all that you can do is run!

The app provides you with exciting audios – you will hear rattling groan, frightening breath, updates on what is going on, etc. All of that will be gently combined with music from your audio player, so don’t worry – it is possible to enjoy both the songs and the app. What can be more exciting than saving the world every time you go for a run? Get the app now and let the adventure begin!

zombies run pic



Rock My Run

Rock My Run will definitely rock your run! This running app can be used both independently and together with other running apps like Runkeeper, for example. On its own, it measures just time, distance and pace, so if you are interested in some other metrics, you might want to combine two running apps together to get the maximum out of your experience.

Rock My Run’s main feature, as you might have guessed, is connected with music. The app measures your heart rate, “feels” your steps and chooses the tune which would be perfect for your natural rhythm. If you have some specific music preferences, don’t worry – you can make sure your running playlist will be made out of the songs you love.

The default version is designed for 45-minute training, while the premium one is for up to 4-hour training. The app is not only for runners – it is for many other sports’ lovers as well. So if you are keen on getting the right music for your activity, Rock My Run will surely give you a hand!

rockmyrun pic




Ghostracer is a running app for Android that will make you run really fast! The idea is to make a user run away from ghosts – entitled heroes of the horror genre. There is an audio feedback, so that you could really feel that there is something otherworldly behind you.

The app uses all the sensors of your smartphone in order to provide you with such info as pace, distance, heart rate, etc. So if you are a lucky owner of Android-device and really miss a thrill in your life, download Ghostracer now and keep yourself motivated!

ghostracer pic



Runmeter GPS – Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging. Is there really anything that tells more about this app than its name? It turns out that there is. The app boasts itself for being the most advanced running app in the genre, because it shows users practically all the possible measurements starting with pace, distance, heart rate, etc. and ending with splits, laps, intervals… All the information is accessible online and shown in the most convenient way.

The app also provides its users with an audio coach and training plans that can help you to run your first 5K, 10K or maybe a marathon. All in all, if you are interested in extended information concerning your training and/or aimed to get some real results, you should definitely consider Runmeter!

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Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit for Android is another complex lifestyle app, which includes running among the activities as well. If there were a stock running app, Google Fit would be this app – it provides users with everything that is necessary – various metrics and stats. The app works well with such additions as Android Wear and can easily sync the devices. So one more good option for you!

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Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an excellent running app that is based on the idea of supporting charities, such as Stand Up To Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, Alzheimer’s Association, etc. The miles that you have run, have walked or have cycled are converted into real money that real sponsors will donate to the charities.

Every step you take during training counts, which motivates you to run stronger, walk further, exercise harder! If you’ve got a good heart, and we know you have, try Charity Miles. The app will provide you with basic measurements’ results as well.

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iSmoothRun is just for iOS and requires payment. Now you might ask why somebody would need a costing running app when there is a myriad of similar apps that are absolutely free? The answer is simple – maybe that somebody is a pro or is gonna be a pro and therefore needs a top-notch app to train with. iSmoothRun is exactly what that somebody needs!

The app is designed to track a number of different activities, such as running, walking, cycling, etc. Just like any other running app, it can track time, distance, pace and some other metrics. What is unusual about iSmoothRun is that it has a really good embedded audio-coach, created to get you through various types of training. To be honest, we haven’t checked this one, but you are free to do in (if are ready to pay)!

ismoothrun pic

GET IT FOR iOS (requires charge)


Spotify music is not really a running app, but it has some features that can help you get a better running experience. Like Rock My Run app, this one uses your phone’s sensors to detect what music is more suitable for your running rhythm. The app can choose either from random playlists or from your own ones. So if you are looking for a perfect music player to accompany your training with, here’s the one!

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Freeletics Running

Freeletics Running can become your personal running coach that will teach you how to run efficiently and get impressive results fast. The app is designed to help all the runners regardless of the level, gender or anything else. So if you want to teach yourself how to run properly, download the app and start doing it right now!

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Couch to 10K Running Trainer

10K Trainer is designed to help you manage to run your first 10 kilometers in 14 weeks! No matter whether you are just a beginner or an average runner who dreams of reaching new heights, this running coach will meet your expectations. The app will be gradually building up your strength and stamina, so that you could run the craved 10K by the end of the program. Are you willing to take the challenge? Then get the app now!

10k trainer pic



Couch to 5K Runner

If you feel that you are not ready to accept the 10K challenge or think that you got to get there gradually, then 5K Runner is what you need! The app has proven to be effective for over 4 million people and, hopefully, it will for you too.

Just as well as many other running coach apps, this one can be smoothly integrated with your music player. The app will step by step lead you to better results and if you are persistent enough, you’ll reach the final goal! Download 5K Runner and start as immediately as you can!

5k runner pic



Runtastic Pedometer

Runtastic Pedometer is one more app from Runtastic on our list. The legend has it – to stay healthy, a person should walk on average 10.000 steps per day. In order to reach this goal, you might want to download one of the pedometer apps that are practically no different from running apps. This very app, as well as the others from this category, will count ”every step you take” no matter whether you’re walking, jogging or running.

The app’s basic measurements are steps, speed, and distance. You can use it both in the background mode and during a particular activity you would like to have specifics of. The pedometer works in any chosen position of your phone – just make sure your device is with you! So if you’d like to see the whole picture of your active life, get this app now and keep yourself healthy!

runtastic pedometer pic


Moves is more of lifestyle app rather than just a running app, but it tracks running as well. If you want to know how active your life really is, you should definitely get this app – it measures all of your activities including running, walking, cycling, draws you personal timeline with the info of everything you’ve done throughout the day and marks the places you’ve been and the routes you’ve taken on the map. Download Moves now and start getting an interesting insight into your daily life!

moves pic

So those were 25 amazing apps to help you make your running experience more fun and exciting! Hopefully, one of them will turn out to be your loyal companion and get you through the toughest training ever. Stay fit & healthy and be smart in choosing apps!

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