17 Best Auto Tune Apps for Android & iOS

While some people don’t hesitate to show their singing talent in public, others prefer to leave it for their bedroom or bathroom. Meanwhile, you can also explore the apps that will help you to improve your real singing voice.

Regardless of which crew you belong to, the apps for automatic voice tuning will help you develop your singing skills and support your voice without hurting anyone’s ears. In this article, we explore the best auto tune apps.


smule autotune

Smule is the biggest music app you haven’t heard of! Or, perhaps, you have heard of it. In this case, you know that the app allows to sing songs together with someone who’s far away as well as with top artists from all over the world.

Smule also has pitch correction for real-time tuning. This is what we call auto tune in this article. The program automatically fine-tunes your voice so that it sounded right and smooth.

If you want to get an application for singing that has the whole package of useful features, you should get this one! After all, it has been chosen by millions of people worldwide and really deserves its popularity.


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Voice Changer – Tune my Voice

This is a mobile app for recording and editing sounds and audio files. It allows you to change and distort your voice, add different sound effects, and apply auto-tune.

With this app, you can record audio from your device’s microphone or import ready-made files for further editing.

The built-in autotune tools will allow you to adjust the tone and pitch of your voice, making it more harmonious and suitable for different genres of music or songs. Here you can even change your voice: make it low or high, rough or soft, ringing or muffled.

Apart from being able to change your voice, the app also offers a wide range of sound effects that you can apply to your recordings. These effects will make your file more professional and pleasant sounding.

You can adjust the settings of each effect to achieve the desired sound. To do this, simple settings are available to you in the app, which you can save or delete depending on your preferences.


Tuner & Metronome

The Tuner & Metronome app is a professional mobile tool for musicians, which will be a great and free alternative to a recording studio. It allows you to customize the parameters of your audio files to make them sound high-quality and professional.

The app offers a wide range of features to customize your audio settings. It supports different types of musical instruments, which makes it versatile to use.

Here, you will also be able to take advantage of the features and all the artificial intelligence capabilities. For example, an automatic note-flipping option is available in the app that will allow you to practice your playing of the musical instrument.

You won’t be distracted by anything and will be able to fully concentrate on the process. Besides, the app has built-in metronome functions that help musicians keep the rhythm.

The metronome can be set to a certain rate of beats per minute and has different modes. This app also has a pretty simple and straightforward interface, which even beginner musicians can use. Here you can start the tuner and metronome yourself, as well as select and adjust the rhythm.


Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony

Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony is an interesting music app that has very broad functionality. It allows you to quickly get the desired effect in online automatic mode.

The app lets you record your voice and in real time adjusts its intonation to the selected music, thus making it immediately processed and ready for playback. Speed and convenience will appeal to those who appreciate these characteristics.


AutoRap by Smule

Are you dreaming of becoming a famous singer or a hip-hop artist who repeats the success of Eminem or Tupac Shakur? Then Smule’s AutoRap application is the right choice! It will assist you to do that.

This time Smule company has pleased us with a novelty – a musical application AutoRap which transforms your speech into a composition in rap style.

It can do it due to a replication technology – a musical breakthrough in the mobile industry. Of course, the AutoRap application is also based on AutoTune technology.

After launching the AutoRap application, you must select the appropriate mode: Talk Mode or Rap Mode. The distinction between them is that when you use the former mode, you just effortlessly dictate the lyrics of your future song and the app matches these lyrics with the rhythm; while when you use the latter mode, you need to follow the chosen bit and sing along.

In AutoRap, there is a huge variety of styles and bits. You can encounter tunes of the tracks created by Outkast, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, BOB, Dr.Sc. Dre, Beastie Boys, Ludacris, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Chamillionaire, Nelly, Rihanna, Kelis, and other world stars of hip-hop music.

The composition you end up with can be saved and/or uploaded to Facebook or any other social media website.


Rapchat – Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune

rapchat icon

Rapchat is a great app for beginning hip-hop artists and anyone who likes to create and have fun. The app provides you with thousands of beats. The auto vocal tune feature lets you sound like your favorite rappers.

In general, the app is great for creating content. You can record your lyrics in any way you like.

If you don’t want to come up with your own texts, you can use the existing ones and try to sing like your heroes. In any case, this is the app you will certainly enjoy! Its interface is beautiful and its functionality is more than impressive. Get it now and check it out yourself.



You must have already guessed what is the major peculiarity of StarMaker. The purpose of this app is to make you a star. At least a local one. The Auto Tune function will assist you to get the glory. Music will never stop during the recording!

This free app provides you with more than 500 tracks. You may purchase new cantos, sing, record and share your recordings with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. StarMaker is an excellent tool that will make you laugh and have lots of fun!


The Voice

This program for smartphones called The Voice was created as an addition to the well-known TV show. It allows you to feel like a star on the stage!

After you activate the app, choose a song you would like to perform and go ahead.

The app estimates the accuracy of performance. It can automatically customize vox during singing thanks to the embedded Auto-Tune, which makes the performance even more enjoyable.

The basic possibilities are the same as those that are included in the karaoke application StarMaker, but here, there are also features that are characteristic of the Voice contest.

For instance, while a canto is playing, the app displays judges sitting with their backs turned to the performer (you!) and if you are good at singing, the judges turn their chairs, just like in the show.


Auto Voice Tune Recorder For Singing


If you are fond of music, we advise you to try a full-featured recorder – Auto Voice Tune Recorder. The application comes with a wide range of sound filters and audio settings.

When you first open the app, you will get to the home page. Here you should tap on the large button to launch the recording.

Moving on, the app allows you to change a voice entirely. Just record your voice and adjust it via the integrated sound effects.

In Auto Voice Tune Recorder, users can also transform their recordings into various music genres – e.g. Rock, Pop, R&B, etc.


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Offtop Rap Studio & Song Maker

This app lets you create your own recording studio. You can use its extensive tools for composing and recording your new tracks.

New beats will regularly appear in the assortment to create unique compositions of different musical genres. You can also write lyrics for your songs in the app.

Save them all in one place so you can layer your music and later export it to any venue. Once you save the song you’ve created, you can edit it again or send it to your friends. You can also use it without restrictions on other platforms, for example, to create video clips.

The app regularly conducts promotions and drawings, during which you can win various prizes. This service is also a platform where you can communicate with other artists and music creators.




VoiceFX is a multifunctional voice changer and voice recorder with assorted sound effects.

When you have launched the app, it will ask you to enable several permissions. Click on the Microphone button to record audio.

After that, you can start to apply a wide range of sound effects. Scroll through the screen to monitor all the provided sounds.

You can add the following audio effects to your recordings: Robot, Child, Woman, Man, Chipmunk, Autotune, etc.

Furthermore, the app enables you to save or share your recordings in MP3. You can also set it as a phone ringtone or notification ringtone.


Voice Synth

This synthesizer has a lot of effects that can be applied to your voice. Voice Synth app can become an indispensable tool for musicians, DJs, and sound designers.

You are not always capable of singing in unison? It does not matter – the program has a built-in AutoPitch technology, which can pick the tonality and tune your voice for any composition.

Sound design, pitch shifter, arrangement, reverb, distortion, and voice delay – these are just some of the functions this app has. So, download Voice Synth and try the role of a top-class pop artist!



VocaLive is an indispensable program for iPhone owners who are dealing with vocals.

The app can process vox in real time. With it, you can process a recorded vox, add a multitude of effects: reverb, echo, change of key, chorus, frequency control, adding voices, and others.

In VocaLive, you are free to use a lot of high-quality effects while recording vox tracks in real time. At the same time, you can combine and store different combinations for further use. The collection includes 55 built-in presets.

The app also has the feature of emulating up to 20 types of classic and modern studio microphones. Using this feature will give a proper tint to your record.

In addition, there is a built-in audio editor. With its help, recordings can be quickly and professionally edited right on the screen of your device.


Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio

This app is made for real rappers. In it, you can create your own musical compositions, as well as take part in competitions with other artists. A large library with unique and free beats is available for users of the service.

After you write your own tracks, you can hold competitions or battle with other users. You can professionally tune, edit, and mix your music with the available tools. After that, you can save the track and use it according to your goals and desires.

To diversify your music, you can use different sound effects. You can also write lyrics for your tracks, where you can search for the right rhymes. Users will have access to their personal profiles, where the top charts and battles are displayed.

Add your own composed music to be included in the ranking, too. A radio with your favorite hits will be available for you, as well as a community where you can chat with other artists.


Learn to Sing

learn to sing icon

Learn to sing is not an auto tune app and it is an auto tune app. Let me explain. The app doesn’t work in the way all the previous apps on this list do.

It won’t magically transform your voice so that it sounded more beautiful right away. It will do a subtler job – teach how to sound right without tuning, how to tune your voice yourself.

There are exercises that develop your ability to hit the right notes and recognize intervals, voice warm-up, and more. If you are a vocalist or deal with singing in some other way, this app is a must-have for you. This one is only for Android and the next one is for iOS.


If you cannot imagine your life without singing, read about these best karaoke apps for. With these apps, you can freely sing in the shower, a traffic jam or a cheerful company of your friends – wherever your heart desires!

Soundtrap Studio


Soundtrap Studio is a top-grade online studio where users can record music and podcasts. The application offers a wide range of integrated musical instruments and top-grade professional audio effects.

Once you have opened the app, you should choose from the list of musical instruments – e.g. piano, piano, drums, etc.

Moving on, the app supports a great variety of genres, therefore you can transform your recordings to RnB, Pop, Piano, Jazz, etc.

When everything is ready, you can save all the recordings in the cloud. Plus, the app runs on multiple platforms – Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, and Android.


AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder

AudioLab is a mobile editor for processing and customizing audio files. This app allows you to record, trim, mix, and change audio file formats.

The program gives you the ability to record audio directly from your device’s microphone. You can use this feature or you can download already recorded files from your archive. To edit audio recordings, you can use various tools and effects.

The trimming function is presented here for users, which allows you to cut any section of the audio file, delete unnecessary ones or create extra recordings.

The app also presents a mixing function. It will allow you to mix several files at once and combine them into one recording. You can also adjust the volume of each file separately and get a perfect combination of sounds.

It is also possible to change the tempo or speed of an audio file in the app to make it faster or slower. Change the pitch, add reverb, equalizer, or other effects. After editing, you can save the files in different formats.

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