15 Best auto tune apps for Android & iOS

Each of us likes to perform different hits - there is no point in denying it. The only distinction between people is that while some do not hesitate to show their talent in public, others prefer to leave it for the bathroom. Regardless of which crew you belong to, special applications for automatic voice tuning will help you develop your singing skills and support your voice in the right way without bringing harm to others. In this article, we will get acquainted with the best auto-tune apps.

Tune Me

Thanks to Tune Me, all the fans of T-Pain who possess a device that runs on Android are able to easily record their favorite songs by imitating their loved performer. The pitch correction in the app can transfigure a user’s voice and make it sound like that of T-Pain, Kanye West, Akon, or The Lonely Island. Turn on any background from your personal music collection and just sing or easily record rap in any free style. Train constantly or just use this program for personal entertainment. The program permits you to load and record any track you like and even share your personal creativity with others. You can also set your favorite canto as a ringtone.

Application features:

  1. freestyle mode;
  2. record and load background bits;
  3. possibility to sing along any MP3 melody;
  4. set any song as a call.

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AutoRap by Smule

Are you dreaming of becoming a famous singer or a hip-hop artist who repeats the success of Eminem or Tupac Shakur? Then Smule’s AutoRap application is the right choice! It will assist you to do that.

This time Smule company has pleased us with a novelty – a musical application AutoRap, which transforms your speech into a composition in rap style. It can do it due to replication technology – a musical breakthrough in the mobile industry. Of course, the AutoRap application is also based on AutoTune technology.

After launching the AutoRap application, you must select the appropriate mode: Talk Mode or Rap Mode. The distinction between them is when you use the former mode, you just effortlessly dictate the lyrics of your future song and the app matches these lyrics with the rhythm; while when you use the latter mode, you need to follow the chosen bit and sing along.

In AutoRap, there is a huge variety of styles and bits. You can encounter tunes of the tracks created by Outkast, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, BOB, Dr.Sc. Dre, Beastie Boys, Ludacris, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Chamillionaire, Nelly, Rihanna, Kelis, and other world stars of hip-hop music.

The composition you end up with can be saved and/or uploaded to Facebook or any other social network.

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You must have already guessed what is the major peculiarity of StarMaker. The purpose of this app is to make you a star. At least a local one.

The Auto Tune function will assist you to climb the Olympus glory. You can get noted in the same way as the most liked video is getting more and more views. Music will never stop during the recording!

This free app provides you with more than 500 tracks. You may purchase new cantos, sing, record and share your recordings with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. In sum, StarMaker is an excellent tool that will make you laugh and have lots of fun!

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I Am T-Pain

I Am T-Pain app from the resourceful team of programmers Smule permits you to feel like a star of auto-tuning. All you need to do is speak into the microphone – the app will customize the pitch of your voice in real time! You may rap without music or sing along a specific track, record your work and share it with other masters of auto-tuning around the world.

The app copes even with speaking pets. By the way, I AM T-Pain was applied to the voice of Barack Obama at the Jimmy Kimmel show. The app is included in the top 25 paid AppStore applications.

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This app works exactly like I Am T-Pain. MucDroid will help you to always hit the notes. The program contains a huge variety of options for correcting the tone of your voice. Record tracks and send them to your social networks!

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Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony

Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony is an interesting music app that has a very useful functionality that allows you to quickly get the desired effect in online automatic mode. The app lets you record your voice and in real time adjusts its intonation to the selected music, thus making it immediately processed and ready for playback. Speed and convenience will appeal to those who appreciate these characteristics.

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Autotune Rap Voice Changer

The app permits you to customize the tone of your voice, so that you could sound like a real rap artist. You can change not only the pitch of your voice but also the speed of the sound in real time. However, this application is not professional – it is designed for home use, so you could imagine yourself being a star. Save your recordings and share them with friends!

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Perfect Vocal Free

This app ensures that your vox sounds clean in any keyJust choose the desired pitch and the app will do everything for you.

Features of the program:

  1. customize the key;
  2. сorrect he formant;
  3. configure the speed of sound;
  4. set the recorded music as a ringtone;
  5. additional editing of the already recorded track;
  6. the ability to share records;
  7. 48 different keys.

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Songify by Smule

Thanks to Songify, you have a chance to turn your words into a real song.

The app is very simple to comprehend. It’s sufficient to tap on the big circle with the app logo on it and that’s it – recording has begun! Singing is not obligatory – it is enough to say something. Actually, this is the point of Songify – it turns the most common words into a song.

After recording a track, you may send it by e-mail, put it on Facebook or Twitter, or just save it.

You may browse the list of your songs and listen to them by clicking on the button with the image of cloud and rainbow. In that menu, you can also put your song on social networks (if you haven’t done that already right after the recording)

You can choose an audio track for your composition by tapping on the symbol with a little man who wears glasses and a cap. It is worth noting that there are not a lot of free tunes. Most tunes though are affordable for a charge and this is perhaps the only significant disadvantage of this app.

Under the button with the letter ‘W’, there is a list of famous songs made with the aid of Songify and recently posted recordings for general access. You are given the possibility to listen to a certain track and evaluate it (on a five-point scale). This section also contains signing in to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Type your password to get access to this section.

Songify is a really fun app. It will be a real hit in a company of friends. The only drawback is that you can quickly get bored of it because of the small number of free tunes.


  • a very simple intuitive application;
  • an opportunity to feel like a member of The Gregory Brothers and try to create a new masterpiece in the spirit of Songify This;
  • a good way for friends to joke around, sending various funny songs created by oneself.


  • few free tunes.


Currently unavailable

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Auto-Tune Mobile

This professional recording program for correcting the vocals can now be downloaded to your phone or tablet. Using Auto-Tune technology, you can achieve a clean sound.

While you are singing, the application determines the notes and amends them. You can listen to the saved result after you finish singing.

If you are not an accomplished performer, the application will use a chromatic scale to customize the tonality to the desired range. The app permits you to work with other music applications.

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The Voice

This program for mobile phones called The Voice is created as an addition to the well-known TV show. It allows you to feel like a star on the stage!

After you activate the app, choose a song you would like to perform and go ahead. The app estimates the accuracy of performance. It can also automatically customize vox during singing thanks to the embedded Auto-Tune, which makes the performance more enjoyable. The basic possibilities are the same as those that are presented in the karaoke application StarMaker, but here, there are some other features characteristic of the Voice contest. For instance, while a canto is playing, the app displays judges sitting with their backs turned to the performer (you!) and if you are good at singing, the judges turn their chairs, just like in the show.

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This app has reached a new standard of vox correction. Now your presets will sound in a new way. Regardless of your singing skills, you will always hit the notes and the song will sound more natural. You may customize the keys, scales, tempos, and more. Record music in any format. Share your records with like-minded people through SoundCloud, Dropbox, or YouTube.

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Voice Synth

This synthesizer has a lot of effects that can be applied to your voice. Voice Synth app can become an indispensable tool for musicians, DJs, and sound designers. You are not always capable of singing in unison? It does not matter – the program has a built-in AutoPitch technology, which can configure the tonality and tune your voice to any composition. Sound design, pitch shifter, arrangement, reverb, distortion, and voice delay – this is not even the complete list of functions this app has. Try the role of a high-class pop artist!

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VocaLive is an indispensable program for iPhone owners who are engaged in vocals both at a professional and an amateur level.

VocaLive Free serves for processing vox in real time. With this tool, you can process a recorded vox and add a multitude of effects: reverb, echo, change of key, chorus, frequency control, adding voices, and others.

In VocaLive, you may use a lot of high-quality effects while recording vox tracks in real time. At the same time, you can combine and store different combinations for further use. The collection includes 55 built-in presets.

The app also has the feature of emulating up to 20 types of classic and modern studio microphones. This will help to give the proper tint to your record.

In addition, there is a built-in audio editor. With its help, recordings can be quickly and professionally edited right on the screen of your mobile device.

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Glee Karaoke

This is an app for those who prefer to sing karaoke. The Glee tool is based on the comedy series Ryan Murphy which is also called Glee. After installation, you will see the stars of this series on the screen. Later on, they will become your assistance. There are few smash-hits available in the app, such as “Rehab”, “Somebody to Love”, “Keep Me Hanging.” Just select a canto and sing; the choir from the series will sing along. If you make a mistake, the choir’s soloists will correct it.

This app is unique in that it corrects your vox, so you always sound excellent.

Application functions

The app has a recording feature – you can try it and see what you get. You may share your record with others by posting it on Twitter or Facebook. You will be awarded points for each published song. The points can be used for loading new songs. You can create your own Glee club and invite your friends to join you. Smule can deal with the recorded tracks and combine similar performances, so that you could listen to songs performed by several voices simultaneously. There is also a competition for the best performance – two winners are selected daily.

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