7 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for Android & iOS

Weddings! As Captain Jack Sparrow said: ‘I love weddings! Drinks all around!’

We are waiting for these wonderful events, getting ready, buying dresses and all of that. Be aware though that some people have turned our expectations into a good business. You don’t need to get all crazy about your wedding but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect the event either!

After all, it is a beautiful tradition, the celebration of love and loyalty. Below, we’ve collected five great apps that will help you count down the time until the X date.

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The Big Day: Wedding Planner

A wedding is a special event that the two lovers will be keeping (hopefully) forever in their hearts. This is a special day that divides life into “before” and “after”. Make this process even more magic by using a wedding countdown and make sure you have enough time to execute that ceremony that you planned!

This is not just a wedding countdown app, this is the full wedding planner where you can put all the details about your wedding. There are several categories in the main menu where you can write which personnel you will need, compile a list of guests, mark the location, create the invitation, and also plan the whole wedding day.

You will also find here a wedding countdown timer that will start counting the time automatically after you put in the date of your wedding. Another cool feature of this app is its beautifully designed interface.

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WeddingHappy is a wedding planner, so apart from the basic countdown, there are also some other features that will help you plan your wedding. You can create to-do lists, manage vendors, manage your spendings, find real professionals, etc. The app will notify you of all the most important tasks that you’ll need to do so that you don’t forget anything.

Preparation for any big event can be overwhelming! That’s why WeddingHappy is a nice way to get rid of unnecessary worries and enjoy the process. If you feel there are too many things to do and you can’t even know where to start, it is a good idea to download this app.

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DAILY DAY D-Day Schedule Widget

D-Day is quite a comprehensive yet excellent app for Android that will help you count down days not only until your wedding but also until other various events, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and even exams! So, this is a very useful app in many ways.

Besides, there are three main functions: a reminder, a countdown – showing time left until a certain event, and a ‘count-up’ – okay, this is a word I’ve just made up but it means counting days, hours, years after a certain event; the feature makes you able not to forget and always celebrate anniversaries, first dates, first kisses, and so on.

There are also three ways of making both countdown and count-up visuals. You can choose from two differently styled widgets or add a new line to your notification bar. I guess many people would find the latter way very useful! Widgets are all very beautiful, but you can edit them if you want – for example, you can add your own personal picture background.

In sum, this is a highly customizable app which is just great for counting down the time until day X. And not just day X – also the hairdresser visit, the makeup artist visit, and many more. If you like things to be multifunctional, this one is for you!

DAILY DAY - Countdown Days1
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Tie The Knot Wedding Countdown

Tie The Knot is a very sound name for a wedding countdown app. This app is for iOS. Now, when your friends ask you: “When?”, you can tell them exactly how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds are left until that day.

This app doesn’t function as a widget but it offers you many editing features and a beautiful interface with all the needed information right on the front page. In order to make the countdown a bit more personal, you can add names of future spouses and a picture.

After you get married, the app turns into a count-up. Sorry, I really like this word! So, every second spent together will be counted by the app. You can make it notify you of anniversaries and other events that are worth celebrating. All in all, this is a wonderful iOS app for counting down the time until your wedding.

Tie The Knot Wedding Countdown1

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Wedding Countdown Boho Vintage Flower Widget

This wedding countdown for Android is very beautiful. It can create widgets in the form of floral wreaths. You can choose one of four styles – boho, vintage, shabby chic, or floral style.

Before setting a widget, all you need to do is choose the date and time and write your and your spouse’s names. You can also choose the kind of event, so it can be not just a wedding but many other things as well.

If you are fond of personalized backgrounds, you should make it! The app also provides you with checklists feature and offers useful tips on how to plan a wedding day more carefully. All in all, this is a marvelous Android app for those who expect a wedding. It is both pretty and functional.

Wedding Countdown Boho Vintage1
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Weddi is a mobile application designed to help you plan and organize your wedding events. The application offers many features and functions that will make the wedding planning process easier and more efficient.

The app includes a checklist that helps you keep track of the various tasks and preparations needed for your wedding. It also includes a budget planner to help couples allocate funds for various expenses.

In addition, the app allows users to create a guest list, manage invitations, and even plan seating arrangements.

One of the features of the app is the ability to collaborate with other users such as family members, friends or wedding planners. Users can share tasks, notes, and ideas with each other so everyone is on the same page.

Some users are known to report technical issues with the app such as crashes and slow loading. Other negative comments mentioned limited customization options and the absence of some important features.

The Weddi app offers a range of useful features to make your wedding planning more manageable. However, it may not be perfect and users should consider their specific needs and requirements before choosing this app.

Application features:

  • Convenient to use
  • Designed for multiple users
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Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is an app designed to help couples plan their wedding. The app offers several features to make wedding planning easier, such as creating a to-do list, setting a budget, and keeping track of guest lists.

You can also browse the collection of wedding themes, create seating arrangements, and send out invitations.

One of the app’s strengths is its ability to provide reminders and notifications for important dates, such as payment deadlines and supplier appointments. In addition, Wedding Planner allows you to collaborate with your partner or wedding planner, making communication and decision making more efficient.

However, some users have reported that the app is missing customization options, making it difficult to tailor the app to their specific wedding needs. Others experienced crashes and crashes while using the app.

While there may be some shortcomings such as limited customization and technical issues, the app still provides many features to help you plan a successful wedding.

Application features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Helps you organize the event and calculate the budget
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