10 Best Score Keeping Apps for Android & iOS

Love playing games, but hate keeping score? We’ve all been there. Keeping score can be a tedious task, and it often distracts you from the actual game, too.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best score keeping apps for Android & iOS for you to try. Whether you’re planning for a party game night or needing to count points for a friendly sports match, these apps got you covered.

These apps let you easily track the points of multiple players and teams for multiple kinds of games. You’ll get to set your own rules and sort the points within secs. Let’s get into it!

Virtual Scoreboard

Let’s start with an app that helps you manage sports scores on the go. It’s suitable for a vast range of sports games from basketball to water polo, and more. Whether you play these games for fun or need a handy tool to keep track o the score while preparing for a full-on game, these apps got you covered.

You can even use these for some card games like Truco, and a bunch of others. And even if you place a pretty niche game like AFL, Cup Sacking, or whatever else, you can use this app as well. It also works for brain games like chess or Rubik’s Cube (if you’ll ever want to make a contest out of it).

As for the features, the app is not only there for basic scorekeeping. You can also use it to monitor time, the number o fouls, and more. The UI is super simple, and you won’t need much time to figure out how the app work. It’s fully free, and the amount of ads is not too annoying.


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Score It

If you need to keep score of smth on a regular basis, and you don’t want to carry around paper and pen all the time, this app is for you. It makes the process of counting game points quick and simple, and it works for practically any game you’d like to play. There are o paid packs or hidden fees, so no worries.

This app is a universal counter, as you won’t need to specify the game you’re playing to make it work. The only limit here is that it lets you count up to 8 players at once. Yeah, it won’t work for large teams, but it’s more than enough for cozy parties and game nights with the fam.

You’ll get to add the names of all the players and edit the entries as well. Hereby, you’ll get to save the game sessions and load them again if needed. Another cool feature is that you can view the score of any game as a graph and share it with others, too. The app also comes with a full-on scoreboard, which makes it easier to identify the winner.


Score Counter 

This app is a one-stop solution for your score-counting needs. You can literally use it for any occasion under the sun: game night, sports competitions, or whatever else you may think of. The UI of this one is incredibly simple, and you won’t need to specify the type of game to make it work.

In fact, the app comes with a customizable design, so if you’re not quite happy with a default theme, you can easily switch it to smth new. The app doesn’t have any ads, so you won’t be interrupted while sounding points.

Plus, you can actually use it to track various kinds of things such as hit points, spell slots, initiatives, or wins. You’ll also get to set your own rules and pick the amount for scores to be increased or decreased. It even covers a virtual dice roll you can use to generate random numbers for the games.

You’ll get to pick the names of every player, and there are no limits for the number of those as well. The app is entirely free, with no hidden fees or sub-packs needed.


Score Keeper

Although scorekeeping is essential for the majority of game nights, it is usually the thing that interrupts you from playing. Sometimes it gets so distracting that you want to pick a person for scorekeeping only (and let’s be real, nobody wants to do that).

Well, the main goal of this app is to make this process as simple and distraction-free as it can be. It’s there to help you focus on your fam and friends while playing. The app is pretty flexible, so you can use it for practically any game needed, from sports to brain ones.

You can add multiple players, edit the name of each one, and all that. Plus, you can sort the scores from low to high and vice versa, which is handy. The app even comes with a built-in timer and a random number generator. It can even pick a random player for you if needed.

You’ll get to save all your sessions and name them for simple navigation. The app will save the date of each one, and you’ll get to share the scoreboard with others, too.



Here’s a simple yet powerful tap-counting tool you can use to keep score as well. Well, you can use it for multiple things aside from games, really. It works for counting items, clicks, days, habits, or whatever else is needed. The app is fully customizable, and you can use as many parameters as needed.

You’ll get to modify the increment value, max, min, and all that. There’s everything to make counting as simple as it can be. The app lets you add multiple tally counters, sort all these, categorize these, and more. And the best part is, you can add multiple widgets for extra fast counting.

As for the score counting, you’ll just need to add all the players to one list, and that’s basically it. You’ll get to edit the name of each one, and even use color codes to make things easier. Adding or taking a point takes one tap, and you can sort the results from high to low within secs.

The app even supports negative values, which is handy. You’ll be able to save your sessions and view the stats in graphs as well.


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If you need a super simple, minimal app for scorekeeping, this might be the one. The app’s UI is as intuitive as it can be, and even if you’ve never used such a tool before, you’ll be able to cope with this one. You can use it to count scores in multiplayer games of all kinds with minimal effort.

With this app, you’ll get to start a new session and add the players with just one tap. You’ll be able to edit the names of each person, and there are no limits on the number of participants. You’ll get to easily delete the players if needed and add points with a single tap.

The app comes with a one-screen UI, so all the metrics can be changed quickly. Plus, the app keeps the screen on automatically, so you won’t need to unlock your phone each time you need to add a point. There’s a dark mode available, and there are no ads whatsoever.


Keep Score GameKeeper

This app is a treat for everyone who loves hosting game nights but hates keeping score. It makes the job of scorekeeper a lot easier as it literally takes minimal effort to add points here. The app lets you keep scores of multiple games at once, and categorize them for easy navigation.

You’ll get to easily add the players, edit their names, and even add profile pics if needed. The pics are totally optional, so you can skip this part and go straight to counting. Once you’ve started a session, you’ll be able to add multiple levels, which is handy.

It takes one tap to add a point, and your screen will remain active during the entire session. The app comes with a built-in timer and a loud buzz to mark the end of the round. Plus, you can use it to pick a random player within secs. You’ll also get to sort players from highest to lowest points and all that.



Next, there’s an app that will make you want to become a scorekeeper on your next game night. You can use it for multiple kinds of games from board ones to sports competitions, which is handy. The app lets you count scores for any game that includes two teams as well, so the possibilities are practically endless.

Apart from that, there are no limits, so you can use it for whatever you need. You can add multiple players with a single tap and edit their names if needed. Herewith, you can pick the team names and link each player to one of them.

You’ll also get to customize the look of the scoreboard to fully match your needs. You can try various colors and styles and sort the points from high to low within secs. The app covers a built-in timer which is great if you want to limit the rounds.

It supports both portrait and landscape modes and supports tablet display as well. The app is incredibly user-friendly and there are no hidden fees here.


Score Counter

If you need to count points for the game and can’t find some paper and pen on hand, this app is here to help. It makes point counting quick and effortless, so you’ll get to focus on the game itself, not core counting. The app will count up the points for you, which is great if you don’t want to do the math by yourself.

The mechanics are beyond simple. All you need is to start a new session, add players, and you’re ready to go. In case you’d like to set some extra parameters, the app lets you do that as well. For instance, you can specify the kind of points to use during the session or add some other rules.

You’ll get to add as many participants as needed and edit the name of each one of them. The app will serve the history of your sessions, and you’ll be able to search for the game or players at any time needed. You’ll get to adjust the leaderboard look and export the score in XLS and CSV files.


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All Sports Score Keeper

To wrap up, there’s an app that lets you keep scores of sports games. It’s specially made for sports, and whether you’re watching a match on TV or keeping track of the friendly competition, the app got you covered.

The app is suitable for multiple kinds of sports such as volleyball, tennis (including table one), badminton, and all that. It will work great for coaches, school teachers, parents, and more. You’ll get to add multiple participants, edit the names, and specify the type of game you’re currently tracking.

It also lets you pick how many sets will be included in a match. You’ll also get to adjust the scoring system to match your needs. Adding a point is beyond simple, you’ll just need to swipe, and the points will be added. At the end of each round, the score will be calculated automatically, so you won’t need to do the math yourself.

Plus, you’ll get to limit the scores for specific matches if needed. The app will save the history of your matches, and you’ll get to search for specific ones easily.

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