11 Best Stationary Bike Apps for Android & iOS

If you want to engage in cycling you do not need to have a bike and get out to the street. All you need is this smartphone and exercise bike. Today we will tell you about the best stationary bike apps. And in addition to this article, check also the apps to rent a bike near you.

Body Bike Indoor Cycling

Body Bike Indoor Cycling is an app that will help you lead yourself to the norm without even leaving your home. Set aside your business and share the time of physical exertion.

The app allows you to monitor your productivity while working, as well as record and track the result on its completion. Create your dream body without leaving your home app function:

  • During registration in the app, you can immediately determine the level of your physical training. Enter your parameters: growth, weight, and measurements. On their basis, the application will calculate the mass index of your body and make a verdict.
  • Come over to the tests before and after the completion of training. Thanks to them, you can evaluate the intensity of work and the result.
  • You can enter the progress of workouts manually (how many kilometers you drove, for which time-lapse, and so on), and you can connect the app to the exercise bike (suitable only for the Body Bike Smart simulator) and the app will independently automatically keep accounting your actions
  • Thanks to the tracking system, you can observe the progress of workouts and analyze your classes with detailed graphs and charts.

You will be able to participate in online competitions with other people, take place and win contests and motivate yourself for further work thanks to the following functions you can track your productivity.
Using the intensity scale the app will compare your success, relying on the results of past training.

Displaying data in real-time (will work if you connected the application to the exercise bike) compliments the ready training schemes. Use the gallery of ready-made training for your sports activities. There is also an achievement system.

Body Bike Indoor Cycling1

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Vescape Exercise Bike and Cross

Vescape Exercise Bike and Cross – Discover the new features of your body. Train yourself, without going beyond your home and follow your success.

Are you too busy to attend the gym or often cancel the workout because of bad weather? There is a way out! Do right at home on the exercise bike or treadmill.

To start class, you need to download the app and turn on the Bluetooth on your device, then connect to your simulator. All your data during occupation will be broadcast in the app useful and interesting features in App:

  • You can do it with interactive video games. Just choose the appropriate route and the impression seems to be not at home, but, for example, in the Alps
  • Use ready-made workouts. Do training who has developed professionals
  • Tracking absolutely all the data in real-time: the number of calories burned, speed change, workout time, and so on. The app is supported by most exercise bikes. With a complete list, you can find in the app.

Exercise Bike Training Tracker

Exercise Bike Training Tracker – Suit at home with the support of artificial intelligence. Enough to be lazy – it is better to deal with sports!

Exercise Bike Training Tracker is the individual virtual trainer that will help you lead yourself. Listen to voice tips during class or enjoy music.

To start classes, you need to install the application and synchronize it with your exercise bike. After that choose any of your favorite workouts from the library and go!

Functions in App:

  • Built-in calendar. Thanks to the calendar in the app you can monitor the time when you were last and plan the following classes. The app recommends minimum of three times a week.
  • Musical accompaniment. If you do not want to listen to the virtual coach tips you can listen to your favorite music. Add your favorite audio tracks to a special folder and enjoy
  • Correct the duration of the exercises. You can reduce occupation time if you are too difficult, or vice versa to increase if you consider the load insufficient. • Enter records of your success right in the app. Record all changes that happen to your body. You can also leave the mark on individual training.
Exercise Bike Training Tracker1

Wahoo RGT: Virtual Cycling App

Wahoo RGT: Virtual Cycling App – Feel yourself a real athlete thanks to this mobile app. Engage in sports and reach your goals Wahoo RGT: Virtual Cycling App will fully immerse you into the world of virtual sports.

Are you surrounded by four walls? You seem to you! Wahoo RGT: Virtual Cycling App Thanks to this app, you can play sports in the forest or in the mountains, as well as take part in cycling, without leaving your home.

First, you need to install the app on your mobile device and synchronize it with the exercise bike. After you can create a unique avatar (similar or vice versa, unlike you), choose your favorite travel chart, and go on the road!

This app will allow you not only to play sports with interest, but maybe thanks to him you will learn something new, explore the world in the form of a game, or find yourself, new acquaintances, competing with people online.

You can train yourself, study new corners of the world, or travel on your favorite paths. And you can also arrange group cycles with your friends or other users.

With the help of the app, you can not only travel around the world, while sports, but also keep track of your progress. The app automatically records and compares the results of each of your workout. You are completely immersed in the world of virtual sports due to the quality schedule and realistic physics.

Your character repeats every movement. Engage with pleasure.

Wahoo RGT: Virtual Cycling App1


TrainingPeaks – a sports app that will suit absolutely everyone (both beginners and already experienced athletes) thanks to the wide training library, which developed talented professionals app capable Work together with most exercise bikes and treadmills.

What is capable of the app:

  • Watch your exercises in real time and write down your results for further study of progress
  • Browse your results and analyze workouts using convenient success schedules
  • Communicate with real online trainers. Get useful tips from real people
  • Plan the date of the next workout in the built-in calendar. The app will always remind you of the next lesson, so you hardly forget.
  • Keep the results of your workouts. You can go anew some kind of workout over time and check the results.
  • Track the data of your training directly during sports. Thanks to this feature, you can follow your performance and keep up with the classes of classes.

If all this is not enough – you can make a premium subscription for a fee. With the terms of use, you can read more on the app site.


Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker

Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker- app, thanks to which you can engage in cycling not only at home on the exercise bike but also on the street with a regular bicycle.

Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker app will suit you if you are engaged in a cycling ride not only at the simulator at home but sometimes go to the usual bike on the street. Thus, you can store the results of all workouts in one place.

 If you are doing it at home on the simulator, then you can:

  • Synchronize the app with your smart sports bracelet. Thanks to this feature, you can track your data during training (heartbeat, burned calories, and so on.)
  • Export the results of your workouts in the format of FIT files • Create notes and notes to each workout
  • Survey your results in the form of accurate graphs

If you are engaged in cycling on the street, you can:

  • Also, follow your real-time data if you sync the application with a bracelet
  • Activate the GPS feature on your mobile device. Thus, you will know not only what distance drove, but we can see the entire route on the map.
  • Save your favorite routes in the app and use them during training.
  • Export the results of your workouts (similarly to how you were doing at home)
Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker1

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Google Fit: Activity Tracker

Google Fit: Activity Tracker – will be your best helper if you want to improve your physical shape and start studying sports. Why postpone something for later if you can do it now? Bring out an active lifestyle, exercise, and track the progress of classes using Google Fit: Activity Tracker.

This app will help you not only systematize your workouts but also will give you access to useful information. Do not know how to strengthen the health or how much time is it necessary to give time to achieve success?

Do not know why it is worth starting a novice athlete or what type of training is suitable for you? Google Fit: Activity Tracker helps you find answers to these questions.

So, how does the app helps you in sports:

  • Conduct workouts through your phone or smartwatch. You will receive useful tips and tips from artificial intelligence right during training. All recommendations will be based on your indicators at one point or another
  • Thanks to synchronization with a smart clock or sports bracelet, the app will analyze every movement. Follow your activity and keep up with your workout plan
  • You do not need a bracelet if you synchronize the app with your exercise bike or treadmill. Thus, all your data will fall into the app directly from the simulator.
  • Analyze your results upon completion of the workout. The app collects all the information about you during the class and turns it into a clear schedule.
Google Fit: Activity Tracker1

Exercise Bike Workout

Exercise Bike Workout – Cycling without leaving the limits of your home. All you need to succeed and achieve goals is a smartphone, an exercise bike, and a desire to make yourself better. Become a real successful athlete at home with the Exercise Bike Workout app.

Perform workouts on time and follow your success. Burn the hated calories is easy and simple, increasing the muscles and watching how your physical form improves. All you need to follow the advice and instructions of the app.

App Functions:

  • Throughout the workout, you will be accompanied by artificial intelligence that will give you useful tips and tips, say when it is useful to make a small break or drink water.
  • If you do not want to hear voice prompts, you can switch them to sound (beep) or vibration (in this case, your device will vibrate, and text notification will appear on the display)
  • Calculate the number of calories burned in the calorie calculator.
  • You can use ready-made workouts from the library (there are different levels of difficulty, so the workouts will suit both beginners and experienced cyclists), and you can create your own
  • Watch your results in a separate tab with interactive graphs  
  • Take notes to train and march them. For example, if one or another workout did not come up – mark it in red, or vice versa in green if you liked the lesson. You can pass your favorite workouts again and again.
Exercise Bike Workout1

Ibiker Cycling and Heart Trainer

Ibiker Cycling and Heart Trainer – Do your favorite sport right indoors or on the street. This app will become your good helper if you prefer to do it on a bike or a regular bike.

Ibiker Cycling and Heart Trainer is a good option for planning and conducting training on the exercise bike. Thanks to him, you can plan and record your workouts, keep the results of classes on the exercise bike and the usual bike in one place put your goals, and reach them with this app.

All that seemed impossible – actually easily and simply, you will not have time to blink, how to notice changes in yourself for the better possibility in the app:

  • Activate the GPS feature if you are engaged outside your home. So you can see on the map of the app all your routes, and when necessary, keep it and enjoy it on an ongoing basis
  • Synchronize the app with your exercise bike or smart bracelet to receive your data right during training.
  • Share your results and boast successes on social networks. Motivate your loved ones and friends to join the active lifestyle
  • Survey how many calories you burned during training
  • If you like cycling on the street before each training session will show the weather forecast for the near future
  • Use already ready-made training options or create your own. If you make an annual subscription for a small amount in front of you a number of new features you can find on the app site.
Ibiker Cycling and Heart Trainer1

Cycling Workout Companion App

Cycling Workout Companion App – Cycling without leaving home. Outside the window is bad weather or do you have no desire to play sports outside? Exercise bike and this application will help you overcome such difficulties.

This app will help you, speakers, not only inside the house but also on the street. In this way, you can choose which option holds you more suitable.

After launching training, your lesson will be divided into several steps, each of which is different from the complexity of the previous one.

During training, you will earn points. This or that the number of points will talk about how well you tried. Inside the app has its own estimation system.

If you synchronize the Cycling Workout Companion app with a bike or your fitness bracelet, the app will read your activity and assign you the balls, depending on your efforts.

Upon completion of the training, you will have a ready-made analysis of your results: how many calories you burned, what distance overcame how many points earned, and so on.

Cycling Workout Companion App1

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Plus Workout / Indoor Cycling

Plus Workout / Indoor Cycling – Reach your goals and improve your physical form without leaving home. All you need is to install the app and sit on the exercise bike for starting classes.

If you were looking for a good sports app for the exercise bike, the Plus Workout / Indoor Cycling is a great choice. The app has a wide training library, and you can follow your achievements. The app has various types of workouts for every taste.

Perhaps you want a productive lesson or vice versa, relax on the simulator after a difficult day. You can work up the workout for an hour or at your disposal for just ten minutes, it does not matter if the app will find a training session that suits you. Now you can do it at any time and at the same time not be embarrassed by the schedule.

App Functions:

  • Your access is a wide library of training
  • Follow your productivity and success
  • Share your results on social networks
  • Train not only your feet and press, but as well as heart. The app has many effective cardiovascular.
  • You can create an account and keep your profile in the app. Thus, it will not only be easier to follow your result before and after, but you can also inspire other people to train.
Plus Workout / Indoor Cycling1
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