11 Best Tarot Reading Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

Tarot helps to look into the future and prepare for upcoming events. This type of divination is quite popular and has its advantages. Yet, to use it, certain knowledge is required. There are so many of them that it is almost impossible to remember absolutely everything.

To solve this problem, use these best tarot reading apps 2024 for Android & iOS. They will help you understand every card layout. 

Try more ways to find out your destiny with these best palm reading apps.

Labyrinthos Tarot

Labyrinthos Tarot is an app with which you will be able to do the Tarot cards and find out your destiny. It is an app in which you will explore the magical world and the school of magic while learning the art of the Tarot.

With the help of the cards, you can do discourses about different areas of your life. You can do different discourses depending on the specific phase of the moon. There will be several decks of cards available to you in the app.

They all have different meanings, choose one of them to suit your mood. Keep a record of your divinations in a journal, make notes and write down questions you have. Each of the cards in the deck has a different meaning.

The app has a special database of all the cards and their meanings. You will be able to find out the meaning of cards from any deck in the library. In the settings, you can disable reversals if you don’t use them.

By reviewing previous divinations, you can find out which card has fallen to you more often, this too can be used for personal use. As you learn and gain skills, you can unlock new avatars. Include reminders so that you don’t forget to do your divination.

Get free decoding of all your necklaces without advertising with Labyrinthos Tarot. 


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Tarot Cards Reading Prediction

Tarot Cards Reading Prediction is an app that allows you to do Tarot cards and learn your destiny. In the program, you can make your personal reading and get advice from an experienced person about the meaning of the reading.

Do a reading about any area of your life – love relationships, career, prosperity, and more. Experienced Tarot readers will tell you the meaning of each card in a reading and tell you how to turn the reading to your advantage.

You can have a free three-minute conversation with each new reader. Choose your favorite Tarot readers and add them to your Favorites tab. You can chat with one reader about everything or choose different ones for each area of your life.

A Tarot card reader is your spiritual mentor who can help you through life’s difficult moments. So only the best readers with experience are on the app. You can ask them any questions and get advice at any time.

Do the reading on your own with the special tools provided in the app. If in doubt, read the reviews left by other users. You can also leave your own feedback about the app. 


Galaxy Tarot

Galaxy Tarot is an app for those who want to know what’s waiting for them using Tarot cards. With this app, you will be able to do the readings and guess about the upcoming changes in different areas of your life.

There are 78 cards in the deck, each with its own unique meaning. You can see the meaning of each card in the encyclopedia right in the app. Whether you’re a novice or a psychic with experience, you’ll be able to do and read a reading.

The app will give you a choice of 5 divinations. Do a daily reading to find out what awaits you today. Do reading for health, career, love relationships, and more. Set up notifications so you won’t forget about your daily reading.

Tarot cards in the app have an unusual design and look very nice on the screen. You can also choose the design of the app – you will have a choice of 2 options for the background and 3 options for the back of the cards.

For the layout, shuffle the cards, cut the deck, and pull out the cards that seem most attractive to you. Use your analyzer to keep track of which card comes out more often than the others and use that to your advantage. Share the result with your friends on social networks.

In the settings, you can turn on the sound and animation, as well as customize all the parameters of the deck and divination. 


Tarot Divination – Cards Deck

Tarot Divination is an app for those who have long wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards. Do the divinations, read them, and see what awaits you in the near future.

Learn what this or that card means and learn to understand the result of divination with the app. Do your divination for the areas you care about most: your relationships, family, health, finances, and more.

The cards can give you a short answer to any question. Shuffle the cards in the deck, choose your favorite cards and read the resulting scenario. Adjust the divination for yourself, do as you see fit – remove the cards, guessing, using only the major arcana.

Do a daily reading and find out what a new day has in store for you. Save your divinations and revisit them again. Add your notes and the experiences you gain to the card descriptions.

You can also create your own personal deck, where each card will have the meaning you give it. Explore what a particular symbol means on each of the 78 cards. Learn what the different combinations of cards that fall together mean. 


Tarot Reading by Innovana Astro

This is an app that you can use to do tarot readings to find out your future. With it, you can do a reading about anything – money, family, relationships, and more.

Learn more about the Tarot, study the meanings of each card, and learn what they mean when they fall out in different combinations. Catch spiritual peace and tranquility through the sounds in the app.

Use the features of this app to get a one-word answer to your question. Do divination for love and find out everything about the person you want to build a relationship with. Do reading each day to find out what surprises it will bring you.

Make a lucky guess about yourself and your potential and find out how to develop your abilities and achieve success. Make a reading about your work and find out what fate awaits you on the career ladder.

Do a money chart to find out when and how you can earn large sums of money. Your birth chart tells you what abilities you have and how you can use those abilities to your advantage. Read your horoscope in the app.


Tarot Card Psychic Reading

Tarot Card Psychic Reading is an app that will help you understand yourself. Get the answer to your question and know your future through Tarot cards. Do the readings for love, career, health, and more.

Get a consultation from an experienced specialist who will tell you the meaning of reading and tell you how to turn it to your advantage.

After installing the app, you’ll have the following functions: the Tarot for a love, find out if you need to build your future with a person. The fortune-telling on your career will tell you what awaits you on the career ladder.

Money Graphs tell you where and how to get a lot of money. Daily rainbows let you know what the new day brings. Get a simple answer to your question. Do a unique Tarot reading, learn the magic of your date of birth, read astrology reports, and study the meaning of each card in your deck.

Get a free birthday reading. With the paid Premium version you will be able to get more features. You will be able to get a consultation from an experienced psychic and listen to his comments about the reading.

The first 3 minutes of conversation with 3 different specialists are free. You can also ask them questions and get advice on what to do in a difficult situation. Get the whole year’s astrological report in the Premium version. 


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Tarot Card Reading by AstrologersMasters

Tarot Card Reading is an app that allows you to make Tarot card readings and predict what destiny has in store for you. Make divinations about any area of your life, be it career or love relationships.

Ask a question, draw a card and it will give you the answer. Use a Tarot reading to find out if you’re worth building a relationship with someone or if you’ll climb up the career ladder. Read the tarot cards and know your future.

Learn the meaning of each card in the app. Read your daily horoscope to see what the new day holds for you. All about astrology, numerology, and Tarot in one app.

The app is completely free and unlimited, do as many readings as you want. No matter if you have experience with the cards, you can use the app even if you are a beginner. The app has a clear interface, so you can easily figure out how to use it.

Tarot predictions will help you understand how to act in a difficult situation. If you learn how to read the cards correctly, you will be able to turn any reading to your advantage.


Tarot Reading – Open Tarot card

This is an app that will help you learn your destiny with the help of Tarot divinations. If you’ve been wanting to work with tarot cards for a long time, this app is just for you. You can use it to do any kind of reading.

Do a daily reading to see what the new day has in store for you. In addition to one daily card, draw three more for love, finances, and spirituality. Do a complete financial, health, career, love life, and more.

Experienced experts will help you decipher the reading and give you tips on how to turn it to your advantage. There are also chiromancy experts in the app. Open extra decks. Choose your favorite expert, because this is your spiritual mentor who can help you in any situation.

The first 3 minutes of conversation with each new expert is completely free. Read the daily and monthly horoscopes. Interact with readers and learn about your future. 


Tarot Card Reading by Astroyogi.com

Tarot Card Reading is an app where you can do tarot readings and take action to change your destiny. Even if you’ve never done a Tarot reading before, you can install the app and try it.

Do readings about love relationships, family, well-being, health, career, or finances. Any area of your life can be viewed on the cards. Each of the 78 cards in the deck has a unique meaning.

When they fall out in combinations, they make the layout individual to you. Do one-card or three-card solvers, as well as many other popular solvers.

The app is free and unrestricted, so you can do as many soliloquies as you want. Do a daily reading to see what the new day has in store for you. Read daily and monthly horoscopes.

Tarot cards can help you understand yourself better because they reflect what is going on in your soul. The app has a clear interface, which makes it very convenient to work with.


Tarot Reading by Everyday Tarot Reading

This is an app that has all the possible tools for Tarot card divination. Use the app to do your divinations and find out your future. Make predictions about love, career, health, and more.

Each of the 78 cards has a unique meaning that can vary depending on how it was dealt and what other cards were dealt. All card values can be viewed in the app. Get a yes or no answer to your question simply by pulling a card from the deck.

Do your daily reading and use it to turn the day’s events to your advantage. Do a love reading and find out if you should be in a relationship with the person next to you. Do a reading of the past, present, and future.

The meaning of the cards may change depending on how it was drawn and the person who drew them. It is important to read the layout correctly, for this there is a detailed description of each card in the app.

A clear interface makes working with the program simple and convenient. Any layout, if read correctly, can be turned to your advantage, so read the manual carefully. The app works for free and without restrictions.


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This is a free app for those who want to do Tarot cards. Do the readings about whatever you want – love, finances, health, career, and more.

Do full-fledged fortune-telling and turn them in your favor. What advantages does this app have over other similar ones? Simple interface that you don’t have to deal with for a long time.

Easy operation, shuffle the cards with one swipe of your finger, shake your phone up and down and the cards will shuffle. Then select the cards you like and do the layout.

Even if you’re new to the Tarot, you can figure out the layout, as the app has a detailed description of each card and its meaning. Each explanation depends on how the card fell out.

The beautiful design of the app makes it a pleasure to work with. Create a set of cards, choose the design and enjoy the divination graphics. All the divinations in the app are free and have no limitations.

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