10 Best Thermometer Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

We use thermometers very often in our life. There are different types of thermometers: air thermometers, water thermometers, cooking thermometers, and of course body thermometers. They are also divided into mercury-based thermometers, electronic or infrared.

On the subject of body thermometers, contactless ones are becoming more popular recently however they are more expensive. Body thermometers help to measure fever in case if a person got ill. It’s of high importance as constant monitoring let check the progress of the sickness. 

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It is very surprising that there are a lot of mobile applications that are able to measure temperatures and play the role of either body thermometer, air or water thermometers.

As our smartphones are becoming more advanced, they are also becoming more capable to do unusual for them stuff. We have decided to make a research and collected 11 best thermometers apps for Android and iOS.

Room Temperature Thermometer

roomtemperature2Room Temperature Thermometer enables users to quickly estimate the room or environment temperature in real-time.

Once you have launched the app, you should enable a few permissions and make sure that you have a stable Internet connection. Otherwise, the app will not work.

In the next step, you should select a necessary option – Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin.

The application uses your device’s temperature sensors. Leave your device for a few seconds and wait until it automatically evaluates the temperature indoor and outdoor. Take away all too cold or too hot objects from the device to receive better results.


Apart from the temperature, users can also estimate such data as humidity level, wind speed, air pressure, sunrise, and sunset. Plus, the app displays the weather conditions as icons.


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iThermonitorThe app that senses your body temperature using a camera is called a thermometer. It displays the body temperature in Fahrenheit and it alert in case of fever. The app allows measuring the temperature of many people and keeps records for each of them. Moreover, the app collects data, saves it in one place in order to form charts. Those charts will show body temperature trends.

iThermonitor1 iThermonitor2

The app can measure temperature automatically every 10 seconds or any other duration of time. The app has some medical data and can advise taking particular medicine in case of high fever. Parents in their turn can follow up their kid’s body temperature through the app. The developers inform that the app can`t be fully reliable and it`s better to refer to classic ways of measuring body temperature in suspected fever. The app is available for Android and iOS for free.


Body Temperature Thermometer

Body TemperatureBody Temperature Thermometer hardly can be called a real thermometer as it doesn`t really measure it. But it can be easily used for tracking your body fever in case if it has to be tracked.

In other words, its a diary for your body. Some situations or some illnesses as we can say require monitoring. For example, your fever or fever of your kids is constantly high for many days. You can easily forget when it is started. But for proper treatment need to now exact day of the increased temperature in order to start a new treatment.

Body Temperature1 Body Temperature2

The app supports Fahrenheit and Celsius’s standards and even displays numbers in both ways. After keeping on daily records you will see a statistic as a result. The app is available for Android only. However, there are many substitutions for iOS.

Digital Thermometer FREE

Digital Thermometer FREEFree digital thermometer is created for checking temperature around you. It’s mostly an air thermometer. Using the phone sensors it will detect atmospheric temperature. Moreover, it can evaluate humidity and atmospheric pressure. Unfortunately, it will not measure your body temperature. But it can help you when you are outdoors. For example, on a picnic, hike, or countryside.

Digital Thermometer1 Digital Thermometer2

The app is free and available for iOS and Android devices. However, the user will find some in-app offers to purchase some extra features. You can estimate the app by yourself before proceeding with any extra purchases.


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Thermometer For Fever Diary

thermometerforfever2Thermometer For Fever Diary is a top-grade application that allows users to keep all the data about their body temperature.

As soon as you pass a quick installation, you will get to the homepage containing the following two options:

  • Add a Body Temperature and keep a record
  • Keep Blood Pressure Record

Before you select the first one, make sure that the required permissions are enabled. Thereafter, you can add your body temperature, check diary records, or analyze the saved data.

In the second option, you can record such data as Blood Pressure, Weight, Blood Sugar, Medication, etc.


The app also provides you with the Statistics section where you can monitor all the inserted data on the graphs.



thermoThermo app does require additional equipment, namely Nokia temporal thermometer. The app is created to automatically sync a monitor temperature even on a distance using Wifi or Bluetooth signals. The app also saves all measurements and is forming history.

Through the app, users can add additional information related to symptoms of sickness and save it for further analysis or doctor`s reports. There is an option to add medicine you took or take constantly. This feature can be very useful when you need to follow up on your symptoms according to the medications you are taking.

thermo1 thermo2

Also, the app can be tuned to send reminders at a particular time or day. In case you do not have a Tempo device you can use the rest of the app`s feature to monitor temperature and follow up medical treatment.

The app is available for iOS and Android.


Kinsa Smart Thermometer

KinsaKinsa is yet another smart device for measuring temperature purposes. It plugs into the phone and works together with the so-called application. The app itself lets users create multiple accounts for body control of all family members including kids. Using the app you can easily discover first signs of sickness that will be reflected in a high fever.

Kinsa1 Kinsa2

The app is free to download for both platforms Android and iOS and it has an extra feature to set a reminder to take medications at a certain time of the day. The app also allows record symptoms without even typing. It will be suggested to you what to choose: fatigue, headache, stuffy nose, body aches.


Real Thermometer

Real ThermometerThe Real Thermometer app is to measure air temperature either indoors or outdoors. It supposes to help you in identifying weather conditions and air quality at your home. It uses sensors of the phone to recognize temperature. The will display the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It has a stunning interface with well drown pictures. Easy to navigate and understand the app.

Real Thermometer1 Real Thermometer2

The design of the app is to look like a real thermometer with mercury inside. Besides, the app must show atmospheric pressure and humidity. It weighs almost nothing and will not occupy any space in your memory. It’s free for Android and iOS devices.



iCelsiusiCelsius is yet another app that will measure your temperature using your smartphone. However, for normal operation, the app needs an additional device that can be obtained from the so-called website. The device for making probes of your body temperature. But you can try the app before getting that device. Celcius has not only a measuring option. It also can show you a valuable chart with your temperature trends. Besides, the app can monitor the weather.

iCelsius1 iCelsius2

It`s free to download for Android and iOS devices.


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vicksSmart thermometer Vicks goes together with the app for Android and iOS. It’s an additional application for the ultimate use of the device. The app like many others is created to measure and track temperature. Vicks lets the user track not only his body temperature but all his family can be included in one app and measured with one device.

vicks1 vicks2

Each family member can be added to the app and his temperature will be tracked. In the end, you will find trends of temperature. It can be a useful feature in case of any seasonal cold and flu. Of course, as in many advanced apps, users can add medicine and symptoms and even send reports and graphs to their physicians.


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