7 Best Fish Identification Apps for Android & iOS

Do you want to know how to identify fish using just your phone? Keep reading this article!

There are lots of fish identification apps for Android and iOS that will be your picket guide in the world of fish. These apps can be used for different purposes and by different people – from anglers to divers. These apps contain lots of pics and also detailed info about each fish including the diving depth and the best fish spots.

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Here’s the list of 7 best apps that category that worth your attention! Have a look!

Fishbrain – local fishing map and forecast app


Let’s start with an app called Fishbrain – local fishing map and forecast. This app works as a social network but for fishing lovers.

In the first place, the main point of this app is to provide you with a huge and detailed database of fishing locations. While looking for a suitable one you can add some filters – from how distant it forms your current location for the types of fishes you can meet there.

Speaking about the fish identification feature, the app has a detailed fish dictionary that you can use to search for any fish you want. In fact, you can not only look through the categories in that dictionary, but you can also turn on your GPS location services to see what species of fish you can target nearby.

Apart from that, the app has lots of open discussion topics about the best places to go fishing, the most useful baits and even which fish can potentially bite you. Moreover, you can use the Fishbrain app as your personal fishing diary to keep track of your progress.

What is more, after creating your own account, you can also follow other anglers to see their latest catches and get into a conversation with them. You can also upload the pics of your catches and join the discussion about any topic you want.

In the long run, if you want to explore your fishing game and be able to search for info about any fish type, be sure to try the Fishman – local fishing map app.


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Fishidy: Fishing Hot Spot Maps, Reports & Tips


The second app is called Fishidy: Fishing Hot Spot Maps, Reports & Tips. Along with the previous one, this app also covers all the needs of an average angler.

The main goal of this app is to provide its users with as many fishing maps. For now, the app includes more than twenty thousand fishing spots. Besides, the app also enables you to share your fishing knowledge and tricks with the community. The app also gives you access to the official reports for specific waterways and spots.

Apart from that, the app works with your location to show you the species of fish nearby. You can also look through the open discussion topics about the best baits and more. The app also monitors the weather in your local area and tells you if it’s appropriate for fishing.

However, the app works with subscription packs so you’ll need to go premium to get access to other features. The pro version includes a full-on detailed fish dictionary that describes all types you fish you can think of. The app can also show you the fishes that are near you. You will also be able to use filters to find some specific fish. Besides, you’ll get the fishing hot spots with coordinates.

To crown it all, if you’re into fishing and want to level up your skills or just know more about fish, you should definitely try the Fishidy: Fishing Hot Spot Maps, Reports & Tips app.

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FishVerify Florida Fish ID


As its name supposes, FishVerify Florida Fish ID is an app contains all the info about types of fishes you can find in Florida.

As you can see, this app is quite narrowly focused so if you’re not living in Florida or nor planning to go there for fishing, you can skip that one. However, the app is planning to increase the covered area so keep track of it. At that, the app has an amazing instrument that enables you to identify fish – all you need to do is take a pic of it.

You can also upload an image and the app will identify the fish as well. Along with that, the app provides you with lots of useful information including the fishing regulation in your area. The app also tells you about the rules of how many fish you can keep with its size limits.

In case the app is unable to identify your fish you can send them a request and the fish will be added to the current list. It needs to be said, there are more than two hundred fishes that can be identified by now. Nevertheless, the app works with subscription packs so you’ll need to pay for extra tools. The good news is there’s a seven-day free trial.

In the long run, if you’re living in Florida and want to have a pocket fish identification, make sure to try the FishVerify Florida Fish ID app.

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Picture Fish – Fish Identifier

picturefish2As you already realized by its name, here you can detect any type of fish by just taking a picture of it. This is one of the most popular apps of this category on Google Play, but let’s see if it’s truly worth the hype.

When you install the app, the whole process is quick and the app is lightweight. What surprised us is that you need to create your account to use the app – why would it be necessary? Probably, developers want to collect information not only about fish – if you get what we are talking about.

You can use your Google account and log in. Then you bump into another not-so-pleasant surprise here – there is only a free trial period for 7 days and then you have to pay an average fee monthly.

But OK, to be completely fair, Picture Fish contains quite a lot of sections with useful functions and information. Before actually taking picture of a fish you will get a short instruction. Then you can take pictures of any marine fish.

However, in the process, we discovered that the app can recognize not only fish but underwater plants as well! The way it provides the information is really convenient – you get a page with a name of an object, its other images, popular questions about it, and a short description. The classification is presented in the lower part of the screen.

You can save this information to the app and therefore, save as many species as you want. On the main page, you see the latest articles about the underwater world provided by the app. Overall, if Picture Fish would be free it would be awesome, but since it’s not… Well, the developer’s couldn’ve put even more thought into the design.


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Fishes: East Pacific

FishesEast PacificThe next app is called Fishes: East Pacific. As its name supposes, this is a fish identification guide that covers eastern pacific fauna.

In the first place, this app is can function offline so you don’t have to worry about your internet connection. The app also has English and Spanish interfaces do you can choose the most comfortable for you. Speaking about fish identification, this app covers more than two thousand fish species and its number is constantly growing.

In case you can’t find some fish you can send a request with the pic of it and a short description and it will be added after a couple of checkings. Along with that, the listing of every fish also contains the description of areas you can find it including the diving depth. The description of fishes is a, also very detailed and it always includes several pics of the fish from different angles.

The app also tells you about the unusual signs of the fish that will help you to distinguish it from other kinds that look similar. You can also browse an alphabetic fish list or use a search engine with filters. You can search by the name, location, habitat and even the color. The app also saves all fish listings you went through to your personal history so you can always come back to it.

In the long run, if you’re into diving and want to know more about marine fishes, check the Fishes: East Pacific app.

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Fishes: Greater Caribbean


Fishes: Greater Caribbean is another fish identification app that is mostly made for Caribbean divers.

To tell the truth, this app is very similar to the previous one but it covers another area. At that, the app covers almost two thousand fish species and includes eight thousand pics. While searching for a particular fish you can use a build-in map split into sections. Each section includes different fishes you can meet while diving.

Besides, the listing of every fish includes the info about the diving depth you need to go for and the reefs. Along with that, each listing includes several pics that show you the fish form different angles. Furthermore, the listing will tell you the full scientific name of the fish, its shade, living habitat and also the key signs that make that fish stand out.

The searching engine in this app is quite great so you can use various ways of searching – from tags and names to location and even color. The app also has a notebook section the saves all the listing you went through and enables you to write down your records about fishes.

To crown it all, if you’re planning to dive in the Caribbean sea and want to know more about its inhabitants, give the Fishes: Greater Caribbean app a try.

Fishes1 Fishes2


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Reef Life Pro

Reef Life Pro

And the last but not the least, the Reef Life Pro app is a huge platform that empowers you to recognize marine inhabitants.

The app is originally free but you’ll need to pay to get access to specific fish species. For now, there are more than two thousand fish kinds in twenty categories. Besides, all the cards are being made by professionals and include detailed info about the fishes. Moreover, each listing includes several high-quality pics that show you the fish form different angles.

Along with that, the app includes GPS coordinates of each fish kind including the diving depth. You can also use the build-in map to mark your favorite spots and write short notes to them. You can also limit the location to only see fish species that live in there.

You can also add new species yourself – just make sure you have enough pics and you’re able to describe the fish in detail. The app also recently added a new 3D instrument that empowers you to zoom in the pics to see all the details.

In the long run, if you’re a diver and want to know more about marine fish, you should definitely try the Reef Life Pro app.

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