5 Best Camera Block Apps for Android

Have you noticed that your smartphone is discharged faster? Is your smartphone heating up fast? This is an occasion to think. Maybe, you have a virus. But it could be worse. Someone hacked your camera. Spies use cameras to collect personal information. It can end badly. We have the solution. Try camera block apps.

They can protect you. The apps are designed to block your camera. You will know everything about your camera. You will find out the list of apps that use your camera. It is easy to control your camera. Increase your protection.

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No one can hack you. Some of these apps have antivirus. This will help you better protect your smartphone. There is a list of camera block apps. Try them all or choose only one.

Camera Block Free

Download this app. You can protect yourself from being watched. The app blocks any sources of surveillance. It will block access to your camera. No one can hack you. The app is your reliable protector. It is also an antivirus. Defend yourself from hacking your camera and gallery. No one will see your photo. The app works well.

Your personal information will be protected. When your camera is hacked, a hacker can find out your location. Protect yourself. Protect your personal information. No one will spy on you. You will find out what apps use the camera. Forbid them to use it. This will increase your safety. Don’t be afraid of spies. The app will protect you.

Just one click and you are protected. The app has a modern design. It is easy to use. You will be reliably protected. You can lock the camera for a while. Add an icon to your home screen. This will allow you to quickly open the app. The app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. Try it and protect your personal life.

Camera Block Free - Anti spyware & Anti malware Camera Block Free - Anti spyware & Anti malware


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Camera Blocker

This app is a tool for the privacy of your camera. It works fast. When the app is running, it blocks your camera. The app will block access for all apps to the camera. Don’t worry about your safety. The app will protect you. You are in safe hands. Just download the camera blocker and enjoy security. Nobody will spy on you. The app will notify you.

This is 24-hour camera protection. Just click on the button and the app will work. It will alert you of suspicious activity. You can find out about the apps that are using the camera. Choose reliable apps. Give them access to the camera. Look at the list of apps that can be dangerous. You will learn about the risk of espionage. Protect yourself!

The app has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times. It has a nice interface. Dark grey and orange backgrounds will help you to create a good mood.

You will know when the app is running. It will alert you about the risks. Protect the privacy of the camera from prying eyes. You also protect your privacy. The app blocks access to the gallery.

Camera Blocker Camera Blocker



This is a great app that blocks your camera. You will be protected. Don’t worry about your privacy. No one can spy on you. You can select apps that are allowed to use your camera. Give access to reliable apps. Set passwords on apps. No one can use them except you. It is important to protect your camera.

The app is translated into many languages. The app has a special protection mode. This is a special mode of maximum protection. If you are working in an important position, the app is exactly for you.

You will be able to protect your personal information. The app works well. Block the camera for a certain time. If you don’t have this app, it’s time to download it.

The app has been used by more than 100 thousand people. The app works 24/7. You will always be protected. You can disable protection. The app also saves your battery. See which apps waste your battery. Turn them off. Your smartphone will work longer. This app is a great way to protect your camera and personal information.

Cameraless - Camera Blocker Cameraless - Camera Blocker


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Anti spy: Camera & Microphone block

Have you ever noticed that the targeted ads of something start following you even after you just mention this thing in your conversation when you had your gadget somewhere nearby you?

Creepy, right? Well, in order to avoid these situations and be sure that no one is spying you this Anti spy app is a perfect decision – it will block both the camera and the microphone.

This is not the most simple app in the world – and if you don’t mind for some extra features then you’re good to go. In the main menu, you will find two main sections: microphone and camera settings. You will have to set the block for each of them separately.

For example, when you go to the camera section, you can not only block the camera but also track when someone is spying through it. For that you can activate the mode “monitoring the camera” and the app will send you an alert each time the camera is used behind your back. The app has decent rankings on Google Play proving it works.



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Camera Guard™ 3 Webcam Blocker & Anti-Spyware

This is a high-secure app. It blocks your camera. No one can use it except you. Only you can give access to the camera. You will prevent spies. This is a smart camera blocker.

The blocker recognizes all hidden attacks. This is a reliable guard of the camera. This app is trusted by millions of users. Click on the button and you activate the protection.

Look at the detailed statistics of attacks on your camera. The design of the app is modern. You will enjoy using it. Scan your smartphone for viruses. Look at the list of apps that use the camera.

You will be surprised by their number. Forbid them access. Check the latest security breaches. Activate advanced protection. This is the maximum protection.

The app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. Start to control your protection. No one can hack your camera. No one knows where you are. Your personal information is protected by this camera blocker. It is the perfect combination of protection, design, and reliability.

 Camera Guard™ 3 Webcam Blocker & Anti-Spyware  Camera Guard™ 3 Webcam Blocker & Anti-Spyware


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